Jump Off the Hormone Swing: Fly Through the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Symptoms of PMS and Perimenopause

Jump Off the Hormone Swing: Fly Through the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Symptoms of PMS and Perimenopause

by Lorraine Pintus

Paperback(New Edition)

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Jump Off the Hormone Swing: Fly Through the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Symptoms of PMS and Perimenopause by Lorraine Pintus

In Jump Off the Hormone Swing, Lorraine Pintus shares openly about the inner tension a woman can feel at certain times of the month between wanting to love her neighbor on one hand, and wanting to strangle her and shoot her ugly dog on the other. While many books discuss the physical and emotional symptoms of hormones, this is the first to explore in depth the spiritual aspects. Jump! is a mentoring book, not a medical book. The focus is on attitude, not anatomy. Lorraine shares insights from her own journey as well as wisdom from 1,500 women she surveyed. Sound biblical wisdom is laced with humor because after all, when it comes to hormones, you either have to laugh or cry, and laughing is better!

Get answers to these questions:

  ·   What is the number one thing I can do to feel better physically?

  ·    How does PMS and perimenopause affect me spiritually?

  ·    Which foods ease PMS symptoms...which make them worse?

  ·    How do hormones affect my brain?

  ·    Why does stress make my PMS worse and what can I do about it?

  ·    Are there benefits to PMS and perimenopause? (you’ll discover 10!!)

  ·    How can God possibly love me when I hate myself? 

Includes a 10-week study for individual and group use.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780802487612
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,268,056
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

LORRAINE PINTUS graduated from the University of Nebraska with a BA in journalism and dabbled briefly in politics as a lobbyist and press manager for a gubernatorial candidate. She has been a media relations manager for Frito-Lay/PepsiCo., Inc. and with her husband owned an IBM store before becoming a promotion manager for the University of California, Irvine. Lorraine now proudly serves as "vice president" of the Pintus Household where she is wife to Peter and driver to her teenage daughters Mandy & Megan. In her spare time, she writes books and travels all around the world with her dear friend and co-author of Intimate Issues, Linda Dillow. Lorraine and Linda speak to tens of thousands of women each year, telling them of the hope and healing they can know through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Read an Excerpt

jump off the hormone swing

Fly Through the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Symptoms of PMS and Perimenopause
By lorraine pintus

Moody Publishers

Copyright © 2011 Lorraine Pintus
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-8024-8761-2

Chapter One

diary of a hormonally wacked-out woman

Diary: age 27

I have PMS, but it's not that bad.

I tried to convince myself that I was okay—oh, how I tried—but in the spring of my twenty-eighth year, reality shot denial, and she died a slow death.

I lay on the floor in the bedroom closet, curled in the fetal position, sobbing. Tears from my eyes and snot from my nose dripped onto the carpet. Normally such grossness would have motivated me to get up and grab a tissue, but I was in such agony that I couldn't move. Every cell in my body pulsed in pain. Darkness pressed tangibly around me as if I lay in a collapsing grave.

It was the third day.

Day one hadn't been so bad. I'd been edgy, uncomfortable, but it was nothing I couldn't shake. By day two, my edginess had morphed into anxiety. I paced to and fro, like a dog that senses a storm collecting in the distance, bringing impending doom.

I called a friend. "Pray," I pleaded.

"For what?" she asked.

What could I say? Something dreadful is about to descend on me, and I don't know what it is. Yeah, she'd pray all right—pray for someone to give me a straitjacket for Christmas 'cause I sounded a little crazy! "Just pray," I said, knowing I could give no logical explanation for the panic building inside me.

On day three, a black fog descended. Heavy. Suffocating. My breasts felt like swollen cantaloupes. Cramps spasmed through my abdomen and ripped around my lower back. My head throbbed in pain. My stomach churned. Then, just when I thought I couldn't feel worse, anger and frustration surged through me—twin bullies, taking me down. I crawled into the closet and shut the door where I could cry in private.

I had to purge the pain through my tears ...

I had to exorcise the poison in my system ...

I had to expunge the wretchedness in my soul ...

