Lord of Rage (Harlequin Nocturne #121)

Lord of Rage (Harlequin Nocturne #121)

by Jill Monroe

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ISBN-13: 9781459214453
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 10/01/2011
Series: Royal House of Shadows , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 360,474
File size: 434 KB

About the Author

Jill Monroe is an award-winning author of eight romance novels. She is convinced every person she meets is more than human, and spends most of her non-writing time trying to figure out if they’re Werewolf, Vampire, Zombie—or, in her husband’s case, Demon. She lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Visit her at JillMonroe.com.

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A furore libera nos, Domine!
Deliver us from the fury, O Lord!

Ten Years Ago

Osborn's fingers tightened around the smooth handle of his spear. He'd spent countless hours peeling away the bark and sanding the rough wood until it felt easy in his hand. His legs shook in anticipation as he sat at the campfire, watching the logs turn orange and the smoke rise to the stars.

His last night as a child.

Tomorrow he'd follow the path his father—and his father's father and the generations of his forebearers—had once all walked since the beginning of the beginning. Tomorrow he'd meet the final challenge. Tomorrow he'd become a man or he'd die.

"You must sleep," his father told him.

Osborn glanced up. Even in the dimness of the firelight he could recognize the tension bracketing his father's eyes. Tomorrow he'd either join his father as a warrior or his father would be burying another son.

"I'm not tired," he admitted.

With a nod, his father joined him on the ground, the fire warming the chill night air. "Neither could I that night."

Osborn's eyes narrowed. Even though he'd asked a dozen times about his father's Barenjagd, he'd said little. A father's task was to prepare his son for the fight, but what to expect, how to feel…that battle was left for each boy to face alone. On his own terms. It defined the warrior he'd become.

If he lived.

An abrupt shake to his shoulder awoke Osborn in the morning. Somehow he'd fallen into a deep sleep. "It's time."

The fire had died, and he resisted the urge to pull his pelt around him tighter. Then he remembered.

It was now.

A smile tugged at his father's lower lip when he saw the suddenness of Osborn's actions. In a flash of movement he was dressed, bedroll secured and spear in hand.

"It's time," he announced to his father, repeating the words he'd been given.

They were eye-to-eye now, and still Osborn would grow taller. Later tonight he'd be returning a man, welcomed to take his place among the warriors.

His father nodded. "I will tell you what my father told me, and I suspect his father and the fathers before him. What you must do now, you do alone. Leave your aleskin here, and take no food. Nothing but your weapon. Be brave, but above all, be honorable."

"How will you know when it is done?" he asked.

"I will know. Now go."

Osborne turned on his heel, and trekked silently though the brush as his father had first taught him so many years ago. One of his many lessons. Last night they'd slept on the outskirts of the sacred bear lands. Now was the time he must cross over.

With a deep breath he stepped onto the sacred land, reveling in the unexpected thrust of power that pounded into his body. The surge swelled in his chest, then grew, infusing his limbs, his fingers. With new energy, he gripped his spear and began to run. Running faster than he'd ever run before, he followed that tug of power, trusting his instincts.

Time lost meaning as he ran. He never grew tired, even as the sun continued to rise in the sky. His vision narrowed, and the heavy tang of musk scented the air. Bear musk.

The time was now.

Every muscle, every sense, tightened. Instinct again told him to turn his head, and then he saw it.

The bear was a giant. Towering more than two feet above Osborn, its fierce claws curved, its dark brown fur pulled tight over taut muscles. Osborn met the fearsome creature's eyes. Again something powerful slammed into him, and his muscles locked. His body froze.

The bear growled at him, a thunderous sound that made the earth beneath his feet rumble. Osborn felt his eyes widen, but he still could not move.

The time was now.

Osborn forced his fingers to shift, his arm to relax. Then, with a flowing arc he'd practiced alongside his father hundreds of times, he sent his spear soaring. The sound of its sharpened tip whizzed through the air. The animal roared when Osborn's weapon sank into his chest. Blood darkened its coat.

With a guttural cry, Osborn sprinted to where the bear had stumbled to the ground, pawing at the wood lodged inside its body. The animal went wild as Osborn neared, striking toward him with those killer claws. A wave of fear shuddered down his spine. The rusty, salty scent of blood hit his nostrils. The breathy, angered groaning of the bear made Osborn shake his head, trying to clear the sound. The bear rolled to its feet, once more towering above him, and close. So close.

He steeled his resolve. He was to be a warrior. A brave one. Osborn reached for the spear. One weapon was all a boy was allowed to take. The bear swiped at him, his claws ripping through the cloth of his shirt, tearing the skin of his bicep. With a mighty blow, the animal sent Osborn to the ground, the air knocked out of his lungs by the force.

