Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity

Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity

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Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity by Colin Gunn, Charles LaVerdiere, Joaquin Fernandez


Why a growing number of parents choose not to send their children to public school.

The companion book to the award-winning documentary “IndoctrinNation”, this eye-opening book includes:

  • An unforgettable introduction by a father who lost his son in the Columbine school massacre — “I put him in a pagan school where they teach there is no God.”
  • 12 common reasons people give not to homeschool — and the manageable reality of this educational alternative
  • Revealing, firsthand accounts of Christian educators working in public schools — sharing the struggles they face in a hostile system
  • The classroom anti-Christian ideologies from humanism, marxism, utopianism, educational psychology, and more confronting students in public schools today

Look behind the comfortable myths of an educational system actively at work to alter your child’s moral values, worldview, and religious beliefs. Learn the history and philosophy of public school education — and discover it is based on neither Christian nor American values. Explore the biblical principles regarding education — and who is ultimately responsible for our children’s future.


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Publication date: 10/01/2012
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About the Author


Colin is an award-winning writer/director/producer and accomplished animator. His previous films include Shaky Town, winner of the Best Political Film at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF) and The Monstrous Regiment of Women which also won the Best of Festival award there. He most recently co-directed/wrote and produced the Documentaries IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America and Captivated: Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture both winning first and second place in the documentary section of the SAICFF. He also recently acted as executive producer on Act Like Men: A Titanic Lesson in Manliness.

In the last few months he has written, directed and hosted 20 promotional videos for the Vision Forum, Reformation of Food and the Family Conference. 

Originally from Hamilton, Scotland, Colin lives in Waco, Texas, with his wife and eight children.

His latest films are:

IndoctriNation: Public schools and the decline of Christianity in America.
Act Like Men: A Titanic Lesson in Manliness.
Captivated: Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture.


Best Political Film - Shaky Town (SAICFF)
Best of Festival - The Monstrous Regiment of Woman (SAICFF)
Runner Up Best Documentary - The Monstrous Regiment of Woman (SAICFF)
Best Trailer - IndoctriNation (New Media Festival)
Best Documentary - IndoctriNation (SAICFF)
Runner-Up Best Documentary - Captivated (SAICFF)
Runner-Up Best of Festival - IndoctriNation (SAICFF) 


Chuck LaVerdiere is a wretched sinner saved to joyful service in Christ by God’s magnificent, undeserved grace.  He holds a B.S. in Structural Engineering from the University of California in San Diego, and now lives in the Raleigh, North Carolina area where he runs his small engineering firm, Stonewall Structural Engineering.  He has a passion for street evangelism, shepherding his family, and applying the Word of God to all of life.  He has been married to Sarah for three years, and they have a one-year-old daughter, Perpetua Faith.

Joaquin Fernandez is a veteran producer of documentaries, television commercials, and educational and marketing videos. He most recently co‐wrote, co‐directed, shot and edited the award winning documentary film "IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America." Joaquin has produced and directed extensively in the U.S., as well as in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Joaquin worked for several multinational ad agencies in the 90’s, and provided video solutions for higher education. He is a media consultant for Exodus Mandate, a Christian ministry to encourage Christian parents to provide for their children a Christian education.  He is president of The Lighthouse Video & Graphics, a communications firm in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and four children.