Then he came, a dark presence. Evil. Destructive. He hovered, breathed his acid breath upon me, and injected me with a vial of self-loathing that quickly spread through my veins.

You're pathetic, he seethed. I had to agree.

You are useless. Lying on the floor like a sniveling baby, I couldn't argue.

The world would be a better place without you. Was he right?

I choked out the words, "God, help me. Please help me." Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the pressure in and around me lessened as the stranglehold of darkness released its grip. Ten minutes later I got up off the floor and forced myself back into the real world. I could not face this thing, whatever it was, on my own. I had to have help.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. But the next day my period started, and I felt better. Five days later, on the morning of my appointment, my estrogen was on the rise and I was on top of the world. In fact I felt so good I thought that maybe when I got to Doc Connelly's office, I'd offer to whip his practice into shape, beginning with a new filing system that didn't require a patient to fill out five forms each time she entered the door.

I can't go see Dr. Connelly now, I thought. He'll take one look at me and wonder why I'm here. I'll have no answer. He won't believe how I was last week. I'm not sure I believe it either.

Denial resurrected; I cancelled the appointment. The closet incident was a thing of the past. I just had a few bad moments, I told myself. There's nothing wrong with me.

Looking back on the early years of my PMS, I realize that lying to myself about the severity of my PMS was easy because the really bad times didn't happen every month. In fact most months, the symptoms associated with my monthly cycle were fairly manageable, and on the outside, I appeared intelligent and capable, even if I still struggled on the inside. As a public relations manager in a male-dominated Fortune 200 company, I worked with some of the brightest men in the world. Testosterone was the ruling hormone in my work environment (insert masculine chuckle here). If I wanted to succeed in my career, it was essential for me to mask my estrogen issues.

I developed coping strategies. When my strategies worked, I'd tell myself I was okay. But just when I was sure I'd sandbagged my PMS—slam!—a tsunami of symptoms crashed down on me with horrendous force and pulled me down in a deadly riptide. No matter how hard I fought against the current, I couldn't make it back to solid footing. No discipline or coping technique brought me back to my rational self, so I ran to my bedroom closet, curled up in the dark next to the stinky tennies, and sobbed my eyes out (which was a coping strategy of sorts, because it kept me from emotionally throwing up on my poor husband).

The uncontrollable episodes happened every five or six months. Horrible! I not only had one cycle each month, but my cycle had cycles! I was also vaguely aware of a larger cycle at work, a rhythm in which I was caught up—something beyond me, some sort of force or concept with an ebb and flow that transcended my own ebb and flow and somehow influenced me.

Did I lose you on that last thought? Don't feel bad. These layers of cycles and their pull are subtle, and women rarely talk about them—in part because they are elusive and difficult to define and in part because health and medical professionals, aside from writing prescriptions for antidepressants, do not forcefully tackle the deeply emotional and spiritual aspects of PMS. Some feel ill-equipped ("This is best left to a clergyman or a psychiatrist"); others are prohibited because of office policy ("Discussing spiritual issues with a patient crosses the professional line").

But make no mistake, the deeply emotional and spiritual cycles women face are real—very real. It's time that someone talks about them. It's time that the elusive feelings, stirrings, and concepts we intuitively know as women are put into words so that we might better live in full femininity before our Creator. It's time to explore our understanding of hormones on an entirely new level.


Jump Off the Hormone Swing is the distillation of my thirty-five-year journey with wildly swinging hormones that started in puberty and ended in menopause. (Hallelujah!! The symptoms really do vanish before senility arrives.) As I look back, I now realize that in my attempts to alleviate my symptoms, I actually did things to make them worse. It was ignorance on my part—and really on the part of the medical community—because it is only in the last few years that studies have been released and that biochemistry and brain imaging have advanced to the point that we can make educated decisions about what seems to be creating our symptoms.

