Lesbian Maids

Lesbian Maids

by Honey Potts

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Lesbian Maids by Honey Potts

When Mrs. Davis hires a new all-woman cleaning service, she has no idea her entire life is about to change. These sexy dominatrix maids are about to give ‘cleaning her pipes’ a whole new meaning as she gets plugged in every hole…and discovers that she loves it! Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Menage, Punishment, Humiliation, Domination and Submission
~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
My doorbell rang and I put down my tea, straightened out my bathrobe, and walked over a little bit of a rush to answer it. I'd been expecting this cleaning service company for days, but only this morning, at 7:00 or so, had I reached one of them at home and was able to demand that they come over today or else I would find someone else. I didn’t want to because I had specifically wanted these particular maids.
When I opened the door I was immediately taken by a surprisingly attractive older woman with the bluest of blue eyes and thick auburn hair. I caught my breath for a moment, stared up at her. She was tall and stood a good six inches taller than me, and then I noticed a younger woman who must have been her assistant. They were both dressed quite oddly. They weren’t wearing normal maid’s clothes. They were both clad in tight fitting leather pants with form fitting tops, very sexy, but in a domineering way.
"It's about ti…ti…” I began to say, however before my words came out the older woman’s voice had stopped me in my tracks.
"We're very sorry we’re late, ma’am, we really couldn’t get here before now. But we’re here now and we'll get right to work straight away if you can show us what needs to be done."
There wasn’t anything special about what she had said, but the tone of it had a bit of a dominating edge to it, even with her soft voice, it tore through me so that I was compelled to look at her full lips, her mouth, and her tanned but soft face. She sucked in her breath as she spoke and it made her words sound more deliberate. My breasts pushed out a little subconsciously, even under my bathrobe. I thought I saw the young lady start to say something, but then I noticed that the older woman was holding my gaze steady.
I nodded, pulled my bathrobe tighter around me. I took her in with my eyes. She looked liked a very sexy version of Alice from the ‘Brady Bunch,’ the old TV series. I hadn't been so suddenly attracted to someone in quite a while. I noticed that 'Alice' had caught me staring, and I turned my head away sharply.
"Are you all right?” Alice's voice asked, as if she were across the other side of the room. My nakedness under my bathrobe was causing me to tingle.
"You don't need to close up you bathrobe, Mrs. Davis,” she said calmly. "I do like the view from here. Please, turn around."
I wasn’t sure why I did it, only that I wanted to turn around and I obeyed her. I was still very attractive. My breasts were obviously large but not too much and still held their shape well, but they were mostly covered by my terrycloth bathrobe. The bathrobe was parted right down the middle, making me very exposed to this woman whom I had just been scolding just two hours before.
“Open up your bathrobe for me so that I can see your beautiful breasts, Mrs. Davis,” Alice demanded. "Hold it back for me, yes that’s right.”
I complied as if hypnotized by her voice, and goose bumps started to appear on all over my chest.
“Yes, mmmm, that’s very nice, very nice indeed," Alice complimented.
"Did you enjoy giving me orders this morning? Or do you normally prefer taking them?”
"I don't k-k-know, I’ve never really thought about it,” I stuttered out.
I suddenly wanted to do whatever this woman asked of me and I was hoping she’d ask me to do a lot…
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