If You Were Me and Lived in...Israel: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World

If You Were Me and Lived in...Israel: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World

by Carole P. Roman, Kelsea Wierenga


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Join Carole P. Roman when she visits the exciting land of Israel in the newest book of her informative series. Learn about the varied customs and cultures. Travel to the Middle East to discover what you would eat and do for fun. See the land through the eyes of a youngster like you and understand what life is like in this exciting place. Don't forget to look at the other books in the series so that you can be an armchair world traveler.

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ISBN-13: 9781947118461
Publisher: Chelshire, Inc.
Publication date: 04/25/2017
Series: If You Were Me and Lived in...Cultural Series , #19
Pages: 36
Sales rank: 1,170,092
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 3 - 8 Years

About the Author

Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of the Captain No Beard series. Both Captain No Beard-An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life and Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis have received the Kirkus Star of Exceptional Merit. The first book in the series was named to Kirkus Reviews Best 2012. Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis has been named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2015. Each book in the series has won numerous awards including the NABE Pinnacle Award, IAN Award, Moonbeam Award 2014, National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, Shelf Media Outstanding Series Award, ForeWord Review Five Star and Finalist in the Book of the Year, and Reader's Views Children's Book of the Year 2013. Roman is also the author of the award-winning non-fiction culture series, If You Were Me and Lived in... that explores customs and cultures around the world. She has co-authored a self help book, Navigating Indieworld A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing. This is her first Early Reader chapter book. She lives on Long Island with her husband and near her children and grandchildren.

Kelsea Wierenga graduated with a BFA in illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2016. After working in the publishing industry for four years, she became a freelance children's book illustrator and began her partnership with author Carole P. Roman and the award-winning "If You Were Me and Lived in..." series. Kelsea lives in West Michigan with her husband and three daughters.