Most books on PMS are written by health practitioners. I greatly appreciated what I learned from such books. But while the information proved helpful, I often found myself dozing off. How many times did I wade through medical terms such as "elevated androstenedione levels" and "dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB)"? Pardon my yawn! Doctors, physicians, health practitioners, and authors of books on PMS: On behalf of women everywhere, thank you for your anatomy charts that have helped us understand our bodies. Thank you for information about how to manage our headaches and cramps, our outbursts of emotion, and our mental mush. Thank you for acknowledging that PMS is not just something a woman imagines in her head, but that it's a clinical condition with quantifiable symptoms. Thank you for empirical studies that document how vitamin deficiencies and stress exacerbate PMS. But please hear the cry of our hearts: The most horrible symptoms of hormonal swings are often not the aches in our bodies, but the assaults on our souls that rip our identity and tear at the fabric of our noble calling as women.

That day—when I lay on the floor in the bedroom closet, curled in the fetal position, sobbing—I didn't need medical insight about why: "Pituitary glands secrete FSH and LH to stimulate follicles, sometimes resulting in an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone." I needed spiritual insight about where these thoughts were coming from and how I could stop them from entering my head in the future. And on other days, ones less severe than my "closet day" but troubling nonetheless, other questions nagged me.

• How do I manage the swing between feeling superconfident and energetic one day, and incompetent and listless the next?

• How do I handle my self-hatred after downing an extra large bag of peanut M & M's the day before my period?

• How is it that I suddenly find my husband so annoying?

• How can God possibly love me when I hate myself?.

That last question bothered me most because for me the most painful part of PMS and perimenopause was not the battle in my body but the assault on my soul. Cramps? Hot flashes? I coped. Mood swings? Teflon brain (nothing sticks)? I found natural supplements and vitamins that took the edge off, but I felt helpless to conquer the horrible pendulum swing between being a Christian and a PMS-crazed woman.

Oh, the inner turmoil when one moment I was on my knees compassionately praying for my neighbor, and the next moment I wanted to strangle her and kick her ugly dog. I joke about it, but truthfully, the tension between my desperate desire to serve God and others, and my utter failure to accomplish this when my hormones went berserk, caused me unending agony. I hated the thoughts and emotions that charged through me. It was as if a week before my period, some wretched, selfish, totally undisciplined woman took over my body.

Or, God forbid, this was the real me!

It was all so confusing. The only thing that seemed clear was that the hormone swing affected my spirit—because after my period ended, the intensity of the inner battle also subsided. Now what's with that? I searched until my eyes dried out, but I couldn't find any book that dealt with the spiritual aspect of hormonal imbalance on a level that was helpful. Of course hormones affect a woman spiritually! To leave out the spiritual component is to give an incomplete picture of the role hormones play in a woman's body.

In this book I'll deal with the spiritual issues that others neglect, but I'll also deal with practical issues—not from the doctor-to-patient perspective but from a heart-to-heart, woman-to-woman perspective, because one of my greatest needs during PMS was for wisdom from other women about how to "do life" when hormone hysteria held me hostage.

How did other wives and mothers get through PMS with dignity instead of disaster? What did they do to keep World War III from breaking out in their homes when hormones went berserk? How did they keep from yelling at their kids or berating their husbands when tension churned inside them like lava bubbling in a ready-to-explode volcano? How did they manage a home, a job, car pool, crazy in-laws, sick pets, and a call from the school principal when what they wanted most was to curl under the covers and sleep—until their kids were grown?

I am not a doctor, and this is not a medical book. I am a Bible teacher, a speaker, and a researcher of women's issues. I do not want to suggest that the information in these pages substitutes for the specialized kind of help your physician can provide. Instead, my goal is to share with you the insights I've gleaned from God's Word, my research, and my own life. I'll also share wisdom from more than 1,500 women I've surveyed about PMS. From our combined voices you will hear what helped—and what didn't help—as we sought to live wisely amidst wacked-out hormones.

