In Moonlight and Memories: Volume Three

In Moonlight and Memories: Volume Three

by Julie Ann Walker


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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker comes an epic story about sacrifice, friendship, and the awe-inspiring power of love.

Maggie: Ten years ago, Cash Armstrong stole my heart. Then he promptly joined the army—dragging my best friend with him—and left me crying on the front porch in a red sequined prom dress. Now he's back. They're both back. Cash, the one who still has my heart. And Luc, the one who saved my life.

Cash: How do you know if you’re at the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? That's what I've been trying to figure out since a traumatic brain injury made me "unfit to serve." I'm back in New Orleans, and picking up the shattered pieces of my past means I must confront where my life's journey began... and where it all might end.

Luc: Long ago, Maggie May was mine. Not mine in the way you might think. She was mine because she was my only friend. Then Cash came along and we became brothers by something stronger than blood. We became brothers by choice. When tragedy struck, I was forced to make a decision that changed all our lives. I thought, after ten years, it was safe to come back home. I was wrong...

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ISBN-13: 9781950100057
Publisher: Limerence Publications LLC
Publication date: 07/01/2019
Series: In Moonlight and Memories , #3
Pages: 298
Sales rank: 142,761
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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In Moonlight and Memories: Volume Three 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
PennieM 3 months ago
This is the last book of the trilogy and don't read this one if you haven't read the other books! This is the emotional ending and truly the best of the best. This is not what you expect from this author and really not what I wanted when I started this journey but glad I stuck with it. I will say, I read this trilogy while sitting in the hospital over two days and this book had tears running down my cheeks from beginning to end and the nurses finally brought me a box of tissues. I'm not going to give you anything more than tell you this one brings us into the present and we are brought up to date. Revelations are made and WOW, this is an emotional series that kept me captivated over the weekend. I definitely recommend it. **Received this ARC for review**
Leslie_Lawrence 4 months ago
In book three, you will experience excitement and tears as you read. What a compelling way to wrap up a three-part series. This story was also beautiful and so well told you almost felt like you experienced it happening first hand. Julie Ann Walker did not disappoint in any way. This series was an incredible read and I’m very happy that I read it. I almost didn’t want it to end...
AshleeT 4 months ago
The conclusion to this story is both heartbreaking and heartfelt. Julie Ann Walker is able to weave a story full of character development, emotion, and buy in that pulls you in and keeps the pages turning. Overall a well crafted, gripping series - as are all of Julie Ann Walkers books!
Misty_W 4 months ago
In the third book of this trilogy, who knew that we were going to be so completely heartbroken by the turn of events. In the end we see how truly selfless and how much love Cash has for Maggie and Luc. I did not expect the need to go find tissues. This was such an amazing ending/conclusion for the trilogy and it shows the talent of Julie Ann Walker and her ability to create such amazing characters. All I've got is WOW and thank you for sharing such a heartbreaking story with your readers. The emotions are so raw and real that you feel what the characters are feeling and is something you don't expect. Received ARC in exchange for honest voluntary review.
BBBGirlsBlog 4 months ago
4 1/2 Now, we get the present. We have their history and now it’s time for the present. Now, I had a little feeling of what was going to happen; I still wasn’t prepared. Volume III was just pure perfection. It was hard to write a review on the previous two volumes because I knew that the third was waiting for me and the story wasn’t over in one or two. Volume III was heartbreaking as a whole but only because of who was remaining. I highly recommend all three volumes. Well done Ms. Walker! Reviewed by: Dana D.
DebsIN 4 months ago
The drama, suspense, and love between these three friends is so beautiful as the time comes for Maggie, Cash, and Luc to confront it. The emotions are high and heartfelt as you read the story of these three friends and all they have gone through. It is said to keep the tissues handy, and I agree wholeheartedly as you read the beautiful conclusion of "In Moonlight and Memories:Volume Three" I was gifted a copy of their story and voluntarily leave my honest opinion. This is mine. 5 Stars!
