Living The Savvy Life: The Savvy Woman's Guide to Smart Spending and Rich Living

Living The Savvy Life: The Savvy Woman's Guide to Smart Spending and Rich Living

by Melissa Tosetti, Kevin Gibbons


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Living The Savvy Life: The Savvy Woman's Guide to Smart Spending and Rich Living by Melissa Tosetti, Kevin Gibbons

It's Not About Being Cheap.  Living the Savvy Life isn't about being a cheapskate, a miser or a tightwad.  It's about having security and peace of mind by spending less than you make.  It's about knowing where you stand financially on a daily basis so you can make intelligent fiscal decisions.  It's about being penny-wise on the things that are less important to you so you can spend money on the things that are important to you.  It's about choosing to purchase only the things that you love and make you happy.  It's about cooking at home more often so you can occasionally splurge on dinner at your favorite restaurant.  It's about creating an environment in your home that is warm, comforting, and expressive of  who you are.  It's about having a wardrobe made entirely of clothes that fit and look great on you.  It's about enjoying your time off even more because you planned for it and know you can “afford it.”  Although Living the Savvy Life is filled with ways to save money, it isn't about frugal living.  It's about finding, attaining and maintaining balance.  Are you ready to start Living the Savvy Life?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781600378348
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 01/11/2011
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Melissa Tosetti is the founder of the online magazine, The Savvy Life. She is an author, speaker, and teacher. Melissa’s passion is to show Americans how step off the pendulum that swings from overspending to extreme frugality. She believes balance is the key to enjoying life with financial security.  Melissa co-wrote a chapter on savvy living for the book, Your Military Family Network. She has appeared on numerous episodes of Pocket the Difference on the Fine Living Network, The Real Deal with Jeanette Pavini, and on Eye on the Bay. She is repeatedly quoted in nationwide publications including U.S. News & World Report,, Chicago Tribune, and Detroit News. She has chaired panels on savvy living at the Professional Businesswomen of California conferences in San Francisco and Sacramento. She also teaches courses on savvy living at Chabot College in Hayward, CA and around the San Francisco Bay Area.  Melissa is a second degree black belt in Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu and moonlights at Fearless Fitness in Foster City, CA. She teaches Kung Fu and fitness classes. In addition to teaching at Fearless, she is also a coach for FFIT@home (, which allows you to download Fearless Fitness’ Intensity Training classes to do in the privacy of your own home as well as offering nutrition advice and support. Whether talking about money or calories and fitness, Melissa’s message is still the same - balance. Melissa loves adventuring with her husband Paul and son Dante, whether it is in their own backyard or while traveling across the world. In her downtime, Melissa can be found cooking, gardening, horseback riding, reading, or watching the Food Network and the History Channel.

Kevin Gibbons is the Managing Editor of The Savvy Life. Kevin brings his 20 years’ experience as an engineer and program manager in the high-tech arena to help keep The Savvy Life running smoothly. In addition to maintaining production schedules and working with Melissa to determine content and editing, Kevin also contributes articles on managing finances and cooking. Kevin also co-wrote a chapter on savvy living for the book, Your Military Family Network. A scientist by training, Kevin lives the savvy life as it allows him to afford his assorted hobbies which range from photography to motorcycle riding to miniatures, modeling to gourmet cooking to compulsively reading everything he can find. Kevin and his wife live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their house is full of 19th century and Art Deco antiques they found at belowmarket prices and bought by saving and purchasing on layaway.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Introduction        Money Affects Everything             

Chapter 1         The Savvy Life Philosophy               

Chapter 2         The Golden Rule       

Chapter 3         Savvy Habits                   

Chapter 4         You Can Afford It           

Chapter 5         Where We Spend Our Money       

Chapter 6         Home                   

Chapter 7         Entertainment               

Chapter 8         Wardrobe                   

Chapter 9         Beauty                   

Chapter 10         Food                       

Chapter 11         Money                   

Chapter 12         What is Important to You?        

