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Killer Temptation

by Avery Flynn

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Security expert Tony Falcon has never had a problem keeping his distance from his clients—until now. When his murder investigation leads him to a feisty fashionista in need of a bodyguard, he realizes he may have met his match. Going undercover as Sylvie's boyfriend might be his best chance at catching the criminals who killed his best friend, but soon his attraction to her—and the danger she's in—has him wondering if solving the case is worth it...

Sylvie Bissette has a closely guarded secret—she's the woman behind a must-read blog for fashionistas everywhere. When an internet troll discovers her secret identity and escalates from stalking her to threatening her life, she turns to Tony for help. The sexy investigator from the other side of the tracks is the olive oil to her Evian water and aggravates her to no end. But if they want to find her revenge-obsessed stalker before Sylvie ends up with a literal knife in the back, they'll have to learn to work together.

Each book in the Killer Style series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Killer Temptation
Book #2 Killer Attraction
Book #3 Killer Charm
Book #4 Killer Seduction

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ISBN-13: 9781622662098
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 01/27/2014
Series: Killer Style , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 184,961
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

When Avery Flynn isn't writing about alpha heroes and the women who tame them, she is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. She has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and has a slight shoe addiction. If you figure out how to send Oreos through the Internet, she'll be your best friend for life.

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High-Heeled Wonder

A Killer Style Novel

By Avery Flynn, Stephen Morgan, Nina Bruhns

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Avery Flynn
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-209-8


"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."

— Marilyn Monroe

Harbor City, New York

Sylvie Bissette squeezed her arms tight around her middle in a vain attempt to halt the inevitable. She was going to puke all over her sister's wedding dress right here in the bride's dressing room at St. Basil's. Anya would never forgive her, especially since she was swathed in the ivory gown their fathers had designed.

Too bad it was too late.

Clamping her hand over her mouth, Sylvie twisted away from her baby sister and clenched her jaw tight enough to crack a tooth. She sucked in a deep breath through her teeth until her lungs were the size of the Goodyear blimp, then exhaled slow and controlled. What little stomach lining remained after she'd guzzled whisky like water last night burned and twisted.

God, if you're listening, let me get through this and I swear I'll stick to my regular glass of white wine. Two max. Okay, three, but no more, I promise.

Her red eyes itched. She hadn't passed out with her contacts in and her shoes on since college. All that had changed a mere twelve hours ago at the rehearsal dinner when she'd gotten lost on her way to the bathroom and found her boyfriend of two years going down on a waiter.

The images still played in her head like a movie she couldn't turn off. Daniel begging her to listen. The other man zipping his black pants closed. Daniel blathering, "... other brokers wouldn't understand ... up for a big promotion ... never meant to hurt you ..." Weaving through the throngs of rehearsal guests. Swiping the biggest bottle of Glenlivet XXV single malt on the bar and hollering over her shoulder to charge it to her room. The first swig burning its way down her throat. The thirtieth swig barely causing a flinch. Hoisting the bottle high and toasting the scorched carcass of her love life and wondering how a woman raised by two fathers had missed the fact that her long-term boyfriend was gay.

No shit, Sherlock.

Blinking away the images as another wave of nausea slammed into her, Sylvie locked her gaze on her sister.

"What is going on with you today?" Annoyance sharpened Anya's voice as she fluffed her spectacular boobs until they nearly spilled out of the strapless wedding gown. Anya and their fathers, Anton Bissette and Henry Collins, turned their gazes toward her. Anya held up a hand and addressed Henry's frowning disapproval. "I know, I know. I'm not supposed to say anything about her being weird for some mysterious reason, but come on. She has got to pull it together. It's my big day."

Sylvie fought down another attack of bile. Squeezing her eyes shut, she promised to give away her Hermes Kelly Bag if the minister could just hurry up and get here already so they could start the damn wedding.

"First you locked Daniel out of your hotel room last night," Anya persisted. "You totally clammed up when anyone asked why. And now you look positively green." Her eyes widened. "You're not gonna ... Oh my God! Get away from me!" With the kind of ninja acrobatics known only to bridezillas and squirmy three-year-olds, Anya flew out of the way just in time.

The indoor Meyer lemon tree wasn't so lucky.

"Well, no one will be making lemonade for a while." Henry picked up the three-foot-tall tree in its urn with the same ease he hauled around bolts of fabric and hefted it out to the hall.

"Are you okay, sweetums?" Anton rubbed the small of Sylvie's back in solid little circles, returning her to the days when eating too many licorice drops caused all her stomach aches.

What she wouldn't give for that to be the source of her pain at age thirty-two. Looking into her father's sweet brown eyes, all scrunched up with concern, she almost told him everything. Then an ivory cloud floated down beside her.

