It Was FUN!

It Was FUN!

by Beverly Nicholson


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Dan Picini, former CEO of the Duratest Corporation of New Jersey writes: "Who is Morris E Nicholson? He is my friend Nick. Nick and I became neighbors by location and friends by choice. A wise man once wrote 'life is like a sieve which our acquaintances pass through; those who are too big to pass through become our friends.'"
Nick's business was built with the help of 'friends' much like Dan. He tried to employ those who had primarily a good work ethic and were smarter than he was. The same idea extended to customers. "Don't have just a bunch of customers-have (make) friends that buy from you!"
This book bears testimony to the fact that in America you can still rise from extreme poverty and a lack of formal education to achieve success and recognition in your chosen field.
The entertainment business and those on Wallstreet would lead us to believe capitalism is evil and success comes only on the unwilling backs of those you trample as you rise to the top. Nick's story was written in part to refute this idea. You can play by the rules and help those working with you to succeed and prosper as well. Best of all "It can be fun" along the way.
Over the years many employees made higher salaries than we were taking. Nick loved and encouraged it. This book is a tribute to those (as well as our children) who made Apollo Paper the success it became.
Nick would be the first to say FAITH played a huge part in guiding him to do the right thing. "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and losses his own soul." Mark 8:36

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Publication date: 09/27/2011
Pages: 200
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