Lavender & Mistletoe

Lavender & Mistletoe

by Donna Kauffman

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This Christmas, small-town Blue Hollow Falls will work big holiday magic for two people who have researched everything but love . . .
Avery Kent needs a project. The busy brain that earned her two PhDs before the age of eighteen is fascinated by the home she’s created with her three friends in Blue Hollow Falls, but the farm and the tearoom are running like clockwork now. As the holiday season approaches, it’s time for Avery to dive into one of her last uncharted research topics: love. Not for herself, of course; for her friend, Chey! But a closer look at the handsome young veterinarian Avery has chosen for this romantic equation has her wishing for gifts she never thought she wanted . . .
Another former child prodigy, Ben Chandler is more like Avery than she ever imagined. His intellect is a perfect match for hers—and everything else about him attracts her in ways that send delicious tingles down her spine. But a relationship? That’s something Avery will need to analyze—unless her friends can help Ben convince her that romance is more magic than science, and that a good old-fashioned kiss under the mistletoe is the perfect way to open her heart to the possibility of the greatest gift of all . . .
Praise for Donna Kauffman
“Charming characters, emotion galore, a small town—you’re going to love Donna Kauffman!” —Lori Foster
 “We all know where there's Donna Kauffman, there's a rollicking, sexy read chock-full of charm and sparkle.” —

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ISBN-13: 9781420149326
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 09/24/2019
Series: Blue Hollow Falls
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 100
Sales rank: 4,721
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author of the Blue Hollow Falls series, DONNA KAUFFMAN has been gratified to see her books get rave reviews in venues ranging from Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal to Entertainment Weekly and Cosmopolitan. She lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in western Virginia, where she is presently applying her crafty DIY skills to decorating her new mountainside abode. When she isn’t busy trying to keep the bears from hanging out in her flower and vegetable garden all day and night, she loves to hear from readers! You can contact her through her website at

Customer Reviews

Lavender & Mistletoe 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Joyce943 5 months ago
Well written but moved a little slowly at times. Wish she would have developed the other characters more.
MLH438 More than 1 year ago
Lavender & Mistletoe is another winning addition to Donna Kauffman's Blue Hollow Falls series that features Avery Kent, who is the scary smart member of the quartet running Lavender Blue Farmhouse & Tea Room. I loved the story as it's filled with sweet and sassy nerd love once Avery meets veterinarian Ben Campbell. Avery may be a certified genius with multiple degrees and can recall just about everything she's ever seen, heard or read, but she definitely misses the obvious with Ben. She tries to match him with Cheyenne, another member of the "fearsome foursome," but Ben has set his sights on Avery. When Avery finally realizes that Ben truly wants her and is as much a brain as she is, the die is cast. As their relationship develops, there is wonderful, sexy banter between the two brainiacs. Kauffman also brings us up-to-date with Vivi, Chey and Hannah, the three other members of the quartet. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the series! I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
LibrarianSGP More than 1 year ago
Sweet, romantic novella featuring two brainiacs from different parts of the world who meet thanks to a Pygmy goat. Ben is an itinerant vet who is covering for another doc and Avery is researching potential products using the lavender growing on the farm she and her 3 friends share. There’s an immediate attraction that is based as much on their shared brilliance and curiosity as their physical chemistry, but will a young woman who earned her 2nd PhD at 18 only to lose her parents a year later be able to fall in love with a man who is only in town temporarily? Perfect short read for the holidays with a touch of sexy and a whole lot of heart. I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Kensington Zebra through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
C_Beddow More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful book. We got to visit with some of the family of Blue Hollow Falls, meet the new veterinarian, and watch Avery and Ben (the new vet) fall in love. Avery was a big braniac and did not communicate that much with others. Her brain was always working and she worked out problems as fast as they were thrown at her. It was fun to see the two very smart people react to each other. Learning about their back stories made them perfect for each other. Another sweet Donna Kauffman book. Bring on the next one!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Donna Kauffman's books never disappoint! Loved it and as usual I didn't want it to end.
boclairedesigns More than 1 year ago
This was a new author for me and I wasn't disappointed. What a great story of friends that become family and small town living. It's wonderful when love sneaks in at the most unexpected of times. Delightful characters and a truly magical story. Enjoy it! I received a free ARC eBook from Net Galley and the publisher for my honest opinions.