"I'm sorry," Anya said. "I'm acting like a total bitch. How can I help?" She pressed a soft, cool cloth to Sylvie's clammy forehead.

The truth was, none of them could help and she sure as hell wouldn't be the one to ruin her sister's wedding day by announcing that Daniel preferred buff waiters to his own busty girlfriend. She managed a shaky smile. "How about a glass of water? I'll touch up my makeup, pop a mint, and be ready to strut my short self down the aisle."

Henry, Anton, and Anya all looked skeptical, but acceded without an argument. After twenty years as a family, they knew each other too well by now to waste time beating their heads against a wall. Anya would always be the life of the party and the eternal optimist. Her fathers would forever worry about their little girls and try to fix their problems like they would a torn seam. And as for her, well, she'd ever be Sylvie the Bulldog — and she had the hand-painted coffee mug to prove it.

Anton smoothed her bright yellow chiffon bridesmaid's dress, his long fingers warming the material. "Honey, if this is about that weirdo who keeps e-mailing, you really should know that Henry and I —"

"Are worried, I know." She took several cleansing breaths. She'd been practicing yoga breathing a lot the last few months, what with all of Daniel's late nights at the office. "But the guy is just some Internet troll who gets his kicks from frightening people. Even the cops agreed. They said to be cautious, but that most of the time these creeps needed the anonymity of the Internet and never take action offline."

"But he sounds so unhinged." Her father twisted the filmy chiffon of her dress in his hands.

After worshiping at the altar of Dior for decades, Anton would never torment fabric unless he was practically beside himself with worry.

She grasped his nervous fingers and squeezed. "Don't get caught up in this nut job's whole 'shut down your blog or face the consequences' shtick. He's probably some guy living in his mom's basement, eating cereal in his stained underwear."

"How can you be so sure?"

Her stomach gurgled. "No one knows who the High-Heeled Wonder is. I've used countermeasures to hide my identity and protect myself — and you and Henry — from any backlash from people unhappy with the site. We're all completely safe."

"But we still worry."

"I know, and you wouldn't be you if you weren't in a tizzy about something, but I changed the locks, got some mace, and promise never to walk down dark alleys alone." She wrapped her arms around Anton's narrow shoulders and pulled him close. "The troll will get bored eventually and leave me alone."

"Still, I think we should talk —"

A sharp rap on the door cut off Anton. "The minister is here," a muffled voice came through the thick oak. "We can get started whenever you're ready."

"Thank God," Anya huffed. "I'm so nervous, I was ready to start downing champagne."

Fifteen minutes later, Sylvie stood at the front of St. Basil's and watched her little sister prepare to glide down the aisle to her groom. Henry linked his arm through one of Anya's and Anton did the same on the other side. Anya's olive skin glowed. Her blond hair had been swept into a complicated knot, highlighting the tiny emerald pins woven into her golden tresses. Her fashionable fathers were decked out to perfection, right down to the perma-grin on each of their faces. The three of them were the picture of happiness.

Sylvie hoped with all her heart that Anya's fairy tale would turn out a whole lot better than hers had been. And if it didn't, she'd be the first in line to crack her soon-to-be brother-in-law upside the head.

From his post by the French doors leading to the Grand Hibiscus Hotel's rooftop garden, Tony Falcon kept an eye on the silent battle being fought on the dance floor. The pocket-sized sun-streaked brunette in a canary-yellow dress stood at least a foot shorter than the blond guy she was dancing with, but if this was Fight Club, he'd put his money on the firebrand.

"You watchin' this, T?" Cam Hardy's voice crackled through Tony's earpiece. "So I guess what everyone is saying about the boyfriend is true."

"Yep." Tony spotted his second-in-command across the room at his post on the edge of the dance floor. Cam was wearing a tux, just like Tony, so they could better blend in with the fashionistas and their hedge-fund husbands. It wouldn't do for security to stand out. By blending in, Tony and his team could gather intel about Sylvie Bissette's stalker ... and track down his partner's killer. One case he had been hired for; the other he was honor-bound to solve. That his new clients were the most viable suspects in his partner's murder just added another layer to the mystery.

"Man, if she's looking for a night of nasty rebound sex, I sure would be willing to sacrifice myself."

As would anyone who wasn't blind or dead. "Can it, Cam."

"Just sayin'."

"Maybe instead of saying it, you should be keeping a watch out for threats."

"Roger that."

Anton Bissette and Henry Collins, known in the fashion world as BC Designs, hired Maltese Security two weeks ago to look into some Internet crank threatening their adopted daughter, Sylvie. Or, to be more precise, threatening to harm the High-Heeled Wonder. Who, according to her fathers, were one and the same.