Rainn2978 4 months ago
This is a trilogy of books that takes us on a journey with the 3 main characters. What starts off seeming to be a love triangle, in reality it truly isn't. Part 1 gives us a lot of the back story and shows us where the characters are in their lives currently. Part 2 expands on that and starts laying the groundwork for how their future relationships may become. But it also highlights how much people can hurt along with the lengths they will go to in order to deal with them. Part 3...oh part 3. It may have broken my heart. But it also shows just how much someone can love other people and want to do what they know is right for them. I really don't want to go into a lot of details with the way this all plays out because I honestly feel like that will ruin the journey that these books take you on. Let me just say, be prepared with tissues in part 3. Because not only do events happen that will break your heart-they just show the depths that someone people feel and what they are willing to do for those people. I definitely recommend reading all 3 but just remember that this is a trilogy so the first 2 are left on cliff hangers although they are full length novels. Well worth the reads though!
beckymmoe 4 months ago
Oh, goodness--have the tissues ready. The last quarter of this one is killer... Though I spent a good portion of the first half annoyed with all of the characters (except Luc, mostly, because--LUC) they managed to pull things together in the end to make me more than forgive them and left me with all. The. Feels. And no tissues left. Darn you, Ms. Walker! I thought I'd figured out Cash's "Plan" earlyish into this volume, and I had--well, half of it, anyway--but I still wasn't prepared for the emotions Ms. Walker was going to make me feel about it. Of course, characters make plans, and authors laugh (that's how the saying goes, right? ;) ) and things got so much worse than either Cash or I'd hoped for before we got to the end. But what a ride... So apparently Ms. Walker can write contemporary romance just as well as she can write romantic suspense, and in a way such that even my allergy to love triangles didn't effect my enjoyment of this one (much). I guess I'm here for whatever she want to write, then...not that I'm surprised. Definitely do not attempt to read this one without reading the other two--as the "volume" labels indicate on these books, they are in no way, shape, or form standalones. Reading all three is a heck of a commitment (900 pages, according to Goodreads) but worth it, IMO. Now excuse me while I got book a trip to New Orleans... ;) Rating: 4 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
HarperHamilton 4 months ago
Julie Ann Walker is one of my all-time favorite authors and her Black Knights series is one of my go-to reads when I want to revisit “old friends.” So, yes, I was anxiously awaiting this new series! Set in New Orleans where there is plenty of food, intrigue, love, and potential for corruption, the series follows a trio of friends from youth to adulthood. It’s a complicated story that my mind drifted to while I worked during the day as I read the first 2 volumes – where is this going? What will Cash do? How about Luc? What will Maggie think? What really happened that night? While I knew it would be a love story going into it, my initial thought when reading was that this felt like a tragedy. I felt such love and angst throughout all 3 volumes. What I really love about Julie Ann Walker is that she gave us all 3 volumes at once so that we didn’t have to wait to resolve this complicated love story. Well-written with authentic Louisiana flair and a little bit of lagniappe. I'm ready for some good coffee and beignets! **I received an ARC and voluntarily submitted this review. Opinions are my own.
Shirleylinn 4 months ago
This is an epic journey of three friends. Their friendship and love spanned across time even when they were separated for ten years. Follow Luc, Cash and Maggie on their emotional journey as they handle their friendships, love, loss and mystery. These books are a spellbinding, emotional rollercoaster from the first book until the last. It was hauntingly beautiful.