Oh, and you may be wondering, Will she talk about hormone therapy? That's a hot topic these days, especially for hot-flashing perimenopausal women, those who suffer from severe PMS, or those who need medical or hormonal therapy (HT) because a medical condition or surgery has prematurely halted their body's production of hormones. One reason I wrote Jump was to provide information that would help a woman before she began medical or hormonal therapy. An estimated 15 percent of women need medical or hormonal therapy in order to find relief from their symptoms; the other 85 percent find relief through changes in supplements, diet, and lifestyle habits like those recommended in this book. So no, I won't address medical or hormonal therapy in depth, but if you experience severe and persistent symptoms that require medical intervention, the information you'll glean in these pages will provide a helpful framework for your initial meeting with your health practitioner. Likely your health practioner will drop his or her jaw in utter amazement over your sagacious acumen concerning the basic principles of hormonal function and say, "How'd you get to be so brilliant?"


The letters PMS provide a meaningful structure for the three main sections of the book:

Physical symptoms • Mental/mood symptoms • Spiritual symptoms

I've intentionally separated symptoms into three categories so that we can assess the problems and helps for each group. At the beginning of each section, you will take a symptoms test to help you identify your needs. After we've discussed all three groups, we will look at our discoveries from a holistic perspective—the three in one, a sweet echo of One God who is also three—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jump! is a mentoring book, not a medical book (although you'll learn a few medical terms). The focus in these pages is attitude, not anatomy; practical help, not physician prescriptions; stories, not statistics; life skills, not life science; healthy habits, not hematology. In each of the three sections, I'll share the "aha" that brought about the biggest change in my own life. You will learn

• Strategies to help you feel in control when you feel out of control

• How hormones affect you physically, mentally, and spiritually

• Tips to alleviate your particular symptoms

• Suggestions for living as a godly woman even when PMS makes you feel like the devil

• Ideas that will transform how you view menstruation and how you see yourself as a woman

• Ten benefits of PMS and perimenopause (betcha never thought there was one benefit, let alone ten)

At the end of each chapter you'll find "Change My Heart, O God," thoughts, prayers, or questions designed to personalize the concepts you've just read. In the back of the book is a Bible study, designed to take you deeper still—to move you from a place of information to transformation.

I want you to receive practical, I-can-start-doing-this-today help, but there's something else I hope for you. I hope you'll laugh because hey, when it comes to hormones you've either got to laugh or cry—and laughing is better, right?

Diary: age 51

"If you want to save your tomatoes, cover them now!" I yelled urgently into my cell phone.

"Why?" Sandy asked. "Are they cold?"

I ignored her feeble attempt at humor. "No. A storm is headed in your direction. Golf-ball-sized hail. Torrential rain. High winds."

"Really?" she said doubtfully. "The sky's blue over here."

"Trust me" I said. "Unless you act now, your tomatoes are stewed. You've got five minutes, tops."

Before Sandy hung up the phone to rescue the plants she'd nurtured all summer, I offered a bit of hopeful news. "The storm won't last long. The sun will be back out before you know it."

The forecast I'd given my friend went beyond mere speculation. I knew what Sandy was about to experience because I'd just experienced the same storm myself only a few minutes earlier.

I live high on a plateau on the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. Sandy lives seven hundred feet lower in elevation, fifteen miles east of me on the plains. As I stood on my front porch, I surveyed the area where her home was located from a distance. I clicked off my cell and watched the blackish-green clouds lumber toward her home, dropping sheets of rain and hail. White "marbles" littered my flower beds, and bare stems stood where hollyhocks had bloomed only moments earlier. Three minutes of devastation, then blue skies and the hint of a rainbow. The storm, small but potent, had not been predicted.

I wished that someone had warned me so I could have saved my hollyhocks, but I took comfort in knowing that my warning had more than likely saved my friend's tomatoes.


