In God We Trust

In God We Trust

by Gloria Disanto


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ISBN-13: 9781463443771
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/22/2011
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

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By Gloria Disanto


Copyright © 2011 Gloria Disanto
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-4377-1

Chapter One

PART 1 November 2008 to May 2009

* * *

The following are daily reports of the confusion leading to Obama's presidency:

The people have spoken; John McCain delivered a very nice concession speech.

I promised you I would watch and listen and read everything I can get my eyes, ears to check. I am not happy about this election, but I promise I will only print the truth and I will be as open as I can. I happen to think this is a man we do not know And if we don't know him, how do we trust him, do we blindly follow or do we get busy learning? I choose to watch and learn, I choose not to believe all that is said and find the truth where I can.

I welcome change. Even as a republican, I see the problems we are facing; I see the mistakes made by Bush, Clinton, and even my favorite: Ronald Reagan. I welcome change, but as Harry Truman once said, "show me."

There will be four important challenges: who will Obama choose for his cabinet? Who will he choose as us attorney general? What about subcommittees? And what would his political appointments be? What kind of international and domestic policy will he have? These are very important items to watch.

Approximately 500 to 1,000 people are White House staff. The new president can ask all to leave, or keep some; that is his decision. When Bush went into office, he asked all the staff to stay, and after a time he did replace some. When Clinton entered the White House he asked them all to leave.

We are hearing a lot about how bad the economy is doing, the TARP bill, the AIG bailout, and everything looks very negative. There is a lot of talk about the other races around the country, and plenty of fraud as well. We will watch all this. The day to day coverage of Obama and all his cabinet picks. There is plenty of speculation about homeland security. Many of the Clinton people will be back, or so they say.

There is also much talk about the auto industry being government controlled. I am wondering why all this is being talked about before the new president is in office.

Why are they talking so much about the pledge of allegiance? I'm telling you folks, we are going to see changes faster than the speed of light. Before we know it, Hillary will be chosen for Secretary of State.

The talk about the inauguration is overwhelming. Never in my lifetime have I heard so much intense coverage. Some have even used the word 'coronation.' This is really off the wall.

Obama continues talking about raising taxes, but he won't say how and when until he has his team in place. He has already had several press conferences. Unbelievable. I have lived to see thirteen presidents and I have never seen anything like this.

Today is November 28, 2008. There has been a terrorist attack in India, over 195 people are dead, and amongst them were six Americans. Many people from India are telling us they need better intelligence. I believe George Bush did a good job keeping us safe, my hope is that Obama keeps most of the good policies in place, but my fear is that he won't.

Eric Holder was just named attorney general. Remember when Clinton pardoned mark rich and the 16 Puerto Ricans that terrorized and killed people? Well, Eric holder was part of them. Hearings are going on in Washington. The U.A.W. is pleading congress for a $36 billion bailout. My humble opinion is that the union is so corrupt in the misuse of funds that they can't even pay their own pensions. Is this America's fault? No, it's the union's fault. I think the government should stay away from this one. Watching all this is confusing, but it's all about politics. We must get rid of this congress. Too many career politicians. Letting the auto industry fail is what should happen; they file bankruptcy and start again. Many hardworking Americans have had to do this.

* * *

There are layoffs all over the country, and things are looking worse by the day. Big companies like 3M, DOW Chemical, Anhauser Bush are hurting and many small businesses will close their doors. Wow, this could get very ugly fast!

In early December the governor of Illinois is arrested. Rod Blagojevich. He is being accused of trying to sell Obama's senate seat. This is just the tip of the iceberg when we talk of the corruption in Chicago. This story is about to put the public into a coma. It will be on all day and all week long, on every station.

Today is December 10, 2008 and our congress has just approved a $16 billion bailout for the big three auto makers, and now is off to the senate. But the senate has turned the bailout down. Hooray! I think we have seen the newly elected president on TV every day since the election. Today he is calling for the resignation of the disgraced ill governor.

There is a big announcement from the White House: President Bush will allow $17 billion for the bailout. This money will come from the original $720 from the bank bailout. President Bush said, "This is a painful blow to the taxpayers." GM says that they will focus on long term success. I am sick about this one; while I hate to see anyone out of work, I wonder how all of this is going to end.

Meanwhile, the prime lending rate is very low now. In fact, it hasn't been this low since the 60's. Just maybe this will help people, we will see. Also, many states are in trouble. Could this be another bailout?

