It's All in Your Dreams: How to Interpret Your Sleeping Dreams to Make Your Waking Dreams Come True

It's All in Your Dreams: How to Interpret Your Sleeping Dreams to Make Your Waking Dreams Come True

by Kelly Sullivan Walden


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Use Your Dreams to Change Your Life

What are our dreams trying to tell us? What can they teach us? With the help of dream analyst and media personality Kelly Sullivan Walden, you can learn how to remember and use your dreams to craft the waking life you desire.

Explore the larger story of your life. Dreams are a magical realm we can enter into every night. They hold within them stories and experiences that can change us and reveal to us truths about ourselves. When we enter into the dream space, anything is possible—we can learn a topic of fascination, study at the feet of a master, converse with a departed loved one, or find an answer to a perplexing question. Dream analysis opens the door for an opportunity to dive deeper into ourselves and tap into a source for both healing and growth.

Learn about the 5-Step Process. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist and dream analyst, author Kelly Sullivan Walden shares with readers her expertise on the topic of dreams and explains how to effectively use your dreams to change your life. Her five-step process (Declaration, Remembrance, Embodiment, Activation, Mastermind) offers a detailed guide for dream interpretation and will teach readers how to become fluent in the language of dreams. If you’ve ever asked, "what do dreams mean?" or "what is my dream trying to tell me?", by the end of this book you’ll have all you need to answer those questions. Dive into this book by dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden and learn how to:

  • Decipher dream meanings
  • Implement Walden’s 5-step process to master your dreams
  • Use your dreams to make your life better

Readers of books such as The Dream Interpretation Handbook, A Little Bit of Dreams, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, or Why We Sleep will enjoy Kelly Sullivan Walden's It’s All in Your Dreams.

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About the Author

Kelly Sullivan Walden is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and the author of the bestselling book, I Had the Strangest Dream and several other books. Known as "Dr. Dream," to millions of viewers, she is a popular television guest regularly featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC, and often quoted in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Bride, Seventeen, Woman's World, and US Weekly. Visit her website at

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It's All in Your DREAMS

How to Interpret Your Sleeping Dreams to Make Your Waking Dreams Come True

By Kelly Sullivan Walden

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Kelly Sullivan Walden
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-809-2


A Sneak Peek at the Five Portals

Within this book, you will discover secrets to remember your dreams, become fluent in the language of dreams, mine the gold from your dreams, reenter your dreams to transform nightmares into rocket fuel for your soul's evolution, program your dreams, and bring the magic of your nighttime dreams to life in your waking state to fulfill your reason for being alive—and much more.

We are multidimensional beings that, according to the American Hypnosis Association (, inhabit a mere 12 percent of our mental and spiritual genius and potential. This is because we've made the third dimension (that which we consider to be "real": the tangible, visible, audible, tasteable, and smellable) king. I believe that what is actually king (or queen, as the case may be) is 100 percent of who you are—all your power, all your talent, all your experience, all your capacities, and all your potentialities, beyond the confines of your five senses. The D.R.E.A.M. formula I share in this book is a simple acronym to assist you to achieve dream mastery via insight into your dreams—the ones you have at night and the ones you have by day.

Portal 1—D Is for Declaration

What is it that you truly want? Stronger than setting an intention to be a powerful dreamer, a Declaration is a lightening rod of conductivity to energize the law of your being. Within this portal you will discover nighttime rituals to care and feed your dream zone. You will learn to declare to yourself, to the Dream Maker, and to the universe that you will recall your nighttime dreams. And so it shall be done.

In your waking life, what is it that you truly desire to explore, manifest, and become? The Founding Fathers of America didn't create the Intention of Independence; they created the Declaration of Independence, and thus a new world was born. In order to make a Declaration, you must search your soul to identify what it is you truly stand for, what it is you truly desire at the core of your being. There is nothing frivolous about a Declaration. A Declaration is a laser that slices through vagaries, egocentric pretenses, and societal conditioning—all the way to the gold at the center of your heart. This portal explores the ongoing inquiry inherent within your Declaration, which is the cornerstone of the life of your dreams.