Excerpted from jump off the hormone swing by lorraine pintus Copyright © 2011 by Lorraine Pintus. Excerpted by permission of Moody Publishers. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Foreword Roy Stringfellow 7

Letter Linda Dillow 9

1 Diary of a Hormonally Wacked-Out Woman 11

P: Physical Symptoms

2 PMS and Perimenopause: The What, When, and Why-oh-Why? 23

3 The Monthly Drama: Riding the Hormone Roller Coaster 37

4 Your Brain on Hormones: Half a Brain Is a Terrible Thing to Waste 53

5 Top Ten Picks for Physical Relief 65

6 Physical "Aha" 75

M: Mental/Mood Symptoms

7 Jump Off the Hormone Swing 83

8 Perilous Attitudes 93

9 Positive Attitudes 105

10 Seventeen Ways to Soothe Stress 117

11 Mental "Aha" 127

S: Spiritual Symptoms

12 Reject Spiritual Lies 143

13 Embrace Spiritual Truths 157

14 Top Ten Disciplines for Staying God-Connected 169

15 PMS and Perimenopause: The Benefits 183

16 Spiritual "Aha" 193

The Beginning: Jump Into His Arms 203

Acknowledgments 205

Appendix-System Tracker 207

Bible Study 209

Notes 231

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, not because of whacky hormones but because this book is both funny and tender. Through Lorraine’s teaching  I found ME! Her words touched my  heart and soul with God's love and grace. Thank you, Lorraine, for this passionate, inspired guide of God's truth, God’s hope, and God’s help and healing for weary women everywhere. "     
Annette Hazuka, Sr, Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"Your BFF just moved in with you!  As Lorraine Pintus courageously exposes her struggles through the challenges of womanhood you’ll think you’ve been friends forever. Sacred truths, startling revelations and intriguing research are laced with corny humor that’ll keep you reading right through to the endnotes. You might even find yourself saying, “I know you, right?!” to her picture on the back cover."
Sandy Clark, freelance writer and editor.

"After 20 years of involvement with women’s health issues, I’ve witnessed not only the physical  obstacles women battle with hormone issues, but also the spiritual struggles. Lorraine’s book serves a unique yet largely untouched need by addressing the spiritual component. She offers godly wisdom wrapped in delightful humor. This precious book, written by a precious lady, is certain to make a positive impact on many levels."
Kristine Klitzke, RN, BSN, Speaker, Author of Hormone Balance: A Matter of Life & Health

"Lorraine is a powerful voice speaking God’s message of hope and redemption when it comes to dealing with tough women’s issues. Now she addresses the hormone swing in a way no one else does—through the lens of God’s Word. Get this book for yourself and share it with your daughter. The refreshing view of womanhood in these pages transcends generational lines."
Tammy Maltby, author, speaker and media personality for It’s a Good Life TV.

"Love the prayers, the transparency and the humor in this book. I've dog-eared pages, used it as a coaching tool for my clients, and devoured it for my own purposes. I’m planning to do the Bible Study with my clients. Thank you for this invaluable resource."
Ginny Edwards, complete health make-over coach

"When I read the opening chapter title, “Confessions of a PMS – Crazed Saint,” I thought, PMS and Saint should never be put into the same sentence—they don’t belong together!  But as I read the book, I was relieved to find that I wasn’t alone in my battles to fight the demons that come with my monthly cycle, and that the hated time of the month could, instead, be a blessing from God. This book is an incredible encouragement to those of us who feel like failures and horrible women when it comes to PMS.  Thank you for reminding me that even when my hormones are out of control, God is still in control!"
Melinda Hughes, who can now put PMS and Saint in the same sentence!

"As a follower of Jesus, mother and sufferer of  EXTREME PMS, I most adamantly recommend this book for women of all ages. Lorraine's insights, testimonials and practical wisdom helped relieve myself as well as my daughter, from the unnecessary PMS drama in our lives. Her wisdom, through the book and a few emails and phone calls, helped us approach PMS with a much more rational mind-set. I am forever grateful for her counsel."
Laurie Jackson, health coach

I dare you to find anyone more passionate, dynamic, or Kingdom-minded than Lorraine Pintus.  Whether writing or speaking, Lorraine ministers to women right where they are, guiding them to deep truths, but always with hope and humor.  Her new book, Jump of the Hormone Swing, provides both practical and biblical wisdom for an issue that many struggle with yet few understand.  Ladies, put it on the top of your must-read list!
Jerusha Clark, speaker and author of Every Thought Captive, When I Get Married, and Living Beyond Postpartum Depression