TarynLee More than 1 year ago
With the holidays approaching Avery is In desperate need of a project to keep her curious mind busy. She has decided that she must analyze love, how it occurs, what makes it happen, and the stuff inbetween. She thinks helping her friend Chey in this department will give her all the data she needs to come to some sort of hypothesis. When her and Chey come across a mini goat on the side of the road, half frozen, they race to the local vet to see what he can do for the tiny animal. They soon learn that their resident vet is on vacation and a much younger attractive man is helping him out while he is gone. Avery thinks he is the perfect match for her friend and can't wait to start taking notes on the twos interaction. The problem with this is Ben is attracted to Avery and Avery herself sees herself looking at Ben in a way she has never looked at a man before. Follow along as these two skirt their feelings for each other. Will Ben's stay just be temporary or will it end up being forever? Can Avery leave all she knows and follow a man that she must met in the name of love? This was a touching and romantic read that had my heart racing, hoping that love would find a way!!!
WildFlowerBookBlogs More than 1 year ago
Cozy, heartwarming and full of merry surprises. Like a mug of warm cocoa on a winter’s night. Everything readers need and more. 5/5 stars for a new Christmas classic
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thank you to NetGalley, Zebra Books and Donna Kauffman for an ARC ebook copy to review. As always, an honest review from me. Like: - A good mix of romance and holiday time and friendship - The adorable goat who started it all by hitching a ride where he shouldn't - Short story, so it's the perfect length if you want a quick romance or holiday read, but you're super busy Love: - set around animals and the veterinary practice - the gorgeous cover art Dislike: - Avery's passion project that she finally found is actually based off her boyfriend's interests, but she stated that she wants her passion project to be all her own and for her --- blinded by love Wish that: - We got to know a bit more about the other 3 women of the friendship group, as her friendship is very important to Avery Overall, a short read that's a wonderful mix of romance, friendship and exploring your own interests all set on a picturesque lavender farm during the holiday season. I definitely recommend it!
MKF More than 1 year ago
Avery is a very intelligent young woman who honestly isn't very smart about life. She's been through a lot but things have been easier since she moved to the lavender farm in Blue Hollow Falls where she's nurtured by the other women. When she comes upon an accident involving a pygmy goat, she takes it to Ben, the local vet. He's a sweetie and he's hot too. Avery calculates that he would be the perfect man for her housemate Cheyenne, who of course, knows that he's really the perfect man for Avery. You know how this is going to go but it's delightful. I'd not read the earlier books in the series but was fine with this- it's a good introduction to the women. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. A pleasant and fast read (it's short) that makes me want to read more from Kauffman.
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
Avery Kent is the unique person of their Lavender Blue farm group. A child prodigy with more degrees than she knows what to do with and she is currently at a crossroads in her life. The Lavender Blue farm is running smoothly and Avery needs something to research to appease her big brain. Avery gets the idea to research love, especially in regards for finding Chey the perfect guy. When Avery meets Ben Campbell, the temporary veterinarian in Blue Hallow Falls she thinks he would be the perfect man but when Avery starts to have her own funny feelings around Ben she is starting to second guess her choice. Of course all of Avery's friend realize that Ben would be perfect for Avery and together with Ben they go about trying to show this to her. Avery may be a genius but it takes a while for her head to wrap around the fact of her and Ben but once she does she's all in. Avery is such a fun person. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have that type of brain but she embraces it well. I just adored Ben. He is such a sweet perfect guy for Avery and together they were perfect. I just loved their happy was perfect for them!
gdsnv More than 1 year ago
Get ready for the most wonderful, warm, heartwarming read. I always brace myself for the inevitable conflict in a story however Avery and Ben are the most amazing characters and their story is sweet and deep and will wrap you in a (light on the holiday) romance. Although we met Avery in a previous book, the author writes more depth so we get to know her and what makes her the absolute character she is. Ben is new to the Blue Hollow Falls family but he is the most understanding individual…just what Avery needs and a match for her in every way. I love the Blue Hollow Falls stories and this one doesn’t disappoint. Avery is so very smart and intelligent – she often says she has a big brain and makes no apologies for who she is. Ben is the perfect match for her as he, too, has a high IQ but the most important thing is…he ‘gets’ her. They also complement each other in most ways. And their chemistry is off the charts, right from the start. Lavender & Mistletoe is a standalone story and it is wonderful; no deep, tragic storylines. I loved it and enjoyed my stay in Blue Hollow Falls once again. I highly recommend this story and all the rest of the books in the series.
