Keeping Mr. Right Now: A Kisses in the Sand Novel

Keeping Mr. Right Now: A Kisses in the Sand Novel

by Robin Bielman

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ISBN-13: 9781633750562
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 08/18/2014
Series: Kisses in the Sand , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 275
Sales rank: 157,737
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Robin Bielman lives in Southern California with her high school sweetheart husband, two sons, and crazy-cute mini Labradoodle, Harry (named after Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books). When not attached to her laptop, she can almost always be found with her nose in a book. She also likes to run, hike, and dip her toes in the ocean. Filled with wanderlust, she longs to visit many different places and satisfy her curiosity. She wouldn't mind indulging her sweet tooth in every location either. Lover of Post-it notes, cable television shows and café mochas. Writing is a dream come true, and she still pinches herself to be sure it's real.

She is also the author of Kissing the Maid of Honor, Her Accidental Boyfriend, Risky Surrender, Worth the Risk, and Yours At Midnight from Entangled's Ever After line. She loves to connect with readers. Visit her online:
Twitter @RobinBielman

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Keeping Mr. Right Now

A Kisses in the Sand Novel

By Robin Bielman, Wendy Chen, Stacy Abrams

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Robin Bielman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-056-2


"SHE wants you."

Zane Hollander tipped back his chair and laced his fingers behind his head. The sun glittered off the Pacific Ocean, a confetti of surfers waited in the temporarily placid sea for the perfect wave, and bikini-clad women baked on the soft sand under a blazing August sun. From the balcony of his rented beach house, Zane wondered which female his best friend and agent might be referring to.

"Which she?" He pitched forward, his elbows landing on the round teak table.

Bryce Bishop shook his head. "Seriously?"

"I take women very seriously. You know that." Only lately, the media didn't seem to think the long line of company he kept did his reputation any good. Party girls with dirty mouths who left their undergarments at home apparently were frowned upon everywhere but the tabloids. The least desirable outlet when a guy had an already-compromised image.

Of course, it wasn't like he took them all home. His mom had raised him better than that. But caught with enough scantily clad women on his arm, he'd been labeled a bad boy. Only his best friends knew that the worst of his less-than-respectable behavior happened around the same time every year — the anniversary of his dad's death.

"I meant S-H-E, Zane. Surf Help Exchange. They want you to be their ambassador after all." Bryce ran a thumb across the condensation on his iced tea glass. "It's the kind of exposure that will cement your status as one of the top pro surfers, regardless of how many world titles you've got."

Zane's eyes drifted shut. The image he shared with the world was only a small piece of the man on the inside. He wanted this position with SHE — the largest nonprofit organization promoting humanitarian, clean water, and natural healing efforts across the globe. Wanted to make a difference and maybe, just maybe, be good at something besides riding waves.

"But ..." Bryce trailed off. Yeah, lately there'd been quite a few "buts" given Zane's behavior.

"What?" Zane popped the last piece of sushi on his plate into his mouth.

"They're concerned about your image. The deal is close, but only if you clean up your act — fast. Fun-loving tube junkie isn't what they want, but I think I've almost convinced them you're more than that." Bryce fanned his T-shirt away from his stomach. "They want the best you, and you've got this week in White Strand Cove to prove you're capable of giving something back."

"You know I am." Zane led the typical pro surfer life — in the water more than 320 days a year in multiple countries, including Panama, Micronesia, Fiji. He lived in perpetual motion, sometimes hotdogging it, more often ass-deep in a tube and winning competitions.

Girls fell all over him. Guys bought him beers.

But his small circle of close friends and family — Bryce; his other best friend and business manager, Danny; his mom and sister — knew he didn't want a life dictated by the ocean's moods. He wanted to leave something meaningful behind.

"I think it's time everyone else did, too," Bryce said.

A sliver of fear stole its way down Zane's spine. Being told his whole life by his father that he wasn't good at anything but surfing made it difficult to stand up for other things he believed in. He knew who he had to be in the water and on the circuit. Anywhere else? Not so much. You've got shit for brains, son. The only thing you're good at is surfing. Quit school. Take that endorsement deal and go where they want you. The only thing that suits you is the water.

They.] His father hadn't cared who they were as long as they took his stupid son off his hands. Just shy of his seventeenth birthday and his senior year of high school, he'd gone. Until the day his dad died three years ago, he'd always made Zane feel foolish whenever he opened his mouth.