Forget the pain. Forget the blood. Forget the fear.

Once again, Osborn's focus narrowed. He reached for the spear again, this time dragging it from the bear's body. But not without a price. The mighty animal clawed at him again, leaving a trail of torn flesh crossing from his shoulder down to his hip. The pain was agony, and his vision blurred, but he steadied his hand and aimed at the animal's throat.

The animal fell to the ground again, but Osborn knew it would not be getting back to its feet. He met those dark brown eyes of the bear. A wave of anguished compassion settled into Osborn. This was why the warriors never told of their experiences.

The bear took a labored breath, blood trickling from its nose. Osborn squeezed his eyes tight, fighting the nausea that threatened. His glance drifted to the pain-glazed eyes of the bear. He was dishonoring this great animal's spirit by letting it suffer. The bear's soul clamored for its release. Its next journey.

The time was now.

Osborn grabbed the spear once more, then plunged it directly in the bear's heart, ending its life. A rush of energy slammed into him, almost knocking him backward. He fought it, but it was ripping and tearing through his soul. The ber energy fused with his own nature, turning him into the warrior the rest of the realm referred to as berserkers.

He felt his muscle begin to quiver, feeling weak from his loss of blood. But the wounds would heal. He'd be stronger than ever before. Osborn gulped in air and stumbled his way back to the place where he'd parted from his father.

Intense relief passed across his father's face, and his brown eyes warmed when he saw Osborn approach. Osborn immediately straightened despite the pain. He was a warrior; he'd greet his father that way. But his father hugged him, grabbed him and held him tight to his chest. For a few moments he basked in his father's pride and love before his father broke away and began packing away their camp supplies.

"It was harder than I thought. I didn't think I'd feel this way," Osborn blurted out for no reason he could guess. He regretted his rash words instantly. That was a boy's sentiments. Not a man's. Not a warrior's.

But his father only nodded. "It's not supposed to be easy. Taking of a life, any life, should never be something done without need and compassion." He stood, slinging his pack over his shoulder. "Guide me to the bear. We must prepare it."

They trekked silently together, crossing into the sacred land to where the bear had taken its final breaths. His father taught him to honor the bear in the ancient ways, then they set to work.

"Now you possess the heart of the bear. As a warrior of Ursa, you will carry the bear's spirit with you. Your ber spirit will always be there, waiting silent within you, ready for your call. The strength of the bear comes to you when you wear your Barenhaut," his father told him, lifting up the bear pelt. "Do not don your pelt without thought and careful consideration. You will be able to kill, Osborn, and kill easily. But only with honor."

"I will, Father," he vowed with a humble sense of pride. "What do we do now?"

"We take the meat back so our people can eat. The claws we use for our weapons. We don't waste what the bear has given us. We revere its sacrifice." His father ran a finger down the bear's fur. "But the pelt, that belongs to you. You wear it only when you go into battle and must call upon the spirit of the bear.''

As he'd observed with his father, and the dozen of Ursa warriors who guarded their homeland. Now he was joining their elite ranks.

They came at night. But then vampires were strongest at night. Attacking when all would be asleep. While the warriors and their sons were on Barenjagd. A coward's choice.

The cries of women filled the night air. The blaze of burned homes and barns and grain silos lit up the sky. Father and son took in the scene below. Osborn's mother was down there. His sister.

His father shucked his clothing, grabbing for his Barenhaut and sword, which were never far out of reach. Osborn's own bear pelt wasn't ready, not yet dried by the sun, but still he reached for the fur, drawing it about his bare shoulders. Blood and sinew still clung to the pelt, and seeped into Osborn through the wounds on his arm and down his body. A powerful rage took him over. He felt nothing else. No sadness over the bear, no worry or concern for his brothers or sister and mother, no anguish over the loss of the food stores that would keep his people alive through the harsh winter. Osborn felt nothing but the killing rage.

With a war cry, he charged down the hill, to his village, his people. To do battle. Not heeding the warning of his father. A vampire turned at his call, blood dripping from his chin, a chilling smile on his cruel lips.

The anger, the force of his rage, overpowered him. He charged the vamp, grabbing for his throat, tearing at his flesh, ripping at the creature's body with his bare hands. He didn't need a stake, only his fist, slamming through skin, bone, to the heart below. The vamp collapsed at his feet.

Osborn turned, ready to kill another. And he did. Again and again. But the Ursa warriors were outnumbered. Armed with clubs, the vampires waited to ambush the father-and-son pairs slowly returning, easy and unaware targets. The creatures knew what they were doing, fighting his people with neither blade nor fire.

