Living with Aliens

Living with Aliens

by John DeChancie

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ISBN-13: 9781497626669
Publisher: Open Road Media
Publication date: 04/01/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 165
File size: 1 MB
Age Range: 15 Years

About the Author

John DeChancie is a popular author of numerous science fiction and fantasy novels, including the hugely entertaining Castle series and the Starrigger trilogy. He grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Los Angeles, California. 

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Chapter 1

I don't know where to start so I guess starting at the beginning is OK. My name is Drew Hayes and I live at 3489 Manor Drive in Keynesville, Ohio 41379. I am 13 years old. I have a sister. She is 16 and a brother, he is 7. The reasons I am writing this is a couple of them but mostly just to keep a record of everything that's happened and maybe just for myself, so I remember stuff in case I ever want to write a book, because they said they would pay me a lot of money to write one. I called some publishers in New York and a lady told me that if I had an important story, maybe they would publish it if I wrote a book. But I said no. The reason I said no was because the lady said maybe if the story was big enough and they wanted to publish it as a book, they'd hire some guy to write it for me. And I said no way. If anyone is going to write it, then I am. I have a "word processor". It makes writing real easy and quick though I haven't learned to do everything with it yet like spellchecking but I am a pretty good speller anyway. I get OK grades in school, which is Keynesville Middle School. Next year I start Highschool. I'm looking forward to taking Highschool subject's like higher math and driving. I want to drive and one day I'd like to own my own car, possibly a BMW or a Lexus.

But that is beside the point. I better start at the beginning again. What happened was that aliens came to live with us. Two of them, and there names were Zorg and Flez. I'd better start at the beginning. I've said that several times now. Its kind of hard to tell where the "beginning" really is, because of several factors, the main one is because the aliens make you forget stuffsometimes. Like they have some ability to play with your mind and you don't even know their there. That's what was really hard about all this, most people didn't even see them most of the time. Until everyone started seeing them, but that was later. At first no one saw them not even us. I mean our family, my Dad, even though he isn't, he's my stepfather, and my Mom, and my brother and sister. Well, Dad isn't really our stepfather either, because he and Mom aren't married yet. They will be, though, they say. Sometime next year. But they have been saying that for a long time. But nevermind, that's not important now.

But maybe it is important. So I'd better go into it. Dad's name is Nathan Ziegler and he used to do a lot of things, like sell cars, and then insurance, and then real estate, and then Amway, and then used cars again, but now he writes poetry and is getting himself together and finding spiritual things, and like that. That's how we met the aliens, driving up to the Men's Inner Vision Retreat Camp that he was at, to pick him up, because he and his buddies got in an argument with the guy who drove the bus, over money or something, so they missed the bus back, but it was okay Mom said, because it was a nice drive up there anyway, in Pennsylvania in the mountains, where the Camp was.

I have a real Dad, or father. He's dead, though. He died when his truck went off the Interstate and hit a diner, but miraculessly nobody in the diner was killed, but he was. They don't know why he went off the road and hit the diner but it might have been he was asleep. He drove a lot and got tired. I don't remember him much but I miss him anyway.

Anyway. Nathan is a nice guy, he treats us real good. He never yells or anything, except at the TV when the talk shows are on. He is real involved in issues and politics. But even more than that, he likes spiritual things. Which is why he was at the Men's Retreat. He says there is not enough spiritualism in the United States. We are to materialistic, and were killing the environment. And the O-zone. There's a big hole in the O-zone and its going to kill us, Nathan says. Men have been raping the planet for to long and killing whales. Nathan likes whales, there are a lot of pictures of whales at our house. He belongs to all those groups that protect whales. Funny though, he's never seen one, though he says he's going out to California some day and go on the whale watch boats. He likes all animals, which is why he is a vegetarian, though he eats eggs, even though their bad for his colesterall, he says. But he eats them which is why he's not a real Vegan vegetarian, but he's working on that. He says he wants to be like the Janes. They are a sext in India that doesn't eat any animals, or even step on any insects. The Janes wear vales in front of there faces so they don't breath in any fleas or natts. I think that is pretty silly but he says their very spiritual, only maybe a little extreme.