And the son of a bitch still made him doubt himself. Still doused his confidence when the topic of conversation veered away from superficial issues.

There was nothing superficial about SHE.

"What's the plan?" Zane asked, his gaze on the sea. He still smelled and felt the salt on his skin from earlier, but he itched to straddle his board and get back in the water. No one questioned or doubted him out there.

"This is your third year at White Strand Cove and their Surf Fanatic Film Festival. The town loves you. This time, though, Danny and I thought that along with promoting your film and mingling in the bars and festival parties with the locals, you should let us organize a couple of soirees with the town's officials and other notable residents."

Zane looked him up and down. "You drop your man card somewhere? Since when does my agent say soiree?"

"Smart-ass. A good agent shifts with the changing landscape. And you" — Bryce pointed a finger — "are changing."

"Think the public will buy it?"

"Absolutely. You're selling you, just dropping the guard you keep under the guise of surfing's biggest bad boy, and your adoring fans will be jumping off the cliff with you."

"I do feel more at home here than anywhere else." White Strand Cove sat tucked away only sixty miles from where he grew up. Famous for fast waves and fierce localism, the Strand reminded him of his small town, only better. Better because now when he chased monster waves, he always came out the other side. And because people liked him no matter how he behaved.

"Exactly. The film festival opens tomorrow night, and I'd like to get a nice local girl on your arm. Preferably dressed in something that doesn't make it clear she has no tan lines."

Zane chuckled. That still left a lot of options.

"Get your mind out of the gutter," Bryce said. "I was in the surf wear shop on Bluff this morning. The manager is cute and finishing law school this fall. I thought we'd set it up with her."

A woman down on the sand stood and wiped her hands on her very fine ass. The scrap of bikini bottom didn't leave much to the imagination. No tan line. She twisted and gave Zane a peek at her well-endowed front side. "You sure I can't pick my own date?" he asked.

Bryce followed his line of vision. "Eight days, dude. I think you can play tame for eight damn days."

"You can. But this," he teased, gesturing down his bare torso, "is a chick magnet, and you know how I hate to turn away interested parties." Truth was, Bryce might be the complete opposite of Zane, with his dark hair and eyes, but he had his pick of the ladies, too. He was just more discreet about it.

"Yeah, sucks being you." Bryce shifted in his chair. "Listen, there's one other thing. Keep your distance from any troublemakers. The last thing we need is another altercation."

Zane swallowed the bad taste in his mouth. A few weeks ago, one of the new guys on the tour had thrown a punch at him over a girl. Zane refused to raise his fist in return, but word had spread about the fight and cast them both in a negative light.

"No worries there," Zane said.

"You're currently at the top of the world rankings, and I'd like to see you hold on to that spot without any mention of bad blood between you and someone else."

Zane would, too. But would it crush him if he slipped to second, third, or even fourth? Missing his shot with SHE would hurt more. He'd been the underdog enough times to know he could win that top spot back.

The sun reached its peak, and he and Bryce lifted their sunglasses from the table and slid them on. Daylight glittered off the waves; pelicans scoped out the sand in search of lunch food left forgotten.

"The latest mention in Surfer deems you surfing's version of David Beckham," Bryce added. "When this thing with SHE happens, you'll be the Muhammad Ali."

"You and Danny really think I can do this?" He ran his hands down his board shorts.

"Of course. You think we would've stuck around all these years if we didn't believe in you?"

Best friends since sixth grade, they'd gone to school together, surfed together, gotten into mischief together. They had one another's backs, lied to keep one another out of too much trouble. And they had never begrudged Zane's skill in the water. When he left to make it in the surfing world — and to escape his dad — Bryce and Danny had started a fan club. They kept up with his competitions and never let his successes go to his head. It got harder to stay in touch, but when his best friends graduated at the top of their business school classes, it wasn't long before the three were back together and tighter than ever.

"You reading those sports psychology books again?"

"Dude, if I could figure out your head, we'd rule more than the surfing world."

Zane laughed to cover how ill at ease he was at that. Some days he lived in slow-motion, out there in the water feeling an almost supernatural connection to the sea. Other days he felt like one of the masses, unable to find his footing on the board if his life depended on it. He tapped the side of his head with his finger. "What goes on in here stays in here."

Bryce's cell buzzed. He lifted his shades and glanced at the phone. "Tell me something I don't know."

"Beers tonight at the Happy Harpoon."