blonde_betty 4 months ago
The three volumes in Julie Ann Walker’s new trilogy In Moonlight and Memories are meant to be read together. The story flows seamlessly from one to another and together they are a complete whole. While I knew what was coming from the first sentence, it still wrecked me when we reached the inevitable conclusion. Told in alternating points of view (Cash, Maggie, and Luc) we see what all three of these characters are thinking and how they are all tied together. I felt in love with these characters, and the city that defines them. Be prepared with the extra-large box of tissues when you start book three, you’re going to need it. But keep reading, the end is worth it. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
ReaderLoverKV 4 months ago
In the final volume of M&M series, I have to say that there a very few authors who leave me stunned, at a complete loss of words, as I sit here trying to write this review. I just don't know if I can put what I felt reading this into words but I am going to try. It is epic reading on a scale so large, so grandiose, that you are left emotionally bereft. I cried and cried some more and then I sighed as it ended. Just Wow! Now, I have read all of Ms. Walker's Black Knights Inc., series. Those books are what made me fall in love with you and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical going into this series but you have done it again. Flawlessly, I might add. Ms. Walker please take a bow to a standing ovation, on another job very well done. 5 STUPENDOUS, OUTSTANDING, BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, GUT-WRENCHING STARS****** BRAVO MS. WALKER! BRAVO!!!!
Christine_Miller 4 months ago
WOW, is all I can really say. I'm so glad that I was able to read all 3 book at one time because I needed to know how the story was going to end. Ms. Walker will evoke every emotion from you in these books. The story is raw and will break your heart. It was such a great story. Loved it!
moonfox1234 4 months ago
As Luc, Maggie and Cash's haunting story of friendship and love comes to a close, I am left stunned, gutted and practically speechless. There are just so many emotions bombarding me that I feel I am suffering sensory overload. I will say that nothing I read or thought while reading the first two books in this series left me in any way prepared me for the actual conclusion. Truly remarkable, amazing and not to be missed. I do suggest that: 1. You have a box of tissues at the ready, 2. You have a good supply of your preferred comfort food (or comfort beverage) of choice on hand and 3. You have freed up ample time to rest and recover from your emotional reading experience.
ChrisG-A 4 months ago
This is a complicated, emotional & epic love story situated in New Orleans. Maggie & Luc have been best friends since childhood. Cash moves to New Orleans as a teenager, becomes best friends with Luc and through Luc, meets Maggie. Maggie & Cash Fall in love. Suddenly Cash joins the army & Luc follows him. Maggie is heartbroken as both boys have broken all contact with her and she doesn't understand why. Volume #3 - The love triangle continues and oh the pain and angst. I was emotionally moved by the unselfish love and the pain these characters go through. Some parts are hard to read; almost gutting the reader at times. This is a beautiful love story, compassionate & honest and the friendship between theses 3 characters is beautiful & enviable. These books are unlike anything Julie has ever written, but she has written a powerful & epic love story that demands to be read! I received a complimentary ARC edition from Julie Ann Walker.
charlligirl 4 months ago
I am wrecked after reading the conclusion to this story. Even though I saw a lot of things coming in this book, I was, in no way, prepared for the emotions that overtook me. I was heartbroken for Maggie and Luc. And yet, I was in love with their story. So many conflicting emotions, yet I can't stop thinking about the stories. This really was multiple storylines going on at once, but they had interconnections. I think Cash is wise beyond his years and his love for his best friends can never be questioned. I wish Maggie and Luc the best in their future and I hope they heed Cash's well intentions. Maybe someday we can get a short follow up on them. I would love to see them raising kids in the cottage house.
MarKat 4 months ago
Phew, what a story this turned out to be! A week has passed since I finished volume 3 of the "In Moonlight and Memories" trilogy and my emotions are still all over the place. Cash, Maggie and Luc, their friendship and love are so fresh and real in my mind, they stuck with me and I suspect they will stay for a good while longer. I do need a break from reading for a while, just because I need more time to process, before I am "free" to take in another story. This, ladies, should tell you what an incredible trilogy this is. It's not a light read, so be warned. You gotta be in the mood for it. But once you start reading, I promise, you'll witness a truly epic love story.