"I loved the way Lorraine explained through “drama” how the menstrual cycle works.  I also loved that I was able to take the strategies she suggests to stand against PMS, but also in other issues in my life"
Tammy Ansari, just another woman in God’s army that needs continual  guidance to fight the good fight

"Finally!  A book on PMS that you'll actually love to read! Insightful, inspirational, and wonderfully entertaining!  Lorraine tackles an age-old problem from a new perspective to bring help and hope to women everywhere! A brilliant blend of information, illustrations, and heartfelt stories - you'll want to read this one more than once!" 
Patti Gordon, speaker and author of Press Play: Taking the Single Life Off Hold

"With an incredible passion for God and helping women, Lorraine jumps into this mysterious subject (PMS) with a vigor that will radically change the way you've always viewed your hormones.  You'll come face to face with your Maker and understand, finally, how to be victorious through PMS, not just endure it."
 Ralina Ankrum - wife, mom, aspiring writer, and former PMS bad girl

"The description of Eve and God’s forgiveness changed my view of Eve and my attitude towards monthly periods.  Your dramas and word pictures are awesome and I love your sense of humor!"
Fran Upton, Bible study leader

"This book has saved lives on the ground (i.e. my husband’s) AND  30,000 feet in the air (i.e. the passengers I serve as a flight attendant)! The wisdom, prayers, scripture, and advice in this book saved my sanity when hormones were making me crazy. I’m sure Lorraine wrote this book just for me."
Kit May, Flight Attendant, wife and mom

"Imagine my surprise when, having plodded through the cyclical symptoms of PMS for decades, Lorrraine pointed out what I’d been missing all along—the spiritual symptoms of hormones.  Her book encourages women with practical tips and tools to joyfully embrace this unique aspect of womanhood."
Rebecca von Boeck, nutritional enthusiast, aspiring author and hormonally challenged saint

"I thought I was the only one who suffered spiritually with PMS!  To read Lorraine’s experiences shared with such honesty and humor, and most importantly with a biblical perspective, was one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever received.  This book was life-changing – for me and for my whole family.  Thank you Lorraine!"
Jenny Abbott, wife, mother, grandmother, menopausal and loving it!!!

"I thought this book might be "too little too late" for me since I’m beyond PMS but  Lorraine totally surprised me.  This book is for women of all ages & stages of life. It’s packed with practical information to lessen hormonal stresses, but it also takes a woman into a journey in her soul.  Here you’ll grasp the specialized love that God has for you in a fresh and absolutely new way."
Mitzi Paradise, Mom and Nana who is beyond PMS but not beyond the reaches of God's love and plan for women