"That's perfect. It's mostly locals. Low key. I'll text Danny." His fingers sped across his phone screen. "Still, you might want to keep your head down."

"I'm capable of drinking a few ales and keeping myself in check."

"Not you I'm worried about so much as the women eager to say they've been Zaned. You know there're T-shirts that say I've been ZANED."

He did know. A woman on the beach this morning had one on. Lots of interpretations went along with it, and Zane never bothered to correct any of them. Let the fans say what they wanted. To curb someone's enthusiasm, whether it was truth or not, didn't interest him. The smiles on their faces did.

Bryce put down his phone. "Danny just finished lunch with the city council president and arranged something for later in the week. Tonight he's meeting with the new film festival coordinator to set up a special prescreening event." He took a sip of his drink.

"There's a new coordinator?" A hot blonde who worked for a company based out of Los Angeles had handled the past couple of years.

"Yeah. From some notable special events firm based out of Montana. In fact, she's your surf lesson this afternoon."

Zane groaned, not because Danny always volunteered him for a few lessons when he visited beach communities, but Montana? Did she know the difference between a surfboard and a snowboard?

"Be nice." Bryce pushed up from his seat. "But not too nice."

"I can do the perfect nice." Zane stood and pulled his shoulders back in a stretch. "This coordinator have a name?"

"Sophie Birch."

Her name had a nice ring to it. "Count on Sophie Birch being Zaned."

* * *

Between her room at the lovely White Strand Inn and the sand on the other side of the pool bar, Sophie Birch lost her virginity.

She blinked a dozen or more times, trying to get used to the contact lenses she'd only started wearing two days ago, and focused on tanned, capable hands. The second drink promised to be better.

"Try this," the bartender said, putting a blended fruit cocktail in front of her. This one guaranteed to incinerate her insides with sweetness rather than the hot steel otherwise known as tequila.

Sophie lifted her gaze and smiled, hoping her pale skin hadn't turned pink everywhere. She was positive her cheeks matched the strawberry speared on the edge of her tall glass.

"I can't believe you've only had virgin cocktails," her new friend, Honor, said from the barstool beside her. Honor drank her pretty reddish- orange drink like it was ginger ale.

Honor also looked cooler than cool while doing it. She had dark blond hair and blue-gray eyes, and no one as pretty as her had ever been so nice to Sophie before. Of course being that Honor worked for the mayor's office as an event specialist meant she sort of had to.

The only reason Sophie had agreed to a "drink" in the first place was (a) because Honor had knocked on her hotel room door to welcome her to White Strand Cove and act as her liaison during the film festival and then promptly escorted her to the bar and (b) to calm her crazy uneasy nerves. She had the sweaty palms and trembles in her limbs to prove her nerves were stressed out.

She needed to chill. Immediately.

Drinking probably wasn't the best way to start her first job going solo as a special events coordinator, but she had no idea how else to relate to the laid-back beach vibe. Her boss was supposed to be here, but she'd broken her leg last week in a water-skiing accident, and so Sophie had flown from Montana to California in her place to oversee the Surf Fanatic Film Festival.

It's work, but I want you to make it a vacation, too, her boss had said. Everything is in place and should only require minimal supervision, so live a little. Sophie had never taken a vacation before. She gazed out to the gorgeous dark blue sea. She'd also never seen the ocean before. Her heart did a few flips every time she looked that way.

"I'm sorry I spewed my tequila sunrise all over you," she said to Honor.

"Don't be." Honor waved her hand like no big deal, my friends spit their drinks on me all the time.

Sophie got the feeling she and Honor could be good friends, and she was grateful to the town for giving her such a wonderful welcome gift. She didn't make friends easily back home.

"Oh, this is yummy," Sophie said, sipping her piña colada. She could get used to these.

Only not while working. She'd been handed an amazing opportunity and she didn't want to blow it. She planned to do the best job ever for the film festival and to make her boss and company proud. Prove to everyone — including herself — that she had what it took to take on bigger events on her own. Leaving her research job studying brain regions and function last year hadn't gone over very well with her parents, and her mother was always looking for an opportunity to remind her that she was better suited for analysis than what color tablecloths looked good.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, her mom would say, the cliché one of her favorite ways to share her displeasure.

Tonight, Sophie's job officially started. Today she'd have a little fun, even if it was a galaxy out of her comfort zone. She glanced down at her plain blue cover-up, then over at Honor. Honor had simply whipped off her blouse when Sophie soiled it with her drink, and now she wore a bright green bikini top with tiny white embroidered flowers and a pair of very short white shorts.

