Intangibles: Big-League Stories and Strategies for Winning the Mental Game--In Baseball and in Life

Intangibles: Big-League Stories and Strategies for Winning the Mental Game--In Baseball and in Life

by Geoff Miller
Intangibles: Big-League Stories and Strategies for Winning the Mental Game--In Baseball and in Life

Intangibles: Big-League Stories and Strategies for Winning the Mental Game--In Baseball and in Life

by Geoff Miller


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A must read for all baseball players, coaches, and fans…

Mental skills coach Geoff Miller has spent years helping professional baseball players improve their mental toughness-both on and off the field. Now, he's making these invaluable lessons available to everyone who loves the game of baseball. From high school to the Major Leagues, all baseball players struggle with competition, pressure, and their own personal challenges. This book, through inspiring stories about professional baseball players in various stages of their careers, as well as hands-on tips and questionnaires, will help players evaluate and improve the mental skills that are necessary for that competitive edge.

In Intangibles, you'll find stories, instruction, and practical applications that teach players and coaches how to put forth their best mental games-portrayed through the eyes of those who have experienced those learning moments firsthand in their quests to become Major Leaguers. From a local park's baseball diamond to dusty minor league dugout benches to the musty concrete tunnels under Major League stadiums, Intangibles meets players where they are, offering specific ways to improve performance and outlook.

Whether you hope to be a big league player someday, or whether you simply want to play your best game, this book is essential for all athletes who want to learn how to overcome fear, build confidence, and develop a mental framework for success.

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ISBN-13: 9781618220165
Publisher: Byte Level Research
Publication date: 04/09/2012
Pages: 276
Sales rank: 353,135
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About the Author

Geoff Miller is a partner at Winning Mind, LLC, a San Diego-based company that helps elite performers in sports, business, and the military perform under pressure.

The majority of Geoff's time is spent as the Mental Skills Coach for the Atlanta Braves organization. In this role, Geoff is involved with the Braves' major league team and each of its minor league affiliates, and he conducts psychological evaluations of potential draft selections for the Scouting Department. Geoff has provided mental skills coaching services to two other Major League Baseball teams as well, spending 2005-2009 with the Pittsburgh Pirates and 2010 with the Washington Nationals. In addition to MLB clients, Geoff is a resource to player agents with clients in football and basketball, and he provides individual coaching to amateur athletes in Southern California.

Geoff has lectured at the national conferences of the National Fire Protection Agency, the Golf Coaches Association of America, and the Gymnastics Association of Texas. He co-authored a chapter on Assessment in Sport Psychology in the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology. He holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of California, Riverside, as well as a master's degree in sport psychology from San Diego State University.

Table of Contents

Before We Begin
What Are Intangibles?
Who This Book Is For
Why I Wrote Ths Book
An Introduction to the Mental Gam
Movies and Poker: The Language of Baseball
Individual Performance Techniques
The Job Paradox
Lengthen the Game
The Ten-Year Plan
Managing Intensity
Situational Thinking
Individual Life Management Techniques
The Toughest Five Minutes of My Day: A Lesson in Perspective
Life and Death: Baseball Is Just Details
Adaptability: Taking a Two-Strike Approach to Life
Team Strategies and Programs
MAP (Mental Aspects of Pitching) Sessions
MAP Isn't Only for Pitchers
MAP Sessions
On Leadership
On Competition
On Awareness
On Trying Too Hard
On Being a Team
The Matrix MAP Session
Baseball IQ
Baseball IQ: An Introduction
Baseball IQ: The Formation of a New Teaching Protocol
Baseball IQ Essay and Multiple Choice Tests
Baseball IQ: Essay Test for Pitchers
Baseball IQ: Essay Test for Position Players
Baseball IQ: Multiple Choice Test for Pitchers
Baseball IQ: Multiple Choice Test for Position Players
Leadership and Character
Kangaroo Court Creates Leadership
Leadership and the Character Development
Inventory (CDI)
The Character Development Inventory
CDI Scoring Planner
Sample CDI Factor Worksheet #1
Sample CDI Factor Worksheet #2
The CDI at Spring Training
Developing Action with the CDI
Conclusion: Intangibles and the Game of Life

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