Little Shepherd

Little Shepherd

Paperback(Large Print)

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ISBN-13: 9781616330859
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
Publication date: 08/26/2010
Edition description: Large Print
Pages: 16
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.04(d)

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Little Shepherd 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
I recently shared this book with our two boys, ages 6 and 8. They loved it, and we will be reading it again during the Advent season. The boys loved putting a name and face to the story of the shepherds! They help put up our manger each year, and love placing the sheep in different places. Now they know one of the little shepherd's by name, Obed. They listened as I read, and eyes got big at the mention of the wolf. When they heard the shepherd was only 5 and was able to stay up at night, they wanted to be shepherds! Then we spoke of how the Angel appeared in the story, and we spoke of Jesus arrival. What a wonderful story for them to be pulled right to the time of the birth. They wondered how Obed could leave the sheep alone and the wolf not get them. We talked about the miracles. What an awesome book to share and show a shepherd they can put a name to, and bring the magic of that night alive. Loved it!! I received this book through Pump Your Book Virtual Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review.
JamesEverett More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts about Little ShepardLittle Shepherd Just turning five years old, Obed's father had entrusted him with a flock of his own sheep to tend to. One this one particular night while he and his father watched the sheep, a bright star lightened up the sky. Not knowing what was going on, Obed was a little afraid, until a host of angels appeared praising God telling them that a Savior had been born in Bethlehem. Immediately Obed's father wanted to go see this special child. Being so faithful to his flock of sheep, Obed didn't understand why his father would want to leave them alone to go see this child. And what surprises they had coming to them throughout the rest of this book, because this is the wonderful Christmas story, the story of our Savior's birth. Little Shepherd is an adorable version of the Christmas story written just for children. I love that Cheryl told the story through a small shepherd boy, so even a child can understand what it must have been like on that wonderful special night that Jesus was born. And having the child go with his dad to see the baby Jesus makes this book so very special. And it is simple enough that even my 2 ½ year old niece can understand it. And I have always been fascinated with illustrations in children's books, especially since I am not artistic at all! And the illustrations here by Eugene Ruble are awesome! I sat for a while looking at the pictures, wondering why he used the reds and pinks as highlight colors, and checking out the details, and each page is just fantastic! The colors are beautiful and I love the choice in creating the characters. They will sure capture the young reader's interest. And well it captured mine too! Overall, this book is just wonderfully awesome! It will be a great addition to your child's library. Even if you have a lot of other books about the birth of Jesus, you need this one too because it is so different. It is another way to help children understand what happened on that night of miracles! This book was provided by the author through PUYB blog tours. I was not expected to give a positive review, only an honest one. The opinions in this review are mine only.
HomeSchoolBookReview More than 1 year ago
How would you feel if you were a shepherd out on the hills when the dark nighttime sky lightened with a host of angels? Maybe you can guess where this is going. Obed is a young shepherd in the fields outside of Bethlehem. To celebrate his fifth birthday, his father has given him charge of his first flock. But one evening suddenly an angel appears and tells them that the Savior, Christ the Lord, has been born in the city of David and that they can find him as a baby lying in a manger. Obed's father immediately wants to go into Bethlehem and see this child. However, Obed is worried about the sheep. What will happen to them? Might not wolves or thieves harm the flock? Bible stories can be much more appealing and meaningful to children when they're personalized through the eyes of a child who might be involved in the action. Author Cheryl C. Malandrinos, a freelance writer and editor from Western Massachusetts, has crafted a marvelous tale in which she embeds the story of Christ's birth as experienced by a five-year-old shepherd boy. The colorful drawings by Eugene Ruble are visually appealing and will prove very helpful for children in trying to picture the events in their mind. This is a tale, wonderfully told, that children of all ages will enjoy.