"Don't drink it too fast." Honor tipped the glass away from Sophie's mouth. "Just because you can't taste the alcohol doesn't mean there isn't any in there."

"Right," Sophie said. "Maybe we could get some lunch, too? I didn't eat on the plane and only grabbed a banana this morning before I left for the airport."

"You must be starving." Honor reached down the bar and picked up a small laminated card. "How about sliders and a quesadilla? We could share."

"Sounds great."

"Oh, but the fish tacos are really good, too." She put down the tiny menu and grinned. "Let's get all three."

Sophie smiled. Yep, good friends.

She wondered if everyone in White Strand was as nice as Honor. Her shoulders finally relaxed and she breathed in the scent of the ocean, suntan lotion, and something floral. Greenery with bunches of tiny pink flowers decorated the perimeter of the bar and pool area.

"Are you the liaison for every —" A loud clatter and then high-pitched squeals interrupted her question and drew her attention to the beach. A group of young women descended on some guy, and a few sunbathers around the pool were scurrying to join them. All Sophie could make out was blond hair and broad, tanned shoulders. Probably a pro surfer from one of the films. On the flight over, she'd done her research on the movies but hadn't had a chance to brush up on all the stars who would be here. She planned to lie in bed and do that tonight.

"Zane! Zane!" the women shouted.

Oh. She knew who he was. She had a surf lesson with him in an hour. Her boss had made the date, but when she'd handed Sophie her itinerary, she'd given Sophie strict orders to follow through with everything on it.