Portal 2—R Is for Remembrance

If you genuinely desire to benefit from the magic of your nighttime dreams in a conscious way, then it begins, at the very least, with you remembering your dreams. As you begin to awaken after eight hours spent journeying through the multidimensions of your dreamscape, don't move a muscle! While remaining in the position you were in while dreaming, allow your first thought upon awakening to be "What was I dreaming?" Deliberately press the rewind button in your mind and replay your dreams at least three times. This portal explores techniques like this and rituals to help you remember your nighttime dreams by learning to transfer them from short-term to long-term memory.

If you genuinely desire to live an awakened life, it helps if you can remember who you really are, where you came from, and why you are here. Within this portal you learn to discover your true identity as an infinite spiritual being, powerful beyond measure, and heir to all the blessings this earth has to offer. You explore processes and meet dream guides to assist you in recollecting your core strengths, gifts, and genius. Remembering who you are, thus valuing who you are, is another cornerstone to awakening to the life of your dreams.

Portal 3—E Is for Embodiment

The most important aspect of nighttime dreamwork is the embodiment of the energy, emotion, and/or feeling tone of the dream. Whether or not you remember your dream in vivid detail, recalling the way the dream made you feel and the energy it produced is key. Within this portal you explore dream alchemy, dream reentry, sexual dreams, and techniques to assist you in embodying the heightened energy of your dream. These processes are among the most valuable ways to affect quantum-level acceleration in your waking life.

When it comes to manifesting the life of your dreams in your waking life, embodiment of the energy is also essential. Einstein said that time (past, present, and future) is all happening at once. Imagine the way you'd feel in the future once everything you desire, decree, and declare is in place. Chapter 5 discusses Portal 3 and explores techniques to embody this energy that creates the outer flowering of an inner reality.

Portal 4—A Is for Activation

Every nighttime dream requires action in the waking world. For example, your action might simply be to share your dream with your spouse. You might be guided to invest in a new technology that has just gone public. Or, your dream might be prompting you to call a friend to talk them out of boarding an airplane. Within this portal you explore the most common dream types and a cutting-edge dream interpretation formula to assist you in discerning its best "real world" application.

Inspired action that leads to magic and graceful manifestation naturally occurs when your dreams are active and alive within you. Struggling upstream will be a distant dream because within this portal you explore the benefits of "SleepWorking" and "Lucid Living." These navigational tools will support you to powerfully participate in living your dream life.

Portal 5—M Is for Mastermind

When you tell someone else about your dream, you have the benefit of hearing yourself speak; in the telling, details that might otherwise have been lost forever emerge, and even entire plotlines, previously obscured, pop out from behind a mental corner. You also get to hear feedback about your dreams, offering a different perspective that might have remained elusive. Within this portal you discover insights about how to create a Dream Mastermind Group, dream-sharing etiquette, the Hero's Dream Journey, dream transferring, collective dreams, and group dreaming.

As they say in the waking world regarding making dreams come true, "It takes a team to realize a dream." Within this portal are suggestions for creating your own Dream Mastermind Group—two or more dreamers who are just as invested in your dreams coming true as you are (and vice versa). When you meet (either virtually or in person) in a space of support and accountability, the wheels of your dreams are greased, manifestation is expedited, and you become magnetic to opportunities that will three-dimensionally change your life.


The D-spot

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.


One of my very favorite things to talk about is "The D-spot." Not just because it provokes a reaction from people when they think they've misunderstood me. The D-spot is the nexus, the nectar, the sweet spot of your nighttime Dreams, daytime Desires, and your highest Destiny.

If the D-spot still feels elusive, then try this metaphor on for size:

Picture a beautiful single-story house. Now imagine the lower part of the house (basement) is where your nighttime Dreams reside. This dark, underground basement of your being is where the primitive, primal, unconscious hard drive of your mind's computer lives. This is where your buried treasure, secrets, most valuable inner resources, sacred memories, family traits, pastlife hardwiring, and belief systems that go back generations are stored. This is where the primitive, foundational, fundamental aspect of who you are is quite at home.

