Kung Fu: The Master

Kung Fu: The Master

by Vernon Kitabu Turner




Kung Fu: The Master was originally published in the 1970s, and was praised for its meaningful prose and diverse range of topics. It has been out of print for more than thirty years, so why re-release it now? As it turns out, people are still seeking it out, with some paying as much as $200 for a copy that's still in good condition. The 2020 extended edition of Kung Fu: The Master contains all of the poetry from the original book, as well as a section of new poems by the author.

Kung Fu: The Master is a book of human feeling, experience and creativity. Each poem is a work of art; a story in itself. Turner skillfully and creatively shares with us the beauty, the ugliness, the disgust and the sensuality that he has known. His writing is filled with color and rhythm, and addresses both timeless and timely topics. As Turner himself states:

"I’m still the same person I was in the 1970s, I am always on a journey of growth. It’s not unlike a Martial artist adding a new technique to his art. It fits into the whole.

The poet adapts to the present time."

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781937907655
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
Publication date: 09/01/2020
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.50(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Vernon Kitabu Turner is an author, spiritual guru, and martial arts master. In 1967, after a chance meeting with his first teacher, Nomura Roshi, Turner experienced a profound opening in both his meditation and martial arts practice. His other books include Soul Sword: The Way and Mind of a Zen Warrior and The Secret of Freedom.

Author Residence: Virginia Beach, VA

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Introduction xiii


Meica 3

YMCAPool 4

Black Boy 5

African Beauty 8

Bush 11

Embrations of a White Girl 13

The Whisper 16

Escape 17

By Appointment 18

Kitabu's The Fragmented Bubble 20

Kitabu's The Execution 22

Thunder Voices 25

The Dedicated Disciple 28

Sisters Have Rhythm 29

The Whited Wall 34

Buddha Black 35

Karma 38

Eli 39

Etcetera Magazine 40

Bobbi 43


Kung Fu: The Master 47

Natural Rhythm 48

Harambe 49

Nefertiti 51

Stella 52

Cindy 53

My My Woman 55

For Lady Day 57

Malcolm 58

Paul Robeson-The Sequoia 60

Champ-Ann 62

The Club 64

Separation 65

Morning Glory 66

12 o'clock High 67


Heaven's Breath 71

Open My Eyes 72

The Battle 73

Ego Maniac 74

Isis 76

Mystery 77

Emptiness 78

Blanket 79

Discipleship 80

The Keyboardist 81

Meditator 82

Dance 83

The Embrace 84

Father/Daughter 85

The Rock 86

A/V 87

Breath of God 88

Shootings 89

Terror 90

The Snake 91

The Little Dictator 92

Charlottesville 93

Hurricanes 94

Black Lives Matter 95

Thank You, Lord 96

The Earthquake 97

Getting High 98

Tweet Tweet 99

Little GIRLS/Big Girls 100

Deer Whisperer 101

Fallen Star 102

Heaven Alone 103

Out of Nothing 104

Blizzard 105

Three-Score and Ten 106

Mellow 107

Rain 108

Hero 109

Black Panther 110

The Challenge 112

The White House 113

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