Excerpted from Keeping Mr. Right Now by Robin Bielman, Wendy Chen, Stacy Abrams. Copyright © 2014 Robin Bielman. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Keeping Mr. Right Now: A Kisses in the Sand Novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
terferj More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I think this may be my favorite one written by the author. I liked the beginning, when they first met. The middle, when they were getting to know each other. The ending...loved the ending. It was perfect. So yeah, I loved all of it! ♥ The author has a way of writing likable characters (not just this book but all her other ones I read). Sophie is a smart mousy girl. I liked how she blossomed throughout the book. Zane is this gorgeous surfer. I liked that there was more to him than getting into girls panties. Haha. I loved them together. They were written with such great chemistry. I can't wait to see if there is a book about Honor and Bryce. There is definitely something there and I want to read about it. So, I'll leave off with "I've been Zaned!" ;) *I received this ARC for an honest review*
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Another delightful read from this talented author! I love how she develops her characters, making them feel like someone you know well and can relate to. In this case the heroine is Sophie Birch who has left her studies into how the brain works to become an event organiser. She wasn’t supposed to be in charge of this event but her boss is unable to do it because of injury so now is her chance to show just what she is capable of. The only problem is that, although an extremely bright young lady, Sophie is somewhat introverted, has never been to the ocean before and is now in charge of the prestigious film festival in White Strand Cove. Not only that but she’s been tasked with fulfilling all the arrangements made for her boss - including a surf lesson with the hot, sexy and famous surfer, Zane Hollander - and she’s never been in the sea before! Zane is an extrovert, attractive and a brilliant surfer, winning competitions and a highly popular and accessible star. He’s also wanting a new role, one that he cares passionately about, but to do that he also needs to change some aspects of his image, especially those aspects regarding his relationships with women. Sophie is the perfect person to help with this! As the klutzy brainiac and the sexy surfer get to know each other, they help each other - she becomes more outgoing and confident in her looks and personality whilst he becomes more willing to talk about his past and the impact it has on him now, opening up to her and she helps him go for his new goals. There has to be something go wrong with all this, of course, but you’ll have to read it yourself to find out what - and how things are resolved in the end! There are multiple threads running through this with some difficult issues, too, including child abuse, being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, the need for women’s refuges and so much more. It is emotively written, making it easy to relate to the well portrayed characters and I thoroughly enjoyed escaping to the beach in this heartwarming read. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Keeping Mr. Right Now is a story about deceptions, insecurities and letting your true self shine through. All are serious subjects, yet Ms. Bielman kept me smiling while delivering sage wisdom as I lost my heart with every chapter. Sophie is a genuine person, her emotions are pure, her feelings are fragile but her inner strength has yet to be realized. Celebrity and notoriety are synonymous with Zach's image but underneath the playboy status beats the heart of a true romantic. Just takes the right person to bring these hidden qualities to the surface for these two amazing dreamers. With Ms. Bielman, each story is a fun new experience.
mrsdiddy More than 1 year ago
A great summer read! This opposites attract, relationship of convenience book is laugh out loud funny, romantic and even a little steamy! Sophie is simple, a little nerdy, cute in town for a film festival. Zane is a sexy surfer with a public relations problem. When she takes a surf lesson from him sparks fly...sort of. His friends think Sophie is the answer to his problems, but he's not so sure and Sophie definitely isn't. What follows is a fun, romantic comedy that had me smiling and swooning!
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
I loved it! Once again Bielman didn't disappoint me. The book is simply amazing. It's cute, funny, and quite romantic. Sophie is smart, beautiful, and very clumsy. She is an event planner, and this is her first time at a beach. She is planning to work as well as have a good time. But what she didn't plan is to find a guy. But Zane would make a perfect 'Mr. Right Now'. And why shouldn't she have a little fun. So she agrees to be his girlfriend for the time being. She knows that he is not a settling kind of guy. There is a hoard of girls after him and she isn't anything special. In short there are no delusions. Just a little fun. Zane is famous. He has groupies falling her around and he isn't beyond taking advantage of his fame, and his charm. But now he needs to clean up his act. That's how he starts taking Sophie out on dates. But soon he realises that he genuinely likes her. She is an amazing person. She is kind and funny. And now his heart is involved. But he knows she won't stay for long. Soon her job will be done and she will return to her home Town. He has to protect himself from a heartbreak, and protect her from a guy like him.... I think all romance lovers will enjoy this book. I did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KimHeniadis More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I’ve read from Robin Bielman, and it was very enjoyable. The romance was filled with lots of warm fuzzies to keep me toasty in the cold Wisconsin weather. I have never been surfing before, and only to the ocean one time on vacation, so reading about California’s surf culture was an enjoyable look into a world I know nothing about. The concept behind this contemporary romance is not a new trope, but Bielman wrote it well. Zane is a ladies man who has never settled down, and Sophie is a smart and beautiful woman (although she doesn’t really know so), who has not had many lovers. They are opposites, that attract in every way. Most of the book took place in a week, so it was a whirlwind romance filled with some steamy sex scenes, that were also very sweet. As one can expect with such a fast romance, they don’t have a lot of time to get to know each other. And that’s when some of the hard feelings set in. If they would only communicate (the number one most important thing in any relationship), then things could have ran a lot smoother. But then again, we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of reading this book. Bielman did a great job writing the secondary characters in such a way to set up the next book perfectly. I am looking forward to reading the second book in The Kisses in the Sand series, Blame it on the Kiss.
