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ISBN-13: 9781466958333
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/07/2013
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.61(d)

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By Beryl Clarke

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 BERYL CLARKE
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-5833-3

Chapter One

Love and More Love

1. I'm your woman. I want to make you happy at all times.

2. I'm your woman. Sas-a-sas, darling.

3. I'm your woman. Hello, are you awake? Can we talk for a few minutes?

4. I'm your woman. I'll capture you on film like you have never seen yourself before.

5. I'm your woman. I'm always up to mischief, but it's all fun.

6. I'm your woman. I'll stand by you through the trials and temptations of your life.

7. I'm your woman. You are somebody special, and so am I.

8. I'm your woman. I'm your Kaiser ball, a candy from Trinidad. You can never resist me.

9. I'm your woman. I'll watch you undress, and you can watch me undress and striptease, darling.

10. I'm your woman. It would be nice if you can get rid of the white boxers and wear a blue or tiger Speedo.

11. I'm your man. Anything to please you, honey.

12. I'm your woman. Turn the lights down low, and love me as if there's tomorrow.

13. I'm your woman. I'll always make you proud of me.

14. I'm your woman. You're my sugar babe and sweet Julie Mango.

15. I'm your woman. We must celebrate our love life and soul divine with prayers.

16. I'm your woman. I'm thrilled to bits you have so much love for me alone.

17. I'm your woman. Whom you can trust.

18. I'm your woman. I'll set your soul on fire with my love.

19. I'm your woman. You are my inspiration, so irresistible.

20. I'm your woman. You never know what surprises I have for you, providing you don't cheat.

21. I'm your woman. I want you any place, any time.

22. I'm your woman. I'll fix you the best bubble bath in the world. It will be satisfaction.

23. I'm your woman. You can sit in silence. I'll not disturb you. Kiss me first.

24. I'm your woman. I'm your private dancer, naked as I was born. Ooh la la, baby, baby. Close your eyes. I'm striking a pose, open them, and turn around slowly. Do you like what you see? You lucky guy.

25. I'm your woman. Would you run your fingers down my spine? That feels so good.

26. I'm your woman. I love a man who's a bit nutty. He's a lot of fun.

27. I'm your woman. Make love to me until the sun goes down.

28. I'm your woman. Can I shave you one day and seal it with a wet kiss?

29. I'm your woman. While you were gone, I missed you so much. Did you miss me?

30. I'm your woman. I'll plant some pansies, especially for you.

31. I'm your woman. Sorry to interrupt your thinking. Welcome to the world of the greatest fashion show. Turn the music up a little bit. It will help me put some sass in my walk. Your honey is wearing a red apron, with baby blue panties, blue socks, red high-heeled shoes, and blue lace bra.

Thanks for the big applause. Do you think I'll be on the cover of Vogue magazine?

You said yes. Thank you so much for the big encouragement.

Let's listen to James Brown, "I Feel Good."

32. I'm your woman. I hope your passion will always be there for me.

33. I'm your woman. You are my king, and I'm your regal queen. Please pass the gloves and my hat.

34. I'm your woman. You smell so good. Don't you think it's too early to turn me on?

35. I'm your woman. Sweet love notes will be left for you. I hope you find them. I left a special one in the pocket of my panties.

36. I'm your woman. Many women should watch their controlling ways and temper. Cool it down with ice water or a cold shower.

37. I'm your woman. Respect me, and I'll respect you always. I'm not asking for too much.

38. I'm your woman. I love you more when you say you're sorry. No one is perfect.

39. I'm your woman. Your tantalizing smile is infectious.

40. I'm your woman. If you hold me tighter, all my worries will go away.

41. I'm your woman. We are so much in love.

42. I'm your woman. My knees are weak when you hug me.

43. I'm your woman. I have been hurt so bad in the past. I don't think I am ready for any relationship at this time. I'll love you from a distance and wish you a happy birthday. Deep down inside, I want to be close to you.

Before I go to bed, I must play this song, "Consider Me" by Bobby "Blue" Bland and "I Found a Love" by Johnny Taylor, two nice songs you will enjoy.

