Just a Few Inches

Just a Few Inches

by Tara St. Pierre


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ISBN-13: 9781512068153
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/31/2015
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Tara St. Pierre has been writing for over two decades, but her muse only sporadically provides inspiration. Her laptop is filled with incomplete manuscripts and other plot outlines, and she feels blessed when one finally pushes its way through to completion--no matter how long it takes!

She enjoys classic science fiction movies and television shows. When driving, she sings along with the radio loudly and off key. She prefers tea over coffee, spring over autumn, vanilla ice cream over chocolate, and caramel over hot fudge. Though she lives by herself, one of her two cats enjoys cuddling with her.

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Just a Few Inches 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Sandy5 More than 1 year ago
She saw it on the screen, the results that she wanted, it all looked so easy and the neighborhood drug store held her answer. As her wallet was being drained, the time clock started ticking and Carrie began dreaming about her future and what it held. She knew the marketing strategies the advertisers used to lure consumers to buy their products, she learned this in class yet Carrie only needed just a few inches to fit into “the dress.” It was the knowing, Carrie knew the particulars that she was walking into but she bought into the scam because she had to fit into the dress for Todd. Carrie was a senior in high school and according to the charts, Carrie was normal; she was above average height and below average weight. Carrie wanted to be better than normal; Carrie was buying into being perfect and ideal and all the other adjectives and labels that society flings our way. To think this nightmare, this journey of self-discovery all began with a dress is rather comical, I believe. To think, had she not been so consumed by pleasing others and her outward appearance, none of this would have occurred. “Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.” This statement, I believe applies to this novel. As Carrie struggles with what is occurring with her body and with society’s view of her, she realizes those few inches changed her life. I enjoyed this novel more than I thought would. I loved Carrie’s journey as she continued to shrink. There were times though I do have to admit that I thought it was a bit farfetched how much she shrunk. I kept thinking about when I was little and watched The Little’s on television. I used to imagine what it would be like to be one of The Little’s and how I would sneak around inside a human’s house and use their scraps for my own miniature house. Carrie’s story as she shrank was unimaginable. I loved how the author considered all aspects of Carrie’s world as she shrank. The emotional aspect and the physical aspect were both wonderfully portrayed and it made the novel interesting and vivid. Her world is no longer just school and home for now Carrie is in the spotlight and she must adjust to this new status. Carrie tries to make the best of each situation but it’s hard when your future is unknown and there were times that I was proud of her attitude and her energy. When she was with Evan, I was in awe. He was not what she was expecting but he was what she needed. I was torn between what should happen between the two of them as the novel progressed and as far as the ending went, it was perfect for me. This was a fun novel to read, one that I truly enjoyed. Thanks Reading Teen for the great novel! I won a copy of this book from their website.
Morrisa More than 1 year ago
Special thank you to the author Tara for sending me a physical copy of the book to review! First off, I'd like to say that I really really enjoyed this book. It has an enjoyable story as well as gives the reader a few important lessons about body image & confidence. The story follows high school senior and cheerleader Carrie Roberts. She's under the typical high school pressures that girls, and really anyone faces. A lot of kids in high school (even myself) always worried what others thought of me, how others saw me. Carrie is no different. She doesn't think she's thin enough, pretty enough, and wants to fit into her homecoming dance dress. So she takes some diet pills - a little too many diet pills, and she ends up shrinking more and more everyday! While this story features an unrealistic circumstance, the events which led up to the phenomenon are what a lot of girls feel. They're not happy with their body image. This book brings that to light and the overall message of this book is that you only have one body, so love what you've got. That isn't the only lesson I feel like this book had to say. The other message I got out of this book was that people aren't always what they seem to be, and they can change for the better. Carrie's boyfriend Todd says a few things in the book that he shouldn't have, but he realizes his mistake and grows from it. There's the "mean girl" in this book too, and even she isn't just a "mean girl." She has issues of her own within her family and with herself, and she too shows a different side, shows that people can learn from their mistakes. Not everyone can have the same awful mindset; people can change. What I really loved about Carrie herself is how determined she was not to let her disability get to her. Despite her shrinking, she accommodated and would not let anyone tell her she couldn't do something everyone else could. I'm sure kids with disabilities in real life can relate to that, and it gave me a new perspective on people with disabilities. They probably just want to be and feel as normal as possible, so we shouldn't treat them any differently! Another thing I loved about Carrie was that she isn't your typical heroine. Most