The bodies of his neighbors lay among the blood drinkers he'd killed. In the distance, he still saw his father in the fight, easily taking on two vamps, his berserkergang a trusted ally. But then he saw his father fall. Vamps were ready to suck the last of his life force. His spirit.

"No," he cried, his rage growing, building. He grabbed a sword from one of the fallen vamps as he ran. The blade might not do damage to his flesh, but it would soon find a home in a vampire's bitter, dark heart.

The blood drinker at his father's throat lost his head without knowing the threat approaching. The second vampire was able to put up a fight, fueling Osborn's anger. He laughed into the dawn as the vampire fell at his feet. He turned ready for more, to kill more. His rage only soothed by the death of his enemy. But he was surrounded.

Vampires moved at incredible speeds to join those slowly encircling him. Even with his ber-serkergang upon him, the spirit of the bear filling him, he knew he could not defeat this many vampires. The vampires had made sure there was no one to help him.

He'd just make sure he took as many as he could with them when he died. He raised his sword, preparing to do battle.

Just as quickly as the vampires had moved to surround him, they stopped. Light began to filter through the leaves of the trees. One by one the vampires left, faster than his eyes could track.

"Come back and fight," he called to them.

The sound of the wind rustling over the grass was his only answer.

"Fight, cowards."

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Lord of Rage (Harlequin Nocturne #121) 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 73 reviews.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Review by Jen: This is the second in the Royal House of Shadows series, following Gena Showalter's Lord of the Vampires. The series revolves around the royal siblings as they try to make their way home and avenge the deaths of their parents and take back their home. The heroine of this story is the lone sister, who also happens to have some magical powers. And oh, did I mention that each of the books is sort of a take on a fairy tale? This one is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I have to say that I enjoyed this book in the series a little more than the first. The fairy tale connection was a little clearer and I liked the characters are little more. Breena is a likable princess, probably because she doesn't have much of a memory at the beginning of the story... and when it starts to come to her, she doesn't flaunt her status or expect help because of a title. And it's easy to care what happens to her since she's lost her family and never really received any training in her magical powers which are starting to grow in strength. But I loved Osborn. He's a bear berserker and he's caring for his two younger brothers after the massacre of his family and clan (see... the three bears!). He's untrusting of the blonde who has invaded his home but he is also attracted to her. But the real mark of a man is how he deals with all that life has thrown at him and Osborn has all the makings of a hero. As with all series where each book is written by a different author, there are some difficulties when it comes to continuity. But this one has help up pretty well and I'm looking forward to the coming books in the series as I'm now even more curious as to how the overriding plot is going to resolve.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The personalities of the characters were strong,and you could appreciated how their love for each other developed. Good read.
Jimmy55 More than 1 year ago
I liked the three bears twist. The love story was pretty good. The plot was easy to follow.
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great follow up to the first book, Lord of the Vampires, but it can also be read on its own as well. The first book followed Nicolai and his struggle with the aftermath of the blood sorcerer taking over the Kingdom of Elden but this one is all about Breena. It starts off with the night that the castle was attacked, so the author catches you up to speed with what is going on. Breena has the ability to put herself into dreams with her warrior Osborn. When her kingdom is attacked and she is magically sent away by her parents, she ends up stumbling into a cottage in the middle of the woods. Little does she know that the cottage actually belongs to her warrior and his two brothers. She eats their food, accidentally breaks one of their kitchen chairs and passes out on one of the three beds (remind you of anything?). Which is exactly how Osborn and his two brothers find her... the girl from his dreams, passed out on his bed with the kitchen a mess. I like how this story flows nicely with the first book in the series but it isn't so similar in writing style that it seems like the same characters. I think that having different authors write the siblings story is a great idea.
I_Luv_Books10 More than 1 year ago
This book kept you in suspense from cover to cover. It has everything a true paronormal romance read loves. It is a very hooooooot hoooot book. You will not want to put it down at all. It is a very good sequel to Lord of Vampires by Gena Showalter. I cant wait til the other two books in the series comes out!
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