Chapter Two

Lee Did Not Know I Was a Virgin

44. Lee. Let's go dancing tomorrow night. I'm so excited.

45. Melony. When Lee picked me up in his slick cream Cadillac with green tinted windows and leather seats, I was feeling so good. He gave me a red rose and kissed my hand. My knees buckled for a couple of minutes.

He placed his hands on my hips as he escorted me to his car, and a photographer suddenly appeared and took pictures of us.

We drove in silence with him holding my hand for a few minutes at a time, telling me how beautiful I looked. We parked for a while when another photographer gave us a table with two gold glasses, and a bottle of nonalcoholic champagne. I said to myself, I love this. All women deserve a high-class performance once in a while, say, four times a year. Ladies, what do you think?

As we sipped the champagne, he kissed me a couple of times. I was in heaven; I could have stayed out there all night, I was feeling so good. We made a grand entrance inside the ballroom. Our table was decorated with red roses. When I sat down, Lee gave me a small gold box. I was stunned when I opened it. There was a beautiful diamond necklace. As he snapped it on, he kissed my neck. I said to myself, "Lord, have mercy, what is Lee doing to me?"

46. Lee was smoking hot in his two-piece casual suit with short sleeves glitter on the pockets and on the heels of his red shoes. His slick black hair parted at the side, with his six foot frame, he was looking better than so many movie stars. I wore a black lace dress with a thigh-high slit, red satin shoes, red lace tights, and a red rose on my pulled-back hair.

47. Melony. I love to tango. I felt so good with his body close to my mine and the smell of his peppermint-and-cinnamon breath on my neck. Lee had eyes for me only. I was so hypnotized and weak, but I never let him know what his presence had done to me. Then suddenly the music stopped, and we were the only couple on the dance floor. We danced the waltz, the calypso samba, and the tango, to the rousing and standing ovation of everyone.

You would think we were winners of Dancing with the Stars.

48. Melony. When I sat down, I felt the hot sweat dripping down between my legs. I went to the powder room and washed my powder puff. On my return, Lee asked me if I needed some help. Was there anything he could do for me? At 1:30 a.m., we left for the fifty-minute ride home. He kissed me, asking if I had a good time. I said, wonderful time. He invited me to visit his dance studio, I said okay. As I got to the door, he gave me the longest sweet kiss.

49. We were dating for a year, and I decided to invite him to spend the weekend with me. I was very scared, but Lee played "Tonight Is the Night" by Betty Wright, which helped calm my nerves. Lee was shocked that I was a virgin but was very happy. After breakfast, Lee got down on his knees, asking me to marry him. I screamed and said yes. As my voice quivered in shock, I said, "I love you." He gave me the longest kiss, my knees buckled once again. We ended in the love seat holding on tight, never wanting to let go of each other. Lee jumped up and pulled me up from the sofa with these words, "You are going to be my wife." I then took a good look at the ring.

Lee asked, "You like it?" I said, "Yes, it is beautiful."

Lee said, "Melony, I want to introduce you to all my family with the good news."

I was surprised to see my parents and so many friends at Lee's parents' home for lunch. His parents were very happy. They said they prayed at church I would say yes because they wanted me to be their daughter-in-law. I then realized this was a planned surprise that came out very well.

My parents and family was very happy. A year later, I became Mrs. Price in a lavish wedding. We are now the proud parents of three: Joy and Jody, twin girls who are now studying to be doctors at the same hospital, and Sasha, twenty-eight an entertainment lawyer. We still do the Tango, Lee brings me roses and champagne. I do get sweaty between my legs but not like when I was younger. Every day we tell each other I love you and never go to bed angry. Heaven sent me this wonderful man, and I'm happy that I kept my virginity for him. And to this day, he lets me know how very happy he is.

50. I'm your woman. Touch me one more time, because you made me yours.

51. I'm your woman. Your laughter is contagious.

52. I'm your woman. Think about me while I'm thinking about you.

53. Melony. Lee and I are enjoying life to the fullest.

54. Lee. Honey I'm home.

55. Melony. I want to give you some good loving.

56. Lee. You make me feel so good when I'm close to you.

57. I'm your woman. Turn the lights down low, and play Marvin Gaye's CD, "Let's Get It On." I'm in the right place at the right time.

