Letters to Penthouse XXXXIII: Go Sex Yourself

Letters to Penthouse XXXXIII: Go Sex Yourself

by Penthouse International

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Letters to Penthouse XXXXIII: Go Sex Yourself by Penthouse International


It can't be wrong when it's not hurting anybody-and it feels so good. Now in delicious detail, happy addicts to the solitary vice reveal how, sexually speaking, they take matters into their own hands, whether as a steamy solo performance or a torrid team effort. Share the guilty pleasure with gals and guys, spies and showoffs, fetishists and toy lovers, mile-highers and auto-eroticists. See why in close encounters of the first kind, nobody does it better or hotter than Penthouse readers. And they're eager to show you how.

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ISBN-13: 9780446583657
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2012
Pages: 295
Sales rank: 566,458
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 4.20(h) x 1.10(d)

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Letters to Penthouse XXXXIII

Go Sex Yourself
By Penthouse International

Grand Central Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Penthouse International
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780446583657

The Whacky Whacker

I’m not sure when I first discovered the pleasures of jacking off, but I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know that I could make myself feel really good by holding my dick, playing with it, and making it explode. And now, in my early forties, I still love to do it, anytime, anyplace.

I’ve always been a healthy size, a nice solid circumcised seven inches when fully erect. When I let it rip, my come shoots a respectable two to three feet.

I do it all the time. I do it in my office, I do it in public restrooms, I even do it in my car. I can recall many times driving down the freeway while beating off with my pants on the floor. It’s just a matter of watching out for buses, trucks, and vehicles in which the driver is seated high enough to see in.

I’ve done it while talking to my secretary on the phone from home. I’ve done it standing upstairs while my wife entertains a really sexy girlfriend in the living room. Speaking of my wife, she is the only person who has actually watched me do it—at least to my knowledge. Sometimes, most often when she is having her period, she will lather me with lotion as I stand in the shower or sit on the edge of the bathtub. Often she will do the work for me, but other times I will let her watch while I bring myself off. She thinks it’s a bit weird, but she says it makes her really hot.

I’ve also done it at night in bed with my wife asleep beside me. It’s kind of a game for me to make myself come without waking her. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and she will wake up and catch me doing it. Depending on how she feels at the time, she will either go down on me or just turn over and go back to sleep, letting me finish up on my own. Either way is fine with me.

I met my wife just after graduating from college. At that time she was living with two other girls. One day, when I was alone in their place, I raided their closets, looking for their dirty underwear. When I found some I buried my face in every pair of panties. Sure enough, two of them were just drenched with crotch juice. Oh boy, I had a field day!

Similarly, a few years ago, while we were on vacation and sharing a hotel room with another couple, I found my friend’s wife’s bikini in the bathroom after a long day by the pool. More cunt smells! That time I put on her bikini top and went wild.

I guess it’s obvious that I love ladies’ lingerie. There are few things that turn me on more quickly than trying on my wife’s lace teddy and underwear. She has a pair of crotchless panties that are absolutely the best, since they allow my cock to spring out of the opening, and I can whack off while keeping the whole outfit on.

Once, when I just felt like trying something different, I lathered my index finger and stuck it up my butt. I was kind of surprised at how good it felt. I later progressed to putting two, then three fingers up my hole, usually reaching back through my legs to get there. It is a unique feeling to be screwing your own asshole with one hand while your other hand works your cock.

Ever eager for further thrills, I tried sticking objects up there. Some of the things that work well are carrots—which fit nicely up the butt, especially with a little lotion—common kitchen tools, such as the handle of a smooth ice cream scoop, and even bottles. While a dildo might be fun, you then have to worry about hiding it. With more mundane objects you either just clean them and put them back or toss them out.

It is my theory that no true obsessive wanker would be happy unless he masturbated in some cool public places. For example, when I was in college I would sometimes strip down and do it in a field near the school where people sometimes used to run. I’ve also done it on a cold and deserted beach, shooting my come into the ocean. Probably the place I like best is a secluded mountain site where I sometimes ride my bike when on vacation. Slightly off the dirt road, but still in sight of it, I strip completely and go at it dry. What an unreal feeling, working myself to ejaculation in that pristine area, in full view of anyone who might unexpectedly pass by!

I’ve done it standing on hotel balconies when away on business. I’ve done it in a rented sailboat in the middle of a bay. I’ve done it late at night in the yard next to my house when I take out the trash. Hot tubs are a favorite too. When I’m alone in one with the jets on, even if there are all sorts of people around, I drop my bathing suit and jerk off under the water. It’s a real thrill to do it when you are in plain sight of a bunch of people who can see you from the chest up but don’t have a clue about what the rest of you is doing. I’ve left my mark in clothing-store dressing rooms, I’ve done it in an airplane bathroom at thirty thousand feet, and I’ve done it in a movie theater with my coat across my lap, watching a sexy flick.