So he'd spent the past fourteen days learning everything he could about Sylvie, the five-foot-three-inch lemon drop who'd just fumbled a dance step, her stiletto grinding into her partner's toes. After reading her High-Heeled Wonder fashion blog on a daily basis since taking the case, intercepting her e-mail, and acting as her secret protector, Tony knew three important things about Sylvie. One, she had a biting sense of humor. Two, she wasn't afraid to use a bazooka on the fashion industry's sacred cows. Three, there was no way her misstep on the dance floor was any kind of accident. Nope, the sexy dynamo wrapped in a filmy yellow dress that hugged every one of her luscious curves wasn't the kind to back down from trouble. An admirable trait, but one that made his job of keeping her safe while sticking to the shadows that much harder.

Complicating things even further, he couldn't let anyone beyond his team know he was working the case — especially not the spitfire at the eye of the shit storm. Anton and Henry had been explicit on that point. It seemed their eldest daughter was dead set against a formal investigation. She figured the shithead behind the e-mails was all bark and no bite. The cops her fathers had insisted she talk to had agreed with her assessment. Rather than beat their heads against a wall, her fathers had turned to him behind her back.

The sneaking around was something he hated, but he couldn't turn down the opportunity to find out more about BC Design's inner workings and locate the drug source who'd put a hit out on the partner who'd practically been his brother. Tony would lie to the Pope himself to avenge Keith's death.

Tony scanned the crowd for signs of trouble, but the only danger he saw was the distinct possibility of Sylvie clocking her dance partner. Hell, he'd met rabid pit bulls with more love in their eyes than she had at that moment.

No one around the couple even pretended to watch the bride or the other bridal party members during the first dance. Gossip about Sylvie catching her boyfriend on his knees had run like wildfire through the who's who of fashion royalty at the wedding. Clacking fingers texting on cell phones had nearly drowned out the minister when he'd said, "I now pronounce you man and wife."

The violin's last strains faded away and the wedding party strolled off the fishbowl of a dance floor. Everyone except Sylvie. She strutted off, her saint-tempting hips swaying. Right toward Tony.

Fuck. His shoulder muscles tightened and something that felt too much like anticipation tugged his spine straighter.

But without even a glance his way, she brushed past him and hightailed it out the French doors and into the garden. Daniel, the ill-fated boyfriend, followed, fury burning in his beady eyes.

Time to nip this in the bud before the gossips really got an eyeful and his clients' daughter ended up in the tabloids for starting a brawl at the fashion world's wedding of the year. Or worse, before whoever was behind the escalating threats decided the ensuing commotion of a full-on screaming match would be the perfect opportunity to strike.

Tony stepped forward to block Daniel's path. "I don't think so."

A film of sweat coated the peach fuzz on Daniel's upper lip. "That's my girlfriend."

"She doesn't look like she wants to talk to you right now." Tony crossed his arms and dusted off his most intimidating don't-fuck-with-me cop face, one of the few things he had taken with him when he left the force.

"But —"

"Look, I'm not moving, and if you try to get past me, you'll end up on your ass. Give the lady some space."

Anger, dark and intense, flashed across Daniel's face. Then he smoothed it away with a deep exhale. His gaze zoomed in on the earbud in Tony's ear. "Fine. I have to go anyway, to let Anton and Henry know the hired help is getting mouthy."

"Yeah, I'm sure they can't wait to talk to you," he shot back at the man's fast retreating form.

Giving his second-in-command a quick nod, Tony stepped outside into the late-spring evening.

Sylvie stood alone by the ledge with her back to him. Wisps of honey- brown hair had escaped her clips, the strands cascading across her dark olive skin in waves. Her stick-straight spine and pointed chin, daring the world to take its best shot, were gone. Daniel and the gossiping glitterati had sucked the fight right out of her. He hated them for that.

He should let her be, so she could put herself back to rights. Hadn't he invaded her privacy enough already? But he just couldn't do the right thing. Now, wasn't that the story of his life?

He strode over to her, pocketing the earpiece connecting him with Cam and the rest of the team. That idiot Daniel had spotted it and he couldn't take the chance Sylvie would, too.

Clearing his throat, he stopped an arm's length away so he wouldn't spook her. "Are you going to jump or are you thinking of tossing someone over?"

"Definitely the latter." She sighed and turned toward him. "I suppose it was too much to hope the world wouldn't find out about Daniel right away."


The tension softened from her face and she tossed back her head, letting loose with a booming laugh. "Groom's side?"

Tony gulped and looked behind him, searching for a way to answer without lying.

"We haven't met so I know you're not the bride's side. Sorry to throw you." Smiling, she stuck out her hand. "Sylvie Bissette."