Like I said, Nathan's an OK guy and he doesn't give me or my sister Delores any trouble. Delores's nickname is Lori, we call her Lori. My little brother is named Tyler, after our Great-Grandfather Tyler Eustace Biggs, who was a judge in Dayton. He was a hanging judge, Nathan says. I think he's joking. My mother's name is Cheryl Biggs Hayes. She says she wont change it again if she marries Nathan. That's okay, because I don't particularly like Ziegler as a name. I mean it's OK, but I'd rather keep Hayes, which I would anyway. Kids don't have to change their names when their mothers re-marry.

Anyway, that's my family, Cheryl, Nathan, me, Lori, and Tyler. And that's who met the aliens that night when we were coming back from Pennsylvania. Where it was exactly that we met them, I don't really know, but it was somewhere on Interstate Route 80, but off on a side road. It was late and we were looking for an open gas station, because the gas gauge on my Mom's Toyota is broke, and Nathan taught her to zero the trip odometer and get the tank filled when it gets to 300 miles, since the car gets an average of 30 miles to the gallon and has a 10 gallon gas tank. The gas guage was reading something like 640 miles and she forgot to zero it the last time she got filled up, and she didn't remember what the reading was when she put gas in before we left to pick up Nathan, but she knows she only put five dollars worth of gas in, because her credit card was overlimit and she didn't have much cash. So Nathan said you'd better get some gas. But the station was closed, and Mom was worried we were going to run out of gas out here in the middle of nowhere. But Nathan wasn't worried because he knew there was all kinds of truck stops and anyway the Ohio Turnpike wasn't very far away, so he told Mom to keep driving, which we had to do anyway, seeing as there was nothing else we could do. Nathan said mom ha'dnt drove that far and there was probably lots of gas in the tank, not to worry.

So were driving back down the road to get back on the Interstate, when all of a sudden there was this light in the sky, real bright. It wasn't a star or anything, because it moved, and it wasn't a plane because the lights didn't flash and it didn't make any noise. It came up over the trees and it hoovered over us, following us and shining this really bright light down on the car. It was like blinding. Mom screamed and said what is that, Nathan? Nathan had his head out the window on his side, trying to look up at the thing. It's big Nathan yelled! Is it a helocopter my Mom said? No its not Nathan yelled back! So what is it my Mom screamed? She was scared and so was I and so was Lori. She screamed too. I didn't scream but I wanted to. It was like, I don't know why I was scared because nothing was happening except that light shining on us and we couldn't see anything and there was no sound or anything, but I was scared anyway.

Nathan said you better pull over but my Mom said she was too scared, but she started slowing down and veering off the road anyway and pretty soon we were on the shoulder, and it wasn't a good shoulder. It had bumps. So it was getting bumpy. Meanwhile the thing, whatever it was, was still over us and shining the light, and Nathan was still trying to look up but the light was too bright and he said the F word. He doesn't say the F word much but he says it and sometimes around Tyler. Tyler says it now, sometimes. Anyway, he says the F word, like what is that F-ing thing? He didn't know. None of us knew what it was. We were pretty scared, but I guess I said that already.

Mom still didn't stop the car, and I was worried we were going to run into a tree, but she finally stopped. Go the other way Nathan yelled! So, she turned the steering wheel and the car rolled all the way around and we went the other way, and this was the funny thing, the thing didn't follow us. We raced back down where we came from, and the thing, it sort of went off to the left behind some trees, like real fast, and dissappeared. Boy was I releived! Wow that was wierd Nathan said. Yeah, really.

We passed the closed gas station again and Nathan told Mom to turn around, so she did. She was really nervous and said, Nathan you drive. Okay, Nathan said, and she stopped and he got out and came around, and got behind the wheel. We started off again toward the Interstate. There was no sign of the bright thing.

God, what was that thing Mom said? A UFO, of course, Nathan said. Don't you know a UFO when you see one? I asked Nathan how to spell it and he told me, but it's really easy because its just the letters. It stands for "Unidentifeid Flying Object."

Lori was crying. She was really afraid, but I didn't know what to say except that the thing was gone, so I said that, but she was still scared. I wasn't worried because Nathan was driving now and he's a pretty good driver. Men are usually better drivers and not as afraid, but you can't say that because it's sexist. So women are pretty good drivers too and their not so afraid either. Mom was doing pretty good. Tyler didn't seem afraid much. He said the F word, repeating what Nathan said What is that F-ing thing?

Mom didn't even here it. She was still looking off to the side of the road in the trees. It was real dark.