And it will probably come as no surprise to you to learn that I have masturbated more than once while writing this letter, recalling all the good times I’ve told you about. What can I say—I’m just a hopeless whacker, and I’m proud of it!

—J.G., Denver, Colorado

Showing Her How

I was home by myself that evening—my wife, Traci, having made a trip to the local mall. I was settling down to watch TV when there was soft knock at the door. It was Judy, our next-door neighbor, who had come over to visit my wife. Telling her that Traci wasn’t home, I invited her in for a drink. Judy had been married for four months. She was just twenty-one and very attractive, with really large boobs.

As Judy sat across from me in the den I admired her great-looking bare legs. We made small talk for about fifteen minutes, but then we pretty much ran out of conversation. After a pause, Judy kind of cleared her throat, and then out of the blue she asked me a question that surprised me. “Do all men masturbate?” she inquired.

Trying to hide my surprise, I told her that I thought most men did at one time or another. “Do you think Sam has?” was her next question. Sam was Judy’s young husband. I replied by saying that Sam probably had done so, and maybe still did at times. “I’ve never seen him do it,” Judy said. Shrugging, I informed her that men usually don’t masturbate in front of other people, even their wives.

Judy’s next question almost put me into shock. “Would you do it in front of me?” she asked. “I want to see a man do it. I swear it would be our secret, I won’t tell a soul.”

Before doing anything I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do that, and when she said yes I reached for the zipper of my pants. I was already hard. Looking at Judy’s legs and breasts had my cock as stiff as a board. In a minute I was holding my heavily veined prick in my hand.

“Oh my God, you’re big!” Judy said as I let her stare at my swollen tool.

“How about pulling your skirt up a little and spreading your legs,” I suggested. “Just to give me some inspiration.”

Judy hiked up her skirt to midthigh and, as if teasing me, slowly opened her legs, showing me her soft inner thighs and the white panties covering her crotch. The sight was fantastic. At forty years of age I didn’t often get to enjoy looking up a young gal’s skirt.

With two fingers and a thumb, I slowly moved the tight foreskin up and down over my rigid cock. Judy’s eyes were glued to my swollen member. I don’t think she even blinked. A small trace of precome escaped the slit at the top, and I milked it into a large drop. Then I released my cock and invited Judy to sit on the couch next to me. Somewhat to my surprise, she did so. “Would you like to play with it?” I asked.

Judy nodded briefly, and then her small hand was encircling my throbbing peter. For a long time she just held it there, and then she began to move her hand slowly up and down. That hand felt secure and warm as she jacked me off. As she moved my foreskin up and down I slid my hand under her skirt, and soon I was touching her crotch through her panties. I heard her catch her breath, but she didn’t stop me. As I played with the lips of her pussy her hand began to pick up speed on my prick.

Within seconds I lost control and shot my load into the air, covering her fingers and the back of her hand with my thick white cream. As I continued to rub her twat, I watched Judy lick my love juices from her fingers. A moment later I had brought my young neighbor to a wild orgasm.

As she got ready to leave, Judy thanked me for showing her how men jerk off. I suggested that maybe next time she could let me watch her masturbate in return. She didn’t say yes, but then she didn’t say no either.

—F.B., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Working Out

My wife, Lora, hates to work out, but she does it because she knows how taut and sexy her body gets from exercising. She usually finishes her workout before I come home, but one day I decided to leave the office early. When I arrived at our house the dumbbells were on the floor and the VCR was showing one of Lora’s favorite exercise videos. I heard soft moans coming from the upstairs bedroom, so I walked up quietly and peeked in.

Lora was standing in front of her full-length mirror, clad only in a sports bra and matching thong, damp with sweat from her interrupted exercises. She often told me that she always got somewhat aroused during her workouts, that just the thought of tightening and toning up her thighs and ass was a rush for her. Right now the sight of her own figure, with beads of sweat running down her trim, curved body, large tits, and round, firm ass was evidently getting her all the more aroused.

She slowly began to caress her 36D boobs with her left hand while her right hand moved south toward her undoubtedly moistening pussy. She continued to rub her tits and pussy in unison, her breath coming faster, little moans coming from her mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes. A bulge was growing in my pants so fast I had to pull my cock out for some self-loving.

As she pulled her thong to one side to expose her soft, pink, slightly engorged pussy lips, I could see her love juices glistening in the mirror. Rubbing her swollen clit with one hand, she unhooked her bra with the other, then took her hand away from her pussy so she could cup both her tits and raise them to her mouth. Sucking on her nipples seemed to make her even hotter. Lora has a thing for big tits. She loves to look at women who have nice, firm breasts like her own.