Lord of Rage was a great addition to the Royal House of Shadows series and flowed exceedingly well. I haven't read anything from Jill Monroe until now and I really enjoyed her writing style. The characters of Breena and Osborn were captivating and Osborn's two younger brothers added a bit of humor and fun into the storyline. The story is loosely based on the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the three bears, which was easy to pick up on and added a nice element to the story to look for. The world itself was pretty well built up from the first novel by Gena Showalter, Lord of the Vampires, so it was comfortable delving into it again and didn't raise the questions the first novel did while reading. I really liked the relationship between Breena and Osborn, and each character individually. Breena started as a pampered princess who never left the castle walls but when she is thrust, alone, into the wilderness instead of breaking down she fights through it hunting for food and seeking shelter. When she meets the bear of a warrior, Osborn, she doesn't let him intimidate her and actually persuades him to teach her fighting skills of her own so that she can protect herself better in the future. She is willing to learn and improve herself to protect the ones she loves. I really respected her tenacity and strength. Osborn was a man in a rut, stuck in the past but unwilling to face it. Living day to day, staying to his lands and protecting his brothers from harm. But when he realizes (with a little help from Breena) that his brothers have suffered because of this and know nothing of their family's history, Osborn steps up and takes care of things. Same when it comes to Breena; Osborn starts off kind of gruff but it's because he feels that he is unworthy of her and also doesn't want to bring danger to his brothers, they have lived through enough. They're relationship is a slow build, definitely not as sexual as Lord of the Vampires, but more meaningful because they took time to get to know each other and each other's pasts before jumping in the sack. Yes, there was an intense attraction and mucho sexual tension but they didn't give into it until it meant more than just lust. That being said, the book itself was somewhat blah. I'm not sure if that was because it lacked a lot of action or because it moved at a slower pace. My biggest peeve was the time line though, it really confused me in respect to the first novel in this series, Lord of the Vampires, and throughout the entire book I kept trying to put together the time in correspondence to the first novel. I think the sequence in which the books were released should have been changed but maybe by book #3 it will make sense. =) I'm looking forward to the next two novels in the series and think that paranormal romance fans would enjoy this one, even if they didn't care for the first novel.
lrhubble More than 1 year ago
Princess Breena dreams of having a fairly tale love in her life with a warrior that haunts her dreams nightly. What she doesn't count on is being ripped from her home when it is attacked. Now Breena has to find a way to survive the world that she has always been protected from and to find a way to get home and conquer the one that has taken her world and people over. Wandering and trying to find a safe place she comes across a cottage in the middle of a forest that just might offer her all that she is looking for and some things that she didn't know she needed. Osborn was a warrior and mercenary that gave up that life to live quietly in the forest with the simple pleasures he has there. Until the day Breena comes into his life and turns everything upside down and makes Osborn remember all that he is missing by cutting off the world around him. Now Osborn is going to have to decide if he wants to really start living again and give his princess the happy ever after she is looking for or doom them both to a life that is anything but happy. Breena is determined that she isn't going to be a helpless princess anymore and the only one that can teach her what she needs to know is Osborn now if she can just convince him of that. If Osborn wants to give his princess everything he feels she deserve he is going to have to help her learn to survive and fight the evil that is stalking her. Soon Osborn and Breena find that they only hope they have of surviving is go it together. They are also learning that the future they thought they wanted isn't necessarily the one that is best one for them or now that they have met the one they truly do want. If they are to have a future together though they are going to have to find a way to conquer the evil that has taken over the land of Elden, Breena's home. This brings the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears to life in a way that isn't the same fairy tale from childhood. The twist on this one makes the fairy tale fresh and will have the reader believing they are reading it for the very first time. This is the second story in a series of four books and while it can be read as a stand alone book it is greatly enhanced by reading the first book first. Readers won't be disappointed in the series up to date and will be eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.
ldosch More than 1 year ago
The Queen's spell has thrown Princess Breena into the far realm of the Ursa warriors, Beserkers who harness the power of the bear. What Breena doesn't realize at first if this is where she will find her dream warrior who she has been meeting in lust-filled dreams. Breena and Osborn recognize each other immediately, but Osborn knows she brings trouble and he and his young brothers are the last of their race. He wants her gone in the morning, at least his brain does. His heart and his body have other ideas. As a pampered princess, all Breena trained for was dancing and being married off by her father for a lucrative allegiance. If Breena can't get Osborn to fight for her and her kingdom, she wants him to train her to fight, and Osborn has some interesting ideas of how she can pay him back. This was a quick read and very enjoyable story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NiinaCs_Blog More than 1 year ago
