In Love With The Other Man

In Love With The Other Man

by Francina "Ms Caramel" Lucas
In Love With The Other Man

In Love With The Other Man

by Francina "Ms Caramel" Lucas


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This is the story of the lives of four ladies: Denise, Keisha, Liz, and Tonya. Denise is living the most normal life she possible can with her husband, Eric, the man she loves and whom she will never leave. Keisha, a real estate agent, enjoys the single life until she meets a man named Robert, who is a handsome and rich bachelor. Keisha is very independent, living her life and doing her own thing; no man is going to change her lifestyle . . . or will he? Liz is married with three children, but she is still lonely because her husband, Mr. Frank, is never home. Liz meets a young man named Terrence and falls deeply in love with him. What will Liz do? Is she in love with the other man? Tonya does anything with anyone and lives the single life. Tonya doesn't care about herself, her five-year-old child, or her mother, even though she is still living at her mother's home. Watch out for Tonya; she may be with your man . . . or your woman.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781491826850
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/27/2013
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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In Love With The Other Man

By Francina "Ms Caramel" Lucas


Copyright © 2013 Francina "Ms Caramel" Lucas
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2685-0


The Beginning

Its 3:00 a.m., and Denis kept tossing and turning. Her mind is racing, and she has to get up in a few hours to go to work. Her heart is beating fast, and she can't breathe—what is going on with her? She wants to sleep. God, please help me go to sleep, said Denise. What can I do to get to sleep? Maybe some warm milk will help her ease her mind, Denise thought. So Denise gets up, get her some warm milk, and head back to bed. Finally, Denise drifts off to sleep. But as soon as she fall asleep, the alarm clock rings, and it's time for her to get up. Denise slowly gets out of her bed and drag herself to the shower. The time is flying, and she has to be at work by 8:00 a.m. There is no way she will make it on time. As Denise is getting dressed the phone rang and Denise runs to the Caller ID to see who it was and it was Keisha her best friend. Denise answered the phone with a tone of exhausting. Keisha wanted to know what was wrong with Denise, and if Denise is ready for work. Denise reply, "No, Keisha, I am not ready for work."

In turn she replies with laughter, "You better hurry up and get dressed before you get fired."

So Denise told her she will call her later. Denise hung up the telephone and continues getting herself dressed. Again, the phone rings, and this time it is Denise mom. Denise answer with a feeling of joy, "Hey, Mom, what is going on with you?"

She replies, "Nothing, hon, I am just checking on you."

As Denise was speaking with her mom, she continued to put on her makeup.

Denise mom continues saying, "Well, hon, I am going to let you get back to what you were doing."

Denise sadly replies, "OK, Mom, and I love you." Denise hung up the telephone, and finally, she was ready to go to work. Denise looked at the time, and she had 20 minutes to get to work. Denise walks out the door and hurry to her car. Denise got into her car and speed to work, Denise was hoping and praying that a cop will not stop her. With her luck, she will get stopped by the cops. Its 7:59 a.m., and Denise rush into the building and head toward the elevators. She patiently waiting for the elevator and it seems like it is taking forever. Hurry! Hurry! Oh My God, I am going to be late, Denise shouted. Finally, the elevator comes down, the doors open, and she gets in to go to the third floor. Denise walks towards her desk, as she reaches her desk, she see her boss coming toward her cubicle. She just knew he was going to say something about her being late—she could feel it inside, so her heart starts beating really fast. Denise started to sweat because he told her never to be late again. As he approached her desk, he asked her about the Johnson file. Yes! He didn't say anything to me, said Denise. She really didn't want to lose her job. She kindly said to him that she put the file on his desk yesterday.

"Thank you," he said and walked away.

As Denise was wiping the sweat from her brow, she received a text from her husband, Eric, telling her that he would be home tomorrow morning and that he wanted to take her out to lunch. Denise was very excited to see her husband; he means everything to her. This will definitely make her have a productive day. As Denise started to work, Eric texts her again and tells her that he loves and misses her. Denise responded back with "I love you too, sweetie, and I can't wait until you come home."

The time is not moving fast enough for Denise—it's only Noon and Denise is getting hungry and decided to go to lunch, but her phone rings; it is Keisha. "Hey, Keisha, what is going on girl?" she ask.

Keisha says laughing "Did you make it to work on time? I know you didn't."