I started to stroke my aching cock as I watched this beautiful kitten get off. She moved over to her bed so she could continue her workout lying down. Dressed only in her cute little white socks and sneakers, she reached over to a drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a seven-inch vibrating dildo. I’d bought it for her last birthday, thinking she would use it only when we were having sex. Boy, was I wrong. She handled that rubber cock as if it were an extension of her arm. Without turning it on, she began rubbing it over her face and lips, taking it into her mouth, sucking it, deep-throating it, while playing again with her wet pussy. Her pussy lips were always shaved and trimmed just right, with a little tuft of blonde hair capping her mound.

She stopped for a moment and put the saliva-soaked rubber phallus between her tits, squeezing them around it as if she was being tit-fucked. The mere thought of having a cock thrust between those globes always sent her over the edge. She loved it when I would tit-fuck her.

Now she slid the dildo down over her stomach to her crotch and began to fuck her pussy with it. Watching herself in the mirror, she slid it in and out of her twat, turning it on to the low speed at first, then increasing the speed and fucking herself to the brink. On her back with her legs high in the air, she bucked furiously against the simulated cock. My own cock was rock hard from watching her. I could tell she was about to come, and I was too.

Stroking my cock as hard as I could, I came all over my hand. Lora let out a scream at the same instant, soaking her hands and the dildo with her juices. Bringing the dildo up to her mouth, she lovingly licked her own fluids from the shaft and head. Then, covered with sweat from head to toe, she turned out the light and fell asleep.

I went downstairs and cleaned myself up in the bathroom before I returned to the bedroom and woke Lora up for a second workout.

—K.L., St. Louis, Missouri

Toy Story

All women know that not only do we not always have a man around to take care of our sexual needs but even when we do, they often don’t have the knowledge and/or experience to take care of us in just the right way. So sometimes we need to take care of those needs ourselves. Which is why God invented vibrators, and thank heavens she did!

When my man is not here to take care of me, I don’t go out looking for a replacement. I just make sure to keep enough batteries in stock in my house until he returns.

And when the urge comes over me, I just crawl up on my bed, prop the pillows around my head, reach over to the top drawer of the nightstand, and pull out my toys. First I check out the batteries to make sure they won’t run out before I’m done using them. After checking them out, I set the toys down next to me, untie my bathrobe, and slide off my undies. Then, propping more pillows under my ass and spreading my legs wide, I’m finally ready to please myself.

To start I pick up one of my favorite toys—the one that has three speeds on it. I turn it on to the low speed and bring it up to my lips to feel how soft the vibration is. I like something soft and gentle to begin with.

With two fingers I spread apart the lips of my pussy. Then I take my toy and rub it gently back and forth across the very tip of my clit. I slide it down to the opening of my pussy just to get it wet, then I pull it out and rub it around my clit again, moving it very lightly in a slow circular motion.

When I hear myself moaning, I slide the vibrator back to my pussy, slipping it in and out slowly, feeling every movement of the softly pulsating toy. Now I set the speed to medium and start moving it in and out a bit faster.

I can tell I’m starting to get really excited, because my hips start to move rhythmically up and down. At this point I pick up another, smaller vibrator, one with only one speed on it. Turning it on, I place it right at the entrance of my asshole, propping it with pillows so it stays in place. Then I go back to my favorite toy and pick up where I left off, fucking my pussy with the large vibrator on medium speed, my hips moving up and down, while my ass gradually takes in the smaller one. Now I’m getting it in both holes.

I’m really excited now, and I turn the large vibrator on to high speed. The one in my ass is up inside me now, and I know that with only a few more pumps I’ll be right there. And yes, I begin to come, screaming, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh my god, yes!”

As my excitement ebbs I remove the small vibrator from my ass, then turn the other one down to low speed, gradually pulling it out of my still spasming pussy. At this point I am stress-free and all ready to lie down and take a nap. It truly feels wonderful.

And that’s what I do to take the edge off on those days when my man isn’t there—and sometimes even when he is.

—B.F., St. Petersburg, Florida

Me and My Mirror

I’m kneeling on my bed, dressed in a red silk camisole with matching thong and red silk thigh-high nylons, the kind with the seam going all the way up the back of my smooth silky legs. My mirror is tilted toward my bed, so I can see just how alluring my body looks in such sexy clothes.

Looking down, I can see how pretty my nipples are as they push out firmly against the silk of my camisole. I can’t help but brush my fingers over them—first one at a time, then one with each hand. It feels so good just circling my fingers around those nipples, and now I notice them pressing even harder against the thin silk. I can feel myself getting so wet. I want to slide a hand from my nipple down to my hot pussy, but I won’t. I like to tease myself. It makes me so much wetter when I tease myself.

Lying back on my bed, I can see my whole length in the mirror. I raise a leg, arch my foot, and slowly slide my hand from my ankle all the way down my leg. Getting so close to my hot pussy, but still not touching it. Now I raise the other leg, once again sliding my hand down to my thigh, feeling the shape of that beautiful silky leg of mine. As my hand draws closer to my hot pussy, I can no longer resist. I have to touch it. I start by just gliding my hand over the outside of my panties. I can feel my swollen clit through the silk of my thong. I can’t hold back, because it feels so good. I slide my fingers slowly underneath the edge of my panties, just teasing my clit with a slight brush of my fingers. It feels so wonderful I have to catch my breath. My clit throbs harder with each light caress.