His hand enveloped hers and he couldn't take his eyes off her sweet, pink lips. They'd been maddening to watch through binoculars. Up close they offered as many temptations as there were sexual positions. Fighting through the mind-meld that her touch had caused, he let go and shoved his tingling hand into his pocket. "Tony Falcon. Are you doing okay?"

She stared down at her hand dangling in the air between them, a flush climbing her cleavage that rose and fell in a fast rhythm. Before he had a chance to utter another word, she transformed, straightening her spine and plastering on a bland, society-approved smile.

"Thank you for asking. I'm just perfectly peachy. Sure, I just found out I've been an unknowing beard for the past two years so my boyfriend could advance at his Wall Street firm. Wall Street types can't be gay it seems. Who knew?" Her above-it-all façade crumbled. "How could I have missed that? I grew up with two fathers. I know more gay guys than straight. How in the world did I overlook the fact that my boyfriend doesn't play for my team? God, who else in the world is lying their ass off?"

The earpiece burned a hole in Tony's pocket and guilt about his own part in this farce squeezed a kidney. "Some people are good at hiding things."

She rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Isn't that the truth."

The setting sun outlined her curves, putting a soft glow in her tawny hair, but that wasn't what got to him. It was the unshed tears watering her green eyes that socked him in the gut.

She swiped the back of her hand across her cheek and looked up at him through her thick lashes. "Sorry. Here I am rambling like an idiot. I promise I'm not a total whacko who spills her guts to every hot guy she meets." Her eyes widened and her cheeks turned pink, too. "Okay, obviously I've lost my internal censor. Ignore that last bit."

He grinned. "Are you kidding? My ego is going to feed off of that for years. I wouldn't forget it even if you paid me a million dollars."

"That's not much of a starting point for negotiation." The sparkle returned to her jewel-colored eyes.

"If I remember my Negotiations 101 correctly, you're supposed to make a counteroffer."

Her glossy lips parted and her breath hitched.