Rao_Luckwell 4 months ago
Love triangles are not really my favorite trope to read. I think that kept me from being more involved in the plot and the characters. I love stories set in New Orleans and the author did an exceptional job of capturing NOLA's quirk and charm. The voice is different from the author's prior books. This is a good thing, meaning the author can branch out and try different things than the same ol same ol. In the third book, things are coming to the front. New details about the past crop up shocking each one
Sandy-thereadingcafe 4 months ago
NOTE: My review covers all three volumes VOLUME #1 IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES Volume 1 by Julie Ann Walker introduces some of the back story, history and present day struggle of three friends in New Orleans, Louisiana: twenty six year old, Magnolia ‘Maggie’ May Carter, and twenty-eight year olds, Cassius ‘Cash’ Armstrong, and Lucien ‘Luc’ Dubois. Told from three first person points of view (Maggie, Cash and Luc) IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES follows twenty six year old, Magnolia ‘Maggie’ May Carter, and twenty-eight year olds, Cassius ‘Cash’ Armstrong, and Lucien ‘Luc’ Dubois as they reconnect in the aftermath of ten years of silence in which Maggie Carter never stopped wondering what happened and why. Ten years earlier, Maggie and Cash were high school sweethearts but on the night of the prom, Cash disappeared without a trace leaving Luc Dubois to pick up the pieces of Maggie’s heart. Fast forward to present day wherein Green Berets Luc and Cash return from serving several tours in the Middle East but Cash is but a shell of his former self. What ensues is the rekindling but fragile friendship between Cash, Maggie and Luc, as they meander a minefield of memories, past betrayals, and the possibility of losing one another, all over again. IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES is an emotional, raw, heart breaking and angst filled story of friendship, forgiveness, secrets and lies. Having just touched on the some of the dark and explosive backstory, Volume One sets into motion the potential for destruction of everyone’s heart. A love triangle of sorts, the relationship between Luc, Maggie and Cash is real, startling, profound and calamitous. Cash Armstrong’s daily battle is a fight between life and death, the present and the past; pain, grief, guilt and love. Luc Dubois battles his attraction to the woman he has always loved but a woman who is in love with someone else; and Maggie Carter, a twenty-six year old business owner who has yet to discover the truth; the secrets, and the horrific possibility that everything is about to come crashing down as the man that she has never stopped loving has stopped loving himself. Julie Ann Walker pulls the readers into a tragic story of a friendship forged by tragedy, loss, betrayal and love. VOLUME #2 IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES #2 Julie Ann Walker reveals the fragile bond and love between friends who have weathered h*ll, and lived to tell about it. From the horrors of war, to the battle back home, Maggie, Luc and Cash must face the reality that has become their lives. Determined to take down the people in charge, our trio set out to cull the herd of those trying to destroy their lives. Another heart breaking and impassioned instalment from Julie Ann Walker. Volume 3 Told from three first person perspectives (Maggie, Cash and Luc) IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES Volume 3 follows the culmination of a lifetime of friendship, love, secrets and lies. Cash Armstrong continues to fight the battle of his life, as he, Maggie and Luc put a plan into action to take down the men who have and continue to destroy so many lives. Secrets are revealed; hearts will be broken; betrayal and vengeance will seek retribution and more. As Maggie and Luc move forward with their plans, Cash struggles to remain in the here and now. IN MOONLIGHT AND MEMORIES is a heart breaking, emotional & passionate three part serial focusing on three friends who live hard but love harder.:impassioned, raw and dramatic
pollypc 4 months ago
The final volume of this fabulously told tale digs into your heart and doesn't let go! All the pieces of the mysterious puzzle come together in an amazing feat of master storytelling. The suspense that has been fueled throughout doesn't just fizzle out - there is no anticlimax here! So all the 'i's are dotted and the 't's are crossed and there is most definitely an HEA... for some!! Despite its three volume epicness, I didn't feel that the story had been 'padded out'. All content is relevant to the much bigger picture that is beautifully crafted over the three separate novels. There is no question that the reader has to invest in all three books AND read them in order so although there are cliffhangers, you need not worry as all volumes will be released on the same day!! An absolute MUST READ!!
