Judges and Saviors, Deborah and Samson: Reflections of a World in Chaos

Judges and Saviors, Deborah and Samson: Reflections of a World in Chaos

by Hillel I. Millgram


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ISBN-13: 9780761869894
Publisher: Hamilton Books
Publication date: 03/09/2018
Pages: 628
Product dimensions: 6.92(w) x 9.98(h) x 1.44(d)

About the Author

Hillel I. Millgram has served in pulpits in the United States and Canada before settling in Jerusalem where, for the last twenty years, he has pursued a career of research and writing while teaching graduate courses in Bible.

Table of Contents

List of Maps
Preface and Acknowledgements
Prologue: Setting the Stage
Foreword: A Flawed Follow-Up
Chapter 1: Getting Our Bearings
Chapter 2: The View from Olympus
Part I: The First Saviors: Solo Beginnings
Chapter 3: A New Age Dawns
Chapter 4: The Left Hand of God
A Minor Interlude: Shamgar
Part II: The Deborah Duet
Chapter 5: Canaan’s Last Gasp
Chapter 6: Sing Muse, How the Enemies of the Lord are Fallen
Part III: The Gideon Quartet
Chapter 7: The Hewer of Idols
Chapter 8: The Day of Midian
Chapter 9: Nemesis
Chapter 10: The Man Who Would Be King
A Second Minor Interlude: Tola And Jair
Part IV: The Jephthah Quintet: A Tragedy in Five Installments
Chapter 11: A Dialogue Twixt Heaven and Earth
Chapter 12: The Man from Tob
Chapter 13: Giving Peace a Chance
Chapter 14: Triumph and Tragedy
Chapter 15: Into the Valley Of Death
Final Minor Interlude: Ibzan, Elon and Abdon
Part V: The Loose Cannon: The Samson Sextet
Chapter 16: Introduction: The Tragedy Of Samson
Chapter 17: Prologue: In the Beginning
Chapter 18: Timnah
Chapter 19: Vengeance Is Mine
Chapter 20: The Way to Dusty Death
Chapter 21: Unresolved Dissonances
Epilogue: Has It Come To This?
Chapter 22: Epilogue Part I: A Tale of Stolen Silver
Chapter 23: Epilogue Part II (A): Atrocity!
Chapter 24: Epilogue Part II (B): Outrage!
Chapter 25: Epilogue Part II (C): Restoration
Chapter 26: Olympus Revisited
Glossary of Terms and Place Names
Who’s Who in Judges
Selected Bibliography
About the Author

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