Nicolai's younger sister Breena the Princess of Elden has been able to use her magic with some limitations, she can enter dreams, well only one man's dream, she doesn't know him or can't clearly see him, but his kisses make her feel something less like a princess. In the middle of her last dream of him as she is to choose a husband that week she's rudely awakened by a guard taking her to safety as the castle is attacked. The King and The Queen send her away magically with only two dominating thoughts Survive, Avenge. Breena wakes up disorientated in a barren land that once belonged to The Ursans, fierce warriors infused with the Bear spirit, all of them extinct now, except she finds a cabin, empty, and exhausted falls asleep in the bedroom. As Osborn and his two younger brothers return they do not take well having Breena there. Osborn having some clear temperamental issue battles his attraction to Breena who he recognizes from his dreams, thinking she only wants him to take her back to her home to be her mercenary. Having Osborn's clan destroyed before his eyes by the Vampires of Elden has made him bitter and volatile, having to lower himself to a mercenary to support his two brother has given him issues and guilt, and he can't understand the feelings Breena makes him feel and how she turns his world upside down, and he lets her. Having used to of always being right and in charge, and now having one small woman take it all and make a real mess of it irritates him to now end. I love this new version of Goldilocks and Three Bears! Lot sexier than the original... ;) Now seriously... I loved Breena the slightly spoiled but very headstrong and quick wit princess who doesn't know what the answer 'No' means and does her darnest to persuade the three rough brothers to accept her, warm up to her and help her. Osborn was fun to read, stubborn and temperamental and with serious issues he's the type that doesn't want to feel but is forced to, still staying true to his berserker nature. I love Jill Monroe's writing she can engage a reader in a way and in a story so good you don't want to stop reading until you're done. It took me only a day to finish this, it was easy to read and so much fun with enough hot yummy scenes to be worth the wait when they both finally give in. A witty, temper raging sexy fairytale of a goldilocks and her bear spirit warrior - this series has gotten me so addicted now I just have to wait a little longer to get my hands on Lord of Wolfyn, book 3 in the series!
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: First, just let me say "Yay!!" My faith in this series is restored. This was such a fun read. All four books in this series are based around the four children of the Elden Royal Family who were dispersed when the kingdom was attacked and the King & Queen murdered. Each novel is written by a different author and they each base their story loosely around one of the fairy tales. It's a brilliant premise. You can read more about the entire series HERE. This book was based upon the Goldilocks & the Three Bears fairy tale. Taking a twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears was just brilliant. And OMG, I love those bears. I loved Osborn, the hero and Berserker (his people channel the bear spirit when in battle) in this story, but I really loved his two younger brothers, Bernt & Torben, too. When Osborn became a Berserker at age 15, he and his father returned to their home to find it being attacked. His entire race was destroyed by Vampires and the rising of the sun is the only thing that saved him. His younger brothers who were only 4 and 5 at the time, were told to hide in a cave by their mother when the attack came and it saved their lives. From that point on, it was just the three of them simply trying to survive. Osborn had to take on such a responsibility at age 15, it molded him into a very strict, stern man without much use for fun. He is very hard on his younger brothers and none of them travel much or see other people very often, so you can imagine their surprise when they find a blonde beauty in their bed. Breena was the Princess from the kingdom of Elden, although she is only remembering bits and pieces from what happened the night that she escaped. She can only keep two thoughts forefront in her mind, "Survive & Avenge." When she stumbles upon the cabin, she has been wandering the forest for 2 days and is starving and exhausted and confused. There are 4 basic characters in this story throughout 95% of the book and I loved all 4 of them. 1. Breena is strong and courageous. She hasn't trained to be anything more than a Princess, quiet and meek, managing the household. But she jumps right in with the 3 brothers doing whatever she needs to do without a complaint. She pushes Osborn although he can be a frightening guy. She never lets it show when she is intimidated or cowed by him. She always stiffens her backbone and goes on. She's determined and NOTHING is going to stand in her way and I LOVED that about her. She is one kick-ass chick!! 2. Osborn lost his entire family and had to take on the responsibility for 2 young boys at the age of 15. He had to do a lot of really unpleasant things to keep them sheltered, fed, and clothed. He's a warrior and he's a protector. This is the guy that you want to have on your side when you go into a fight and Breena realizes that right away. He is also trying to shelter his brothers although they are getting old enough to start to make their own decisions. He is domineering and gruff, but he loves his brothers and is trying to only do what is right for them. 3. The brothers, Bernt & Torben. OMG, these two cracked me up. They are teenagers at the time that the book takes place and like any teenage boys when faced with a pretty girl, they want to keep her. You can tell that life with Osborn hasn't been easy for them and I loved the alliance that they quickly forged with Breena against his autocratic ways. Just a really fabu
