Lady Lucy's Quest

Lady Lucy's Quest

by Karen Gross


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Lady Lucy's Quest is the story of a feisty young girl who wants to be a Knight in the Middle Ages. She confronts many hurdles but ultimately finds success because she is able to solve problems in unique and unexpected ways. Through her actions and words, she demonstrates the importance of pursuing one's dreams and the power of the possible for children everywhere.

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ISBN-13: 9781605712994
Publisher: Northshire Bookstore
Publication date: 03/29/2016
Pages: 44
Sales rank: 1,112,130
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.11(d)

About the Author

The author has taught and continues to teach across the educational pipeline. In Spring 2016, she will be teaching at Bennington College in Vermont. She writes, consults and advises on how to improve student success and has a forthcoming book from Columbia University Teachers College Press titled Shoulders to Learn On (pub. date 2016) on this very topic. A former college president and Senior Advisor to the US Department of Education, she currently serves as Senior Counsel to Widmeyer Communications, a Finn Partners Company and as an Affiliate to the Penn Center for MSIs at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. She blogs/writes for many education outlets including Huff Po, WPo, InsideHigherEd, Unplugged, DiverseEducation, Evollution, NAIS, and CollegeAD.

The author is proud that two high school seniors at the Emma Willard School have so ably illustrated the Lady Lucy story. This book and the process of its creation provide a concrete example of the kind of deep collaboration that can occur in education, where the teacher is a learner and the learners are teachers. The illustrators, led by Lindsey Slaughter, a gifted art teacher, have made Lady Lucy and author’s story come alive. The author and the two illustrators and their teacher see Lady Lucy as a symbol of the power of the possible that rests within all of us.

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