Long Reining: From the Beginning through the Levade

Long Reining: From the Beginning through the Levade

by Thomas Ritter


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It is no wonder that more and more riders are discovering the old tradition of long reining for themselves. It helps the horse to improve his balance and ability to collect without the weight of the rider, and it lends itself well to training difficult movements in a horse friendly manner. Dr. Thomas Ritter explains the correct aids from the beginning through Haute École in practical terms. Thanks to the discussion of frequent mistakes and their corrections, long reining novices and experienced trainers alike can find much new information here. The author’s passion and enthusiasm for long reining are evident throughout. Many helpful tips invite you to experiment!

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ISBN-13: 9780857880192
Publisher: Cadmos Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2016
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

In addition to his successful participation in dressage competitions, Dr. Thomas Ritter has trained numerous riders and horses through the highest levels. He is especially interested in the ways dressage movements can function therapeutically by reshaping the horse’s various muscle groups. Among his teachers were Dorothee Baumann-Pellny, Thomas Faltejsek, and Egon von Neindorff.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 9

Introduction 10

Differences between Ground Driving and Long Reining 11

Differences between Double Lungeing and Long Reining 11

Why Long Reining? Advantages, Dangers, Problem Areas 14

Long Reining to Support Work Under Saddle 14

Connecting the Legs With the Ground 17

Long Reining the Retraining Project 18

Further Advantages and Disadvantages of Long Reining 19

Prerequisties for Long Reining 21

The Right Time 21

The Horse 22

The Horse-Rider Size Ratio 23

The Arena 23

The Warm-Up 24

The Horse's Equipment 27

The Rider's Equipment 30

The Rider's Posture and Position 33

Always Stay Balanced 33

The Rider's Position 35

The Aids 41

Differences between Long Reining and Work Under Saddle 41

Voice Commands 42

Whip Aids 42

Rein Aids 45

Summary 62

Getting Stared 69

Different Paths 69

Portuguese Style Work In-Hand 69

Long Reining with an Assistant 78

Sequences of Transitions 78

Training Duration 83

The Sequence of the Training Steps 84

Common Midtakeo 89

The Rider's Gait and Posture 89

Undesirable Reactions by the Horse 91

First Arena Patterns 95

From the Corner to the Serpentine 95

Corners 95

Circles and Voltes 98

Serpentines and Rectangles 99

Straight Lines without the Support of the Arena Wall 101

Changing Direction 103

The Movements 105(Almost) Anything is Possible 105

The Lateral Movements 105

Turn on the Haunches and Passade 126

Canter Work 131

Prerequisites 131

Misunderstandings 132

The Strike-Off 133

The Rider's Position in the Canter 134

Flying Changes 136

Counter-canter 141

Pirouettes 143

Haute Ecole 151

Piaffe 151

Passage 159

Levade 163

Conclusion 171

Don't Give Up 171

Appendix 174

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