DavinciKittie More than 1 year ago
TLDR recap: Breena's life is pretty normal for a princess: sewing, planning parties, spending her days waiting to be betrothed to a political ally and her nights dreamwalking with her perfect man... until the the royal house of Elden is attacked, her parents brutally murdered and her brothers gone missing. Breena finds herself dependent on her mysterious dream man while she makes plans to retake her family's kingdom, but Osborne is no longer a mercenary for hire, not even for the woman from his dreams. The last of the legendary Ursan warriors, Osborne is filled with self-loathing and the need for revenge, and Breena has no idea just what she's gotten herself into. The second book in the Royal House of Shadows series, Lord of Rage is a sexy, well-paced (if somewhat slow in the steamy progression), and enjoyable play on the timeless tale of Goldilocks and her three bears. Recommended read! Thoughts: Peppered with fairy tale references, this reimagine-ing of the Goldilocks story really captures both the atmosphere and characterization of what we popularly believe to be true of medieval fairy tales: the cottage in the woods... the stone castle in the heart of the kingdom, filled with servants and feasts and royal heirs... the village trade fairs, where the bargaining and shopping takes place... the evil bad guys and the strong, sexy, charming good guys. The term "berserker", Osborne's warrior lineage, is believed to have come from "ber", the Old Norse word for bear. Old Norse and Norwegian stories tell of men who went into battle wearing the skins of bears or wolves and fell into a trance-like state of near-suicidal fury and bloodlust called berserkergang. Lord of Rage pulls heavily from these historical accounts to create the society of the Ursan warriors, of which Osborne is the sole remaining warrior. It's unclear how old Breena is. There are two places the phrase "second decade" of life is used and one of them refers to the age of Osborne's teenage brothers. The other refers to Breena, "approaching the middle of her second decade". It also states that she was several years older than her mother when she arrived in Elden to marry the King. It feels like all this is describing a 20-something year old young woman, but "middle of her second decade", to me, says 15. I found that a little disturbing, considering I prefer my heroines to be able to drink legally (hey, you can drink at 18 in Canada!), and especially considering Breena is also a virgin. Virgin with a capital "V"! This young woman is about as sheltered as you can find, her innocence truly preserved for her future husband by kingdom tradition. She has no knowledge of anything sexual at all. No anatomy lessons, no "birds and bees" talk, no stolen glimpses of castle servants coupling. Because of that, the pace of Osborne and Breena's sexual relationship is brutally slow and reads almost like a "how to service your man" manual for medieval well-borne virgins, with Osborne giving verbal and physical instruction (ok, that part was kinda humorous and sexy!)... hot but also weirdly awkward in places. Readers who are used to, and prefer, the likes of Joey Hill and Laurell K. Hamilton will probably be frustrated with the pace of this book. Continued... (truncated for length) Original full available on GraveTells: search for "Lord of Rage" *ARC provided by Netgalley. No was received f
harstan More than 1 year ago
King Aelfric of Elden married Queen Alvina in a marriage of convenience that quickly turned to love and respect. They have three sons and a daughter. The royals have paranormal powers but Princess Breena's is worthless dreams. The castle is attacked leaving the rulers dead and her siblings missing. Breena searches the land for her brothers while dreaming of avenging what happened to her family. She makes no progress on her quest until she meets the berserker Osborn of Ursa in his remote cottage where he found her after she ate his food and slept in his bed. She knows him intimately from her dreams of him. However reality proves much different than her fantasies as he refuses to get involved in her royal quest. Instead he and his two brothers have become nomads since the destruction of his clan a decade ago. However Osborn also knows she is the one who warmed him in his dreams. The second Royal House of Shadows (see Gena Showalter's Royal House of Shadows starring Breena's oldest brother) fairy tale is a delightful romantic fantasy starring a pushy princes and a reluctant raging hero. The fast-paced story line vividly describes Elden while focusing on the lead couple who find love and a common tie forged in blood. With two strong entries, pressure seems stratospheric on Nalini Singh to complete the trilogy with triumphant tale. Harriet Klausner
sarahconerty More than 1 year ago
Breena finds herself in a strange land, with no magic and very little memory of how she has come to be wandering in this wilderness. After days of wandering through the woods, she is exhausted, hungry, and bloody from her trek. She sees a cottage and wanders in, and here we have a fun nod to the classic fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The cottage is the home of Osborne, her dream warrior, and his two younger brothers. Osborne is the last of a great line of warriors known as Berserkers (love the Norse legend nod as well!), and he has sworn revenge on the killers that slaughtered his people. Breena and Osborne soon realize that they have been dream lovers, and while Breena is delighted to find the reality even fiercer and sexier than the dream, Osborne feels used, believing she wants him for his mercenary skills to avenge her family. Most of the story is the slow building of trust and sexual tension between them. The author is a master at