When you climb the creaky stairs up to the next level, you encounter the main floor of the house and are blinded by the light of your daytime Desires. In the living room of your home, all that blings takes center stage and your ego sprawls out and runs the show. This is where your ego makes its vision boards (collages of images that reflect your desires: a better job, greater love life, more wealth, vibrant health, etc.). This "living room" is the 3-D reality referred to as the "real world," where we are primarily motivated by our ego's desire to look good, have the right stuff, be recognized, and—if there's time left over in a day—make our mark on the world.

If you choose to peel yourself away from the allure of your daytime desires and explore the higher aspect of yourself, you tiptoe upstairs to the attic. Just a few feet above the hustle and bustle of daily life is where your highest Destiny resides. Calm, cool, and in a perpetual state of meditation is your higher self. Up here in the attic of your being is where you can hear the voice of your higher self and angelic nature. Your higher wisdom whispers and your creativity is sky-high. To get here all you have to do is take a moment to get still and elevate your mind just a few steps above the mundane. The attic is where you know things you have never read in a book; it's when you peer into the level of your highest destiny via premonitions, visions, and higher spiritual encounters.

For most people these three aspects of self are vastly separate from one another ... except in the case of a major life transition or trauma. During these times of heightened reality—like during a crisis or a major rite of passage such as a wedding, a birth, or death—the barriers between the basement, main floor, and attic evaporate. During these moments we have an expanded experience of being both in this world and not of it. These special moments are worth relishing, and yet I believe they are meant to be ordinary occurrences.

When my beloved Grandma Bishop made her transition from the world of 3-D to the realms beyond this world, I remember having particularly vivid dreams and perceiving things with my eyes in waking life that normally I could not see. I was able to see auras as clear as day. I even recall catching glimpses of "people" that were not embodied (à la Haley Joel Osment's character in The Sixth Sense and his famous line, "I see dead people.") For me, this expanded way of perceiving was a gift and something that frightened me at the time, but as I've continued to explore this realm, these kinds of experiences, thankfully, have become more frequent ... and ordinary.

The D-spot is where all levels of our house converge. When we are in the D-spot, we are awake, and we have the heightened awareness from our nighttime dreams; insight about how to more accurately navigate the fulfillment of our daytime desires; and, most especially, guidance as to how to live in accord with our highest destiny.

I frequently envision a moving staircase (a figure-eight escalator, if you will) that connects all three levels of the house in a moving meditation that empowers us to be as awake and aware as humanly possible. In other words, this is where our humanness becomes luminous to the degree that we can be the light of the world (while maintaining access to our ability to pay our light bill). This is the reason I am fascinated by dreamwork. Not just for its ability to make sense of our wacky dreams, but also for its ability to connect us with our roots and elevate us to our highest essence while nudging us toward greater levels of fulfillment and awakening.

Okay, let's face it: When you are in the D-spot, it can be so ecstatic and enlivening that it feels like the emotional/psychological equivalent of the G-spot!

There's No Business like Soul Business

There's more to why I love dreamwork than the aforementioned. In addition to the precognition aspect, the healing benefits, the opportunities for "through the roof" creativity that can lead to exponential contribution to humankind, the reason I am in the dream business is because I'm actually in the soul business. Allow me to clarify.

This is the true joy in life: The being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. The being a force of nature, instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.

I believe it to be impossible to speak, write, or even think about a nighttime dream without finding yourself smack-dab in the center of your soul. From my experience, there is nothing better, nothing juicier, and nothing more fulfilling or confidence-enhancing than to be a human being living soulfully. Nothing says it better than the story of Cyrano de Bergerac ...

Cyrano and the Soul

We humans are made of divine stuff. We are a tapestry of flesh, blood, magic, and grace. We are infinite beings having a momentary human experience. I believe our soul, like Cyrano de Bergerac, is the intermediary between our dreams and our ego. In the play by Edmond Rostand, Cyrano is secretly in love with the beautiful Roxane, whom he woos anonymously on behalf of his handsome but tongue-tied friend, Christian, who is not-sosecretly in love with Roxane. As archetypes, these characters portray aspects of our own consciousness:

Christian: the awkward, yet handsome ego; mental process; socially acceptable

Cyrano: the soul/nighttime dream; odd and socially unacceptable in that he has an especially large nose representing instinct and ability to sniff out extraordinary levels of truth

Roxane: the object of Cyrano and Christian's desire; that which we are striving to attain; the prize; what motivates us in our daytime human experience

When we try to manifest a dream/desire in the waking world with the gall, brazenness, and bullishness of our ego/mental process (even with its good looks and social acceptability), we might snag the guy or girl of our dreams for a moment, but we will never woo our heart's desires to fall in love with us in a way that is truly satisfying to our soul.