Excerpted from High-Heeled Wonder by Avery Flynn, Stephen Morgan, Nina Bruhns. Copyright © 2014 Avery Flynn. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Killer Temptation 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
High-Heeled Wonder starts every chapter with a famous quote about shoes or fashion. Gilda Radner’s and Dorothy Parker’s are my favorites, offering true words to live by. All of them add to the story. Sylvie Bissette is the author of the blog, The High-Heeled Wonder. She scored a recent coup by dishing up dirt on a few fashionistas. Then the threats started. Her fathers, who are in the fashion business, hire Tony Falcon to be her bodyguard. He has another reason to accept the job. His best friend, who was his former partner on the police force was murdered. Tony believes the killer is linked to Sylvie’s dads, but keeps his suspicions to himself. She doubts anything serious will happen to her, but after a close shave with a car and a stolen laptop, she relents. She decides to own the investigation and help Tony. She’s offended plenty of designers, but two names float to the top of the list. Sparks begin to fly between them as they close in on her enemies. After finding out he suspects one of her dads of murder, she leaves. Without protection, she strays into her stalker’s trap. Will Tony uncover the plot in time to save Sylvie? The author appealed to the movie buff in me. Tony’s company is named Maltese and his last name is Falcon. He’s searching for his partner’s murderer. In doing so, he uncovers an even bigger criminal and more sinister plots. In the movie, The Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade gets much more than he bargained for too.  “When a man’s partner is killed, he’s supposed to do something about it.” Tony’s obsession leads him to Sylvie and he almost loses her, literally and figuratively, in the process. The stalker’s motive is realistic. Being at the pinnacle of fashion gossip is quite an ego boost for Sylvie. Many would love to have the contacts and the access to designers. This shines a light on the growing influence of anonymous blogs in all facets of life and industries. Reviews can make or break businesses and some owners haven’t acquired the necessary thick skin. The Internet collects every thought and barb. There will be some personal ramifications. Revenge is a primal urge and makes a worthwhile story. Mary Jo Burke
MistyDietz More than 1 year ago
What I loved most of all about this book was its originality. It wasn't like anything else I've read with its immersion in the fashion world. The sassy, colorful cast made me feel like I was plopped down in a melded episode of What Not To Wear meets Castle. The chemistry between Sylvie and Tony was the highlight, though the mystery element was definitely there in spades. I would think the villain would be one person, only to find out I was wrong. I love that! Not the first novel I've read of Ms. Flynn's and it definitely won't be the last. :)
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
(3 1/2 stars) This was a quick, light read. Avery Flynn writes with a quirky, breezy style that is a lot of fun to read--more than once her sense of humor here made me smile. Sylvie and Tony are both very likable characters, and I loved the fashion-themed quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Altogether fun! However, both the mystery and the romance of the novel were a bit shortchanged (maybe a longer book would fix this?), and the pacing overall was somewhat uneven. The villain's big reveal had the feel of a mustache-twirling cartoon character's, and it was hard to take it seriously. We got our HEA in the end, but again, it was all on the quick side. Still, I really enjoyed Ms. Flynn's style of writing and will definitely be on the lookout for more from her in the future. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
ZumbaMami More than 1 year ago
Bogie Meets Gracie Lou Freebush and they make it work. Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Then purchased the book for my private library. Sylvie Bissette was the mastermind behind the popular, High Heeled Wonder, a blog that exposed all of the fashion industry’s dirty little, and not so little, secrets. Her scoops garnered her huge fan base, the ire of both a magazine’s editor-in-chief and a self-absorbed, talentless designer and her very own cyberstalker. This troll indicated he/she would stop at nothing to reveal Sylvie’s identity and take down her blog. After a very public attempt on her life, she relented to having Tony Falcon, former cop turned security expert, pose as her boyfriend to discover who was threatening her. At the same time, he was trying to track down the criminals who killed his best friend. Tony, who never had a problem maintaining his distance from his charges, met his match in feisty Sylvie, who was determined to “help” with the investigation. As the threats against Sylvie escalated, so did Tony’s innate need to protect her. The more time they spent together, the more problematic their mutual attraction became. When they finally gave in to temptation, it culminated in a fully clothed, sultry exploration that only heightened their appetite for each other. Clues were pieced together to deduce the identity of the perpetrator, while Sylvie and Tony continued to become close. He narrowed down the list of suspects. Unfortunately, that list included people Sylvie cared deeply for. Hell-bent on retribution, yet blinded by hurt, Tony uttered one of the most touching boy-loses-girl lines “You’re going to hate me later. You will and when you do, promise you’ll give me the chance to fix it,” as he broke Sylvie’s heart – along with his own. Like a delightful visit to Imelda Marcos’ legendary shoe closet, High Heeled Wonder, took readers on a sexy, chick lit ride worthy of early Helen Fielding or Sophie Kinsella. Additionally, Avery Flynn added classic thriller plot twists, thrills and surprises. Her characters were multilayered, balanced and intelligent. Sylvie was a fully developed, professional woman who overcame a tragic childhood and Tony was the wounded alpha, with a heart of gold, who needed her to begin to heal. A colorful and motley crew of secondary characters - their families, friends, and coworkers, provided further action, suspense and comic relief. Both my inner fashionista and nerd girl appreciated the references to the fashion industry, as well as, the nod to Doctor Who and the gaming world. High Heeled Wonder earns an old-school, Men on Film, two-snaps in Z-Formation and my recommendation as a great book to curl up with on a cold winter’s day. I look forward to Ms. Flynn’s next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cute read with a little intrigue