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If You Were Me and Lived in...Israel: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite If You Were Me and Lived in... Israel: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World (Volume 19) by Carole P. Roman is a beautiful children’s book depicting the culture of Israel. In this book, children will learn everything that they need to know about Israeli culture. Young readers will be in awe as they learn about the various wonders of Israel from the foods, football (known as soccer in the U.S.), Jerusalem, which is a city with an ancient history and is one of the oldest in the world, why people read and write from right to left, and a brief history behind the Dead Sea. In this book, the glossary adds a special touch which offers an enhanced and enriched education about the history of Israel. Your child will love this book so much that they will want to share it with their friends. I truly enjoyed If You Were Me and Lived in... Israel: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World because it offered so much history about some things that I personally was unaware of - from the brief history of the Dead Sea and the four neighborhood quadrants that were built in 1538 AD by the Turkish king, Suleiman the Magnificent, for the Christian, Muslim, Armenian and Jewish faiths, to the Maccabiah Games that athletes compete in every year, which is similar to the Olympic Games. Carole has so many of these types of books in her children's educational book series that it will make you feel as if you're a world traveler.
MontzieW More than 1 year ago
If You Were Me and Lived In...Israel: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World by Carole P. Roman is another great book that teaches children about other cultures. The book covers what the child's name might be, what they would eat, wear, visit (school, shopping), family, and more. It is a great introduction to another culture. All of these books need to be in schools, kids would learn and pay attention to these books instead of the boring textbooks!
PennyMindingMom More than 1 year ago
This past Christmas a local church put on a “Walk through Bethlehem” where the children were able to explore a Middle Eastern Market. They had an amazing time exploring the shops, eating the food and playing children’s games. It really piqued their curiosity and they wanted to learn more. “If You Were Me And Lived In…Israel” is a book that take your little one on a journey to Israel where they can learn more of the customs and culture. “If You Were Me and Lived In…Israel” is another installment in the “If You Were Me and Lived In…” series. The books in this series take your child on an adventure to amazing lands that they may never be able to physically travel to. This book takes us on a fascinating journey throughout the land of Israel where we get to explore the customs and culture of the people who live there. Discover what you would eat, do for fun and even what you would call your Mom and Dad! “If You Were Me and Lived In…Israel” is an wonderful book for any armchair world traveler. I love how the author, Ms. Roman, has included a pronunciation guide for important or unfamiliar words. Often young readers can be discouraged when trying to read large word, especially if they are from another language, the guide helps build your child’s confidence. I love that the guide is in the text as you are reading the book, as well as a complete alphabetical guide at the back of the book. Throughout each book in the “If You Were Me and Lived In…” series, you will discover new words. We love the consistency that Ms. Roman weaves throughout the series, teaching us how to say words like, “Mom”, “Dad” and “Doll” in each book. This book was no different, and the kids are excited to Ima (Mommy) and Abba (Daddy) in the Israeli language. My children enjoyed learning about the history of Israel. They were most interested in learn why they read from right to left, instead of the other way around like we are accustomed to. I won’t give away the reason, you’ll have to read the book to discover why for yourself! “If You Were Me and Lived In…Israel” explores the land of Israel from a child’s perspective. I love how the book covers topics that all children can relate to and are interested in. Most children have enjoyed a game of soccer. My children found it interesting that children in Israel play it too, only they call it by a different name. Both my children study Karate and we enjoyed learning that there is an the Israeli style of martial art called Krav Maga. It is something my children want to learn more about. It’s always an adventure to learn about different styles of martial arts, and I want my children to learn that there are more styles out there than just the one we study. “If You Were Me and Lived In…Israel” is a wonderful journey through the land of Israel where your children can learn about their customs and cultures. Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of "If You Were Me and Lived In...Israel" in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.
Kissablysweetone More than 1 year ago
On this trip, we will be traveling to Israel. Israel is on the Mediterranean Sea. Many believe Israel if a very holy land. The city of Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. We can explore and try new foods. What fun we'll have. Well written and fun, I love this series. It allows children to see parts of the world they normally wouldn't get to see. It's always fun to learn about the traditions, locations and foods in a new country. Your child will enjoy this book. It should be part of every child's library. I didn't find issues. I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it's educational and fun. ~Copy of book provided by author and I voluntarily reviewed it.
Rayleigh More than 1 year ago
I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own. If You Were Me and Lived in...Israel; A Child's Introduction to the Culture Around the World focusses on the Israel and their way of life in a unique and colorful way to relate to children. Just like the other books in her series, Carole informs the readers of how to pronounce popular names, what foods may be preferred, popular sports or activities, and different ways of dress. She touches on just one of the many holidays (to keep it brief I'm sure) that are celebrated, as well as a few of the religions that are found in Israel. The illustrations are well-done and convey the words written perfectly for the children to understand. I give it 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to teachers as well as parents of culture-loving children. This review was originally published on Literature Approved (http://literatureapproved.wordpress.com)
Lynn-MI More than 1 year ago
I enjoy these books and learn something new about the countries I'm introduced to in each reading --- the illustrations make the book very educational and helpful to us little people! Good to learn about different cultures even at young ages!
annelr More than 1 year ago
Award-winning Carole P Roman's series If You Were Me and Lived in...is a wonderful way to introduce children, ages pre-K to 8 years, to cultures of people around the world. Israel, a new addition to the series, beautifully illustrated by Kelsea Wierenga and simply written, is sure to capture a child's interest and imagination. A pronunciation guide at the back and embedded within the book enables children to learn simple words and names of places in Israel. From swimming in the Dead Sea, a well known spa area, to visiting Tel Aviv, an important city in Israel, from eating falalfel, a flavorful ball of fried chickpeas, and baklava, to playing football (or soccer as Americans call it) with friends and from celebrating in early spring Purim, a day to remember when Queen Esther saved her people from an evil king to going to biet safer (house of books), the Hebrew word for school, kids will learn about both ancient and modern Israel. It is well known that books can take an armchair reader (or one sitting on a lap) anywhere and Roman does a fantastic job of taking her readers to Israel, a country on the southwestern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Highly recommended for a child's library. I received a copy of the book from the author. A favorable review was not required and opinions are my own.
GailHollingsworth More than 1 year ago
Children get to visit Israel and learn where it is, some of its history and about how the people live. Through the eyes of children their age they will be transported by the written word to an ancient land and learn about the culture. How do they shop, what do they eat, what do they do for fun, where do they go to school? All these questions and more are answered in this interesting little book. I even learned several new things as I read it. A wall surrounds the city that is divided into four neighborhoods: Christian, Armenian, Muslim, and Jewish quarters. The Dead Sea is the lowest spot on earth that can be reached by car. Also, why do they read from right to left when the rest of us read just the opposite? This is a very informative book with colorful illustrations. I would highly recommend it! I won this book in a contest and was not required to write a review positive or otherwise.