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
I LOVED Avery and Ben’s story in Lavender and Mistletoe by Donna Kauffman, book 3.5 in her Blue Hollow Falls series and I really struggled to put it down; visualizing the beauty of this place through its descriptive words. This is a story of two incredibly intelligent people who help each other understand how to use their gifts. It’s winter, everything is running as should be at the farm, and Avery Kent needs a research project to keep her brain busy. She started researching love, in order to prove that romance is a science. Then she meets the new veterinarian, Ben; a child genius, like Avery. At first, Avery thinks she should fix him up with her friend Chey, until she meets him. Not only are they two peas in a pod, the chemistry they have is sizzling and off the charts. Avery never expected to find love, at least until Ben touches her, kisses her, and loves her. Now if only Ben could get Avery to open her heart and accept his love. I love these two together. They may be very much alike but there are enough differences to make them two halves of a whole; or is that heart. Ms. Kauffman, a talented story teller, wrote a joyful, funny, tender sweet, emotional and heartwarming tale that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and amazing characters giving Avery and Ben a chance for happiness, love and a future together. I highly recommend Lavender and Mistletoe to other readers and look forward to the next book in this outstanding series. I won a copy of this book from the publisher.
JChris More than 1 year ago
I adore small town stories with characters that steal a bit of my heart as I read about them. This book was one of those times. I came to love Avery Kent and her Big Brain (she is a genius). She is gifted with the ability to learn and understand easily, and remember everything. Her character, as well as the others, are so well developed that I felt a part of the community of the lavender farm, which Avery is a part owner. Avery is surrounded by people that love her and want the best of life for her. Welcome the temporary veterinarian, Ben Chandler (who is also a genius), and Avery’s life definitely takes a time warp to her happily ever after future when she rescues a pygmy goat in the snow. Ben and Avery are immediately attracted to each other, but in spite of that, Avery wants to match him up with her friend. That is not to be, as you will find out as the story unfolds. I really enjoyed this book. Unlike most romance stories, where the hero and heroine are attracted, then have a disagreement, only to be reunited, this story flows as I wish life would. Avery and Ben are rational, intelligent people that are trained to research and find a solution instead of jumping to a wrong conclusion. They are a bonded couple before they even realize that they are. Thank you to and Kensington Book for allowing me to read the ARC of heartwarming book. I look forward to more stories taking place in Blue Hollow Falls.
Terri_C More than 1 year ago
I loved this novella of Avery and Ben. They are two brainiacs that discover peace and harmony together around the holiday season. It was so great to see two people who were outsiders all their lives because of their unusual mental abilities come together and find a kindred spirit (and off the scale sexual attraction) to each other. It was hilarious that Avery was intent on Ben being perfect for her friend even as she was having a high level attraction to him. So...maybe she wasn't always super smart. Ben, however, knew what he wanted right from the start and that is so sexy in a man. There is something about Kauffman's writing that makes you feel at home--like the setting is just around the corner and the characters are just waiting to become your best friends. Blue Hollow Falls is the perfect setting. I was given a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts are my own.
Jilleey More than 1 year ago
This book put me right in the mood for fall and winter nights, cuddled under a blanket and reading a good book. Kauffman's novellas are almost never long enough for me, I always want the full story, but I know I will see this characters again in the series. Back to Blue Hollow Falls and learning more about the 4 friends/co-workers who opened the lavender farm. I love the quirkiness and "big brain" of Avery Kent. I adored the subtle weave of her grief story and how she connected with like minded Dr. Ben. Finding someone else in the world who gets you is something everyone deserves and I'm so happy that Ben and Avery found each other.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
The perfect afternoon read!! Avery is a "brainiac" and needs a new research project, love. She then meets the new temporary veterinarian, Ben, a child genuis. Avery wants to play matchmaker for her friend, Chey until she soon finds herself head over heels for Ben. Finding love when you least expect it, is so fun!! Loved these two together, they were so perfect for each other, so much a like!! Great banter and chemistry between them. Loved the opening scene with goat. This is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.
the_judylwd More than 1 year ago
I've read a few Donna Kauffman books and she never disappoints. Lots of humor and romance. Lavender and Mistloetoe was no different. Can I just say how much I loved Avery and Ben? Both are big brained. Avery has had one romance in her past and that was more of a science experiment. Ben is a veterinarian who travels all over the world where his services are needed; kind of a Doctors Without Borders deal. Avery is convinced Ben & her friend Chey should be together. Ben has other ideas. My only complaint is that it was a novella! Short, fun holiday read. Now I have to go read the other books in this series! Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington for the ARC. All opinions expressed are my own.
Margaret Yelton More than 1 year ago
I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review. I have loved all of the Blue Hollow Falls series, I happen to think this is my favorite of them all, Avery is so smart that she has a hard time interacting with others. Looking to figure out the love thing she intends to match up her friend Chey and and Ben the fill-in vet. Not realizing that she is interested in him herself. If you enjoy Christmas stories, I am sure that you will enjoy this wonderful book. I definetly would recommend this book to others.
