Jake Heggie & Terrence McNally's Great Scott

Jake Heggie & Terrence McNally's Great Scott

by Joyce DiDonato Joyce DiDonato


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Librettist Terence McNally has contended that Great Scott should not be classified as a comic opera, and indeed the issues of opera's place in American culture, and that of the arts more generally, are lurking about here. But there's no getting around the fact that the work is funny, belly-laugh funny, and not just you-know-you're-supposed-to-laugh-here funny, and composer Jake Heggie has set up the best lines with an exquisite touch. Moreover, the contrast with the pair's previous collaboration, Dead Man Walking (2000), is inescapable. Great Scott is mezzo soprano Ardis Scott, returning to perform with the American Opera company that helped launch her career. The company is struggling but is kept afloat by the opera-enthusiast wife of the owner of the local professional football team, giving rise to such risible details as showing the score of the game on the supertitles screen along with the text. Scott (Joyce DiDonato, in superb form, and her fans will want this release regardless of any other issues) has brought along a rediscovered bel canto opera called Rosa Dolorosa, Figlia di Pompei, and the story follows the opera's premier production. This sets up all kinds of lively scenes, allowing Heggie to allude to actual bel canto, McNally to build delightful romantic triangles, and both of the pair to evoke the backstage atmosphere they know better than almost anyone else. You might sample the opening overture, something which is rare enough in contemporary opera. All the principals are delightful, especially Frederica von Stade as the patron of the arts, and the Orchestra and Chorus of the Dallas Opera under Patrick Summers keep things moving. This recording was made during four live performances in the opera's initial run; you could probably find cleaner live recordings, but few that convey the audience's evident enjoyment of the music. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 01/12/2018
Label: Erato
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  1. Great Scott, opera

    1. Act 1: Overtures to Great Scott and Rosa Dolorosa, Figlia di Pompei
    2. Act 2: Prelude
    3. Act 1: Rehearsal, Part One
    4. Act 2: Scene 1: The Starry Spangled Banner: Ladies and Gentlemen
    5. Act 1: The Wedding Procession from Rosa Dolorosa
    6. Act 2: Scene 2: Backstage: Arden, you have seen the future
    7. Act 1: Vesuvio, il mio unico amico
    8. Act 2: Scene 3: Rosa Dolorosa, Act One: Ah! Tremo!
    9. Act 1: Five years ago...
    10. Act 2: Scene 4: Backstage: I thought that went extremely well
    11. Act 1: Ensemble and Cabaletta
    12. Act 2: Scene 5: Arden's Dressing Room: It's open, Roane
    13. Act 1: Break
    14. Act 2: Scene 5: I don't care how good what was
    15. Act 1: Talk to me about Roane, Winnie
    16. Act 2: Scene 5: You'll never be her
    17. Act 1: The writing's on the wall
    18. Act 2: Scene 5: Maestro Bazzetti, are you there?
    19. Act 1: What are the Grizzlies' chances?
    20. Act 2: Scene 5: Look for me, i'm there on every page
    21. Act 1: I want to be America's soprano
    22. Act 2: Scene 5: All that you leave behind
    23. Act 1: Duet Scene
    24. Act 2: Scene 5: Arden. Arden! You're not dressed for the Mad Scene!
    25. Act 1: Oh, Mrs. F
    26. Act 2: Scene 6: In the Wings: No man over twenty should be asked to wear a toga
    27. Act 1: Sorry Tommy's late
    28. Act 2: Scene 7: Rosa Dolorosa: La bellissima Agrippina
    29. Act 1: Rehearsal, Part Two
    30. Act 2: Scene 7: Padre divino (Rosa's Prayer)
    31. Act 1: I get scxared, too, Tommy
    32. Act 2: Scene 7: Io sola posso salvare Pompei (Finale)
    33. Act 1: The Fountain Dance
    34. Act 2: Scene 8: Curtain Calls: Applause / Mrs. Flato, I'm so sorry about the Grizzlies
    35. Act 1: It's a disaster
    36. Act 2: Scene 8: Thank you for your wonderful support
    37. Act 2: Scene 9: Arden's Dressing Room: Look at the chat boards
    38. Act 2: Scene 9: It's always the song, not the singer
    39. Act 2: Scene 10: Center Stage: Wow. You're beautiful
    40. Act 2: Scene 10: The empty theater

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