58. I'm your woman. Stay with me there will never be a dull moment.

59. I'm your woman. We have been dating for two years. We are a part of each other.

60. I'm your woman. Can I rest my head on your chest? It's nice to hear your heart beat.

61. I'm your woman. You're so precious.

Chapter Three

Everyday Life

62. I'm your woman. My heart is beating so fast. I must be in love.

63. I'm your woman. Unfold your inner beauty, and I'll do the same for you.

64. Kathy. I've put weight on. Starting my diet today all junk food is out.

I'll be exercising and eating healthier.

65. I'm your woman. I'll support you. Get tough with yourself, you will make it through. At times you will ask yourself what you are doing. Just keep on and try not to fall off the wagon. You can have my scale. Come over and pick it up.

* Janice, lost sixty-seven pounds. She did it when her relationship went sour. Roslyn. lost thirty-two pounds after the birth of her son.

* Smokey gained twenty-five pounds after the birth of her baby boy; her husband asked for a divorce.

Jamison lost fifty pounds. He is looking so fine. He has a manicure and a pedicure. His wife moved out the house because she had put on fifty-four pounds eating a lot of potatoes, cookies, and ice cream.

66. Kathy. Thank you so much. It is so easy to put the pounds on. Taking it off is like taking a hundred-pound dress off your body, but I'm very determined to never give up.

Who's it? Call back later, I'm exercising.

67. I'm your woman. Clarice and Jim lost their two-month-old baby girl. They are having a hard time. I did tell them not to do much shopping to buy an outfit to leave the hospital. After having a baby shower and putting a nice nursery together, the baby did not make it. Gosh, it's like being jolted by a bolt of lightning.

68. I'm your woman. To relieve some stress, watch the butterflies of the world, such a calming effect. I'm in awe at all times on this journey of butterfly watching. Then I go on to watching waterfalls and flowers.

69. I'm your woman. You don't have to worry. I'll not cheat on you.

70. I'm your woman. Tell me you love me only.

71. I'm your woman. Thanks for being there for me always.

Enid. What advice would you give to young people?

I'm your woman.

* Enjoy every minute of the day, as you never know what the next will bring.

* Be patient with yourself.

* When you get angry, take a shower, read a good book, call a friend, take a walk.

* Help your neighbor mow his or her lawn.

* Never tell a foreigner you are from "a country."

* Ask the foreigner what country are you from?

* Be good at math and English.

* Learn to balance your check book.

* Think about having your own business.

* Learn Spanish and other languages.

* Teach children to read, dance or do Arts & Crafts.

* Collect books for any one.

* Be there for a Cancer patient.

* Visit the sick in hospital.

* Keep up with Politics

* Never feel, you are more than anyone else because you have an extra dollar.

* Do not look down on homeless people. Pray that it never happen to you or your family.

* Guys and dolls learn to hem and sew on a button.,

* Learn to cook.

* Start your family tree.

* Steer clear of illegal drugs, and to much alcohol.

* Nothing comes easy. Hard work is a great success.

* Learn about other cultures.

* Listen to your parents and Grandparents with their good advice.

* Do not be a bully, and do not allow anyone to bully you.

* Don't look down or harass your class mate because he or she is not wearing the new hair styles, or clothes or you don't like her because she is a foreigner. He or she is a human being just like you.

* The clothes you wear, the country you are from, or your accent does not make you a "real Person or better person" it's what's in your heart, soul and brain.

* Stay in school

* When things go wrong never give up.

* Always walk into someone else's shoes.

* Make every day a learning experience.

* Always let your parent or guardian know where you are going and with whom.

* Be safe on the internet

* Take time with your dating.

* If a guy loves you he will use a Condom.

* Don't rush into a relationship, get to know him and his family first.

* Keep a journal.

* Pray you never get into a car accident or other, as most of it is life time pain. If you do, exercise as often as possible.

* Have respect for seniors.

* I'm pleading to "some guys after you had sex with a female, stop running your mouth 90 miles about her with the worst names."

If she say's you are the father of her child, you and your family should put a little class into their act by refraining from the name calling. You the guy should say stop, I'll get a DNA done to know if I'm the Dad.

* If the child is not yours, just move on with your life, and wish her well.

* Always have communication with your parents or guardian.

* Never tell the child, your mother was not a good mother. Tell the truth, what you and your family put her through, when she got pregnant for you. "I have goose bumps"

* Remember what's in the dark will come to light sooner or later.