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Jump off the Hormone Swing: Fly Through the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Symptoms of PMS and Peri-Menopause 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
amomwithablog More than 1 year ago
Lorraine Pintus has given us a valuable resource in Jump Off the Hormone Swing. If you suffer from PMS or perimenopause... or even if you don't... you'll want to read this book. Before I read it, I didn't think I had any hormonal problems. But then I read this: "Oh, the inner turmoil when one moment I was on my knees compassionately praying for my neighbor, and the next moment I wanted to strangle her and kick her ugly dog." It startled me! It made me laugh out loud... And then I thought "How does she know me?" Page after page she was writing my story. I couldn't put it down. I couldn't believe what I was reading. She knows exactly how I feel and what I'm going through. So that must mean... I'm not the only one! Before I read this book, I would have never related my feelings to hormones. I thought I was just a weak woman. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get it all together. Now I know. Hormones. Lorraine takes on tough questions like: .How do I manage the swing between feeling super confident and energetic one day, and incompetent and listless the next? .How do I handle my self-hatred after downing an extra large bag of peanut M & M's the day before my period. .How is it that I suddenly find my husband so annoying? .How can God possibly love me when I hate myself? Unlike a medical book, Jump Off the Hormone Swing addresses EVERY aspect of PMS. Physical, Mental (Mood), and Spiritual. She gives a very simplified explanation of what part each hormone plays in your body... the effects of too little, or too much. Lorraine gives advice on diet and exercise, relieving stress, planning ahead for the days that you know will be the hardest for you (Who would have thought?), and most of all... she reminds us to invite God into these issues as well. Lorraine shares from her heart and a Biblical perspective. She shares many of her personal 'aha' moments with us. She shows us how to 'do' life... how to be a Godly woman even in the middle of a hormonal storm. You will also find a 10-week Bible Study in the back of the book, along with a symptom tracker. There is so much in this book I'd like to share that I can't recommend it highly enough. *I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review. ~Thank you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TiffanyStuart More than 1 year ago
Jump Off the Hormone Swing is an honest book on hormones and PMS, laced with just the right amount of personal story, educational information, humor, truth from God's Word, and practical tips. Lorraine has a natural way of making me comfortable and normal as a woman. Her personal struggles makes other women feel like they aren't alone, and don't we all need that reassurance sometimes? I loved the health tips she shared to help with the highs and lows of our swinging hormones. As someone in my early 40s, I feel better equipped for what may be ahead of me with perimenopause. Oh my! This book is also helpful for me as a mom of a younger teenage girl. What my girl's body is going through is major and the suggested tips will help me guide her through this changing season of her life. I really don't want war to break out under our roof. I want peace. For me, my favorite part of Lorraine's book is the spiritual component. Reading those chapters felt like an "aha" moment for me. I believe Lorraine is onto something significant. Like Lorraine, I too feel a monthly attack and struggle with feelings of worthiness during PMS. This section is huge because I feel more prepared and on guard for future months. And I have a better plan on how to deal with this battle and win, even in my weakness. There are two dramatic scenes in this book that really brought me hope and encouragement. Thank you, Lorraine, for sharing your story with heart and humor and pointing us to answers and practical solutions. I believe your book will comfort and strengthen many women for years to come.
rtwins More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I've read on PMS and Perimenopause that approached these issues from the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual points of view. Although the author is not a physician, she includes medical information and 1,500 testimonies from women. We are not alone. Every woman encounters these issues to some degree. The author, through humor, shares strategies to ease the symptoms, lets you know it is okay to seek medical help, and shares ways to rely on God, family, and friends to cope. Each chapter includes questions, checklists, and a Bible study. There is also a symptom tracker chart to complete. Although this book and study could be completed privately, it would be fun and encouraging to use this as a women's ten week Bible study and weekly fellowship. I highly recommend this book to you and the women in your life.
Anne-B More than 1 year ago
Before I had kids, I was generally pretty even keel through the month. Then, I had kids. And everything changed. My hormones never quite returned to normal. I realized this year that I have really begun to struggle with PMS. A few weeks ago, I discovered that Lorraine Pintus wrote a book titled Jump off the hormone swing: Fly through the Physical, Mental, Spiritual Symptoms of PMS and Perimenopause. I felt very hopeful that it might give me some clues as to how I can cope with what is going on in my body! The day this book arrived, I opened it up and read the first page. I breathed in a deep breath of relief and surprise as I discovered that I am not alone! That pit--that horrible pit where I tell myself what a horrible person I am and what a failure I am--she's been there! As I began reading the book, I found myself deeply enjoying it. Isn't that ironic--I enjoyed a book about PMS?! Ms. Pintus mixes humor throughout her book that is engaging and lighthearted. She has the ability to speak straight and be both encouraging and convicting at the same time. She first addresses the physical things that we can do to help us cope with PMS. She then moves on to the mental symptoms. There's even a chapter on ways we can stretch our brains and cope with stress better. Finally, she addresses the spiritual symptoms. She does not let women use PMS as an excuse for hurtful behavior towards others. She acknowledges how hard it is and then talks about walking through PMS with God. The final chapter is about the blessings and testimonies of women of how God has used PMS in their lives. After finishing the book, I can't recommend it highly enough. If you struggle with PMS, I highly recommend reading this book. I hope it will encourage you as much as it has encouraged me. I now have a list of things I need to process and consider. I have some changes I need to make in my life. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from Moody Publishing.