I slide my fingers even further into my panties, feeling my wetness. So hot, and wanting something to fill that wet hole, I insert two fingers. They glide in with ease, using my juices for lubrication. My nipples are so erect, but they feel neglected. I begin to massage them with one hand as I fuck my pussy with the other. I’m moaning in pleasure with each thrust of my fingers in and out of my hot, wet hole. Finally I remove my fingers from my pussy and place both of them in my mouth. God, I taste so good!

Kneeling up on the bed again, I remove my camisole. My tits look so pretty, my nipples so pert and stiff. Getting on all fours now, I turn my ass toward the mirror. Such a nice tight ass. My thong fits nicely in the crack of it. I rub the cheeks of my ass. Feeling like an overheated slut now, I spread my cheeks, getting a beautiful view of my tight asshole. Just seeing that sweet little hole excites me. I slowly remove my thong. Being the slut I am, I want to fuck my ass so good. Lubing my anus with the juices flowing from my oozing pussy, I reach for my vibrator.

Mmmm, just rubbing my juices into the crack of my ass feels so good. Sliding my finger in deep. Oh yes! The vibrator now. Slowly sliding it into my ass… slowly… I hear myself moaning with each advancing inch as it goes in. It’s so deep in my ass now, and it feels so fabulous. Buzzing on high speed, so deep inside me.

God, it looks great in the mirror. I love watching my ass muscles cling to the vibrator while I drive it in and out, then in so deep again. Oh, I’m so damn horny, and I want more. I slide myself to the end of the bed, inserting the tool deeper in my ass, sitting on it now, enjoying the sensation of the thing buzzing against my inner muscles. My hands wander to my pert nipples, pulling and tugging at them, as the vibrator turns my ass into a pleasure palace. I am going nuts with the buzz of the vibe in my ass and the sensation of my fingers playing with my hard nipples. I am so fucking hot and wet. I want to get off so bad. I allow one hand to wander to my swollen clit, massaging it furiously, while still playing with my nipples, my hand moving back and forth from one to the other.

God, I am such a horny little slut! Fucking my ass… massaging my clit… rubbing my nipples… I am breathing hard and moaning wildly. And now I can feel all my pussy muscles contracting, making my ass clench even tighter around the buzzing vibrator. Oh yes, oh yes, I’m coming… yessss… NOWWWW!

I am panting hard, still twitching in the aftermath of my orgasm, feeling so fucking pleasured and totally exhausted. Finally I stand and bend over in front of the mirror, so I can watch as I slowly slide my vibrator from my tight ass. Oh yes, so nice. I’m feeling very relaxed now. I lie back on the bed, massaging my still hard nipples, and drift off into a deep and lovely sleep.

—L.P., Green Bay, Wisconsin

Purple Passion

Sometime in the middle of December, having endured a year of celibacy, I decided to treat myself to a trip to an adult novelty store as an early Christmas present. It takes me forever to work up the nerve to go into one of those places. I usually get really stoned first, and then drive by the place to make sure it’s not really crowded. Once I finally enter the store I always claim to be looking for items for a bachelorette party. All the while my pussy is oozing with come as I look at the cocks for sale and the other items I usually only get to see in catalogs.

On this particular trip I first selected a pair of sheer black crotchless panties. I then made my way over to the dongs and vibrators, stopping briefly to consider a new set of ben-wah balls. But I had only about fifty dollars to spend, so something had to go. I settled on a purple jelly dong, about eight and a half inches long and very thick. I also grabbed a video before getting myself out of there.

When I got home I put on the new video, which was okay. The panties felt great on me, but the dong seemed to be too big—maybe because I hadn’t had sex in a while.

Two weeks later, on New Year’s Eve, I decided to treat myself to a new television, one with a screen larger than my current thirteen-inch one. I realized that I could have a better New Year’s Eve party with my bigger-image TV, a few porno movies, and my new dong than any date could offer me. I put on my crotchless panties and went to the electronics store. A snowstorm was forecast for our area, and I could feel the wind blowing up my legs and chilling me where the come was dripping from my sheer panties. I get wet with anticipation quite easily.

When the New Year arrived I spent about three days with my hands between my pussy, rubbing my clit and inserting a succession of dongs. I started with a skinny seven-incher, then progressed to a squirmy eight-inch wiggler, and finally tried again with the big fat purple jelly dong. This time I got it in with no trouble at all.

The best surprise came yesterday afternoon, when I decided that a soak in the tub would do me a world of good. I brought the big fat purple dong into the bathroom and placed it on the toilet seat lid while the water was running. It looked good sitting upright, so I impaled myself on it. Happily, it turned out to have a suction base, and held to the surface nicely. I then tried it in the bathtub, and spent the next hour riding it to a whole series of orgasms. I felt so good that I decided to shave my cunt lips and mound.