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: Another incredible book from Entangled! A very enjoyable read, you will be swept up in the romantic feel of it. I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity to read Sophie and Zane's little love story. Sophie and Zane don't seem to match up on paper, but they completely connect when put together. Seeing their relationship develop is the best part of the book. One of my favorite parts, other than kisses, is to see two people drawn together whether it takes time or happens more quickly. As long as it's executed properly, it's good stuff. And it was done very well here! Keeping Mr. Right Now was a sweetie of a story. I love to see a romance that has depth to it, and characters that you find wonderful. The whole thing was well done. I'm very curious to see Robin Bielman's other stories. Definitely worth picking up! My Rating: Very Good
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
In Keeping Mr. Right Now there is a supposed division in the attractiveness of the couple – nerdy Sophie and hottie Zane – but it is handled well.  Zane is kind and strong, able to see the things that make Sophie a true beauty, and is caring and patient enough to help Sophie see it too.  It is so very sweet and made me fall in love with Zane all the more.  Amazingly enough, considered his popularity, Zane does have a bit of a confidence problem which stems from his abusive father.  He doesn’t believe that he’s intelligent and that all he’s good for is surfing.  My favorite thing is how Sophie immediately sees the truth about how smart he actually is and supports him every chance she gets.  Just as how he makes her see she’s beautiful, she shows him that he’s smart.  It leaves you with a warm and fuzzy to see how well they mesh to make that perfect couple, believing in each other and, by extension, themselves.  This isn’t the first Robin Bielman book I’ve read and I’ve loved every one of them (Kissing the Maid of Honor,Wild About Her Wingman, Her Accidental Boyfriend).  She creates lush characters and believable relationships, delivering them with tenderness, humor and, sometimes, a bit of heat.  She’s quickly embedded herself on my automatic TBR list – I don’t even hesitate when I see her name on a book, I just know that it is going to be a winner.  And Keeping Mr Right Now is no different – go now and pick it up!   (A copy of the book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review)
Marcy99 More than 1 year ago
After reading this story I can say...I've been Zaned! LOL Zane and Sophie were wonderful together. I could really feel their inner pain when their past histories were mentioned. I'm really hoping to see more books soon that feature their friends we met in this story.
AMONT More than 1 year ago
Looking for another great beach read for the final days of summer? From the start to the finish, Keeping Mr. Right Now by Robin Bielman is an amazing book. I wish I could tell you that this story would cool you down, but that’s just not the case with this red hot Bliss. The book is primarily set in California as Zane and Sophie have a bit of fun in the sun. I loved the beach scenes in which the descriptions were vivid and I got a real sense of the surroundings and what the characters were feeling. I could only imagine Zane’s connection to the sea and his backstory tied in perfectly with his career choice. Sophie’s character added a special touch to the story. She wasn’t the typical perfect woman with that perfect body. She was average, klutzy, and had tousled red hair. Sophie seemed to understand Zane and wasn't only looking at his superficial aspects. What starts out as a favor evolves into something more. I loved that Zane and Sophie spent time together without expectations. The story was believable because although they were attracted to each other and fantasized about each other, there were barriers/insecurities that interfered with them making a move. However, the chemistry between them seemed genuine as they spent time getting to know each other. So if you want to take a trip to the California shoreline and don’t have enough time left this summer, you’ll want to read Keeping Mr. Right Now. Rating 5/5 I received an E-ARC of Keeping Mr. Right Now from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
A cute read that's perfect for summer! Slightly nerdy smart girl gets the hot jock who spends most of his time shirtless and in board shorts--who doesn't want to read that? ;) Skipping a few years in school and living with overprotective parents has made Sophie more than a little socially awkward. She's recently decided to forgo research work in favor of event planning, and the surfer-themed film festival offers her a chance to justify her career change. Zane loves the ocean and has no complaints about his surfer lifestyle, but now he wants to use his influence to do good for others. He's particularly interested in a nonprofit organization called the Surf Help Exchange--and it looks like they might want him for their ambassador. First, though, he has to clean up his image.  Enter Sophie--a "safe" relationship for Zane. Spend some time with her, stay away from the tabloids. What does Sophie get out of the deal? A "Mr. Right Now"--a guy to have temporary fun with while she's in town for the festival. A win-win, right?  Riiiight. Their relationship was cute to watch, as it slowly grew from friendship to something more. His surfer-god-with-a-heart-of-gold persona was a nice compliment to her sweet ready-to-move-on-from-unrequited-crushes nerdy girl-ness. For all his big-shot surfer ways, Zane was absolutely adorable with his younger fans. He always made time to make them feel special. It made him twice as hot, if that's even possible. Honor and Bryce (Zane's friend/manager) are clearly being set up for a future book in the series, and it should be a good one--lovers with a past... Keeping Mr. Right Now is a perfect beach read book--whether you're at the beach or just wish you were :) (I have to admit, I didn't see the "Red Hot" label before the Bliss logo when I started reading, so I was a little surprised when the steamy scenes went further than I expected. Not complaining, though!) Rating: 4 stars / B+ I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kdjohnston73 More than 1 year ago
