In the Ring With Jack Johnson - Part II: The Reign

In the Ring With Jack Johnson - Part II: The Reign

by Adam J Pollack


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In the Ring With Jack Johnson - Part II: The Reign by Adam J. Pollack continues the series of the most detailed and thorough books ever written on Jack Johnson. This 880-page book completely covers Jack Johnson's reign and life as world heavyweight champion.

As with Part I: The Rise, by utilizing multiple primary-sources, Part II: The Reign enables the reader to experience Jack Johnson's life, both inside and outside the ring, and the world in which he lived. Both black and white-owned newspapers offer their plethora of perspectives on race and boxing. The book includes pre-fight hype and analysis, training, the fights, post-fight analysis, what other boxers were doing, racial incidents and riots, analysis of the significant racial impact of Johnson's achievements, legal impediments, religious and racial objections, and the details of Johnson's many legal struggles, including a chapter covering his criminal trial for violation of the White-Slave Traffic Act, otherwise known as the Mann Act, using the actual trial transcript. The book also is chock-full of ¬nearly 400 rare photographs, cartoons, and advertisements. Boxing fans and historians will obtain knowledge and insight into Jack Johnson's life, career, and world like never before.

This is the eighth book in Adam J. Pollack's series on the heavyweight champions of the gloved era, which include: John L. Sullivan: The Career of the First Gloved Heavyweight Champion, In the Ring With James J. Corbett, In the Ring With Bob Fitzsimmons, In the Ring With James J. Jeffries, In the Ring With Marvin Hart, and In the Ring With Tommy Burns, and In the Ring With Jack Johnson - Part I: The Rise.

Adam J. Pollack is a boxing judge, referee, publisher, and member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. He also is an attorney practicing law in Iowa City, Iowa.

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Publication date: 05/01/2015
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