While writing this letter I have been getting wetter and wetter. I am now sitting here with the big purple dong in my snatch, and my juices—unimpeded by pubic hair—are running into a puddle on the chair I’m sitting in. I hope to find a man to share in my libido very soon. In the meantime I’ve renewed my subscription to your magazine, and will keep bathing often with my fat purple friend.

—Name and address withheld

They Drive by Night

I am a thirty-seven-year-old female who just can’t seem to get enough sex. My husband, John, and I have often fantasized about me fucking another man, but so far we haven’t done anything about it, as I’m still a little self-conscious about actually doing it with a guy while my husband watches. But I’m working up to it, as you’ll see.

One night John and I drove into the city for dinner, and after eating we stopped in at a casino for a while. When we left there we decided to take a little drive instead of going right home. John got onto the interstate, heading east. After a short time my tight jeans started bothering me, so I took them off. I figured it was too dark for anyone to see me naked from the waist down. I didn’t have any underwear on, because I don’t like to feel confined at all.

With my jeans off I started feeling sexy, and the more we drove the hornier I became. So I started to rub my clitoris and put my fingers up into my wet pussy. Our car is a small one, so I didn’t really have a lot of room. It’s a good thing I am small too. I am only five-foot-two, and I weigh one hundred-ten pounds. I have green eyes and long brown hair with red highlights.

John suggested that I lie down across the seat and put my head in his lap. I lay on my side, bending my knees so they rested against the car door, and continued to masturbate. I kept thinking about our fantasies, about fucking another man while my husband watched. I was so hot I could hardly stand it. John started to play with my tits with one hand, while I played with my pussy. The sensation was driving me wild.

I was really going at it when John told me we were coming up on a truck. Just the thought of another man seeing me play with myself was almost enough to make me come. I closed my eyes and continued to stroke my clit; my pussy was swollen and ready to be fucked, and I couldn’t stop what I was doing. We drove up beside the truck, and John turned the interior lights on so the guy in the truck could get a good look. John also pulled up my shirt so the driver could get a clear look at my exposed breasts.

I looked up to see if I could make out the driver’s face, but it was too dark inside the cab, and all I could see was this big semi right beside us. But I knew the driver was watching, because he stayed right with us in the next lane. What a sensation it was to know that a total stranger was watching me. I looked at my husband, and I could see that he was enjoying what was going on.

John kept right on playing with my tits, and every now and then he would bring his hand down between my legs and put his fingers into my dripping cunt. It felt so good that at one point I arched my back and brought my pussy right up to the window, so the driver of the truck could see everything.

I could tell the driver was getting off, because the truck was not as steady as before. It kept slowing down and then catching back up to us, and it was weaving a little. It was such a turn-on for me! The longer he stayed with us, the more I squirmed around. I gave him one hell of a show. A couple of times I thought he was going to go into the ditch, but he managed to keep the truck right next to our car. It was a good thing there weren’t any other vehicles on the freeway at that time.

At one point we hit an area where they were doing road construction and part of the highway was blocked, so the semi had to pull behind us for a while. It’s too bad there weren’t any road workers on the highway then, because as horny as I was, they all would have gotten one hell of a show.

When we got clear of the construction the truck pulled up next to us again, and stayed there. I really wished I could have seen that driver’s face. The more he watched, the crazier I got. I was going a hundred miles an hour on my clit, and I was getting close to coming. John knew I was getting ready to explode, so he reached over and put his fingers into my pussy. That was all it took. My whole body began to tremble. I arched my back and raised my hips up as far as I could so the truck driver could see me climax. I came so hard it felt like it lasted five minutes.

I could just imagine the driver jacking off as he watched, because the truck slowed down for a few seconds. The next thing I knew he was right beside the car again. I sat up, looked over at the driver’s window, and blew him a kiss. Then we took off.

We got off the freeway at the next exit. I was a little worried that the truck driver was going to follow us, but at the same time the thought of him doing that got my juices flowing all the more.

I was still worked up thinking about what happened, and I knew John was too. I reached over and felt his hard dick just straining to get out of his pants.

We were both so hot that we pulled over right there on the exit ramp and got out of the car, with me still naked from the waist down. John laid me across the hood of the car and started to fuck the hell out of me. A couple of vehicles came by, and I knew my husband was hoping that one of them would stop. But they just kept on going.

After I came again, John helped me off the hood and sat me down on the car seat, facing out, with the door wide open. Then he brought his big hard dick up to my mouth. I took him in and sucked and licked that pole like never before. I didn’t care who might see us, or even stop to join in. His cock tasted so good; it was so big and hard. I just couldn’t get enough. I was on fire, even though I had come twice within the last few minutes. I could feel the juices running out of my hot pussy.

