Learning to Draw - Drawing to Learn

Learning to Draw - Drawing to Learn

by Martin John Garhart


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"Anyone can learn to draw" ... Anyone can learn to draw when drawing is presented as the visual language that it is. LEARNING TO DRAW/ DRAWING TO LEARN approaches learning to draw like learning a language. It presents the material in a manner that has one lesson building upon another in a logical progression and in segments that are small enough to be understood and big enough to maintain challenge and interest. Every lesson, and its assignments, is divided into the three basic components of a language: Craft, Concept, and Composition. In drawing the Craft is skill development, the variety of physical and mental aptitudes that are required in perception and hand-eye coordination. The Concept is the broad definition of what the drawing is about, its content. From the Concept the specific (personal) idea, the one the drawing develops, is generated. Composition encompasses the many considerations that go into the way the drawing is ordered on the picture plane and the way that arrangement supports the idea. In the lessons, and from one lesson to another, the objectives of these components are concise, workable and grow from one to another in a sequence that makes learning both possible and desirable. The book is heavily illustrated in a way that visually describes and aids the drawer with the lessons at hand. They illustrate basic considerations as they relate to craft, composition, concept, and their application, giving the drawer the tools needed to develop their own images.

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Publication date: 04/19/2016
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