Leadership Embodied, 2nd Edition: The Secrets to Success of the Most Effective Navy and Marine Corps Leaders

Leadership Embodied, 2nd Edition: The Secrets to Success of the Most Effective Navy and Marine Corps Leaders

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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Leadership is a most demanding undertaking. How do some people make it seem so simple, so natural and instinctive? In the age-old debate as to whether leaders are born or made, Thomas contends that the answer is both. Great leaders throughout history were born with certain capabilities. Preparation honed those capabilities. Then that ability and preparation were combined with a will to lead. When circumstances demanded, the great leaders of history pulled these attributes together to create results that drove the course of history.

While leaders are present in every aspect of human undertaking, we chose to illustrate each of the components of leadership through the most dramatic and demanding of all human undertakings—war and the preparations for war. Wartime leaders are leaders "writ with a darker pen." Wartime challenges are, because of the life and death nature of the affair, more monumental and exacting. In the selection of individuals to illustrate each point, we chose wartime leaders as well as those who guided their subordinates and organizations in preparation for combat. Further we chose American leaders with a distinct and obvious bias towards the navy and Marine Corps.

Multiple reasons led us to our approach for Leadership Embodied. First, a biography is perhaps the most effective method for imparting leadership lessons. Simple listings of prescriptive traits or descriptive qualities are patronizing and, frequently, boring. Second, our biographical examples are familiar to most—or at least they should be. Finally, all of these historical selections have dramatically shaped today's institutions, practices, and customs within the naval services. These are not marginal figures with marginal influence. The individuals included, and their respective leadership attributes, should be required reading for any student of leadership. Each has a particular lesson for midshipmen on their journey to becoming a navy or Marine Corps officer.

This book does not promise to be a panacea. There is no short cut. Leadership does not follow a prescribed path. We study examples to inspire us to become better, to be strong when it is easy to give in, and to know others have gone before us and faced insurmountable odds. Leadership, as an ill-defined social science, crosses boundaries with several disciplines including sociology, psychology, philosophy, and history. We have selected a method that combines the psychological "profile" of effective leaders and the historical context of the impact their leadership brought to organizations and events.

Our hope for this book is that these case studies illustrate the basic elements—in themselves the very essence—of leadership. It is through inherent talent, arduous preparation, and practical experience that we become capable leaders. The reader brings the first to the table; then we offer a small token in the second pursuit; and circumstances enable the third.

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ISBN-13: 9781612513034
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
Publication date: 10/15/2013
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Dr. Joseph J. Thomas is the USNA Class of 1961 Chair and Distinguished Professor of Leadership Education in the Naval Academy Leadership Education and Development Division. A retired Marine, he is past Director of the John A. Lejeune Leadership Institute at Marine Corps University and lives in Annapolis, MD.

Table of Contents

Foreword Vice Admiral Michael H. Miller xi

Preface to the Second Edition xiii

Preface to the First Edition xv

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction Captain Robert E. Clark II xix

