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Living in The Story: A Year to Read the Bible and Ponder God's Story of Love and Grace

Living in The Story: A Year to Read the Bible and Ponder God's Story of Love and Grace


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What kind of book is the Bible? Is it a rulebook or a guidebook for moral living? Is it a history book or a book filled with fascinating (and sometimes fantastic) stories? Did humans write the Bible or did God somehow speak a perfect message that the authors transcribed? Many people have asked these questions about the nature of this beautiful, odd, comforting, disturbing book the church calls its ""Holy Scripture.""
Charlotte Vaughan Coyle shares her own journey to make sense of the Bible in this read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year project. She discovered that the crucial work of asking hard questions and even arguing with the Bible revealed the Scriptures to be a symphony of polyphonic voices, a work of art that paints an alternative vision of reality, a complex novel-like story unavoidably embedded in its own culture and time, and yet able to give witness to the God beyond history who has acted (and continues to act) within history.
With the heart of a pastor and the passion of a preacher, Rev. Coyle invites seekers and students (both churched and un-churched) to strap on their scuba gear and join her for a deeper dive beneath the surface of this immense, colorful, mysterious world of the Bible.

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ISBN-13: 9781666705232
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 08/26/2021
Pages: 396
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Charlotte Vaughan Coyle is a retired minister, teacher, and pastoral counselor, ordained within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She offers more insights about how to read the Bible at her website and Facebook page. She also blogs about intersections of faith, politics, and culture at her website: Rev. Coyle lives in Paris, Texas.

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From the Publisher

“I’m in the middle of planning a big family trip to Yellowstone National Park. It’s daunting! The place is beautiful, I know, but it’s big and it’s hard to know where to start. It’s the same with the Bible. That’s why a guide like Charlotte Coyle is so helpful. In Living in The Story, she gives us a guided tour of this amazing library, helping us see its beauty, history, and mystery too.”

—Brian D. McLaren, author of Faith after Doubt: Why Your Beliefs Stopped Working and What to Do about It

“We rarely hold books in our hands anymore, let alone in our hearts. Living in The Story is a way to grasp the scope and breadth of the Bible in a new and profound way.”

—Edd Eason, Assistant Vice President of Housing, CitySquare, Dallas

“With helpful commentary on weekly readings from across the Old and New Testaments, Charlotte Coyle invites us to fresh and faithful encounters with the God who is still speaking. These chapters will open the hearts and minds of both experienced and beginning readers of Scripture.”

—D. Newell Williams, President and Professor of Church History, Brite Divinity School

“If you’ve ever wanted to explore the Bible more deeply and consistently, you will find that Living in The Story is written just for you. Charlotte Coyle provides a map for reading the Bible through in a year. . . . Her inclusive approach to texts enables the reader to track how important ideas develop through time, and her incisive weekly commentary provides thoughtful reflection about how the Bible speaks, and how God’s activity continues, for us today. This book is well worth your time, even if you decide to turn one year into two or three!”

—Mark G. Toulouse, author of God in Public: Four Ways American Christianity and Public Life Relate

“In Living in The Story, Charlotte Coyle’s fresh approach to biblical revelations and teachings ties together stories and lessons from one end of the Bible to the other. As a rookie theologian participating in some of her classes, I have appreciated her explanation of the themes that prevail throughout Scripture and the recognition of the very human characters who lived the story back then. By using readings from the Old Testament, Psalms, Gospels, and New Testament in each chapter of her book, Coyle clarifies what ‘reading backwards’ meant for the New Testament writers and for us. This book offers much to new biblical explorers and seasoned theologians.”

—Mary Walker Clark, author of Landing in My Present: A Father, a Daughter, and the Singular Himalayan Journey that Reunited Them

Living in The Story is the prayerful work of a Christian pastor. Beginning with faith that the one God whom Israel and the church confess has truly spoken in and through the Bible and will truly speak again, she has written a guidebook to this strange new world of the Bible. This guidebook knocks, seeks, and asks the immense questions implicit and explicit in the Bible from its first to last words: Who is God? and Who are we? The glimmerings of answers to these questions appear only when we begin to hear the Bible as a whole, a story told over centuries by many voices, a grand cosmic story that draws each of our little stories into the Story. This guidebook is a lover’s poem from a pastor’s heart.”

—Jerry Coyle, Attorney-at-Law, Theologian at Heart, Proud Husband

Living in The Story adopts a highly creative, integrated methodology for engaging Bible study across the entire landscape of Scripture. For the beginner set out to come to grips with the formidable assignment of at last reading the intimidating book so long avoided, to the more experienced student of the text and its sometimes seemingly contradictory worldviews, Living in The Story provides a refreshing, practical approach to growth in biblical study and understanding. Perfect for private, quiet times. Motivational for group settings. Written by an insightful pastor and theologian with a proven record of highly effective congregational ministry, this volume is a must-have addition to any serious collection of Bible-study materials.”

—Larry James, CEO emeritus, CitySquare

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