Denise told her, "No, but I am OK, my boss didn't say anything."

"Great, Oh yeah, girl, do not forget we are going out tonight—girls' night out—so call the rest of the ladies and let them know."

Denise told her she would and she hung up the phone. In Denise mind she was debating what she should eat for lunch; she never know what she wants for lunch. Denise decides to go to Burger King and get a hamburger and a small order of fries. As Denise was standing in line to order, she notice Kimberly—the girl who thinks she is God's gift to the world. OMG! Here she comes. Why did I look over there? Denise tried to turn away quickly, but she wasn't fast enough. Kimberly walks toward her with a smile on her face. Denise was next to order, but the line was moving so slowly that she felt like jumping over the counter to take her own order. While she was standing there, Kimberly moves beside her. "Hello, how are you?" she asks in a proper voice.

Denise replies in an aggravated voice, "Hey, Kimberly, how are you?"

"Oh, I am doing very well. I just bought me a new Lexus, and my husband got a promotion to the FBI and is getting paid a lot more money. So I am doing wonderful. How is your husband? Is he still out of town?"

Denise was so annoyed by her that she forgot to order her food. She told her, yes, he is out of town, and he will be back tomorrow, and by the way, I have to get back to work. I will talk to you soon. You have a good day. Denise walked out of the restaurant so fast that she realized she didn't eat anything at all. Denise was wondering, why does Kimberly make her upset every time she sees her or when she talks to her? Denise realizes she is not jealous, but feels that Kimberly attitude sucks. She thinks that she is Miss Perfect. OK, her husband has a good job, they live in a nice house, and they drive beautiful cars. Denise feels that her husband and she have a whole lot more and they have each other. She doesn't care about fame or money as long as she has love, communication, and understanding. Denise got back in her car and headed back to work, but her stomach started to growl. She made it back to work, and there goes her stomach again; it's getting louder and louder. Back at her cubicle, she tries to hold in her stomach so it would not get too loud. She decided to drink some water to see if it would soothe her stomach until she gets home. She has four more hours to go, and then she is free to go home. Denise was getting into her work when I she remembered what Keisha asked her to do. So, Denise picks up her cell phone and start calling the girls about the girls' night out. Let's see, who do she call first? She will call Liz first. Liz's phone kept ringing and ringing until her voice mail picked up, so Denise left her a message to meet them at her house for girls' night out. Next on her list was Tonya. She picked up the phone, called Tonya, and she answered the phone, "Hey, Denise."

Denise replied back with excitement, "Hey, Tonya. Please don't forget that we are having a girls' night out because I sure need it. I am having one hell of a day, and I am super hungry—I need food."

Tonya laughed and said, "OK, I will see you tonight at your apartment around 7:00 p.m. I am bringing the drinks."

Denise was laughing too and told her "cool," and they both hung up. Now she is OK. Finally, tonight, Denise can have fun. Her day went by so slowly, and plus, her husband will be home tomorrow, so Denise should have fun tonight. It is going to be Keisha, Liz, Tonya, and Denise—the foursome; yes, they would have the time of our lives.

Denise is sitting at her desk looking at the time; there are two more hours before she can go home and get ready to go out with the girls. Her stomach is growling again; it is so loud that it is embarrassing her. She has to find something to eat. Denise decided to back her chair up toward the next cubicle, which is Fred's, and ask if he has something that she can snack on. Fred looks at her, smiles, and says, "Yes, I do. I heard your stomach like two hours ago; I thought you would have asked me way before now," and he starts to laugh. "Here you go. I always keep snacks, and you can pick whatever you want. But, you know, if I give this snack to you, you will owe me a date. I saved your stomach."

Denise thanks Fred and told him that her husband would not like it if she went on a date with him. Fred just smiles and says, "You're welcome."

Denise takes the chips back to her desk. Her stomach is so happy; at least she stopped the growling until she can get some real food. Denise blames Kimberly. If she sees her again, she will give her a piece of her mind. As she was sitting and thinking about what Kimberly had said, her phone vibrated, and it was Eric. She answered the phone so excited and joyful, "Hey, babe, how are you? I miss you so much. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow. Boy, I am going to hug and kiss you all over."

Eric was very happy to hear those words and told her, "Babe, I miss you too, and I cannot wait to see you and hug you as well. It seems as if we have been away from each other for years, but it has only been two weeks. The things I want to do to you. You won't believe it. How is everything at work?"