* * *

Let's talk about the SEC, securities and the exchange commission. They failed on the Madoff scheme; they dropped the ball on Bears Stern. So I ask, why do we have this enormous overpaid government department? Let's face it America, no one is looking out for us. We had better wake up and start learning what we need to know about our oversized government.

Obama appears on TV again to explain his dealings with the thief governor from Chicago. Also today Hillary announced that she wants to increase her department. The last thing we need is more government employees.

The end of the year is coming to a halt, and even the talking heads are quiet. All we are hearing is Blago, Blago, Blago!

Happy New Year to all. Let's wish 2009 brings America to a place we belong. Let's hope after the inauguration we see good things from Washington and those who lead us. We ask for guidance from God. We ask that our troops stay safe and all come home soon. We ask that our new president fulfills his promise of hope and change.

As this new year begins, Israel and Palestine are squaring off. Tanks and weapons are moving toward Gaza. It's looking like a full blown ground war. Hamas is starting the attack. So far over 400 Palestinians are dead, hundreds injured. The Israeli soldiers are going house to house in the Gaza Strip. Both sides are claiming that the other is wrong; the fact is that Hamas broke the cease fire. Many innocents will die. The United Nations will meet to discuss the situation. In my view the United Nations is worthless. My hope is that down the road the UN will be cut down to size by the US we fund the UN in a big way. The lame stream media NBC, MSMBC, CBS, and CNN are playing down the Israeli and Palestinian fight. Syria wants the US to intervene.

* * *

These past couple of weeks a few seats have been filled. Leon Panetta was picked to head the CIA and Bill Richardson for commerce secretary. Panetta worked for the Clinton administration, and he seems to be a good choice. However, Richardson is another Clintonite who will have to decline because he is involved in a scandal, even as we speak. Are you telling me Obama didn't know this before he appointed him? If he really didn't we are in for a world of hurt folks.

Just days before the inauguration, we are seeing the future. We have a horrific spending program with the stimulus package. I'm no accountant, but it looks to me like waste and fraud waiting to happen. So far, all the Obama picks for his cabinet are former Clinton people, several with tarnished reputations. And some of the choices for new senate seats (such as Al Franken) are big disappointments. The hour of hope and change is about to begin.

Obama finally said something today about the Israel and Palestine outbreak: "I am very concerned about the loss of innocent lives," in reference to Palestine, while not mentioning even once that the initial gunfire came from Palestine. Sometimes we must listen to what is not being said.

In another news conference today Obama said, "we have a trillion dollar deficit, we will have to jump start our economy by spending a lot of money, and barring earmarks"

Obama said that the bill will be totally transparent, and he continued by adding, "Americans can go on line to see where our money is being spent." Wow, that really sounds great. Obama continue, "I will demonstrate my seriousness to the American people 'no earmarks' in this new recovery bill. Wow! We need to restore the faith in Washington, I will scour the budget line by line," This is yet another incredible statement.

* * *

In another news conference, Obama said today that he is prepared to act immediately on foreign policy. Again, I will say I have never ever seen so much exposure by the media of any one man on a daily basis as this man. Somehow that gives me pause, we all know you and we are all looking ahead to you entering office. Why must you jam all this at us so fast and furious? I feel this is a warning. Why all the 'fear mongering?' if you listen to all he has to say it's almost scary. Obama said something in one of his many appearances (the specific one escapes me at the moment), using the phrase "only government." What does that mean? He uses those words time and again; they are normally used in the context of helping the masses. Now to me, that is wrong, and as you read this book I will show you why.

No matter what lies ahead, my feeling at this point of time is that government cannot solve the problems in this country; government can, in fact, make all things worse.

This is some event folks, history being made today. The first black president, look how far we have come. Millions lined the streets of Washington to welcome our 44th president of the United States. The entire day was an extravaganza. It has been said this inauguration is costing over $100 million. I have no knowledge of the cost in the past, but I feel this should not be allowed to happen; not now, not ever. What a waste of money!

The inaugural speech was good, not great. Did I feel good? Yes I did. I felt hopeful and positive.

* * *

When I awoke the next morning I saw all of the speech all the hoopla and all the gushing by the lame stream media. All I could think about was, "get a grip on things, get to work and show us what you have."

The conflict in Israel continues, Lebanon is now taking part in it. As of today, over 800 Palestinians have been killed. A big argument begins on the hill, what to do with the extra 300 million will be used that GW released to congress. It seems there is very little oversight. This will be interesting. Remember folks, the White House, the House, and the Senate are all led by Democrats.