In the Cyrano de Bergerac story, Christian resents the fact that he needs Cyrano to woo Roxane. Christian tries to go it alone, and in the process, makes a fool of himself, stumbling, and fumbling his words, much to Roxane's disgust. This scene brilliantly demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the ego alone in its vain attempt to capture what it thinks it needs to be fulfilled in this world. However, when our ego (Christian) does the bidding of our soul (Cyrano), our most noble dreams/desires (Roxane) come down from on high, find us worthy, and magnetically join us in our dance of life.

When we are out of touch with our dreams, and thus our soul, we are susceptible to ego-level familial, cultural, or societal pressures that cause us to be tongue-tied and clumsy (not to mention completely repellant) because our attempts at manifesting have little or nothing to do with the authentic nature of who we are and why we are here.

If you saw the movie The Secret and were inspired by its promise (harness the Law of Attraction to manifest everything you desire) but disenchanted by your inability to suddenly live the life of your dreams, perhaps you felt a bit like Christian must have felt when he ditched Cyrano: impatient, frustrated, and filled with doubt. Perhaps the secret behind The Secret is to make sure your soul is part of the equation of your daytime dream creation—a big part. When we endeavor to manifest our dreams/dream life while being in league with our nighttime dreams, thus our soul, we are suddenly brilliant, talented, awake, turned on, and "in the zone." From this place, in my experience, I've seen people become irresistible to the most wonderful people, places, and opportunities. When we are in touch with our dreams, and thus our soul, our radar is turned on and we become resonant with fortuitous circumstances beyond the scope of what our logical, ego-selves could ever concoct.

In Touch with Your Dreams, in Touch with Your Soul

When you are in touch with your dreams, and thus your soul, you become a homing beacon for your deepest desires. When you are in touch with your dreams, and thus your soul, even if you get a flat tire, break a nail, or have a truly challenging experience (like losing a house or a spouse), you carry a deep ease within you and an awareness that, in spite of appearances, all is well. When you are in touch with your dreams, and thus your soul, you are more able to live your life, to hear your intuition, to fulfill your potential, to heed your calling, to explore your unique vein of gold, and to woo your particular "Roxane" as you navigate your unique path of enlightenment. When you are in touch with your dreams, and thus your soul, the holy trinity within you (Cyrano, Christian, and Roxane) walk hand in hand in hand into the sunset of your highest destiny.

My Dream for You

I've compiled this book and the dreams contained within it so that, at the very least, you will come to experience your dreams as a powerful conductor for good in your life and thus be inspired to dedicate a few minutes a day to your dreams (before guzzling that first cup of tea or coffee). My greatest dream for you is that you will take the tools contained within this book and become so engaged, so enthralled, and so in sync with your dreams that you will go down in history as one who carries remnants of the dream world into the waking world and leaves a legacy of true benefit to the entire human race.

Again and again some people in the crowd wake up. They have no ground in the crowd and they emerge according to broader laws. They carry strange customs with them, and demand room for bold gestures. The future speaks ruthlessly through them.

Excerpted from It's All in Your DREAMS by Kelly Sullivan Walden. Copyright © 2013 Kelly Sullivan Walden. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
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Table of Contents

Introduction xii

Chapter 1 A Sneak Peek at the Five Portals 1

Chapter 2 The D-spot 7

Chapter 3 Portal 1-D Is for Declaration 17

Chapter 4 Portal 2-R Is for Remembrance 41

Chapter 5 Portal 3-E Is for Embodiment 89

Chapter 6 Portal 4-A Is for Activation 139

Chapter 7 Portal 5-M Is for Mastermind 209

Epilogue 247

Endnotes 249

Acknowledgments 251

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