As he was talking to Denise, she was feeling so vulnerable, and she just said, "Work is OK. She just wants time to go by fast so that she can see her husband." Eric laughs and told her he just wanted to hear her voice and that he will call again later on or tomorrow morning before he gets on the plane. Denise was still in a daze because it has been two weeks since she have seen her wonderful husband. She was overjoyed. Her husband is her lifeline, her hero, and her best friend. Denise quickly replies and says, "OK, sweetie, I will be waiting for your call, and you be safe." Before hanging up, they both gave each other a kiss over the phone. Again, Denise looked at the time, and it is 4:30 p.m.—just thirty more minutes, and she is out of there. It never fails that when she wants to leave on time, her boss will ask her to do something for him. And here he comes. Mr. Smith approaches Denise's desk, and she look up at him with disappointment. "Mrs. Denise Blackwell, can you find the John White file for me please."

She knew it. It never fails. He always does this to her. He always wants her to find this or that and she has fifteen minutes before she goes home. Why her? She looks all over for the file, but she cannot find it. She looked in all the cabinets and at everyone's desks, but this file is nowhere to be found. And time is going by; she has ten minutes to go. She has to find this file. Then she starts thinking, if she were a file, where would she be? Yes, she has six more minutes. She would be on her boss's desk. Denise check Mr. Smith's desk, and as she thought, the file is on his desk under a stack of papers. Denise got the file, gave it to Mr. Smith, and asks him if there is anything else he needs. Of course, as she was asking him, she was praying deep inside that he would say there wasn't. Mr. Smith takes the file and looks at her and says, "No, Denise, you have a wonderful weekend. I will see you on Monday morning, bright and early and on time."

"Yes, sir," Denise replied.

Denise went back to her desk, got her stuff, and walked out of the office. As she waited patiently for the elevator, she thought about the wonderful weekend ahead. Her husband is coming home, she is going out with her girls tonight, and she is off work. As she was going down to the first floor, she gets a call from Liz. "Hey, Liz, what is going on with you? Why didn't you answer the phone earlier when I called?"

Liz tells her that she was out and about dealing with situations. Denise asks her what situations and if it involves her kids. Liz starts to cry and says, "I can't do this anymore. I want to live my life and be happy. I need a drink." Denise told Liz that they are having our girls' night and to make sure that she is at her apartment by 7:00 p.m., and she replies that she will be there.

The elevator reaches the first floor, and Denise look past her car to the street, and she sees the typical 5:00 p.m. traffic. Dammit! She starts the car and head out into traffic. Denise arrives home and she has an hour to get dressed before the girls get here. She rushes into her apartment to take a shower, but the phone is ringing. She looks at her Caller ID and sees its Eric. She immediately answers the phone: "Hey, hon. how are you? I am very excited to see you."

He tells her that he is leaving to get on the plane and that he should be in early in the morning. Denise tells him that she will see him tomorrow morning and that she loves him; he replies with "I love you, too."

Denise finish taking her shower, it was about 6:30 p.m., and she hears her doorbell ring. Who could this be? So, she jumps out the shower, wrap a towel around her, and go to answer the door. Looking through the peephole, she sees Tonya. Denise opens up the door and tells Tonya that she is early. Tonya explains, "I know girl. Here is the bottle and I need a drink, when I tell you I need a drink, I need a drink."

Denise tells her to go ahead and get a drink and that she is going to finish getting dressed. So, Denise continued to get dressed while Tonya made herself a vodka and cranberry. Its 6:45 p.m., she heard the door again, and this time it was Keisha. Now, they only had to wait for Liz. They all sit in the living room, drinking their vodka and cranberries and talking about the night. Around 7:15 p.m., Liz was at the door, looking upset, frustrated, and out of it. She quickly enters sits down on the sofa and Denise hands her a drink. As Denise looked around at their little group, she realized that it's quite funny because they are all so different, yet they are best friends—more like sisters.

Keisha is single, does not have kids, and is a top real estate agent; she lives in a beautiful home and has no worries and she is not chained down to anyone. She lets people know what is on her mind and has no remorse for how people feel. Her motto is, "if you tell a person the truth, you will not have to make up lies later." So, as they say, she "keeps it real."

