Inconvenience Gone: The Short Tragic Life Of Brandon Sims

Inconvenience Gone: The Short Tragic Life Of Brandon Sims

by Diane Marger Moore


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Where is Brandon Sims? The four-year-old had not been seen since July 3, 1992, when he attended a birthday party with his twenty-year-old mother, Michelle Jones. Jones was employed, confident, talented, smart, assertive and involved in many community activities in Indianapolis, Indiana. In contrast, when he was last seen, Brandon Sims, an only child, was a serious, quiet, thin boy who rarely maintained eye contact with his mother. After that night, he was never seen again. His body has never been found.

For years Jones lied to her friends about Brandon, telling some that he was living with his father and others that he was staying with his grandmother in another state. When Brandon’s father, who had been in jail, came looking for Brandon, Michelle’s shocked friends confronted her. She confessed that Brandon was dead. She repeated her story of how Brandon died to a detective, after she admitted herself to the local psych unit. Days later she checked out of the unit and refused to reveal where he had hidden Brandon’s body. She was sure she had gotten away with murder.

And she would have except the detective didn’t believe her story. He enlisted the help of a novice prosecutor because no experienced prosecutor would take the case. In Indiana, no one had ever been convicted of murder without a body.

That prosecutor has written a book that reads like a mystery novel instead of the real murder prosecution. Truth is stranger than fiction where Santeria curses, the law and politics are only a few of obstacles to justice.

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ISBN-13: 9781947290839
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Publication date: 10/23/2018
Pages: 294
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About the Author

Diane Marger Moore graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law. She was a private criminal defense attorney and federal public defender for more than a decade before marrying and moving to Indiana. With only experience defending the accused, she was a novice when she was tasked with investigating and prosecuting arson and murder cases in Marion County, Indianapolis.

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Inconvenience Gone: The Short Tragic Life Of Brandon Sims 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite Inconvenience Gone by Diane Marger Moore is the true story of the investigation into the disappearance of Brandon Sims. Just 4 years old, the last time anyone saw Brandon was 3 July, 1992 at a birthday party. His mother, Michele Jones, told different stories to different people. He’d gone to live with his father. He’d gone to live with his grandmother. When his father came to see him, Michelle’s stories started falling apart and, eventually, she told a police detective that she had killed her son accidentally. But she wouldn’t tell anyone where his body was. Detective Crooke doesn’t believe her and goes to Diane Marger Moore, novice prosecutor, to take the case. There is no body so can Michelle be convicted of murder? As witnesses begin crawling out of the woodwork, the story takes some strange turns as Crooke and Moore fight for justice for little Brandon Sims. Inconvenience Gone by Diane Marger Moore is a riveting true story. It does read very much like a crime novel but you know that you are reading a heartbreaking story of truth. There is plenty of detail and I learned an awful lot about how a criminal investigation proceeds, how the courts work, and the limitations and obstacles that both detectives and prosecutors have to overcome to get anywhere with a case. Diane has written a gripping book, portraying every scene in harrowing detail. She tells her story succinctly and to the point and, right to the very end, you can’t put the book down. Every twist leads down another alley and every chapter ends leaving you needing to know more. This is an excellent true crime tale, one of the best I have ever read, and I think anyone who has an interest in crime, punishment, and justice will love this.