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Logorrhea Dementia: A Self-Diagnosis

Logorrhea Dementia: A Self-Diagnosis

by Kyle Dargan


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Attempting to stitch a quilt of language for the new millennium, Kyle Dargan finds himself in his third collection propelled forward by a mélange of voices—individuals passed on the street, journalists, philosophers, movie and cartoon characters, hip-hop emcees, and fellow poets—all of which build to a self-diagnosed logorrhea dementia. Dargan’s voice channels an America mentally fatigued from a decade of foreign conflict yet cautiously hopeful about the promise of the country’s renewed introspection.

In these poems, rife with the anxieties of the aughts, Dargan seeks to destabilize social and cultural landscapes believed to be settled—breaking and clearing ground to lay the foundation for a new American perspective.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780820336848
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
Publication date: 09/01/2010
Series: The VQR Poetry Series
Pages: 84
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

KYLE DARGAN's poetry collections include Logorrhea Dementia: A Self-Diagnosis (Georgia); Bouquet of Hungers (Georgia), which received the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award; and The Listening (Georgia), which was a winner of the Cave Canem Poetry Prize. He is the former managing editor of Callaloo and the founder and current editor of POST NO ILLS magazine. He is an associate professor of literature and creative writing at American University.

Read an Excerpt

What if our alphabet was full
of atoms :: I would speak in moles—
spill more in my sleep than a drunk
criers’ convention :: Hear Ye,
I could not be silent :: Silence translates
into all things and nothings
like the atom in fission
labs—atomic models braced
on wooden bones :: If atoms
left fossils, they would be etchings,
an ornate script illegible
across all our faces—

Table of Contents

Breathing: A Preliminary

[ ~ firstbreath ~ ]

You Lost Your Heart in Manhattan
I'll See It When I Believe It
Dear R
No Passengers
The Most Beautiful City in the Wounded Empire
Harmonica, Green Line
Wandered, The

[ ~ secondbreath ~ ]

Infomercial Soliloquy against Apocalypse
Ooth Jazz
Sex with America
Dalmatian Syndrome
A Dark Age
Sound Culture
Penny Therapy
Past Parallax
Ask the Devil
Jesus in the Yucatan
Conflict Chic
Men Die Miserably for Lack
In Praise of Jailbreaks
Gazelle Theory No. 44
The Burning of a Black Hero, and a Dawn (1971)
Try Again
For a Fee

[ ~ thirdbreath ~ ]

O for Operator
Deciduous Youths
Public-Verb Agreement
Flight School
How to Lick a Blade
Man of the Family
Letter Home No. 3
Star-Spangled Sutra
[Habeas Corpus]
Pilot to Bombardier
Mugabe's Glasses
Dr. Imperial's Tree of Knowledge
A History of Fear
The Father Poem
What the Rapture Will Be Like
My Ban-Kai

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