Linda Carlson 4 months ago
An Epic Best-Seller! This part of the story is where it all is getting exceptionally good! We learn that justice has its way of digging in and waiting for the most opportune time to come calling in all its glory! Sheriff Sullivan is not only a very corrupt official, he is also arrogant and just plain mean. I feel bad for Maggie since she alone has had to deal with the Sheriff’s relentless harassment involving the disappearance of his son, Dean. these last ten years that the guys have been gone. She not only has been under tight scrutiny, she gets stopped and questioned regularly by the Sheriff or one of his deputies. Even now, with Cash and Luc back in town, the harassment has escalated to the point that something must give. Cash’s health is deteriorating every day. I can’t help but feel sorry for the way his life has turned out since the road side bomb blast cruelly altered his future. The miracles of modern day medicine can only heal so much. Cash has his cottage to renovate to keep him busy and his mind off Maggie May. Julie Ann Walker does a very accurate job describing how an abusive person feels so empowered by their actions and power over those weaker than they are and doesn’t see themselves as the monster they are. Cash’s father needs very little encouragement for his disdain and hatred of his son to escalate into a physical situation any time he finds Cash alone despite Cash’s deteriorating appearance. Again, there is justice here, waiting for the right moment. This story has been intriguing and gets deep in your head, but it’s really just strolling along, actively setting the scene for what’s to come. It has brought to vivid life; the beauty and wonders of what NOLA has to offer and also reveals the underbelly of its ugly side. Each person’s true character, past and present, comes to light as they come together and recognize their future. This is a tantalizing drama evolving into a sweet, heartwarming love story. As it is all revealed, I cried throughout these chapters, they are so full of emotion and heartache. I had an almost frantic time trying to get to the next part to get more answers. With Maggie and Luc there comes acceptance and heartwarming beginnings. I smiled through my tears and eventually felt satisfied that this is the only ending that could be. I absolutely loved this book and all three volumes are an unforgettable journey that I won’t soon forget!
DarGee 4 months ago
I sit her stunned, slayed, and overcome with emotion. This book wraps up this epic saga, this story of characters who became my friends, became real, and who allowed me the privilege of coming along with them as they journeyed through this part of their story. They had a lot of life happen, and I was there with them. For the highs, for the lows, and for the memories and moments. Their story packed an emotional punch, and will stay with long after I have read it, and long after I write this Luc, Maggie, and Cash make some big decisions. Luc finally is unable to stand for less, waiting on the side. He asks for what he wants, and push for want he needs. He is respectful, and willing to back away, but he needs some answers. The characters mature past their childhood in their relationships with each other, but the one thing they all hand onto, is the deep and true love and bond they share This story concludes with a wealth and wave of emotions, and is truly beautiful for it all
bc2mc3 4 months ago
Volume Three brings this incredible story together. It is an emotionally exhausting saga. I have laughed through parts of this story, but have also had to put the book down for a few minutes because I was crying so hard. For me, this was truly a three tissue read. It is heartfelt, intense, beautiful, and so emotional. The writing here is exceptional and wonderful. I promise you will not regret reading this. Thanks so much to Ms. Walker for writing such an powerful story of three young people whose lives are intertwined in so many ways. The secondary characters were just as richly developed and I have really “Lived” in this world today.
sasharr 4 months ago
I have read every book by Ms. Walker and was a little on the fence about this new direction in her writing, but I trust her and went with it. Holy Hannah Montana, she did not disappoint. When I say ALL the feels, I mean ALL of the FEELS. I haven't cried, bawled like this in a long time but I cried like I'd lost a loved one in this epic love story. I laughed, I sighed, I yelled, and I cried but I absolutely loved this story; it may not have been what I was used to from Ms. Walker, but it was so beautifully written and had me from the first page.