DComfort More than 1 year ago
Four Romp Stars! Contemporary Erotic Romance Release: January 21, 2014 ABOUT THE BOOK: Sylvie Bissette may be one of Harbor City’s youngest glitterati, but only her best friends know her most closely guarded secret. She’s the woman behind The High-Heeled Wonder, a must-read blog for fashionistas everywhere. Gossip, fashion advice, exposés. Too bad some people can’t take a little criticism. When an internet troll discovers her secret identity and escalates from stalking her to threatening her life, Sylvie turns to security expert Tony Falcon for help. The investigator from the other side of the tracks is the olive oil to her Evian water and aggravates her to no end, but it’s not just her temper he’s inciting... Tony Falcon wouldn't know a kitten heel from a tabby cat, but since most of the bad guys he tracks down aren't wearing stilettos, it's never been a problem...until he meets Sylvie. When a murder investigation leads him to the same place Sylvie works, he realizes the feisty fashionista may be his best chance at catching the criminals who killed his best friend. It all leads back to the cut-throat fashion world. But solving that case means going after the people Sylvie cares about, and soon his attraction for her—and the danger she’s in—has him wondering if solving the case is worth hurting the woman he can’t stop fantasizing about… When Sylvie’s almost run over in broad daylight, Tony goes undercover as her boyfriend to infiltrate the close-knit fashion community. And when they discover Sylvie’s stalker may be linked to Tony’s own investigation, what started as a simple plan to find his friend’s killers turns into a hot bed of secrets and revelations. In a world full of overblown egos and dog-eat-dog ambition, Tony and Sylvie must work together to find her revenge-obsessed stalker before Sylvie ends up with a literal knife in the back. MY REVIEW: I completely spaced on writing a review on this, and I have no idea why! This book was totally cute, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The whole undercover, mastermind of fashion blogs turned potentially deadly is something new and engaging for readers in the market. I loved how well everything turned about, how the reader is kept constantly guessing “who done it” and how much chemistry exploded between Sylvie and Tony. This is a read you won’t be able to put down, one you’ll want to read over and over again. It’s definitely made me a fan. Get it today!
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Sylvie's two dads were famous in the fashion world.   Sylvie was anonymously famous as the blogger "High-Heeled Wonder" or at least that's what she thought until someone outed her.  That's when the threats started and in walks Tony Falcon, the owner of Maltese Security.  Sylvie wants Tony and makes no secret about it. Tony wants her too but he's got ulterior motives for accepting the job. This is a who-done-it kind of story. The setting is fantastic.  The fashion industry is full of petty jealousy and assistants willing to tell secrets for the right price.  Tons of action! Tony Falcon is a great character! I love how Sylvie knew what she wanted and went after it.  All around a fantastic story with plenty of mystery.  Looking forward to reading more from this talented author. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Right from the beginning I got pulled into the story. My little girlie girl heart skipped a few beats as fashion, great shoes, and hot guys were woven together to tell a tale of love and mystery and danger. In this story you've got a woman who has risen to success on her own merit, a man who is hell bent on righting a wrong, a pair of fathers who are determined to keep their little girl safe, and a stack of jealous and bitter fashionistas who can't help but bring extra drama to the mix. Add in a little bridezilla and a psycho and you've got a great tale that is sure to entertain for hours!! And great shoes, don't forget the shoes! Donna Cheatle
Lynn53 More than 1 year ago
A  Sexy Read You Won't Want to Miss Rating: 4 1/2 stars I received a copy of this book from the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way. Sylvie Bissette has quite the hangover. Tony Falcon is an observer at a wedding reception when someone catches his attention. Avery had me hooked by the end of the first chapter. But I do have a question for our author; did I catch a hidden movie reference? You’ll have to see if you don’t see the same thing I do. Each chapter starts with some interesting quotes by those in fashion or who are known for their fashion sense. Avery must have spent a lot of time finding just the perfect quote to go with each chapter. This is one thing that always impresses me about the authors. Some readers don’t seem to realize the amount of work involved because all they see is the finished product. This book has a couple of things that will get your blood pumping. One is the physical attraction between Tony and Sylvie. Our couple also gets hot and heavy - some of their scenes get pretty graphic. And the second is the mystery and suspense that draws these two characters together. I don’t usually follow the fashion blogs but Sylvie has piqued my interest as to what she talks about with her followers. But you don’t have to like following fashionista blogs to like this book either. The only thing you’ll find missing in this book are pictures but you can take care of that by using your mind’s eye. One thing I’ve learned is to make sure that you read all the way to the end. If you don’t then sometimes you miss some interesting things. In this case, our author has a request and if you’re creative enough maybe you can accommodate her. Then I’d be interested to know how you did it. My recommendation is that you get this book. It’s a mystery/suspense that has just the right amount of romance and sex. You can complete the book in just a couple of days. And after you finish reading this book, you may decide to see what else Avery has to offer.
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