What a great little beach read!!! I always enjoy Ms Beilman's books! One of the things I liked best was that Sophie was so "real". I really enjoyed this book and it didn' take me long to finish because I just couldn't stop reading! An excellent read that you won't want to miss!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!  Sophie is sweet and smart but lacking in confidence with the opposite sex.  When she is on a working vacation, she meets Zane Hollander, sexy surf star.  Zane is the opposite of Sophie, always in the public eye and has a certain reputation with the ladies.  Sophie quickly makes friends with Holly, who pushes to break out of her shell, have a good time and enjoy Zane as her "Mr. Right Now" while she's in town.  It was nice to see them evolve from friends to lovers slowly.   There is more to Zane than surfing and his bad-boy image.  Sophie has a way of bringing the real Zane out and making him feel smart.  He shared things with her that only his family or his two best friends Danny and Bryce know about.  Zane brings out the more adventurous side of Sophie and helps build her confidence.  The more time Sophie and Zane spend together, the more their feelings get involved and the harder it becomes to say goodbye at the end of the film festival.  Zane screws up and lets Sophie go by hurting her.  Once he get his head on straight, he has to convincer her to give him another chance.  The ending is super cute and romantic, but I don't want to spoil it for you, so you will just have to read it! Great start to the series, can't wait to read about Bryce and Holly, I'm dying to know what happened between and why she was avoiding him.  Sweet and romantic, gets a hot towards the end! eARC received in exchange for an honest review as part of a blog tour.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"You're what I've been looking for my whole life, and if you let me, I'll love you for the rest of yours!" Wow! Who wouldn't want to read a romance with a line like that in it? Robin weaves a story of an unlikely pair - the seemingly self-assured surfer and the brainy and a bit klutzy "he's way out of my league" girl. While this book contains more spice than Robin's previous novels, it's still a very romantic story and the characters develop of a relationship with each other. They are so different, but so right for each other - they just have to find out why and how they will compliment each other. And then that line!!! I look forward to reading more in this line from Robin. She never lets her readers down!
cutiephinphin More than 1 year ago
I must say I wasn't expecting so much emotions to be in this book. This is definitely an enjoyable, sweet and realistic story. I really loved the characters of Zane and Sophie. I love that there is a build up on the chemistry and their feelings and I love how Sophie makes Zane feel and see his own worth despite all the insecurities he have about himself. I love that Zane is down to earth and not an arrogant jerk. I love that Sophie saw the real Zane and got through those walls into his heart. There are so many things to love about this book that you just have to pick up and read it for yourself. Zane also did a lot of good for Sophie. Made her come out of her well to enjoy life. She became a more confident person and overcame her shyness. There were a couple of secondary characters that I'm curious about. Hope there will be a book about them. Robin Bielman hit the ballpark with this book and to date, I've not read much about surfers so it was really refreshing and interesting to know more about them and what they do out there besides surfing. If you have not read Robin's books, you should check them out. I received a gifted copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
3.5/5 stars Red Hot Bliss + Robin Bielman? Talk about a no-brainer! This was a fun, sweet, and steamy read set on the beach of California. Bielman has created a delightful story about the most unlikely of pairs working together and falling headfirst into something neither ever anticipated. Surfer god extraordinaire Zane Hollander needs a good, down to earth girl to help clean up his playboy image so he can land the position he's been aiming for, but never thought good enough to have. Enter Sophie Birch, smart, intelligent events planner who wants to prove to her boss that she can handle a demanding job. As she becomes friends with Zane and realizes that she's attracted to him, will she able to distinguish what is real and what is just for show? I really enjoyed Sophie's character. She is not the typical girl a sexy, notorious surfer like Zane would fall for. That is what makes their relationship that much more intriguing. In the beginning, Zane isn't the least bit attracted to her. He thinks she's pleasant and definitely klutzy, but there's no insta-fireworks between them. It is through them spending time with one another and learning the others' personalities, that he really begins to see how beautiful she is inside and out. Zane has been plagued by years of feeling inadequate due to his overbearing father and Sophie is constantly encouraging him to go after what he wants. He begins to feel that he could never measure up to the kind of guy Sophie deserves and really battles over whether or not to engage in a relationship of any kind with her. I liked Zane too, even though I didn't really connect with his character. Some of his actions irritated me, but he is only doing what he thinks to be best, even at the cost of his own happiness. I just felt I didn't get quite enough from him until later in the novel. Their relationship is definitely a slow building one, which could be frustrating at times, as the sexual tension between them was definitely intense. I also really enjoyed Sophie and Honor's friendship. I am hoping Bielman will write Honor's story next and there is definitely some history between her and Zane's good friend, Bryce. I enjoyed this one- it was just the light-hearted, fun read I needed- I just wish I could have been perched on a beach myself while reading!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
