King Stephen and The Anarchy: Civil War and Military Tactics in Twelfth-Century Britain

King Stephen and The Anarchy: Civil War and Military Tactics in Twelfth-Century Britain

by Chris Peers


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The Anarchy, the protracted struggle between Stephen of Blois and the Empress Matilda for the English crown between 1135 and 1154, is often seen as a disastrous breakdown in one of the best-governed kingdoms of medieval Europe. But perhaps the impact of the conflict has been overstated, and its effect on the common people across the country is hard to judge. That is why Chris Peerss fresh study of this fascinating and controversial era is of such value. He describes each phase of this civil war, in particular the castles and sieges that dominated strategic thinking, and he sets the fighting in the context of the changing tactics and military systems of the twelfth century. His fresh account of this pivotal episode in the medieval history of England will be absorbing reading anyone who is keen to gain an insight into this period of English history and has a special interest in the practice of medieval warfare.

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ISBN-13: 9781473863675
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Publication date: 04/19/2018
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About the Author

Chris Peers is a leading expert on the history of ancient and medieval warfare and has written widely on the subject. He has contributed many articles to military history, wargaming and family history magazines, and his major publications include Warlords of China: 700BC-AD1662, Warrior Peoples of East Africa, Soldiers of the Dragon, The African Wars: Warriors and Soldiers of the Colonial Campaigns, Offa and the Mercian Wars: The Rise and Fall of the First Great English Kingdom, and Genghis Khan and the Mongol War Machine.

Table of Contents

List of Plates vi

List of Maps vii

Prologue: A Dynasty of Conquerors 1

Introduction: Scholars and Sources 4

Chapter 1 Stephen and the English Succession 8

Chapter 2 Disorder in the West Country 18

Chapter 3 A 'Land Full of Castles' 22

Chapter 4 The Armies of England 30

Chapter 5 Wales Liberated 52

Chapter 6 Scotland Resurgent 63

Chapter 7 The Battle of the Standard 73

Chapter 8 Matilda and Civil War in England 86

Chapter 9 Lincoln and its Aftermath 98

Chapter 10 Winchester and Oxford: The Turning Points 109

Chapter 11 Personal Ambition and Private War 118

Chapter 12 Succession and Anarchy in the North: Svein Asleifsson and the Earls of Orkney 127

Chapter 13 Henry Plantagenet 143

Conclusion: A Graveyard of Reputations? 152

Who Was Who in the 'Anarchy' 157

Bibliography 173

Index 175

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