HIGH-HEELED WONDER was crazy good!!! Never reading Avery Flynn's work before I didn't know what to expect and I have to say I was impressed. She is definitely on my must-read auto-buy author's list from now on. Her story line was well-paced, had more that one surprise and I'm not easily fooled. The writing flowed smoothly and includes great dialogue with plenty of humor and very witty banter. Her characters were well-developed and believable, the sexual chemistry and tension between Tony and Sylvie was palpitable, steamy, teasingly delicious, and when they touched it was OMG, it's getting hot in here!! HHW was a thrill ride from start to finish in more ways than one and I could not put down this book until it was done. Sylvie Bissette was a blogger who hid behind the moniker "High-Heeled Wonder" and exposed dirty little secrets within the fashion industry. She was hugely popular with her fan base but not so much with designers, models, and magazine editors. Someone begins cyber-stalking her and making threats, eventually making an outright attempt on her life. Her two fathers, also in the fashion industry, convince her to accept protection from Tony Falcon, sexy and gorgeous former cop turned security expert. But she only allows it under her terms, he must pose as her boyfriend while trying to discover who was threatening her and allow her to participate in the investigation. Sylvie is a very independent woman and definitely no pushover which at many times in the story makes life very hard for Tony. While protecting Sylvie, Tony is also trying to track down the criminals who killed his best friend. As a matter of fact that is what lead him to her case. He tries really hard to keep a professional distance, but as the threats escalate their time together increases and she becomes harder and harder for him to resist. It doesn't help that Sylvie is just as attracted to him and sees no reason why she shouldn't indulge herself. And frankly, that Alpha man never stood a chance against a woman who knew what she wanted and just how to get it, but the struggle between their two strong wills was certainly a pleasure to read!! Ms. Flynn also gives her readers a great cast of secondary characters to fill out and balance the story as well as add to the mystery. Definite possibilities for a sequel, but either way whatever she publishes next, I'm on that! This book is more than worth my five star rating. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it!! *I received this ARC ebook from Ignite Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
BeautyMuse4u2 More than 1 year ago
Trouble starts when Sylvie Bissette "ruffles some feathers" in the fashion industry while writing her "High Heeled Wonder" blog! Fearing a stalker and danger for their adopted daughter, Sylvie's fathers who are also in the fashion business hire Maltese Security owner Tony Falcon to look out for her safety. Sylvie, unaware of this meets Tony by chance at her sister's wedding......You can feel an arousing energy from the moment they meet! As the story unfolds you'll experience deceit, adventure, danger, uncertainty, and a crescendo of sensual passion that will make it impossible to put this book down! A perfect read from cover to cover!
PurdueLiz More than 1 year ago
This book is a wonderful blend of sexy romance and intriguing mystery. I was easily caught up in rooting for Sylvie and Tony to get together despite the things holding them back. They were hot, hot, hot together. Loved the suspense aspect and got very caught up in trying to figure out the "whoddunit". A great read!
ytaylor More than 1 year ago
This book was not short of action, and a who's who of characters.Sylvie has so much going on. Getting threats, and now someone may be out to kill her.Tony walks into her life. At first she thinks that it was by chance, then she's not so sure. They finallydecide to team up to get to the bottom of it. Can they find out who the killer is before the killer gets to them?I don't want to give anything away, but this book had one of the most suspenseful endings I have read. It was so well written, and I could not put this book down. You WILL NOT be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The title alone, HIGH HEELED WONDER creates in my head a scene of a woman happily skipping along the street wearing  beautiful high heels. She is smiling and this makes me smile, too! Avery Flynn has created a joyful and spirited love story  between fashion blogger Sylvie Bissette and security company owner Tony Falcon, who is hired to protect her. AND unbeknownst  to her, he is also investigating Sylvie’s Fathers’ company to find out who killed his former partner. There is suspense, humor, bravery and lots of wonderful romance and love in this book. One of Avery Flynn’s wonderful additions is the quote she puts at  the beginning of each chapter. My favorite one is “Bravery never goes out of fashion” – William Makepiece Thackery. This quote fits every aspect of the story. Read the book to find this quote! 
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
My E-Reader Was Smokin' !!!!!!!                                                                                             An erotic who-done-it featuring sinister shenanigans in the fashion world. I never imagined the behind the scenes mysterious craziness. I was awestruck by the heated chemistry between Sylvie and Tony which veritably sizzled! My e-reader was smokin' with the hotness of these two! I loved the humor as I caught myself laughing out loud multiple times. LOL! This is definitely not a boring read! A Beyond-Very-Good Erotic Read!!!!!! 4 1/2 stars!
Romance-Junkie1 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book for an honest review.   I have a hard time reviewing books.  I can tell people I really liked (or hated) a book.  But I have a hard time putting into words WHY I like a book.  I don't do book summaries.  You can get that from the book blurb or numerous other reviews. So, here it goes.... I LOVED this book.  It has it all - humor, suspense, action, and chemistry!!  It is a fun read that kept me up.  There are several surprising twists along the way.  And just when you think it's winding up, it doesn't.  But that doesn't make the story drag out or seem too made up.  It just sucks you in even more. Sylvie and Tony are down to earth likeable characters.  They are flawed and real.  The secondary characters are also well-written and add much to the story with their relationships with the main characters.  Ms. Flynn has created an entire cast you would like to know better. (Well, most of them, anyway.) A totally enjoyable read.  I can't wait to see what's in store for the next one!!
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
This is funny, mystery/romance  that combine fashion and mystery. Sylvie is a fashion blogger, who is the adopted daughter of famous designers. She has attracted a stalker, and her fathers have hired a bodyguard Tony to protect her. The plot is funny, fast-paced, and  engaging. But it is much closer to a genre than a traditional romance. Enjoyable but not really my thing.  I received a free copy for an honest review.