* Never envy anyone who has so much more than you. You don't know where they get it from, and how.

* Laughing is the best medicine it's the cheapest way to exercise your facial muscles, and you will have more love in your heart.

* Share your food with someone as often as you can.

* Learn sign language.

* Reach out to the elderly, they have a lot of good true stories to tell.

* Keep an eye on all your friends.... re domestic violence and depression.

* When you get bored, volunteer in a nursing home, group home, a children's home, hospital, Police department or TV station or Congress.

* Keep out of trouble at all times.

* If your friend is driving drunk, take his or her keys. You can save lives.

Take no notice of their foul mouth, and I hate you forever,

* He or she will be grateful to you when sober.

* If your friend or family is drunk, call an ambulance. Never put them to bed and walk away, you could find a corpse the next time you check.

* You can avoid a fire when cooking, by using a timer, they are not expensive and does not take up space in the kitchen.

* Never go out and leave food cooking on the stove, or in the oven


Excerpted from I'M YOUR WOMAN by Beryl Clarke Copyright © 2013 by BERYL CLARKE. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


In Loving Memory Of....................vii
Chapter 1 Love and More Love....................1
Chapter 2 Lee Did Not Know I Was a Virgin....................6
Chapter 3 Everyday Life....................11
Chapter 4 I'm old but Not Cold....................21
Chapter 5 A World of Great Things to See, Listen, Enjoy, and Learn....................37
Chapter 6 Music and Everyday Life Can Be So Sweet....................40
Chapter 7 Wedding Bells Will Be Ringing Soon....................43
Chapter 8 The Old Flame Walked In....................52
Chapter 9 Cheating Is Painful....................63
Chapter 10 The Big Wedding Day....................66
Chapter 11 Daily Pregnancy Testing....................76
Chapter 12 The Birth of Our Twins....................79
Chapter 13 My Long-Lost Twin Brother....................80
Chapter 14 Sybil Becomes a Writer....................83
Chapter 15 Keep the Home Fires burning with Love....................87
Chapter 16 Should I Marry an Older Woman?....................90
Chapter 17 Left, Right, Left, Right. Which Way to Go?....................93
Chapter 18 Fan Me, Darling....................96
Chapter 19 Ladies' Night Out: All About whores....................98
Chapter 20 A Fruit Is a Fruit....................103
Chapter 21 Fathers of the Year....................107
Chapter 22 False Fingernails, and What's in Your Handbag?....................109
Chapter 23 Sexual Harassment on the Job....................113
Chapter 24 Domestic Violence....................118
Chapter 25 The Insane Bullies, a Menace to Society....................129
Chapter 26 Too Many Errors in Medical Records....................136
Chapter 27 Discussion about Racism....................138
Chapter 28 Perpetrators Are Lurking Everywhere....................145
Chapter 29 Will You Marry Me? Must Love Animals....................156
Chapter 30 Watch Your Temper. He's Not Worth It....................159
Chapter 31 All About Writers....................163
Chapter 32 The Meanness of Life....................165
Chapter 33 The Darling Brassiere....................171
Chapter 34 Some Men's Pregnancy Cravings....................175
Chapter 35 Some Women's Pregnancy Cravings....................177
Chapter 36 Looking for Love or a Companion....................184
Chapter 37 I'm Sick and Tired of Gay and Other Bashing....................199
Chapter 38 My Message to Some Priests and Pastors. Listen Up....................201
Chapter 39 Complaints from Kids about Their Parents....................205
Chapter 40 What Kids Love about Their Parents....................209
Chapter 41 Where Kids Prefer to Spend Holidays....................211
Chapter 42 When Innocence Is Taken Away by the Insane....................215
Chapter 43 No One Taught Me How to Clean My Vagina....................218
Chapter 44 Pleasant Words Can Be a Lifesaver....................225
Chapter 45 The Dangers of Illegal Drugs....................227
Chapter 46 Some Fathers Must Step Up to the Plate Now....................230
Chapter 47 What Did Your Husband Say to You When You First Met?....................233
Chapter 48 Where Did You Take Her on the First Date?....................235
Chapter 49 Bits and Pieces....................238
About the Author....................257
I'm Your Woman....................259

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