Lord of Sin

Lord of Sin

by Heather Boyd


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In the battle between love and duty, the heart has the most to lose…

Despite his previous irksomeness, Lord Julian Wade has become a dear confidant to Portia Hayes. He’s proven attentive, honorable, clever, and would make many a lady a fine catch. Not herself, alas. Wade has naught but lint in his pockets, and Portia is expected to make an advantageous match. Her recent betrothal to the Duke of Montrose thrills her parents, but as she learns of his unfavorable reputation—and equally untenable behavior—Portia’s happiness is less assured. As is her chance of being loved.

Julian Wade may have lost the battle for Portia’s hand, but her heart has yet to be won. Certainly his old enemy Montrose is unworthy of her affections, and indeed, it seems the dastardly duke is up to his usual unsavory tricks. But Julian has a few tricks of his own, as well as the support of dear friends. Penniless though he may be, should he win Portia’s love once and for all, Julian may yet prove to be the richest gentleman about Town.

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ISBN-13: 9781925239638
Publisher: Heather Boyd
Publication date: 08/06/2019
Series: Distinguished Rogues , #10
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.56(d)

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Lord of Sin 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
AmyHi 3 days ago
Julian is a little too passive waiting for Portia to see him as the man for her. Portia is too clueless to notice his desire. A great friends to lovers story. This is a new to me author and book 10 in the series. I will definitely go back to read the others in the series! I received an ARC for my honest review.
Mimiphilly 8 days ago
This ARC was courtesy of netgalley - all thoughts and opinions are mine and unbiased I love a historical romance and this was a great one I really enjoyed the story. It took a couple of chapters to get into but then couldn't put down. I had to finish this in one go I found this a fun read. With goodies and baddies and a HEA that is very satisfying Would recommend
georgia1 8 days ago
London 1815 Julian, Lord Wade, had relegated himself to the sidelines when it came to Portia Hayes. He had been biding his time, hoping that soon his love would realize he was her best choice for a happy future. They had become friends of a sort and it seemed lately she was feeling an attraction for him. Oh yes, I loved Julian because he really cared about Portia, but he knew with him not having a grand title or small fortune, her parents would push him away as a suitor. He was doing his best to survive with his aunt and a few servants after his father had left them broke. Portia had many suitors and of course was expected to wed a titled gentleman since her family was not of the peerage, but she did have a handsome dowry. She wants to marry for love but when a Duke out of the blue asked for her hand, she knows she needs to accept because that is what her parents want and it will help her younger sister. Wait, can you image marrying for a title, someone you do not even know? I have to say, the Duke's proposal left a lot to be desired and it seemed something was up.. Plus when Julian heard about her engagement it was a hard blow. Well, people are not always as they appear and the Duke was certainly that. It really got interesting as truths became known. A journey for two people to come together that were meant for each other. This story was very well written and I truly enjoyed it.. Although part of a series, it can be read as a standalone.. Lori D
Tlbran 10 days ago
Lord of Sin is the tenth book in the Distinguished Rogues series. I haven’t ready any of the other books and this did reference some of the earlier books. It was a little confusing because the book referenced events of a murderous and how Lord Julian Wade had kept Portia Hayes safe and how they had stayed in the house that she had inherited. Julian and Portia knew each other for a while, but Portia thought of Julian was just a friend. When the Duke of Montrose proposed she accepted without knowing the duke. She knew she was supposed to make a good match to satisfy her parents. As she came to know the duke, she realized he was not liked by society and had no wish to be in London after they married. Portia loved society and didn’t realize his plans. Julian and his aunt helped Portia to become as popular as she was, but Portia didn’t realize how much they had helped her until people stopped visiting her. Julian loved Portia and was waiting for her to notice him as something besides a friend. He was devastated when he heard of Portia’s engagement. Portia seemed a little spoiled and seemed to not think things through. Julian seemed to be happy to let her keep thinking of him as a friend. He wasn’t assertive at all and came to regret it after Portia’s engagement. Overall it was a good story, but with all the references to the previous book I don’t think it was a good stand-alone book. I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
silvatrend8553 10 days ago
In the battle between love and duty, the heart has the most to lose. Despite his previous irksomeness, Lord Julian Wade has become a dear confidant to Portia Hayes. He’s proven attentive, honorable, clever, and would make many a lady a fine catch except his pockets are to let. Julian is frankly BROKE! He needs an heiress but will not marry Portia simply for her money because with all else said he is in love with her. Will Portia realize before it's too late that Julian is the man for her and despite her parent's insistence that she marry a man with a loftier title that she prefers love over the title of Duchess. There was one thing that bothered me about this book and that was the Duke being referred to as My Lord instead of His Grace. That being said it is an engrossing title that I finished in one sitting only taking the usual BR or snack breaks. I gave this mostly sweet (only one heated scene) book 4.5 of 5.0 stars for storyline and characterization. All of the characters except the Duke of Montrose, are endearing. I look forward to Lavinia getting her own story. It looks like that may be with Sullivan but we can't be certain of that.
CaroleBurant57 11 days ago
I always enjoy a friends to lovers story:) Julian is such a wonderful friend to Portia but what she doesn't know is that he's in love with her. I felt so bad for him when he had to watch her with other men and yet he did everything he could to make sure she was safe. Portia is trying to please her family by getting betrothed to a Duke but she soon discovers that he is not a very nice man!! She also realizes that she always feels safe with Julian and even though he has no money, it's him she really wants to marry!! It's a good thing Julian has patience! It warmed my heart when his dreams finally all come true:) Oh, and I also wanted to feed him, he was much too thin! lol A truly delightful story by Ms. Boyd!! I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
Joana_Varela 11 days ago
3.75* Review originally published at Romancing Romances. I received an eARC at no cost from the author, and I am leaving a voluntary and honest review. Thank you. This was the first book I’ve read by Heather Boyd. And it was a great surprise, especially since this book has a “friends to lovers”, which is one of my favourites. But I feel like I must point out that we don’t actually have a lot of moments when we can actually see Portia Hayes and Julian Wade as friends, because that seemed to mostly happen in the previous books – which I have not read. Portia is a bit arrogant and is used to getting everything her way. She’s flirty, a good friend, and independent. And she wants to fulfil her family’s wish, which is for her to marry a high ranking gentleman, so that her family – especially her younger sister – have a better position in the ton. But she wishes to marry for love – or at least to have a happy marriage. And then the duke of Montrose proposes. And she can’t say no. At first, she thinks it might be a dream, that even though they don’t know each other, he can’t be as bad as everyone else says. And then the invitations start to thin up, and she realizes that the dream life her family wanted wasn’t real. And she decides things have to change. Julian Wade has been in love with Portia for several years. He thinks that after so long, she will realize that he’s in love with her, and she will fall in love with him as well. Things didn’t work out as he had initially planned but, of course, this is a historical romance, so the HEA is guaranteed. There are several funny moments during the book, and the romance heats up a bit towards the end. And Portia finally takes control of her life, and she sets everything so that the mean, controlling Montrose gets what he deserves, and she gets her happy ending with Julian. A great start with this author.