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Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Haelie More than 1 year ago
I had a very hard time with this book. Just being honest. Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity is a companion book to the DVD by the same title. I have watched it and it is just as disturbing as the book. Disturbing, however is not bad. In this book and accompanying DVD, the filmmakers and editor have compiled a combination of first-hand interviews and article/book excerpts into one vast resource regarding the history and state of public education in America. Learning more about the history of American public education was quite enlightening to me...and disturbing as well. I am one of the many Americans who has truly no choice (due to poor past financial decisions) other than to send my child to a public school. He has been blessed with great teachers and a great education thus far, but don't think for a minute that I don't have concern for what he hears or will hear in the classrooms he attends - both from teachers and other students. Thus the reason I try my best to diligently #TeachtheTruth in our daily lives in whatever ways God allows and leads me to. Still, the government-guided school system has my child for more total, undivided time than I do if you factor in all of the other things that go on before and after school. IndoctriNation brings to light how deliberate my situation is. No, I do not deliberately choose to let the God-forsaking United States government indoctrinate and mold my child into becoming the kind of humanistic (man-centered) citizen they want to create, but they do deliberately structure our education system in such as way that what I described is highly likely to happen to most children who spend 12 formative years in this government created, government led system. If you don't think that is true, I challenge you to read my review of Already Gone by Ken Ham& Britt Beemer and read that book for more detailed survey results that prove it. Maybe many of the people who work in or have children in this system don't agree with that statement, but just a few pages into the book IndoctriNation will bring to light some things that were put in place many many years ago which have us already socialized in ways we don't even realize. Again, though, I had a very tough time with this book. Not just for reasons I have described but also because the filmmakers and editor, in their notes of introduction to the book and even a couple of the authors of book portions, conveyed a tone that I did not agree with. I understand their passion for conveying this important message, but in their words some of them seemed to forget about parents like me. They wrapped all parents of publicly educated children into this package group of being "deceived" and lazy / careless about our children's education. All that said, I stuck with the book and was very thankful I did. MANY important facts brought to light in the nearly 400 pages of this book as well as the nearly 2 hours of DVD that accompanies it. You truly should delve into this one if you have children of any age in or near "school days." So...have I got you thinking...? Disclaimer: I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group. No other compensation was received. The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.
OhioSarah More than 1 year ago
I have not had the chance to see the movie which this book is based on but I knew when I had the ability to receive this book and review it I had to take it and I'm so glad I did. Yes, I'm already a homeschool parent and that decision was made months before our first child was even to be born - it was first from a desire that our child not be involved in what my husband and I encountered in our school years, then it evolved into a conviction that we are to be the ones teaching and training our children, not just in math, reading and writing but in the truths of the Lord. Our children, and other Christian children cannot get good Christian education in our current public schools and even in some private schools today. We as parents won't send our children to a store that we knew actively promoted false gods, paganism, humanism and Marxism - so why would we send them to schools to literally have these ideas put into their brains for 8+ hours a day? I know, I know, your child's school isn't like that, your child has Christian teachers, then I urge you to get this book and start reading with chapter 21 by Israel Wayne titled, "The Dog Ate My Lesson Plans: Common Excuses to Keep from Homeschooling". I'm sure some children do come out of schools with their faith intact but the majority of students who come from Christian homes will leave high school with a tattered and waning faith and if they haven't already, will also be leaving our churches. I can speak from experience. I was that child and I became that adult. IndoctriNation gives the reader some hard facts - some that many parents would like to ignore or say, "that won't be my child" - but in all honesty Christian teachers cannot share their faith - it's forbidden by law. Teachers are forbidden from disciplining children or even from handing out grades that students achieve whether they be A's or F's because of parental outcry. I know there are some good teachers stuck in the schools, I know there are Christian teachers in the schools - but that does not mean we can ignore the fact that God gave us our children and He told us we are to be the ones teaching them! I enjoyed reading the factual and straight forward resignation letters from two teachers and the moving introduction from a dad whose son was killed in the Columbine shooting. Please, if you are thinking of putting your child in an institutional school setting, whether it be private or public, please get a copy of IndoctriNation - read it alongside your Bible, with your spouse, and with much prayer and see where the Lord leads you. The books also gives ideas on what parents can do to protect their children from the indoctrination that is infiltrating the schools, from evolutionary thought, to sex ed, to the thought that Christianity is old fashioned and has no place in the 'real' world. This is a must have book that is worth the time it takes to read it if you are a parent or even a concerned Grandparent. **I was given a copy of this book from Master Books in exchange for my honest opinion no other compensation was given.
VintageMommy More than 1 year ago
I appreciated the calm, factual way information is presented in IndoctriNation. Even the skeptic reading this should not get the sense it is written by a fringe group of conspiracy mongers. Rather the book systematically provides factual information which is lies just beneath the surface. Yes, the ideas presented here are radically opposed by the mainstream voices. Our country was founded by radical opposition. Although I do not agree that homeschooling is a biblical mandate, this book will inform every parent to know how to make the best educational choice for their child.