creating sexual tension, as she brings them together and then, just as things are about to get even hotter, Osborne will get an attack of conscience (Breena is a virgin princess, after all), or anger (does she love him or want to use his him?) and back off. But love, lust and good solid warrior training conquer all. Breena's magic grows as she recovers her memories, and her loving presence helps Osborne begin to heal from the wounds of his horrific past, as he concentrates on Breena and training his two brothers, keeping his people's traditions alive. Initially they are united in their twin desires for vengeance and mutual lust, but this grows into love and respect as they spend more time together. If you like romances with solid relationship development, awkwardly tender romantic gestures, steamy almost-sex and sex scenes, magic, adventure and legend, then this is the book for you. Breena is a heroine a reader cheers for, because she's brave and stubborn and works very hard for her skills. Osborne is a great hero - brave, wild, sexy, flawed, and scarred inside and out. Add in the whole animalistic thing and you've got one combustible hero. Fast-paced and completely enjoyable to read, this is truly a magical little bonbon - enjoy! P.S. And may I just say, "Holy crap!" - because whoever did the cover art actually read the story. There is nothing more annoying than book covers that don't match the actual characters or story. Breena's armband, gown and cloak are accurate! Woo Hoo - go Harlequin Art Department!!
MThomas1975 More than 1 year ago
Once upon a time there were a King and Queen who were loved and respected throughout the land. A viscous Blood Sorcerer wanted their power so he slaughtered them and their people. With their dying breath the King and Queen worked magic that would separate and send their three sons and daughter far away. Their dying wish was to protect their children; giving them the drive to stay alive and get revenge for all that they lost... Lord of Rage is the second book in the Royal House of Shadows series and the first book I've read by Jill Monroe. I enjoyed this book so much that I plan to check out her other work if it's in the paranormal genre. It's always nice to be turned on to new authors. Lord of the Vampires set up the story and drew me in, Lord of Rage made me wish the remaining books were about the characters in it. Lord of Rage tells the story of Princess Breena of Elden. Princess Breena spent her days being pampered and groomed to become a good wife but spent her nights dreaming of her warrior lover. At the time of her parent's death, she was ripped from her world in Elden and woke up in a strange land. Lost, alone and unable to use her magic, she prayed for survival and vengeance. She has no memory of the night the castle was overthrown and doesn't understand why she's in a different realm. Along her journey she comes across a cabin and goes inside to find food and shelter. The story of Princess Breena is a retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and it was great. Osborn, a berserker with a dark past, comes home to find a beautiful golden-haired woman in his bed. She had eaten his food and made a mess of his house. All he wants to do is get her out of his life but he finds that he can't resist her and will do anything he can to train her to protect herself before he sends her out on her own. Other than living with his younger brothers, Osborn has been alone for years. Like Breena he wants revenge for all of the loss in his life. All of his people were slaughtered and now believed extinct so all Osborn has lived for is vengeance. He never thought he'd end up falling in love with a Princess or that she could love a cold, violent, demanding and angry commoner. I loved this book. Though it had it's slow moments (which is why I'm not giving it 5 stars), I found myself wanting to know more about the berserkers and rooting for Breena to stand up to Osborn and fight to unite her people. Those berserkers are some wild, crazy, angry hotness and when a berserker loses all control, really hot sex ensues. Note to publishers, the berserker is a supernatural creature that should be used more. Other than this book, I've only read one other (Kresley Cole's Dreams of a Dark Warrior). It's an untapped market so to speak. I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.
KawaiiDelights More than 1 year ago
This book is the sequel to "Lord of the Vampires" by Gena Showalter. At first, I was a little disappointed at the fact that Gena Showalter wasn't writing the whole series, but after finishing this book, I actually find the idea of multiple authors coming together to create a series a pretty cool idea. This book is about Breena, the princess of Elden who is sent away from her home when her castle becomes under siege. After walking around in a strange land she finds an uninhabited but currently empty cottage. After filling her belly and resting her eyes, she awakens to find Osborn, the man she has been dreaming of forever, standing above her. Knowing him as a warrior, Breena demands his help, but Osborn does not wish for the trouble that she brings with her. I really enjoyed this book! Breena, the innocent princess who wants nothing more than to kick ass and the brooding Osborn who wants nothing more than Breena.... away from him. Well, okay, he also really wants her, but he wishes to put the safety of his brothers ahead of his needs for the girl who forced herself into his dreams. At times I was frustrated with Osborn for how he treated Breena, but I knew that he had his reasons. Overall, this book was an awesome sequel and I can't wait to finish the third book!
Lavinient on LibraryThing 8 months ago