SFC_Magazine More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Irene S. Roth Synopsis This is a great Christmas book for kids. The book is a fresh reinterpretation of a familiar biblical story of the angels appearing to the shepherds announcing the birth of the Saviour. Cheryl has a unique slant on the retelling of this scriptural story. The reader will see the events unfold through the eyes of a little shepherd boy, tending his first-ever flock of sheep. It is an enchanting story that will bring the important message to young readers. One of the angel's messages in the book is, Do not be afraid. I will bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. What a great message to bring to young hearts. Overall Thoughts I think this book will be a wonderful addition to every family's library. It is a book that grandparents, parents, and teachers will be able to read to their young kids. It is an educational book in many ways, and there are numerous messages in the book that can be explained and discussed. Cheryl's book is such a gem of wisdom and delight!
Tribute_Books_Reviews More than 1 year ago
How would a 5-year-old boy experience the birth of Jesus? Debut children's author Cheryl Malandrinos ponders the scenario in "Little Shepherd." She allows her readers to witness firsthand the coming of the Messiah. She transports them to the stable in Bethlehem placing her readers in the very presence of the Holy Family on that silent night over 2,000 years ago. Such a story is sure to make an impact on the mind of a young reader in a way that few books can. The shepherds found under a child's Christmas tree are brought to life. Their story and symbolism become significant and not an afterthought. They are not merely figurines representing some ancient tale, but flesh and blood individuals who were alive to experience a truly miraculous event. Malandrinos' touch is similar to the style of the classic Rankin/Bass animated TV specials from the 1960s and 1970s such as "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "The Little Drummer Boy" and "The Year Without a Santa Claus." It is in league with the timeless, quality children's entertainment that endures through generations. It is one of those books that has the ability to become deeply ingrained in a child's memory as one of the traditions that they associate with the holiday itself. What is admirable about Malandrinos' approach is that she doesn't shy away from the holiday's true religious foundation in order to appeal to children through talking snowmen and fun-loving elves. Instead, she brings the heart of the Nativity front and center capturing children's attention by telling the story from the point-of-view of someone their age. While the title character may have more responsibilities than a child of today, tending to an entire flock of sheep, Malandrinos balances the difference in time period by showing the child-like joy experienced by the adult shepherds at seeing the Messiah. They willingly leave their sheep - even with wolves nearby - in order to heed the angelic announcement of Jesus' birth. He wonders what could be so important that they would do such a thing. Their reaction to the newborn intrigues him, and he yearns to discover what it all means. It is a beautiful lesson for young readers to experience. The most important thing in life is not one's job, status or material wealth. It is God. Overall, the "Little Shepherd" will guide his flock of young readers to the true meaning of Christmas.
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Little Shepherd by Cheryl C. Malandrinos is a fresh take on an age old story. First, Mia's review: my favorite page was the on with Jesus in the manger. I learned that when God tells you to see something, you don't have to worry about other stuff because God will take care of it for you. My favorite part was when the angels came. I LOVED IT! IT IS BE AWESOME! I loved the artwork! Thank you Cheryl! (she typed all that herself). Now my review. I really enjoyed reading The Shepherd Boy along with my daughter because it make me look at the story of the shepherds being told of Christ's birth by the angels in a new way. Obed is a five-year-old boy who has recently been given the responsibility of his own flock of sheep to protect. He takes this job very seriously, so when the shepherds head to Bethlehem to see the new baby, leaving this flocks behind, he is very worried about his sheep. While the shepherds worship the baby, Obed fears for his flock. His father comforts him, telling him not to worry, but the little boy doesn't understand the other shepherds' peace of mind. When he returns to find them all safe, even from the hungry wolves, he comes to understand that it was truly a night of miracles. Cheryl's writing really brings the story to life, this little boy so fearful for his flock, the shepherds' wonder, and the angels' joy. She portrays a powerful lesson of trusting in God to care for us when we are following his will. It's a great book for families during the holidays looking to bring more depth and understanding to the standard nativity story.
Beth_Bence_Reinke More than 1 year ago
While helping his father guard their sheep by night, five-year-old Obed is among the first to hear of the Savior's birth. Angels send the shepherds to see the newborn baby, but Obed doesn't want to go. Who will guard his sheep from wolves? Little Shepherd is a delightful retelling of Luke 2:8-16 through the eyes of a young boy who is learning about responsibility and obedience. Through his father's example and a night of miracles, Obed experiences the peace that comes from trusting God. I especially loved how the author showed Obed's sense of wonder and his growing faith toward the end of the story. I recommend this book for anyone four years old and up. It would make a perfect reading for children's church during Advent or at home for the whole family on Christmas Eve.