Chapter 13         Savvy Shopping   

Chapter 14         Celebrity Savvy Life Role Models     
Chapter 15         The Core of the Savvy Lifestyle         

Chapter 16         Tricks to Stay Motivated 

Chapter 17        Your Savvy Life       

Chapter 18        Favorite Resources

            About the Authors                    

Customer Reviews

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Living the Savvy Life 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
malina52 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It helped me realize that my each day's decisions impacted my future. Whether it was a purchase I didn't really need vs. a goal I wanted to reach; the author's suggestions stuck out in my mind. The phrase "focus your spending on what you truly want", really helped me save money and valuable time. These days, busy mom's need a book like this to help with everyday decisions and to maintain balance in our lives. I also loved the way each portion in our hectic lives was broken down and explained in easy to understand terms.
Eurochic More than 1 year ago
So many books on how to manage your finances are so technical and, well, just boring! Not Living the Savvy Life: The Savvy Woman's Guide to Smart Spending and Rich Living by Melissa Tosetti and Kevin Gibbons! Melissa actually puts money management into words women can relate "wardrobe", "beauty", "food", "entertainment" and "home". I mean come on, what woman doesn't want to manage her money better so she feels free to invest in a beautiful, functional wardrobe or a well-designed home. Ok, so maybe you're not into fashion. Some women aren't. But that is what is so great about this book. It teaches you how to save on areas that aren't as important to you so that you have more money to spend where it matters. Maybe you are perfectly happy with a minimal wardrobe and pared down interior but are a food loving world explorer who wants to try every cuisine in the country or region it is indigenous to (really cool idea actually). You can do it! All it takes is saying no to what's not important so you can say yes to what is. Living the Savvy Life will help you put it all into perspective and show you how to discover your personal passions and financial priorities.there is an entire chapter entitled "What is Important to You" that includes a questionnaire for each basic area of your life. By taking some time and answering this questionnaire in full, honest detail you can determine exactly what is most important to you (not to your friends, not to society) at this time in your life. Once you know what is important to you, you can better decide how to spend your money. The authors of LTSL know that the first step to being savvy is being organized. You will be aided in organizing your closet and pantry and will be given practical tips on setting up systems so you know what you have at all times. How to set up a bill paying system, checking account management system and manage credit card debt are all covered and of course, it wouldn't be a book on savvyness if it didn't include that little well-known concept of "pay yourself first" (retirement funds and savings accounts ladies!). And if you just really do want more information on how to grow your hedge fund, well, that's not actually covered by the authors but they tell you where to find sources that do cover such in-depth subjects in the "Favorite Resources" section! We all have the same basic needs in life.clothes, a home, food of course, etc. It is imperative to make sure that your needs are met and up to you to determine what is the best way to do this. You could, like me, choose to live in a more expensive city out of love for the location but give up your car and have a smaller home that is less expensive to furnish and maintain. Or maybe you choose not to wear makeup but use your beauty funds for great skin care products and visit your dermatologist regularly (using your insurance coverage of course) that eliminates the need for makeup and other expensive treatments. Or maybe you just want to chuck all but a few basic necessities and go have dal palak in India! Its all up to you! Living the Savvy Life will show you how to start your journey to make it happen!
WardrobeOxygen More than 1 year ago
Melissa Tosetti is the editor of the fantastic online magazine, The Savvy Life. The Savvy Life focuses on helping women achieve the balance between being overly frugal and exceedingly lavish. I always look forward to The Savvy Life's blue e-newsletters in my email inbox, and The Savvy Life has quite a team of article contributors. When I heard that Melissa and The Savvy Life's Managing Editor, Kevin Gibbons were going to write a book, I couldn't wait to read it. I knew they wouldn't rehash the same junk from The Savvy Life, but create a useful guide for women who want to live rich lives while staying within their means. I was psyched when Melissa sent me an advanced copy of Living the Savvy Life: The Savvy Woman's Guide to Smart Spending and Rich Living. The book did not disappoint. Like The Savvy Life online, this book is an easy read, but chock full of helpful ideas and suggestions. Melissa keeps it real by sharing her personal experiences and those of her friends and family. The book is broken down into chapters covering different categories - wardrobe, beauty, food, home décor, entertainment and more. Melissa and Kevin give realistic suggestions - no immediate saving a crazy amount of your paycheck when you can hardly make ends meet. They offer ways to slightly change your current spending, saving, and shopping habits; tips to slowly build up a nest egg; and ways to have a really fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle. This book completely fits in with how I try to lead my life - the ability to be stylish no matter your lifestyle, figure, age, or budget. Living the Savvy Life doesn't expect you to have the same interests and priorities as the authors. The advice given is universal and can work for any woman!
Somebodys_Mother More than 1 year ago