1 Lambert Wickes: Initiative Charles E. Brodinc Jr. 1

2 John Paul Jones: Tenacity Dr. Dennis M. Conrad 5

3 Stephen Decatur: Boldness and Resourcefulness Christine F. Hughes 8

4 Joshua Barney: Perseverance and Resourcefulness Dr. William S. Dudley 11

5 Oliver Hazard Perry: Perseverance in Adversity Vice Admiral George W. Emery 15

6 Matthew Fontaine Maury: Dynamic Intellect Jan K. Herman 18

7 Matthew Calbraith Perry: Military Bearing Dr. Michael J. Crawford 22

8 David Glasgow Farragut: Inspiration Mark L. Hayes 25

9 William B. Cushing: Daring Captain Robert Schoultz Midshipman First Class Nicholas Pinkston 29

10 Stephen B. Luce: Scholarship Dr. John B. Hattendorf 35

11 Theodorus Bailey Myers Mason: Commitment Ensign Christian M. Weber 39

12 George Dewey: Foresight Mark L. Hayes 43

13 Theodore Roosevelt: Knowledge Commander Henry J. Hendrix 47

14 Alfred Thayer Mahan: Professionalism Dr. John B. Hattendorf 51

15 John A. Lejeune: Pedagogy Midshipman First Class William J. Moran Major John Hatala 55

16 Earl H. Ellis: Insight Captain Jeffrey M. Harrington 59

17 William A. Moffett: Vision M. Hill Goodspeed 62

18 Lewis B. Puller Drive Midshipman First Class Eric A. Scherrer 65

19 William F. Halscy: Adaptation John F. Wukovits 68

20 Slade D. Cutter: Teamwork Ensign Joel I. Howitt 71

21 Joseph J. Rochefort: Dedication Dr. John R. Schindler 75

22 Clarence W. McClusky: Intuition Captain Chris Johnson 79

23 Joseph J. Foss: Focus Major Kevin Brooks 84

24 Archer A. Vandegrift: Moral Courage Richard B. Frank 88

25 Mary Sears: Intellectual Analysis Dr. Kathleen Broome Williams 92

26 Lewis W. Wale Presence Colonel Jon T. Hoffman 96

27 Marc A. Mitschen Skilled Warfighting Lieutenant Commander Richard R. Burgess 101

28 Willis A. Lee Jr.: Tactical Proficiency Paul Stillwell 104

29 Ernest J. King: Ambition Captain Robert S. Burrell 108

30 Charles B. McVay III: Accountability Commander Mary Kelly 112

31 Chester W. Nimitz: Loyalty Dr. Jeffrey G. Barlow 118

32 Raymond A. Spruance: Analytical Thinking Dr. Jeffrey G. Barlow 121

33 Victor H. Krulak: Vision Major Shawn P. Callahan 125

34 Joy Bright Hancock: Pioneering Spirit Dr. Regina T. Akers 129

35 Hyman G. Rickover: Personal Growth Gary E. Weir 132

36 Merritt A. Edson: Moral Courage Colonel Jon T. Hoffman 136

37 Charles B. Momsen: Innovative Problem Solving Maxwell B. Uphaus 141

38 Arleigh A. Burke: Insrinct Dr. David Alan Rosenberg 145

39 Raymond G. Davis: Endurance Lieutenant Colonel Frank G. Hoffman 150

40 James H. Doyle: Responsiveness Dr. Donald W Chisholm 155

41 Grace Murray Hopper: Technical Innovator Dr. Kurt W. Beyer 160

42 Carl M. Brashear: Perseverance in the Face of Discrimination Paul Stillwell 165

43 Thomas H. Moorer: Conviction Dr. Edward J. Marolda 168

44 Ulysses S. Grant Sharp; Courage Glenn E. Helm 172

45 Samuel L. Gravely Jr.: Setting the Precedent Paul Stillwell 175

46 Ronald McKeown: Physical Courage Dr. John Darrell Sherwood 179

47 Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr.: Innovation Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler 182

48 John F. Lehman Jr.: Passion Captain Peter N. Swartz 186

49 Leighton W. Smith: Integrity Dr. John Darrell Sherwood 190

50 James B. Stockdale: Perseverance Lieutenant Terra Reber, USN 193

51 John R Allen: Intellectual Conditioning Captain Gary S. Darby 196

52 Judd Dennis Baker: Infectious Enthusiasm Lt. Colonels Eric Carlson Bob Sonnenberg, USMC (Ret.) 201

53 Megan M. McClung: Presence Greg Overbeck Commander Wesley S. Huey 207

54 Michael LiCalzi: Magnanimity Lieutenant Jonathan Lushenko 216

55 Douglas A. Zembiec: Boldness and Selflessness Lieutenant James A. Bates 221

56 Travis L. Manion: Leading by Example Lieutenant Colonel Joel Poudrier 228

57 Dakota Meyer Uncommon Valor Captain Michele Perez 235

Afterword: Innovation Wins Wars Lieutenant General Victor H. Krulak Captain Grayson Merrill 239

Appendix A: Selected Annotated Bibliography on Naval Leadership 243

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