Tonya loves to drink, and when she drinks, she loves sleeping with different men ... or women. She has a good job as a nurse for General Hospital and a daughter who lives with Tonya's mother. Tonya always needs a drink. We know she has an addiction, but she says she is just releasing stress.

And Liz she has three kids and a husband, but her husband is very immature, selfish, and is just not good for her. She is a stay-at-home mom because her husband does not want her to work. He lets her go out as long as he knows it's with Denise. Liz's husband goes out all the time and leaves her home with the kids; Denise is very surprised he lets her out for "girls' night out."

And as for Denise ... she is very happily married with no kids, and they live in an apartment. Her husband and Denise have good jobs. She works for the City of Detroit in the Human Resources department, and her husband works for the CEO of a major company. Well, it's about time for them to go out and enjoy themselves, but Denise have to remember that her husband will be home tomorrow morning, so Denise have to definitely limit her drinking. She locks her door, they all jump into Keisha's black Infinity, and they headed out for a wonderful evening.


Ladies' Friday Night Out

Finally, they arrived at Club Paradise. Liz looks at Denise and says, "Girl, I hope my husband's friends are not here tonight." And Keisha replies, "Who gives a damn." As they are talking, they gets out of the car and walk towards the club; Keisha locks her doors with her key controller. Tonya yells, "Damn! There are a lot of people in line. Keisha, I am going to see if my friend who works in security can get us in."

They watched as Tonya strolls over to the front of the line. She waves to a tall man with short black hair and the tattoo of a dragon coiled around his right arm. He walks over; they speak for a moment, and then Tonya motions for them to come over. As they are walking in, the man looks at Tonya and says, "Don't forget about me when you leave." Tonya nods her head. The club was crowded, and they had to look for a table. They all sit down and look around. Men were everywhere—good looking men and bad looking men. Tonya was the first to say that she needed a drink. When the waitress came over to their table, they ordered numerous drinks; it looked like they owned their own personal liquor store. Everyone was looking around at how packed the club was; this was the spot to be. Everyone loves this club. The ladies and Denise quickly became tipsy, especially Tonya. Keisha decides she wants to dance and she asks them to go with her to the dance floor. Of course, they all went. Tonya was yelling and shouting as they reached the dance floor, being her crazy self. She is always dancing provocatively, especially when she is drunk. She starts dancing with some girl, squeezing her breast. Denise said, with Tonya anything goes. Keisha is dancing with a very handsome guy—nicely built with beautiful hair, and of course, he looks like he has money; Keisha does not deal with "busters," as she calls them. Denise looked over at Liz to whisper something to her, but she is looking around the club. Denise guesses she was hoping that her husband's friends weren't around to let her husband know that she was in the club. So, Denise was just standing there dancing by herself and watching the other ladies have a good time. Liz asks Denise whether it would it be wrong if she danced with someone, and Denise told her that it was fine as long as it didn't go overboard. But in Denise mind she was wondering why Liz would ask her that. Liz never asked her anything like that. Did she have something up her sleeve? Denise decided to go to the bathroom, and when she turned around to tell Liz, she was dancing with a young guy who looked young enough to be her son. As Denise approached the bathroom, Eric called again: "Hey babe. What are you doing?"

Denise told him she was out with the ladies and that she would see him tomorrow when he gets home. He said, "Yes, boo, I will definitely see you tomorrow morning."

"OK, babe, you have a good night," Denise said, and they both hung up. Denise husband is the greatest man ever, but sometimes, a lady gets lonely.


Excerpted from In Love With The Other Man by Francina "Ms Caramel" Lucas. Copyright © 2013 Francina "Ms Caramel" Lucas. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Beginning, 1,
Chapter 2 Ladies' Friday Night Out, 10,
Chapter 3 Craig Keeps Calling and Eric Returns Home, 22,
Chapter 4 Keisha and Robert Meet Again, 30,
Chapter 5 Whatever Goes with Tonya, 37,
Chapter 6 Liz Is on a Mission, 43,
Chapter 7 Sunday Morning, 53,
Chapter 8 Felicia Never Quits, 64,
Chapter 9 Kimberly's Life is Crumbling, 68,
Chapter 10 Chris's Surprise, 76,
Chapter 11 Monday Morning, 82,
Chapter 12 Denise Spends Time with Eric, 92,
Chapter 13 All About Tonya, 99,
Chapter 14 Keisha on Monday Morning, 105,

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