When I saw the name Robin Bielman I knew right off that this was going to be a sweet, funny, romantic read and I was not disappointed. The characters are likeable and I do like it when the Brainy girl gets the jock. Curl up in a comfy spot with a warm drink and escape with Keeping Mr. Right Now  A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Sophie needs to let her hair down a little. Instead of looking for Mr. Right, she needs some time with Mr. Right Now. Living in Montana, she takes an assignment/vacation to sunny California to oversee the Surf Fanatic Film Festival. This is where she meets Zane Hollander, sexy, gorgeous surf pro. Zane needs to clean up his reputation if he wants to be the ambassador to Surf Help Exchange, a non-profit organization promoting humanitarian, clean water, and natural healing efforts around the world. Will Sophie agree to accompany Zane to a few public appearances in exchange for getting more business for her company? Great story with fabulous characters! Bryce, Danny, and Honor were fantastic secondary characters. Sophie is full of surprises. Zane had no clue what he would awaken inside little Ms. Wholesome Montana. I loved her character growth throughout the story. The issues Zane had were a little more difficult to navigate. Robin Bielman writes fantastic contemporary romance and I'm always wearing a smile at the end of her books! Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
**A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review** Sophie has never been to the beach. She is completely out of her element at a film festival in White Strand Cove. While at a surf lesson, she meets Zane, the world’s possibly sexist surfer. But what could this surfer see in a ditzy land lubber such as her? Sophie and Zane are the couple who make you root for them. Sophie is one of the book types and very shy and Zane is a bodysurfer who is a playboy with the ladies. Zane had made sort of a mess of things in the past but recently he has cleaned up his life and has everything “coming up roses” so to speak but his paths cross with Ms Sophie. Sophie is somewhat socially awkward- she is not graceful and she has never seen the ocean. She takes pleasure in the simple things. Zane finds that her lack of guile wonderful, and that she has something that is drawing him in. Zane finds that she sees the “real” Zane, not the public image or the face he presents to the women he dates. . The road the characters take in ths book is perfect; the sexual build-up was hot. And I loved the ending. I really hope to read more from this author. She writes such vivid scenes that make me feel as though I am right there. My rating: 4 stars **** 
Megz_0711 More than 1 year ago
I really loved this book. It was a nice weekend romantic read and kept me interested the entire time, you just can't help but fall in love with the characters. Zane is one of those guys that women dream about. Even though he's a professional surfer, he's never forgotten where he comes from and he never forgets his fans; especially the children. Every time a child came up to him my heart melted. He's just (for the most part) and all around good guy that any girl would love to bring home to her parents.  Okay so the story starts out with Sophie who is on a business trip/personal life changing trip. She is determined to start living her life and doing things for her and on that list is surfing. Zane is an amazing professional surfer who needs to help improve his playboy imagine and focus on getting a position with the company S.H.E. And while on vacation these two are the perfect match to help one another.  However, what these two don't expect to happen is develop feelings for one another. Especially, not only do they live completely different lifestyles, but also live thousands of miles away from each other. But that doesn't stop feelings from arising and watching the way these two progress through the book is very entertaining. Sophie begins to show a side of her that she has always wanted and loves the new her and Sophie is bringing out a side in Zane that he was missing.  I loved every moment of this book. Especially the ending. I had way to many awww moments and again Zane just made my heart melt. I would highly recommend this book as a nice quick weekend read to just having something sweet and romantic as well as watching characters find their ways in life and watching them grow. 
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
My thoughts: Zane Hollander stood in profile a few feet away. Sophie's breath caught. Up close, he looked like he'd been carved from the most glorious, most gorgeous stone on the planet. His blond hair was straight, on the longer side and sticking up in GQ messiness. Square jaw, high cheekbones, perfect nose. Then he turned and pierced her with ice-blue eyes that knocked her off-balance. Literally. She tripped over her own feet and face-planted right into the sand. KEEPING MR. RIGHT NOW by Robin Bielman is a sweet and sizzling contemporary romance. It was solely responsible for my book hangover the following morning as I stayed up past 3am finishing it; I also wore a silly smile through-out the next day because this book gave me a major case of the warm fuzzies, a known-to-be-common affliction from reading Robin's books. :-) KEEPING MR. RIGHT NOW is the spicy story of opposites Zane Hollander and Sophie Birch. I fell in love with both of them! My full review has been posted to Reading Between The Wines Book Club.
CherylS62 More than 1 year ago
Ms. Bielman writes believable, true-to-life characters that jump off the page and sweep you along with their story. From their first meeting, you are rooting for Zane and Sophie to have a future together. This beautiful, heart-felt romance was wonderfully written. I was sad to see it end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Super-sexy surfer hero? Check. Adorable heroine? Check. Chemistry, dreamy setting, happy ending? Check, check, check. I am a big fan of Robin Bielman and this book is my favorite of hers so far. A little sexy, a lot sweet, I enjoyed turning the pages and falling in love right alongside Zane and Sophie, two externally different people with commonalities tucked away inside their hearts. Great romantic read!