So this is the second book of the Royal House of Shadows series, with four books by four different authors. Monroe is one of two of the authors I have never read. I did enjoy this book a bit more than the first book by Gena Showalter. Anyway, Breena is one of four siblings that is magically sent away from their parents, the king and queen of Elden, when they are attacked and killed by the Blood Sorcerer. Breena's power is to control her own dreams, and for a while now she has been having steamy dreams about one man. That man is Osborn, a berserker who takes on the strength and fury of a bear when he berserks. Osborn and his brothers are the last of their kind when their people were attacked ten years before. So the magic sent Breena to Osborn, and she thinks it is so he can help her get her revenge against the person that killed her parents and to get her kingdom back. Osborn has other ideas.When I think back on the book and the amount of action, I realize there really isn't that much action at all. Some at the beginning and some at the end. Otherwise this book focuses on the back and forth between Breena and Osborn. And even though they were not seeing their situation eye to eye most of the time, they do get to know each other beyond their steamy dream encounters, and their feelings start grow beyond lust. So much of this middle part of the story was fun and sexy and also at times frustrating. This sentence confused me at the beginning of the book - "Already approaching the middle of her second decade, Breena was several years older than when her mother had arrived in Elden, ready to fulfill the marriage contract." Wouldn't that make Breena's age 15? I think the author was going for the age 25, but that would make her in the middle of her third decade. Your first decade is ages 0-10 and second is ages 10-20, and so on. Unless she is supposed to be just 15?Also timing is a little strange. Less than a year passes in this book, but many years passed in the last book. I don't know how it is going to be explained at the end. I hope it is explained by the fourth book, anyway.ARC provided by NetGalley.
thehistorychic on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Requested on NetGalleyOverall Rating 3.50Story Rating 3.50Character Rating 3.50Note: This is the second in the Royal House of Shadows series.What I Loved: I kind of like the wicked cool twist on two different childhood stories that I loved: Beauty and the Beast and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Jill did a wonderful job of updating them and making them work for this section of the Royal House of Shadows storyline.What I Liked: I really liked Brenna and Osborne! I thought they fit well together and their romance played out pretty evenly over the course of the story. They both had a lot to learn from each other and they both found strength in each other that made me *swoon*Complaints: I am all kinds of confused about the timeline in this series. I am going to guess that they are happening parallel but it is a little confusing at times....Why I gave it a 3.50: I am really interested in how this series is going to play out. I enjoyed the world building in Lord of Rage and felt it explained what happened to the siblings. I think it should have been the first book in the series :)
debbieaheaton on LibraryThing 8 months ago
In JIll Monroe's paranormal romance, Princess Breena had been dreaming of her warrior lover when she was ripped from her Eldon castle and thrown into a strange, dangerous realm. Lost and alone, she prayed for survival and vengeance for her stolen kingdom. She found both in a woodland cottage and in the arms of Osborn, the once legendary mercenary. Another interesting Royal House of Shadows edition.
onyx95 on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Far from home and the strongest memory she has is of a warrior she had met in her dreams. Needing to find out what had happened in her home of Elden, Breena stumbled through the woods till she found a cottage. Hungary and tired she entered and found food and a bed. Waking up to a bear of a man standing over her with his two younger brothers, Breena was amazed to find that he was real. The girl in his bed was the same girl that he had been dreaming about, Osborn just didn¿t know how to treat her in real life. The berserker in him seemed to want to keep her but he refused to stray from his own path of protecting his brothers, Bernt and Torben. A berserker was just the type of warrior Breena needed, somehow her parents had instilled in her the desire to avenge and survive, with the help of her dream sharing warrior Osborn, she might be able to do both. Teaching her to protect herself and then leaving her to fulfill her own destiny was the plan. As she learned to fence, gained more of her magical powers and the control over them, Osborn and his ber spirit were becoming less sure of his place in her life. If only Breena could convince him to help and find someone to trust. Book 2 ¿.. Lord of Rage has just the right mix of Goldilocks and the three bears fairytale and supernatural romance. Osborn is so much gentler than expected as a berserker which gave the heroine Breena a shining spotlight to be the student and teacher of their relationship. The interaction with the brothers is great and the additional information about what had happened in the attack on Elden was really interesting. Totally enjoying this idea of 4 authors getting together to write a paranormal romance version of fairytales. Really eager to see what the fairytale is and how the next author (Jessica Anderson) handles the next sibling (Dayn) in the next book (Lord of Wolfyn) of the series. I was extremely luck to have received this book as a reviews copy, Lord of Rage is due out September 20, 2011.
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I liked it. It isn't my favorite in the series, but it was a sweet story.
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