International Custom and the Continental Shelf: A Study in the Dynamics of Customary Rules of International Law

International Custom and the Continental Shelf: A Study in the Dynamics of Customary Rules of International Law

by Zdenek J. Slouka


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ISBN-13: 9789401184885
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 01/01/1968
Edition description: 1968
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.02(d)

Table of Contents

I: International Custom: its Statics and Dynamics.- Some Traditional Criteria of the Growth of International Custom.- Particular and General Rule.- Duration of Practice as a Static Element.- Systematization and Generalization.- The Contents of Time.- Duration of Practice and Bilateral Origins of Custom.- The Relative Value of “Opinio Juris sive Necessitatis”.- The Law of the Continental Shelf in Theory.- The Legal Status of the Doctrine.- The Formative Factors in the Growth of the Law.- The Nature of State Practice.- The Formal Criteria of the Growth of Custom.- The Substantive Factors — Political and Economic.- Synthesis and Projection.- II: The Continental Shelf, its Utilization and Control.- The Continental Shelf and its Riches.- National Shelf Policies.- Industrial Involvement on the Shelf.- Industry and the U.S. Continental Shelf.- Shelves around the World.- The Shelf and the State.- Political and Industrial Limits of the Shelf.- Political Concepts of the Continental Shelf.- The Shelf Utilized and Controlled.- III: Political and Legal Problems of the Continental Shelf: an Outline.- Political and Legal Aspects of the Doctrine: 1945.- The Truman Proclamation of 1945.- Conceptual Enlargement of the Shelf Doctrine: 1945–1958.- The 1958 Conference on the Law of the Sea.- The Core Rule of the Legal Regime of the Shelf.- Territorial and Functional Limits of Exclusive Coastal Rights.- Aspects of the Treaty Criterion of Exploitability.- Aspects of the Functional Limits.- IV: Bilateral Perspectives of the Legal Regime of the Continental Shelf.- American and British Shelf Practice in the 1940’s.- 1. Seaward Limits of Shelf Rights.- 2. Functional Limits of Shelf Rights.- 3. Problem of State Responsibility.- Coastal Right of Exclusive Control in Bilateral Perspectives.- Situation 1: Abu Dhabi v. Petroleum Development (Trucial Coast) Ltd..- Situation 2: United States v. Abu Dhabi (Great Britain).- Situation 3: Japan v. Abu Dhabi (Great Britain).- Shelf Utilization and Responsibility of States: From Bilateral to Multilateral Perspectives.- Situation 1: Norway and France, 1948.- Situation 2: France, Norway and Gabon, 1960.- Situation 3: Federal Republic of Germany, Norway and Japan, 1958.- Provisional Conclusions.- V: The Continental Shelf and International Custom: Assessment and Conclusions.- The Continental Shelf Regime.- The Shelf in 1950.- The Shelf as a Res Nullius.- Impact of Active Shelf Policies.- Summary.- The Shelf in 1958.- Exclusive Coastal Control.- Geographical Extent of Coastal Control.- Functional Limits of Coastal Control.- State Responsibility in Shelf Areas under National Control.- International Custom: Aspects of Growth.- Selected Bibliography.

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