heroes/heroines make some really stupid decisions and don't think about their consequences, and sometimes get overdramatic. Not with Carrie; she was calm, intelligent, and understood where she went wrong and became stronger because of it. She didn't self destruct during her crisis, and she pushed through because of all the amazing support she had. Overall this book was really powerful and opened my mind to things such as disabilities, loving your body and yourself, and realizing that people can learn and grow. In addition to the lessons learned, I feel like this book is a light and enjoyable read and almost any reader could probably relate to the story in this book, despite the fact that a girl is shrinking. It's cute, it's funny, and probably one of my favorite reads this year. It was perfect too, after having just finished Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman; it was the light and fluffy and fun read I needed! I HIGHLY suggest everyone reads this book.
Sam920 More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for and honest review. I want to start of by saying that I freaking loved this book! It was amazing! I loved every page, sentence, word, period of it. I enjoyed reading this book so much! I finished it in 2 days. I stayed up until 1am to finish a good chunk of this book until my mom started complaining about the lights being on. And so I had to stop reading. But then, the next day, I finished it. And I loved it. And it was amazing. This book just touched so many places in my heart. I loved how this book focused on problems of today with the whole body image issue. Society tells us what a woman should look like, dress like, talk like, act like and so on and so forth. Society is wrong and that is what Tara tells us in this book. That is what Carrie tells us in this book. This book is amazing and inspiring and something girls should read, especially if you have body image issues. It is sweet and seems normal. I feel that girls,and boys for that matter, will relate to this character more than any character because Carrie is a human being. Not a vampire, witch, ghost…frog. She is like us and she just wants to catch people’s attention…but the people she tries to be noticed by aren’t noticing her and she misses those who are. I loved reading this book because it felt so real and I just was sucked into Carrie’s life, hoping she would get better in the next chapters. I have to say, this book was the perfect length and was going at a perfect pace, which I loved! Let’s talk about the characters. There are a bunch of characters in this book who have their own story and their own struggles that make them who they are. I loved Carrie. Her strength, her compassion, her determination, and they way she just inspired people. Even though she was shrinking, Carrie did not lose hope, and I found that just utterly amazing. Carrie has two best friends and I loved loved loved them. Friendship goals! They were so sweet in the book and stuck with Carrie throughout everything and I just loved this relationship. It brought tears to my eyes reading how they were so caring and supportive and just overall great friends. Evan is also an amazing character! I loved him. Literally every character was amazing to me. They all added to the book. The romance. There was romance in this book. It was so sweet it made me tear up thinking about how sweet and swoon worthy it was. Goals! I loved the chemistry between the characters and I loved every second of this book. Every time I felt things were getting normal, something would happen that would make me happy, sad, angry, scared and just wow. I loved it. I can’t stop saying that! There were twists and turns in ever chapter and there were many parts that would just make me tear up and OMG I can’t explain it. I want to point out that I loved the heading for the chapters. They were measurements. Carrie’s measurements. I thought it was creative and I loved it All in all, I loved this book. I loved every sentence of this book. I will read this book over and over again and I would love it the same every time, maybe even more. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite In Just a Few Inches by debut novelist Tara St. Pierre, the author takes a unique path to bring to light the very serious issues of body image, self-esteem and teenage relationships. Our protagonist, Carrie Roberts, is a pretty average teenage girl. But she wants something that a lot of girls her age want. She wants to be just a little bit smaller, so that she can fit into the perfect dress for the Valentine’s Day dance. A little bit smaller, so her boyfriend finds her more attractive. A little bit smaller, so she gets noticed by her classmates. She tries dieting and exercising, but these don’t work for her. When she sees an advertisement for weight loss pills that promise fast results, she’s willing to give them a shot. The pills work, all right, but just not in the way she intended. Instead of losing inches around her body, she loses inches from her height. As she grows smaller and smaller, she certainly does attract the attention she craved, just not in the way she imagined. But Carrie finds herself changing in other ways as well. Will she take the lessons she learns from her loss of inches to heart? Just a Few Inches does a great job of discussing some really serious issues in a creative and entertaining way. By employing the twist of having Carrie lose inches in height instead of weight, we get a real look at the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” And the growth that Carrie undergoes in terms of the development of her inner person instead of worrying only about how she is perceived on the outside is an example for any young woman. Author Tara St. Pierre, in this debut work, shows some true chops in the world of young adult literature, and I would certainly expect to see more from this promising new author in the future.