D-Evans More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading High-Heeled Wonder, by Avery Flynn. Writing romantic suspense is difficult because of the careful balance between the love story and the suspense plot. Adding humor without making the story into a slapstick tale is close to impossible. Avery weaves the romance, the suspense, and the humor perfectly.  The hero and heroine have amazing chemistry and the secondary characters are hilarious. I thought I’d figured out the mystery, but the story contained fun subplots and completely unexpected twists. She had me guessing until the end.  My favorite line? “Good friends call. Great friends catch the red eye.” In addition to the references to the fashion world in the story, Avery adds characters who love video games. Although I am not a fashionista, I love gaming and she added enough detail to make it a fun side story. Keep writing, Avery. You were the best part of my children’s snow days. *COPY PROVIDED BY THE PUBLISHER IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I want to go shopping now! Sylvie and Tony were a blast to read. I really enjoyed the banter between both the hero and heroine. The book had a great twist at the end *shush* that I won't mention here. AND- the heat between both characters sizzled off the pages. All in all, I would read another Sylvie adventure in a heart beat. I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Wow! High-Heeled Wonder is a fast-paced, sexy, suspenseful read. Sylvie is a fashion blogger who has attracted a stalker. Tony is an ex-cop security guard hired to keep her safe, and take down her stalker. This is well-written, engaging read that will keep you turning the pages with it's witty dialogue, fantastic descriptions, unexpected plot twists and larger than life characters. I'm excited to read the next in the series and highly recommend High-Heeled Wonder and the Fab Avery Flynn to everyone!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderfully written witty, sexy and adventurous story that will have you staying up way too late to finish it. Great pace, characters and storyline. I highly recommend this for everyone.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
What a great romantic suspense set in the fashion industry. This book had everything in a story that I look for – snarky dialogue, lots of heat, a great mystery, and a sexy hero and strong heroine who just can’t deny the sparks that are between them. As the un-named person behind the popular High-Heeled Wonder fashion blog, Sylvie Bissette tells it like she sees it in the fashion industry – not worried about making and keeping friends since she hides behind her High-Heeled Wonder persona. When Sylvie begins receiving threats directed at her through her blog, she doesn’t think too much about them. But when those threats escalate and someone tries to run her down in the road, she is forced to hire protection to keep her, and the secret of her identity, safe. Tony Falcon retired from the police force after his best friend and partner was killed in the line of duty. After opening his own personal security firm, he has continued to pursue leads to bring his partner’s killers to justice…and his investigation has lead him to the door of the design house that Sylvie’s adoptive fathers run. With a series of manipulations, Tony gets himself hired by Sylvie as her bodyguard, but when Sylvie insists that Tony pose as her boyfriend, Tony finds he not only has to protect Sylvie from her stalker, but he also has to find a way to protect himself from the undeniable attraction that sets off sparks every time Tony and Sylvie are near one another. When the investigation heats up and truths are told, Tony finds that it’s not only Sylvie’s life that is on the line, but his heart is on the line as well. I just loved Tony, from his Italian heritage to his sexy, alpha ways. “What is with you and food?” “I’m Italian.” He shrugged. “Eat.” The dialogue between Tony and Sylvie had me laughing out loud at times and the heat between the two was steamy. Sylvie was great, finding strength when her past had left her a bit broken, giving back just as good as she got when it came to Tony. She was fiercely loyal and protective of those she loved, but has come realize that sometimes you have to reach out and grab for what you want – and it didn’t hurt that what she wanted was Tony! The secondary characters in the book were great. From the flamboyance of Sylvie’s fathers, to the fierce protectiveness of Sylvie’s sister Anya and her friend Drea. Tony’s team also had a great set of characters, and I hope we get to learn more about them all in another book (or books!) All in all, a fun, quick read that had wonderful characters and a great plot, with enough twists to keep me guessing and turning the pages right to the end. I received and eARC from the publisher for an honest review.
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
This was a quick, easy read, yet another successful book out from Entangled. I’m so glad to be as involved with them as I am. Sylvie is a great woman with an interesting job – she blogs about the fashion industry. That seems to be a growing profession in books, making a living writing a blog about something. This is at least the third book in the past year I’ve read with that as a profession. She’s got her sad history, and lordy it’s very sad. But she definitely grows over the course of this novel and it was a pleasure to see her realize where her boundaries had been set and then charge through them in pursuit of the man she’s falling in love with. Tony. Well, Tony. I don’t approve of the initial way he started slithering into her life (the real reason is revealed a good portion of the way through the book), but he didn’t let it stop him from actually stepping up and being the body guard it turned out that she needed. It’s hard not to love and respect a man who literally will throw himself in front of a moving vehicle to protect a girl, and Tony does just that. There was a lot of push and pull, but these two really needed each other to heal from past wounds. The thing that kept me from giving this five stars is the fact that I just didn’t feel the danger Sylvie was in. Oh sure, she dodged some bullets, has a break-in, and all that, but for some reason the suspense part just didn’t fly with me. On a nice note, I definitely didn’t guess who done it, and I always like that. I just wish I’d had more “heart in my throat” moments, gross as that sounds. Thankfully they get their happy ending and I’m curious to see what’s next in the series from Ms. Flynn! Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.