Katherinestamps More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this novella by Donna Kauffman. This is the first book of Ms. Kauffman's that I have read, but it won't be the last. I will especially be looking for the first three books in the Blue Hollow Falls series. Although this is 3.5 in the series, I had no problem following the story line or falling in love with the characters or the Blue Hollow Falls area. In this short story, Avery "the brain" is looking at trying to find her friend and business partner Chey a boyfriend. When they meet a fill-in veterinarian, Dr. Chandler, Avery thinks she has found Chey's match. Dr. Chandler, however, has a different person in mind for romance - Avery. And despite Avery's attempts to match Ben and Chey, Ben is able to bring Avery along instead. I enjoyed reading this romance and I was rooting for Ben and Avery to get together from the start. This was a great read, and I can't wait to read more of the series. Thank you to #NetGalley and the publisher for providing me an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
howel2ce More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC through Netgalley. If you're a fan of romantic holiday stories with a happily ever after guarantee, then you will love Donna Kauffman's latest novella. This is a heartwarming, fun read. Avery's intelligence is off the charts, but relationships are beyond her knowledge or experience. Ben is a swoon-worthy hero. He's understanding and accepting of Avery. A former child prodigy himself, he gets her in a way that no one else has before. Ben's also more than willing to teach her all there is to know about love and chemistry. Although this is part of the Blue Hollow Falls series, this can be read as a standalone.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Lavender & Mistletoe by Donna Kauffman Blue Hollow Falls 3.5 Loving and lovely this was the perfect novella length holiday romance for me to read today. Avery Kent is a genius who is comfortable, for the most part, in her skin. When Avery meets Dr. Ben Campbell, veterinarian subbing for the local animal doctor, her logical mind takes a back seat to chemistry and as the feeling is mutual...a delightful romance begins. I loved this couple and the way they flowed effortlessly toward their HEA. They were so smart that they knew almost immediately they had met their fated mates and it was a joy to see where they would end up because it was a no brainer that they would end up together somewhere in the world. Did I like this book? Oh my...YES Would I read more in this series? Without a doubt Am I looking forward to Chey’s story? Can’t wait! Blue Hollow Falls is a delightful place with wonderful people. I eagerly look forward to each book that appears and can’t wait to read the next one. Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books-Zebra for the ARC – This is my honest review. 5 Stars
nku More than 1 year ago
Lavender & Mistletoe (Kindle Edition) Donna Kauffman This is the 4th book in the BLUE HOLLOW FALLS Series. Thank you to the publisher and #NetGalley for letting me preview this book. Donna has done a wonderful job again with this addition to the series.. by the way the books can be read as stand alone's ...but I suggest reading all of them. Avery Kent (super smart...running the lavender farm with her three friends) Ben Chandler( also super smart and a Veterinarian who is filling in for the regular vet) Avery thinks he would be perfect for Chey ....but he is perfect for Avery. This story won't let you put it down it has all the feels, laughter, tears, and a great love at first sight story that gets us to a very HEA. I am looking forward to the next book UNDER THE FIREFLY MOON which is Chey's story. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Informative Entertaining Happily Ever After Page-turner Romantic Easy-to-read Great world building Funny Wonderful characters
Claire140 More than 1 year ago
This was a really lovely addition to the Blue Hollow Falls series. I've read all the books so far and loved them all. Avery is one of four ladies who own and run a lavender farm business in the beautiful sounding Blue Hollow Falls area, they are friends who met and came together through personal tragedies and are each working their way through it to a better life. Avery is a genius, a child prodigy with a 'big brain'. and responsible for developing their lavender products. Her mind works at a rapid pace and she is always looking for new challenges. Then along comes Ben, their new locum vet, who is also a former child prodigy and a 'brain'. Avery initially feels a new project is needed to figure out male/female attraction, and feels that another of her friends/business partners, Cheyenne, is the one to match with Ben. But she gets very confused when Chey doesn't feel like that for Ben and Avery's feelings come into play and she is attracted to Ben herself, and he is definitely attracted to her! A really lovely story, even though it was a short story and I would have loved a full book! I really love this series and can't wait for Chey's story next in 'Under A Firefly Moon' - there's a teaser at the end which I shouldn't have read as now I can't wait for the next book!
jjthor More than 1 year ago
Loved this story a great begining to the holiday season! Avery and Ben have great chemistry . A fast reading book lovely romance with a great storyline . Fun to read.