I kept sucking and licking John’s dick for a while, taking that big tool down into my throat. When his hands started to tremble, I knew he was about to explode, so I sucked even harder. The next thing I knew his hot come was shooting down my throat. I was careful not to let any leak out of my mouth, because it tasted so good that I wanted every drop.

What a night that was! Now I’m thinking that next time I might get up enough courage to let John pull over at a rest area and let the truck driver follow us. Then I could realize my fantasy of fucking two men at one time. And if that happens—okay, when it happens—I’ll write and tell you about it.

—Name and address withheld

Wet Roads

This was a first for me. I’ve read about premature ejaculation, but never in women! It blew my ego to actually climax just by thinking of making love to this man (let’s call him Mr. Magic, because whenever we are together it’s nothing but magic). The thought of him always sends a pulsating throb of pure pleasure into my pussy (even as I write this). A mere touch, or dirty talk, from him drives my senses crazy, but never have I actually come without some stimulation. Whether it’s his dick, his fingers, or my vibrator, something has to be in my neatly shaved pussy. So this encounter of an unknown kind was really something I have to tell you about.

We were speeding down the Autobahn and all of a sudden I was extremely horny. I couldn’t figure out why. I wanted to take off my pants, pull down his, and straddle him while we were driving down the road. I told him what I was thinking, how I wanted to give him a blowjob that he would never forget, how my pussy needed some attention so bad it was hurting. He said, “Use your imagination. Think about what we do together. See what happens.”

While I was thinking about the great sex we’ve had together, this relaxed, warm, wet feeling took me over. When we stopped, I went to the restroom and found my panties so soaked with come that I had to change underwear. I felt great, light-headed—but most of all I wanted his cock in me.

When I told him about it he just smiled. He must have already known what he was going to do. On the way back, he told me to take off my jeans. I leaned back against my door and spread my legs wide so he could see my pussy. I could see his face flush as he saw how wet I was.

He pulled into a rest area, and we fucked right there in the car, which I’ve always wanted to do.

Ladies, the bottom line is, use your imagination and you can have it when you want it—but it’s better if he’s there so you can tell him about it.

—M.J., Akron, Ohio

Coming with Age

I am a seventy-six-year-young man, married for fifty years to a wonderful eighty-year-old lady. For the most part my wife has always been ready for sex whenever I was. We tried lots of different ways to please each other, and both enjoyed a lot of foreplay, sometimes to orgasm. Sometimes I would eat her pussy, but she only tried sucking my cock a few times. As it was obvious she didn’t care much for it, I didn’t ask her to do it. Even though I do love eating her pussy, she only wanted it about once a month.

Being in the military, I was sometimes away for up to six months. I could handle the separation because I could jack off and enjoy it, but my wife didn’t enjoy doing herself until I bought her a vibrator.

As time passed, I was jacking off more and she was increasingly putting the vibrator to good use. Sometimes she would watch me (which excited me very much) and not join me. Other times she would join me, using the vibrator.

When she became ill a few years ago, my wife asked if I would mind if we had sex less often. I told her I would try it for a while and see how it worked out.

At first I didn’t like jacking off alone, but after a while I got used to it. I jacked off three or four times a week, and she joined me about half of the time. I admit, without my wife to fondle, I sometimes have to use a videotape or read your magazine to get a hard-on. But I really think I enjoy jacking off more now than ever, maybe because I like to watch my dick when it comes.

When my wife joins me, she lets me finger her clit until I get a hard-on. After she has one orgasm by me, she uses the vibrator while I jack off. I usually just have one orgasm, while she has four or five with the vibrator. When she lets me eat her pussy I can get a second hard-on, and that’s really great. At first, when my wife suggested we change our sexual activities, I was a little hurt, but the way things have turned out, she really did us both a favor. I enjoy jacking off more, and she joins in only when she wants to. I can wake up in the middle of the night with a hard-on and jack off when she wouldn’t appreciate my waking her up. If I want a quickie I can handle that without worrying about getting someone else in the mood.

I have tried many different ways of masturbating, and have seen a bunch more. I think I’ve found the perfect technique. First I get my dick hard, then I open a condom and squeeze about a teaspoon of hand lotion into it. I roll it onto my cock and rub the lotion all over the head. I jack off fast or slow depending on my mood, taking long strokes along the whole shaft.

I just rub and concentrate on the head of my cock, especially on the underside of the head. If I want to prolong it, I concentrate on the head until I am almost ready, then I go back to stroking the entire shaft.

This way is also neater. I don’t have to worry about getting come all over my hand or on my bedsheet, my chair, the kitchen table, or wherever I do it.

Of course I can understand why all of the guys on tape jack off with a bare cock. They want the viewers to see them shoot their come out of their dick. I find it amusing though that all of these guys on the tape are in their twenties or early thirties and most of the time they can’t even get their cocks hard. If I didn’t have a condom on, I would shoot my load two feet—and I’m seventy-six. These guys on tape, most of them just dribble out their come. Maybe they’ll enjoy it more when they get older.

