Iron & Fire: Silk & Steel, #2

Iron & Fire: Silk & Steel, #2

by Ariana Nash


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Alliances are forged and broken, friendships shattered, and despite the odds stacked against them, two hearts collide in this explosive sequel to Silk & Steel.

From his mother’s cage to a human one, but Lysander’s captors are the least of his concerns. Rumors of a monstrous bronze dragon ripple through human camps, a dragon tearing great holes in the world as though searching for something… or someone.

It’s just a matter of time before the bronze chief, Dokul, finds Lysander and makes good on his promises. And should he find him, Lysander knows Dokul will not be merciful.

Amidst the greatest of elven victories, Eroan failed. Failed his people, failed himself, and failed the dragon who saved him. But he will not falter. The dragonkin are in disarray, there will never be a greater opportunity to strike. Eroan Ilanea will not fail his people again.

But when rumors of the dragon prince’s survival reach him, he must choose: Fight for his people or fight for the prince who nobody thought to save?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781916009202
Publisher: Pippa Dacosta Author
Publication date: 04/11/2019
Series: Silk and Steel , #2
Pages: 412
Sales rank: 686,337
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.92(d)

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Iron & Fire: Silk & Steel, #2 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Inshoe25 8 months ago
Oh my aching, bleeding heart that was good! Near constant action, love, hatred, betrayal, lust, tenderness, turmoil, wickedness, torture, and a fight for life. Silk & Steel saw Lysander repeatedly saving Eroan. In Iron & Fire, Eroan has repeatedly saved Lysander. I love the character development in this story. And I love the story. Very well written. Putting Pippa/Ariana on my list of go-to authors. I’m itching for book 3. And if you have not read Sealed with a Kiss (short story prequel), it is a must read. One of my favorite lines: “Why do you keep saving me?” he whispered. Through all of this, Eroan hadn’t answered that one simple question. Why save his enemy, why save a creature he was created to kill and keep on saving him, time and time again? Eroan’s hand tightened against his back, the touch spreading, like a warm claiming. “Because…” he said, “in the one place I expected to die, you gave me a reason to live.” “What reason?” “You.”
Michele_e76 8 months ago
This series is so addicting! You never want it to end. It’s a slow burn love story of two destined enemies, the last two creatures who should ever find solace in each other’s arms. Eroen, the elf dragon slayer, who has devoted his life to ridding the world of dragons, has suffered much and lost more to the dragons. Lysander, prince of the dragons, a one of a kind emerald dragon, as most are killed as eggs, has been abused his entire life by dragons. The leader of the Bronze dragons has set his sights on Lysander and he will stop at nothing to break Lysander. And if that’s not enough, the daughter of the bronze is scheming to destroy Lysander as well. Together Eroen and Lysander may stand a chance and save countless lives, but old prejudices are impossible to overcome and sometimes love may not be enough. Cannot wait to find out what happens next! This book was nonstop action, heartache, and chocked full of sizzling encounters between our mismatched fated pair. If you loved the first story, this one will blow you away and leave you aching for more!! Talented Ariana Nash has done it again!!