Suddenly, it came back over the trees but from a different direction. Nathan swerved and went off the road and screeched the tires. We stopped inside a little area off the road, a pull off, and there were some trees hiding us.

It was sending this bright search beam into the trees. Nathan turned off the engine and doused the headlights. We still couldn't see what the heck it was, and now there were trees in the way. All it was, was pretty big, and it shined like a searchlight in addition to sending out like these bright rays. The woods lit up like they were on fire or it was day or something. I was scared all over again. But not as much because it seemed to have lost us now. We were right there down the road a little ways, and it must be able to see us, but it didn't spot us. I was real worried that it would, though.

It searched and searched, and it kept moving in the sky, floating back and forth. Jeez, that thing is big Nathan said. Bigger than I thought. Those bright rays kept on coming out.

It did that for like five minutes. And then it started to float off to the left.

Then it really hightailed out of there, like it was the fastest thing I ever saw. Shoosh!! It shot off like a rocket, only no stuff came out the back, like the Space Shuttle. It wasn't like that. And again it didn't make any noise. Wow. We all watched it. It became like a bright star, then a faint star. And then it was gone.

We all breathed a sigh of releif. Lets get going Mom said! Before it comes back!

Nathan gunned the Toyota and we peeled out of there and headed back towards the highway.

But there was somebody standing by the side of the road, two guys. They looked funny. Well, they really didn't look all that funny, they were just short. Like about 4 feet and some inch's tall. That's not so short, but they were grownup guys, you could tell, because they were bald, mostly, except the sides of their head. Their hair there was pretty long but not real long. They were dressed in these loud shirts, Hawiian shirts, and dark trousers and wing tip shoes. I couldn't see all this right away, but Nathan slowed and we could see them in the headlights standing right on the edge of the road, with one foot out and their thumbs up. They were hitchhiking. Behind them was this humongous suitcase or duffel bag or something, but it looked kind of funny.

Where did these guys come from Nathan asked? My Mom said she was glad somebody else saw that because nobody else would believe it.

I'll be damned Nathan said. Where were these jokers when the thing was up there? Nobody knew. They must have been there all the time, or hiding in the trees.

I have to tell you now, since you already probably guessed, that these were the aliens, but we didn't know it then. We were dumb.

We passed them, and then Nathan pulled over to the shoulder and stopped. The guys walked up to the car. I looked out the window. The little guys were carrying the big duffel bag between them, but it didn't look heavy, just bulky. They came up to Nathan's window and said hello. Both of them said that.

Now we could see them real good and Tyler laughed. I laughed too because they both looked like Danny DeVito. Really. It was uncanny! They were the spitting image of Danny DeVito, both of them. That was really strange. And it was even stranger when they talked, because they sounded exactly like Danny DeVito, like the TV was on and you were watching "Taxi" or the VCR with one of his movies.

The one closer to Nathan said Hi, were lost! And Nathan said Where do you want to go? And the guy said Where do you people live, and Nathan said Ohio. The first guy looked at the other guy and then said We want to go to Ohio. Well, Nathan said Do you want a lift? And the guy nodded his head and the other guy nodded his head too. Yeah, that would be really nice the first guy said. Okay Nathan said and got out of the car, because he had seen the big bag but now he was wondering what we were going to do because the bag was too big to fit into the trunk of the Toyota. Nathan helped them lug it and he said what the heck do you guys have in hear, a tank? The guys laughed. They laughed a lot. Like giggling. It was a funny kind of giggle. It didn't sound right. What I mean by that sometimes it soudned like a bird. But not really. Do you know what I mean? No you don't. Anyway, they were always giggling.

So Nathan figured out how we could lug the thing by strapping it to the roof, because in the trunk there were bungee cords and ropes. I helped to tie off the thing on the side to the rear door handles. It looked funny sitting up there, but it was fassened securely and it wasn't going anywhere, as long as Nathan didn't go 100 miles per hour or anything.