—P.W., Paris, Texas

Hand Maid

My name is James, and I want to tell you about what happened to me while I was visiting California. The summer before I started college, I flew to San Francisco on my first vacation without my parents. One morning as I was going out for a run I passed by room service doing their daily cleaning. I noticed one of the maids, a Latin woman in her late thirties. She wasn’t what you’d call good-looking, but she was sexy in the way your friends’ moms sometimes are: They aren’t fashion models, but they look at you in a way that says, I know you’re thinking about sex right now.

I said, “Good morning,” and went for my run. When I returned hot and sweaty an hour later, I collapsed on the bed, turned on the TV, and surfed the channels while I cooled down. I stopped when I found the adult channel, and the sight of hot babes in lingerie got me hard pretty quick. My cock ached so that I took off my clothes and started to stroke myself. Closing my eyes, I got lost in my own fantasy, and was just reaching my peak when I got the feeling someone was watching. I looked at the door, and there she was: The maid I had seen in the stairway, smiling at me as I gripped my hard, flushed cock.

“Guess I forgot to lock the door,” I stuttered.

“Yeah,” she said. “By the way, you’re doing it all wrong.”

She told me to get on the bed and lie on my back. She got the complimentary lotion from the bathroom sink and stripped off her uniform. She poured the lotion over the top of my penis, and stroked me slow and smooth. When she felt that I was getting excited, she told me to get on all fours and spread my knees apart. She moved up behind me so I could feel her pussy hair on my ass and balls. Her breasts were warm on my back as she laid her head on my shoulders. Then she reached around my waist and continued to masturbate me. Thrusting my hips and shoving my dick through the pussy-tight grip she made with her hands, I was so desperate to come that I didn’t know whether to faint or scream.

“Keep going,” she said. I continued pumping my dick as she squeezed her hands tighter.

She took one hand and began to rub my ass at the same time, placing a finger on the outside of my forbidden hole and rubbing it around very quickly. It was too much. I screamed and shot my load into her hand and all over the freshly made bed. She kept pumping my rod and playing with my hole as I shook from the mind-blowing orgasm.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up it was afternoon and she was gone. I took a shower and went looking for her. When I returned, my bed had been changed and the room was clean. There was a note on the bed that read, “Now that’s the right way to masturbate. Signed, the management.”

Now every time I masturbate I play with my new hole of excitement, and I invariably have a nerve-shattering orgasm.

—J.P., Jacksonville, North Carolina


Over the years I have fantasized about almost every conceivable sexual situation while masturbating. When you jerk off that much, you end up trying all kinds of lubrication. Many of them are okay if you’re going to get off in five minutes. But when you reach the thirty-minute mark, most of them just dry up and get sticky.

Sometimes I have a marathon stroke-fest for two hours or more, running through every fantasy I can think of. No commercially produced sex lubricant has ever lasted through one of these. Gee, I thought, there’s got to be something that lasts for an hour without using it all up before I finally squirt halfway across the sofa.

Then about five months ago I found the perfect lube for making your hand feel like a pussy. It will last through a good two-hour session and still feel like a creamy, wet pair of cunt lips.

I recently developed a mild but irritating case of hemorrhoids. I went to the drugstore and purchased some Preparation H suppositories. Later that night I got home and settled in for a good masturbation session. I put the box of Preparation H on the table and pressed play on the VCR to watch an all-female masturbation film, then reached back to get a suppository. Its bulletlike shape slides right into your anus like a hot knife through butter.

Oh, I thought, that feels better already. I started to caress my balls while the girl on the screen tasted her pussy juice from her middle finger and then slipped it into her asshole. I wonder what these suppositories are made out of anyway, I asked myself. My cock was growing more erect all the time. Huh, cocoa butter, no wonder they slide right in.

The girl on the screen was vigorously rubbing her clit while licking her lips. Soon she was climaxing, then sucking the come from her finger again.

Naturally my hand had started a journey up from my balls to the shaft of my cock. I noticed that my finger was slightly lubricated with the cocoa butter. Hm, I thought, this stuff is really nice and slick. Let’s see what happens if I rub one on my prick.

It took about five minutes to dissolve a suppository between my fingers and the shaft of my cock. It felt like a well-lubricated pussy, and stayed that way for over two hours. Best of all, it didn’t drip or need a second application, and it was the cheapest thing I’ve ever used to jerk off with. Eureka!

Now I always use suppositories when I jerk off. I don’t know if they would be good for other forms of sex, but I’ve found what I would call the ultimate lubricant.

—A.K., Greeley, Colorado

Home Stroking

Now that I work out of my home, I find myself able to succumb to desire whenever I want. I have always enjoyed sex, whether with or without someone else. I love to bring myself to orgasm.