I previously worked as a financial professional, counseling individuals regarding the mutual fund options in their employer-sponsored retirement plans. Although the counsel I can give is limited to retirement plans, several people have asked me for advice in other areas of their financial lives. I do not hesitate to recommend this book. Whether you are starting from square one in getting your financial house in order, or your checkbook is balanced to the penny every week, there is information in this book that will benefit you. The format is perfect for this subject, and Melissa Tosetti does an excellent job of breaking into layman's terms the most complex of finance and investing concepts. This book is one of the most valuable resources I have ever seen in helping the average person identify their spending weaknesses and gain control of their financial lives. Applying its principles will pay immediate as well as long-lasting rewards.
Adrienne25 More than 1 year ago
"Living the Savvy Life" discusses ways that you can become more selective about what items you bring into your life, create goals around what you do and don't want to focus your spending on, develop healthy eating habits, creatively save money, and organize every aspect of your life from bills to house cleaning. It also offers valuable advice about eating out, shopping for clothes and groceries, vacationing and beauty. The crux of "Living the Savvy Life" is this: " save money on the things that aren't important to you so can afford to spend money on the things that are important to you." "Living the Savvy Life" will motivate you to rethink the way you spend and save your money, without suggesting you live as a frugal penny-pincher. Even if you're not concerned about money (and honestly, I don't know one person who isn't these days), this book will inspire you to get organized, prioritize and minimize, making for a happier, healthier and richer life. Since reading this book, I've already quit my gym, gotten rid of even more clothing, have a new pile of clothes to be altered or mended, cleaned out my bathroom of unused cosmetics and re-started my automatic deposit into my savings. This book will change the way you feel about money and the way you picture your future. You will finish the book feeling in control and excited about your life. No more feeling negative or anxious about your finances! Isn't that what we all want?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CarenBA More than 1 year ago
"Living the Savvy Life" has helped me realize in an easy and straightforward manner where I have not been so savvy in my financial lifestyle. It also helped me recognize how a few conscious and easy changes can be highly effective in strengthening my finanicial comfort and bringing more directedness to my desired outcomes. I have begun eliminating things I have mindlessly spent money on that have had no true value for me. Tosetti and Gibbons are upbeat and have a very welcoming approach. Reading the book was like being encouraged by a friend who is further along and wants to share. I highly recommend this enjoyable and very helpful book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Books_And_Chocolate More than 1 year ago
I liked this book and happily read it in one day. It is mostly about the dynamics of personal finance that focuses on controling areas of life governed by money so that you can live the life you really want instead of the one you think you have to. As the authors state in the opening pages, money affects everything. The average woman will give up what she wants most for what she wants now, even if it means going further into debt or never really being satisfied. But the savvy woman spends less than she makes so she has money saved, carefully chooses how to spend her money and other resources, and decides what is most important. Living the Savvy Life isn't about being a cheapskate, a miser or a tightwad, according to the authors. It's about security and peace of mind, not wasting time and money on the mediocre so that you can have what you really want, creating an environment at home that is comforting and expressive of who you are, being able to enjoy a vacation that is planned and paid for, and it's about finding and maintaining balance. Readers aren't asked to give up everything or anything, really, because this isn't a book about downsizing. What the authors do is challenge us to consider giving up the pursuit of what isn't working, what isn't fulfilling, what is causing more debt, and what doesn't add beauty and joy to daily life. There is advice on managing money as well as tips for saving money when shopping. I appreciated the segment that talked about the "per use" cost of things. Spending more on a classic, quality article of clothing that will last years is cheaper in the long run than buying something cheap that will be out of style or ragged within months. I also appreciated the encouragement to go ahead and splurge on something we really like such as an expensive skin care product and being able to do so because we found ways to save money buying the cheaper versions of other products that we didn't care as much about. Likewise, there is wisdom in the suggestion of cooking most meals at home so one can enjoy going to a great but expensive restaurant once a month instead of settling for several less expensive, mediocre dining experiences. In a nutshell, the message of Living the Savvy Life is to save money on the things that aren't important so you can afford to spend money on the things that are important to you. The reader gets to decide which is which with the good ideas in the book serving as a starting place to that better life. I was given a copy of this book for review by the author but the opinion of it is my own and wasn't solicited, nor was a positive review required. If I didn't like the book I would say so.
thesisterhoodofwidows More than 1 year ago
It's hard to make ends meet but when your spouse is ill or dies your finances really go down hill. This is a great read and is filled with lots of common sense and practical advise. I highly recommend it to everyone who is adjusting to a life style downsize. It is also a perfect gift for all ages as I gave a copy to my daughter and she enjoyed it.
5DogFaria More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome covering topics every woman needs to consider when making purchases for a quality life on a reasonable budget! Everything from makeup, fashion to household purchases. This book truly gives the consumer pointers to think about when spending and saving. The authors are down to earth, entertaining and easy to follow.