Lifelong Running: Overcome the 11 Myths about Running and Live a Healthier Life

Lifelong Running: Overcome the 11 Myths about Running and Live a Healthier Life

by Ruth E Heidrich PhD, Martin Rowe


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A cancer survivor, an Ironman Triathlete, and widely decorated marathoner, Ruth Heidrich has long been been a role model to athletes of all ages. But over the years even Ruth herself has encountered the various, commonly held misbeliefs about running, from "women shouldn't run" to "you need to change your diet to run," that prevent people from lacing up their shoes and getting off the couch. In this user-friendly guide, Ruth Heidrich debunks those myths and many more while providing the motivation, inspiration, and resources to start or maintain an activity whose benefits will last a lifetime. Along the way, Martin Rowe offers up practical advice as well as a look into running's storied history. You'll find out why there's no perfect body type for a runner, how to measure your fitness level relative to your age, and how the modern marathon came to be. Accessible and informative, Lifelong Running shows that it's possible to run well into your seventies—and beyond.

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ISBN-13: 9781590563854
Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
Publication date: 09/28/2013
Pages: 188
Sales rank: 975,123
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About the Author

Ruth Heidrich, is a a multiple Ironman triathlete, winner of more than 900 trophies, eight gold medals in the U. S. Senior Olympics, and finisher of 67 marathons. Named One of the Ten Fittest Women in North America, she is a breast cancer survivor and author of several books.

Martin Rowe is the co-founder of Lantern Publishing & Media. He is the author of several books, including The Polar Bear in the Zoo: A Reflection, which also explores the work of Jo-Anne McArthur, and co-author of Right Off the Bat: Baseball, Cricket, Literature, & Life.

Table of Contents

Foreword Martin Rowe 7

Introduction 15

Myth #1 But I'm Not a Runner! 23

Rim Right for Your Body Type 30

Myth #2 Women Shouldn't Run 33

A Woman's Sport 38

Myth #3 It's Too Hard to Start Running 41

Screwing Up 51

Myth #4 You Need to Be Young, Thin, and Have the Right Genes to Run 55

The Age-Graded Calculator 72

Myth #5 You Need to Change Your Diet to Run 77

Conquering the Negatives and the Blahs 86

Myth #6 Running Ruins Your Knees- and Other Body Parts 95

Run Your Run 105

Myth #7 You Can Only Run Under the Right Conditions 107

On Running and Writing 111

Myth #8 Running Isn't a Real Sport 115

Interlude The Marathon by Martin Rowe 121

Myth #9 Running Is Boring 139

The Zen of Running 144

Myth #10 Running Is Lonely 147

Getting a Trainer 151

Myth #11 There's No Such Thing as a "Runner's High" 155

Spot the White Guy 158

Conclusion 163

Appendix 165

Acknowledgments 177

Resources 179

Endnotes 181

About the Authors 185

About the Publisher 187

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