Lies Told In Silence

Lies Told In Silence

by M.K. Tod

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Lies Told In Silence by M.K. Tod

In May 1914, Helene Noisette's father believes war is imminent. Convinced Germany will head straight for Paris, he sends his wife, daughter, mother and younger son to Beaufort, a small village in northern France. But when war erupts two months later, the German army invades neutral Belgium, sweeping south towards Paris. And by the end of September, Beaufort is less than twenty miles from the front. During the years that follow, with the rumbling of guns ever present in the distance, three generations of women come together to cope with deprivation, fear and the dreadful impacts of war.

In 1917, Helene falls in love with a young Canadian soldier wounded in the battle of Vimy Ridge. But war has a way of separating lovers and families, of twisting promises and dashing hopes, and of turning the naïve and innocent into the jaded and war-weary. As the months pass, Helene is forced to reconcile dreams for the future with harsh reality.

Lies Told in Silence examines love and loss, duty and sacrifice, and the unexpected consequences of lies.

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Publisher: Tod Publishing
Publication date: 07/31/2014
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About the Author

I have enjoyed a passion for historical novels that began in my early teenage years immersed in the stories of Rosemary Sutcliff, Jean Plaidy and Georgette Heyer. During my twenties, armed with Mathematics and Computer Science degrees, I embarked on a career in technology and consulting continuing to read historical fiction in the tiny snippets of time available to working women with children to raise.

In 2004, I moved to Hong Kong with my husband and no job. To keep busy I decided to research my grandfather's part in the Great War. What began as an effort to understand my grandpar-ents' lives blossomed into a fulltime occupation as a writer. Beyond my debut novel Unravelled, I have written two other novels with WWI settings. I have an active all aspects of historical fiction including interviews with a variety of authors and others involved in this genre. Additionally, I am a book reviewer for the Historical Novel Society. I live in Toronto and I'm happily married with two adult children.

I am delighted to hear from readers. Please contact me at .

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Lies Told In Silence 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
SherreyM More than 1 year ago
Are you a fan of historical fiction? I am, but accuracy plays a large role in historical fiction. Fully researched, all details correct to time and place, including the dress of the day, the architecture, food, drink…I think you get the idea. M.K. Tod is a master of researching historical detail. Prior to reading Lies Told in Silence, M.K. Tod’s books had not come to my attention. But with a father-in-law who served in World War I stationed off the coast of France, I picked this one up. Color me happily found by an excellent historical fiction author. Tod manages not only to research details well, she also writes beautifully. Her characterizations are realistically drawn, places vividly colored, and language beautifully taken from the era of the First World War and in France. The frequent use of the French “maman” for mother lent a rare depiction of the respect shown in generations of this time period. Among the three women characters, there are both good and not so good times. The three characters–Helene, the main character and youngest; her mother; and her grandmother. During their time away from home in a smaller town for safety’s sake, the three women grow closer. Helene’s romance adds twists and turns to their story and their days. Sweetly shared, the Canadian soldier Helene falls in love with adds a bit of military texture to their lives. The war itself is seen through Helene’s eyes, a young woman who has dreamed of a perfect world and life. Now it all seems to be falling apart all around her. Will she love only to lose the man she has found? She questions many things, and her questioning brings back vivid memories of when my generation went to war in Vietnam. These are growing times for Helene in many respects. If you are a lover of historical fiction and perhaps even WWI, this is a not miss, must read book from M.K. Tod. Lies Told in Silence will keep you reading and turning pages as you not only learn more about the complexities of this ware, but also the impact it had on the people caught up in it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I originally picked this up in the historical romance section of the Nook Store for the World War 1 setting, and expected the cheesy love-conquers-all fairy tale so common in the genre. I was very, very wrong. I haven't cried over a book or movie since I was a child, but damn did this make me tear up. The story leans more towards historical fiction than romance, especially the first half, but I absolutely loved following Helene's well-written development and the Noisette family's struggle to maintain a normal life during the war. If you're on the fence about buying this book, I 100% recommend it whether you're a fan of the genre or not, and I hope to read more from this author in the future.
Fictional100_Lucy More than 1 year ago
Near the end of Lies Told in Silence, M. K. Tod’s beautifully rendered story of a French family during World War I, her main character, Hélène Noisette, wonders to herself: “Is it the things you choose or the things you don’t choose that make your life?” In any novel about war, this has to be one of the central questions. Choices, very much limited by circumstance, present themselves like a great divide, and Hélène had to confront many such fateful choices. Tod shows them to us with sensitivity and respect for all her characters’ humanity. The book opens in May 1914, when Hélène’s father, Henri, who works in the War Ministry in Paris, determines that it is no longer safe for his family to remain in Paris. Unwillingly, 16-year-old Hélène must move out of the city with her mother Lise, and her younger brother Jean. Mother, daughter, son, and Henri’s mother, Mariele, settle in the small town of Beaufort, northeast of Paris, at a family home once belonging to Henri’s sister. Neither Lise nor Hélène have been emotionally close to Mariele (Grandmère) up to this time, so it is an uneasy household at best. Hélène is miserable; she misses the excitement and variety of her life in Paris--her friends, her school--and thinks: "How can Grandmère be so content? Doesn’t she miss her friends and the theatre and the beautiful shops of Paris? Here we are stuck in a tiny backwater because Papa is worried about something that may never happen." That was in June. By August, war had broken out in Europe and everything changed. It became clear that while Paris was threatened, Beaufort might be in the line of fire too. But all the family could do was stay put and wait, and learn to adapt to life in wartime, the need to be more self-sufficient if they were cut off from supplies and the resources of normal daily life. Something shifted for Hélène; she understood that if she wished to be more grownup she would need to start helping her mother and grandmother, learn the skills of life most needed in the situation they were caught in, and take her share of responsibility for boosting their morale. Most important, the women in the neat house in Beaufort came to rely on each other, seek each other’s counsel, and share the immense challenges of living. Tod’s novel is ultimately a love story, and it begins here, with the unshakable love that grows between Hélène, her mother, and her grandmother. One day they can hear a repetitive sound that they realize must be artillery fire. It is undeniable what is happening, but Hélène cannot help but think, “No…war is for history books, not for us to experience firsthand. It’s for faraway places known only on maps.” But the war will approach them very closely indeed. Canadian troops will be stationed near them for the battle to take Vimy Ridge. Hélène will meet a Canadian soldier named Edward Jamieson and discover the intensity of love in wartime. She will have to face the deep anxiety over the absent loved one’s safety, compounded by worry about whether love itself can survive the rigors of war. The rest of the book tells their story. Tod has a clear, flowing writing style; her prose spins out in a rolling, companionable way with just enough added description to create a sense of immediacy for the reader--so important to the success of any historical fiction. This was a 5-star read for me, and I highly recommend it. Note: I received a complimentary e-book, in exchange for an honest review.
MariaD1 More than 1 year ago
Wonderful World War 1 Romance I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange of an honest and fair review.  I rated the book 4.5 out of 5 Stars. When I first agreed to review Lies Told in Silence by M.K. Tod, I did it without even realizing that we are commemorating the 100 year anniversary of World War 1.  As someone who majored in history, and loves reading books and watching movies about both World Wars, this was quite an oversight for me.   While I have not read Ms. Tod’s debut novel, Unraveled, which also touches on the lives of the characters in Lies Told In Silence, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this book not only stands on its own but that for me, it was better to read this book first since I like reading a characters progression from start to finish.  If you like reading historical novels or historical romance, Lies Told in Silence is a book you’ll want to add to your list; filled with well-developed characters, the colorful and emotionally charged background of war and a young woman’s first romance, this is quite an enjoyable book. In May 1914, realizing the political climate is primed for war, Henri Noisette sends Lise, his wife, Jean, his youngest son, and Helene, his young teenage daughter, to Beaufort, a small town in northern France, hoping to keep them safe.  Sending his mother to watch over his family, Henri and his oldest son Guy, plan to stay in Paris and face whatever comes.  When war breaks two months later, the German army heads to France determined to capture Paris.  However, in order to get to Paris, they first have to invade northern France and Helene and her family find their lives changed forever by war. Ms. Tod does a wonderful job developing Helene’s character against the backdrop of the war.  As Helene and her family are drawn together by their experiences, and the war grows larger and uglier, she is forced to become an adult sooner than she would have had there been no war.  Through their shared experiences, Helene becomes closer with her mother and grandmother as their time in Beaufort extends past the first few months.  I enjoyed watching the three women grow closer and how this helps Helene as she grows up.  I also enjoyed learning Helene’s viewpoints on the war and about her involvement.    Reminding us that war isn’t only about death and misery, Ms. Tod introduces us to Edward Jamieson, a Canadian soldier injured in battle, who becomes Helene’s first real love interest.  While Edward seems somewhat reserved, it’s clear that Helene has also captured his heart.  Their romance, like many things in this book, is portrayed against the backdrop of life in a small French village and the beauty of the French countryside.  Will Helene and her family survive the war? Will her romance with Edward lead to a happy ending?  You’ll have to read Lies Told In Silence to find out.  I can’t wait to read Unraveled next.
wordsandpeace More than 1 year ago
THE novel on WWI: I discovered author M. K. Tod last year with her brilliant historical novel Unravelled. When she contacted me about her latest novel on the same events, viewed from the perspective of the other major character involved in the story, I didn’t hesitate a second, especially as we celebrate this year the somber anniversary of WWI. When Lies Told in Silence opens, we are in May 1914 near Bois de Boulogne, Paris. Helene is 16 and her two brothers 19 and 13. Henri’s father, Henri, works at the War Ministry. Hearing about the preparations for a war, and assuming Paris will be the first target, he decides to send his old mother Mariele, his wife Lise and his children away to the house owned by their Aunt Camille in the little village of Beaufort in Northern France, where they should be safe. Lise and Helen are very upset at the idea of living in such a tiny place, away from the education and culture offered by the capital. The beginning of the novel is at a slow pace, conveying so well the ambiance of heavy weather before a storm, and what a storm it will be… Indeed, contrary to all expectations, Germany invaded Belgium in August, which eventually made Beaufort just 20 miles away from the front. Most of the novel focuses on daily life in war time, with excellent details. It is time for a rough coming of age, a very quick maturing for Helene in these circumstances, as well as for her mother, certainly not used to a life of sacrifices, nor to taking care of her wounded son and to working in a soldiers hospital. But they are in the company of the grand-mother Mariele. She is a great loving character, who blooms again as she rediscovers the joys of simple living. She is also a very comforting and stabilizing figure. A great relationship slowly develops between the three generations of women. Then one day Canadian soldiers arrive in the area, to prepare a major preparation against the Germans. At a local dance, Helene meets one of them, Edward, who asks to see her again. It is the beginning of a deep love. Before he is sent further away, they promise to wait for each other until the end of the war, but she suddenly stops receiving news from him. Why? What happened to him? Did he die? Or weren’t his feelings genuine toward her? Will they ever meet again? I’m certainly not going to answer all these questions for you. You need to go grab the book now and read for yourself. Every line is worth your time. Even though you may guess in chapter 36 what really happened, as I did, the whole book is for you to savor word by word. Don’t forget to admire the cover, designed from one of the author’s family pictures! I devoured the book very quickly and enjoyed it thoroughly. Lucky you if you have not yet read Unravelled, you have something else now to read related to the story. As for me, the end of this one makes me expect with excitement the next novel by M. K. Tod! VERDICT: For lovers of historical novels, the best way of reading something special at the occasion of the anniversary of WWI is to grab the latest book by M. K. Tod. Full of true to life characters and details on this somber page of French history, it will make you relive these dreadful events as if you were there, in the company of a normal family in northern France.