There will also be hearings today to confirm Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary and the most important confirmation of all: Eric holder as Attorney General. As chief law enforcer, this is the person who will represent We the people.

A few days before his inauguration, he has stated that Gitmo will be one of his first duties as president. His intention is to close Gitmo. Also the TARP program will be finalized. The TARP was begun with George Bush and will be carried out by this new administration. He promised us the American people he would rid Washington of "business as usual" and much, much more. Was this just another politician? Fifty two percent of us said No; he is the one who will bring us hope and change.

The last administration spent like Al Capone, so I was not too happy of being a Republican. That's why I now call myself a conservative. Every single bill George Bush signed was loaded with all kinds of pork spending. I was discouraged to say the least.

* * *

Obama promised he would veto "line by line" any needless spending. TARP went into effect almost immediately and then only three weeks later we are looking at a stimulus bill being pushed on the American people filled with bad spending and lots of special interests. Folks, that is a ton of pork. Shortly after, we are hearing "card check," another word for union voting. The union heads want open voting; the workers want closed ballots.

A few days later the president wants a cap set on what executives on Wall Street can earn. Obama is working really fast.

The SEC (Security Exchange Commission) has reported a whistle blower, and had warned the powers that be about Bernie Madoff as far back as 2003. Please don't tell me that all the people we pay in this much inflated government didn't check this out? Imagine the damage we could have avoided if this thief was caught much sooner.

Obama is pushing for the stimulus package saying it is an "emergency." We knew it would be passed, but a lot of people were very unhappy about it, including me. One dumb talk show host was asked, "What is an earmark?" His answer was: "political jargon." Can you imagine that answer?

As the stimulus bill receives more and more attention, we find where the pork is. Here are just a few examples:

• 18,750 for local projects

• $100,000 for doorbells

• $600 million for trails in Mississippi

• $1 million for solar panels in Puerto Rico.

And many more that would just curl your hair. Nancy Pelosi said, "so many people have lost their jobs, we must pass this bill." So Nancy, do we really need trails in Mississippi? Use your heads people.

Also today the president signed into law S CHIP. I did my research on this bill and it's a good one. Actually the bill was a George Bush bill, but today Obama extended the bill. The bill will also cover illegal children. This bill is fair, but I really don't like the fact that it covers illegal people. Trust me on this, the bill is just a preview of what's to come. It is what Obama and friends will thrust at us in the near future as part of the health care bill.

Why the rush on all these bills? I have always believed that when anything happens fast it usually is not good.

There have been all kinds of drama during these past three weeks. Words like 'crisis,' and others are thrown around like it's the end of the world. Another popular and often used word is 'ethics.' Obama has only being three weeks in office and he has already named Tim Geithner the head of our treasury, a man who cheated on his taxes. And he has also named another tax cheater, Tom Daschle, to run the energy department. Where are the ethics in these appointments? And tell me, who is vetting these people.

The main stream media (a.k.a. the Obama press), has said very little. In fact, the reporting has been lame. Can you imagine what the media would do to a republican in these situations?

At this point, I believe Obama is winging it. He almost seems to me to be disengaged.

* * *

I'm still watching the taunting of the stimulus bill; this is all the news all day long. So far the numbers are $920 billion. Another fact I just uncovered is $75 billion will go to authorized spending, which means the government can spend this money as they please. Imagine that! Why do you suppose congress passed this bill? Because they didn't read the bill. This week our president has been out and about on every TV show scaring the

American people into believing he knows what he is doing.

Now Obama is talking about energy. He is telling us we need to avoid a catastrophe, gloom and doom. Obama says his plan would put 3 million people to work. Inaction, Obama said, is unacceptable. Obama called out the Senate for not wanting this bill. When one of the senators exposed the fact that there was some 600 million for new cars for the government in the bill, Obama was livid. He refers to those kinds of questions as "bickering." This guy is really starting to scare the hell out of me.

Today is the day all of us must take our heads out of the sand, open our eyes and our ears and at times our mouths. We must be able to discern the facts from the fiction. We must hold the media accountable for how they report the news and what they print. We have been asleep for a very long time; we must not let this great nation become weak. We need to hold our leaders accountable. We must be fair and kind in our words and deeds. Let's begin today.


Excerpted from IN GOD WE TRUST by Gloria Disanto Copyright © 2011 by Gloria Disanto. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Part 1: November 2008 to May 2009....................1
Part 2: April 2009 to October 2009....................49
Part 3: November 2009 to May 2010....................111
Part 4: June 2010 to September 2010....................179
Part 5: October 2010....................215

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