Limitless Love

Limitless Love

by Audrey Carlan
5.0 3

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Limitless Love 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous 1 days ago
The sex scenes are yummy toi
analiezel77 2 days ago
What I love most about this series is the friendships that are built around the Lotus House. In no way are any of the friends related by blood yet the relationships that exist among them is so deep and profound it is as if they truly are all related. Limitless Love features Monet Holland and Clayton Hart who are both extremely jaded from past relationships – one more so than the other. The attraction between these two always existed but because of the “baggage”, that they both carried they refused to acknowledge it. This changes however when Moe’s life is put in danger. At first, I wondered if Clayton actions were based on this “hero complex” but as the story unfolds it becomes obvious that it so much more than that. His character definitely shined in this story. I loved that he was patient, understanding, affectionate, and how caring and protective he was not only for Monet but for her adorable daughter as well. After everything Moe went through she deserved someone phenomenal and in all aspects, Clayton was that for her. If you asked me what was the best part of the story?… I would have to say that emotional ending. I won’t get into it but I will say that I was astounded beyond words with how Audrey Carlan unexpectedly brought this family full circle. I am so not surprised that PassionFlix decided to turn this amazing series into a movie because not only are the books highly addictive but they are all heartwarming. Haven’t started the series yet? You absolutely need to! Read these books and fall in love with each and one of these great couples just as hard as I did!
Anonymous 2 days ago
Limitless Love is a book that has burrowed into my heart and planted the seeds of hope. Monet Holland is a strong woman who was struck down in such a horrible way that sometimes even the strongest cannot withstand. However, she got up, fought, and showed, without trying, that she is a powerhouse. Her support system consisted of her family of her heart, and the man who refused to let go. Clayton Hart is a strong man, both physically and emotionally. His past would have made any man give up. Yet, when a friend of his best friend needed help in the most unexpected way possible, Clay showed up. He not only showed up, but he took hold and never let go. I always find myself learning valuable lessons from Ms. Carlan's work. In Limitless Love, I not only learned that not only is true love limitless, but it's the most powerful thing in the world and the most beautiful gift one can receive. But it's not only romantic love. It's the love of and for friends, the family of the heart. This is what rings so clearly throughout this book. This story isn't just about Monet and Clay falling in love, though I still get chills thinking about it, but about how all of the different types of love can change lives, even through horror. However, even as Monet drew from this well of love, watching her fall for Clay squeezed my heart. Watching Clay fall for Monet and Lily made me cry. I'm a sucker for an alpha male who falls for a woman and her child. Though I love Clay and Monet, I adore Lily! She made me laugh so hard even as this book made me cry. Why? You have to read it to find out! Limitless Love is filled with pain and comfort, sadness and joy, laughter and tears, lust and love, and of course, wicked hotness! Ms. Carlan puts forth yet another beautiful novel and we can’t wait for more from her!