While working during the day, I like to fantasize about my husband. I’ll be sitting at my computer, typing away, when suddenly my clit starts to tingle. I touch it with my finger or squeeze my legs tightly together. That only makes it cry out for more. I’ll take off my skirt, then my blouse, bra, and panties. I leave on my high heels.

I like to watch myself in the mirror as I play with my clit. It feels naughty. I wonder whether my husband will walk in on me. I have a fantasy that I’m naked, sitting at my desk, one hand caressing my breasts, the other massaging my clit. My body is writhing in ecstasy. I moan. I want to be fucked so bad, so hard, so fast. I bounce up and down on my finger as it enters my warm, wet pussy. I take my other hand and start to rub my ass. I let my finger tease my ass. As my finger is fucking my ass, I rub my clit with my thumb.

I hear the front door open and, “Hey, baby, I’m home!” I can’t move quickly enough to get dressed, so I just let myself go. He stands there watching me, smiling. I can tell he’s a little jealous, but I assure him that what I really need is to feel his hot, hard cock inside me.

He takes off his clothes and mounts me with his throbbing cock. He starts off slow and then gets faster and faster. Our lips join in a delicious kiss. I pretend his tongue is a cock and I suck on it. My tits are bouncing. I feel his eyes watch my breasts move as he fucks. I start to think about how it would feel if he stuck his finger up my ass. I direct his finger to my moist hole and as he fucks my pussy with his cock, his finger is fucking my ass.

I come with such an explosion, that my whole body shudders. Then I feel his hot juice shoot up deep inside me. As we lie there, he whispers, “I’d like to come home to that everyday!” There’s definitely something to be said about working out of your home.

—B.B., Casper, Wyoming

He Saw, He Came, She Conquered

Masturbation has always been a private act as far as I’m concerned. I’ve jerked off onto my palm, into tissues, onto the glossy pages of girlie magazines, you name it. But having a splooge-fest has always been a game of solitaire. At least it was until a couple of weeks ago, when I came to realize that it could be played by two, thanks to Mimi.

Like many young people, Mimi likes to work hard and party hard. Last summer, along with me and several other people in the company where we both work, she took a share in a resort house nestled high in the mountains about fifty miles from our city. It turned out to be an excellent way to spend a vacation. On warm days, a group of us would climb one of the high peaks and enjoy the fantastic views. It was a great workout and a great time. Sometimes, after a grueling hike, we’d skinny-dip in one of the ponds or in a protected creek, where if the state rangers had caught us we would have been in some serious trouble. The danger only added to the fun and the exhilaration.

Being in the mountains was a major turn-on, but as I found out, it was even more of a turn-on to be alone in the resort house with Mimi.

I didn’t set it up or anything; I didn’t even know Mimi was in the house. I thought I would be alone, and was looking forward to some private time with my fist and the latest issue of my favorite stroke book. My pole needed some polishing, and my balls were overloaded with spunk.

But just as I was preparing for my solitary sex session, I heard a small sound coming from the room across from mine. I wasn’t really sure what it was at first, but the door to that room was open slightly, and then I heard it again, a kind of wispy sigh, which was followed by the slight creaking of a bed.

I cursed to myself, realizing that I wasn’t alone in the house after all. But then a great curiosity overtook me. I knew that was Mimi’s room. I figured she was also thinking nobody else was around, and I wondered what she was doing. I couldn’t resist the temptation to look. I tiptoed softly across the hall and peeked through the crack of the door.

Man, I just about squirted right there! Mimi is something special to see under any circumstances. She’s really hot, with a smooth complexion, dreamy brown bedroom eyes, and long sandy hair clinging to her gorgeous face. She also has a hefty treasure chest that makes a guy want to major in global studies. I saw it all then, and it was magnificent. Mimi may be in her twenties, but her tits are in their thirties at least.

She was lying nude on the bed, her eyes half closed, a dreamy smile illuminating her face as she watched a fuck film unrolling on the porno channel. As I watched she hoisted her hooters high and started licking the dark nipples, making them shiny and slippery-looking. All of a sudden I had a major case of beaver fever.

I strained my eyes to see the sweet girl juice seeping from her honey slit. As is the vogue, she was nearly bare down there, with just a furry landing strip above her pussy lips. My dick wanted to make an emergency landing in a major way.

Actually, I did more than watch this wonder woman in heat. First checking to be sure that there was in fact nobody else in sight, I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, letting them drop to the floor. My briefs followed, and I got a good hold on Mr. Happy. With my fist locked tight around my rigid shaft, I started to stroke it slowly, up and down, up and down, never taking my horny eyes from the luscious girl on the bed.

After covering as much of her big tits as she could with saliva, Mimi brought her right hand down to her cunt, sliding a finger into her sweet hole. She swirled it around and around until a silky stream of secretions oozed from her slit. Right then I wished my tongue had wings, so it could fly right to her dripping cunt.


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