Tyler got in the front seat between Mom and Nathan, and the aliens squeezed in with me and Lori in the back. They smelled funny, but I couldn't really say what they smelled like. They didn't smell bad. Just funny. They both smiled at us. I smiled back and then looked at Lori and she was looking at them, like, who are these guys? She looked at me funny, but I'm like, what am I supposed to say?, besides I couldn't say anything with them right there. I didn't think anything about Nathan picking them up because Nathan is always saying we should give that guy a ride when he sees a hitchiker. Mom never wants to because shes afraid. Woops, there I go again with sexism. But she is. She doesn't trust nobody where Nathan always wants to be kind and feel sorry for somebody. That is the way Nathan is. But this time what I should have thought about was why Mom didn't say, no, don't pick them up, especially these two weirdoes. I mean, they didn't look like aliens then but they sure did look strange. I mean who would of thought that two guys could both look like Danny DeVito?

Nathan was thinking the same thing because he asked Are you guys twins? And the first guy who spoke said no, why, do we look alike. Then they giggled and we all laughed. Actually they seemed pretty nice guys. But we didn't ask them about how they looked or anything after that. As time went on they didn't look so much like Danny DeVito--But that comes later.

Where are you from asked Mom? The first guy said they were from another country. And I asked what country. And he talked to the other guy for a second, but I couldn't get what he said. And then he said Mexico. Oh, Mom said. Mexico's a long way away. Yeah, the guy said. They were hitch hiking, and they came up all the way from Mexico. They were looking for work.

When they said Mexico it made sense how they looked a little, because we went to Mexico in 1990 and some Mexicans are shorter than Americans. Especially the Indians of Mexico. Not all of them but some of them. So it made sense. But it didn't make sense that they spoke such good English. They sounded American. So I asked them why if there were from Mexico why they spoke such good English, and the second guy said We've been up here a lot. And I said Oh.

So we drove all the way back to Ohio with them. They didn't say much, and neither did we. But that's the way it is on long trips, everybody just sits and looks out the window, even when it's night, and of course Tyler fell asleep as soon as we got back on the Interstate; and then Lori fell asleep, and then I think I did, but I'm not sure. Because the next thing I knew we were driving down our street, Manor Drive, and Nathan pulled the car into the driveway and he hit the garage door opener, which was on the sunvisor, and the garage door opened, and he drove right in without stopping, and we were home. I looked and the two guys were still with us. I don't know why Nathan drove right home with them but I guess he was talking to them while we were sleeping, so I guess I was asleep after all.

Mom woke up and picked up Tyler and got out, and I helped her out. I woke up Lori. She sleeps like a log, and she's hard to wake up sometimes, especially for school. And times like this. I shook her hard and she swore at me, nothing bad, just leave me alone you little butthead. Mom told her to wake up. Then she wakes up and looks at the little guys, and she says, are we home? And I say yes, and she looks at them and rubs her eyes. What are they doing here she asks?

Then Nathan said these guys don't have a place to stay so I offered to put them up for the night. I hope you don't mind, Cheryl.

Mom was still holding Tyler, but she says, why, no, not if they don't have a place to stay. They can sleep in the game room, and she asks them, is that alright?

The little guys nodded their heads and said, sure, that's great! We won't be any trouble.

Im sure you wont, Mom said. Then she took Tyler upstairs and she didn't come back down.

So we took the big duffel bag off the Toyota and helped the little guys tote it into the gameroom. It almost didn't fit through the door. It was colored silver and it didn't have zippers or anything, but it had handles. I couldn't see an opening or how you would get into it. But it was none of my business.

I guess you guys can both fit on this couch Nathan said. If you lay at both ends with your feet in. They tried it and they fit. You guys have sleeping bags? No? So Nathan went upstairs and got them some sheets. It was a warm night. It was July, if I didn't mention it. So they didn't need blankets or anything.

So Nathan just stood there looking at them for a minute, and I did too. Boy, they were pretty strange guys. And they looked like you know who. (I won't say it again, because it's tiresome. Besides, like I said, as time went on, they looked different.)

So, you need anything, just ask said Nathan.

They said Thanks, we really appreciate this.

Nathan said, sure. So Nathan and I went upstairs.

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Living with Aliens 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
cmbohn on LibraryThing 26 days ago
Drew decides to write a book about when his family met the aliens and what happened after they came to live with them. It has a strange sort of style, starting out with Drew being a poor writer and speller and then getting better as he takes some smart pills or something. The aliens like to flarn, which apparently means fly around and make crop circles in their spaceship. It ends with a visit to their home planet where the aliens are being tried for treason and Drew and his family and a talk show host are witnesses. I didn't really like it and skipped around to see how it ended. I like the writer's Castle series so much better. This was disappointing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago