Life Eternal

Life Eternal

by William Thomas Stead


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Continuing on from his books After Death: Letter from Julia and The Blue Island, pioneering journalist, William Thomas Stead, who in 1912 went down on the Titanic, communicated additional advice and information from the spheres beyond our physical existence, or what some call, the afterlife.

Following more than twenty years of communication, directly and via mediums Hester Dowden and Geraldine Cummins, Stead’s daughter, Estelle, published Life Eternal in 1933.

In this book, Stead expands on and clarifies “The Blue Island,” the illusory state, he and other passengers and crew on the Titanic found themselves after their physical deaths. He describes that time as “a period following a shattering shock, and a great and sudden change.”

He goes on to say:

“As a matter of fact a "cure" was being accomplished, and … we awoke, rubbed our eyes, and found ourselves in a world not so unlike your own: a world in which we all felt awkward and strange at first. Then we knew that the Blue Island was a dream common to all of us, and that now we should go on our separate ways, and begin our new life.”

Stead discusses a broad range of subjects including the so-called spheres of existence, reincarnation, children in the afterlife, good and evil, the method and challenge of communication between the spheres and much, much more.

Comparing the physical world to where he now resided he remarked, “Your Earth is like the sediment at the bottom of a vessel, the higher you go, the clearer the fluid becomes.”

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ISBN-13: 9781786771391
Publisher: White Crow Books
Publication date: 07/05/2020
Pages: 234
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About the Author

Stead, William Thomas (Embleton, Northumberland, July 5, 1849 - Titanic, 1912)

Known to the general public primarily as a dedicated journalist, author, social reformer, and pacifist, William Thomas Stead was on his way to New York to give a speech on world peace at Carnegie Hall when he became a victim of the "Titanic."

Stead is remembered in psychic circles as the founder of Borderland, a quarterly journal devoted to psychical subjects, and as founder of Julia's Bureau, a psychic bureau intended to demonstrate the reality of survival after death as well as to assist in a spiritual revival. In 1891-92, stories from Borderland were compiled into two separate volumes - "Real Ghost Stories" and "More Ghost Stories," and in 1897 they were published under one title, "Real Ghost Stories." These true cases of apparitions, hauntings, astral projection, clairvoyance, and premonitions, collected by Stead, have since become a classic under the title Borderland. Stead was also an automatic writing medium when alive and a frequent spirit communicator after his death.

Table of Contents

Introductory Note

Note by the Automatist

Foreword PART 1:

LIFE ETERNAL Introduction

Chapter 1. The Source of Life

Chapter 2. The Soul

Chapter 3. Pre-Natal State

Chapter 4. Reincarnation

Chapter 5. Life After Death

Chapter 6. What Happens at Death

Chapter 7. Our Life here

Chapter 8. Arts and Professions

Chapter 9. Medicine and Nursing

Chapter 10. The Curative Power of Music

Chapter 11. The Child: Its conditions in our Sphere

Chapter 12. Animal Survival

Chapter 13. Eternal Life

Chapter 14. Religion and Faith

Epilogue: The New Knowledge

PART 2: THE PROCESS OF COMMUNICATION Communication between the Spheres

Chapter 1. Evidence of Survival

Chapter 2. First Attempts

Chapter 3. Communication with Sphere above my own

Chapter 4. My First Clumsy Efforts

Chapter 5. Trance

Chapter 6. Direct Voice

Chapter 7. Materialization

Chapter 8. Automatic Writing

Chapter 9. Clairvoyance and Clairaudience

Chapter 10. Psychic Photography

Chapter 11. Hauntings

Chapter 12. The Poltergeist

Chapter 13. Apports

Chapter 14. How to Approach Communication

Chapter 15. Communications from Spheres far Beyond

Chapter 16. Appendix

– The Great Subconscious Mind

_ White and Black Magic

– Degrees and Kinds of Madness

– The Power of Mind to Converse with Mind While Still in the Body

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