Love On Location

Love On Location

by Cassidy Carter


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Maybe what they needed most was there all along…

Delaney Phillips, a divorced mom, works for her longtime best friend Wyatt Andrews at Cabins in the Pines. Wyatt inherited the rustic resort from his father, and both he and Delaney have made countless happy memories there. After a highway bypass leaves it a little too off the beaten path, they’ll do just about anything to keep it open.

At Delaney’s urging, Wyatt auditions for a reality TV program that helps businesses in trouble. The show’s glamorous host arrives with her camera crew, turning the place upside down in hilarious and alarming ways.

But Delaney doesn’t like the woman’s new plans for the business…or her designs on Wyatt. Because even though Delaney’s known him since the first grade, she’s slowly but surely falling in love with him. Can she help him see the cabins—and their relationship—in a different light?

This clean romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe for Blueberry Cottage Cheese Pancakes.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781947892422
Publisher: Hallmark Publishing
Publication date: 03/12/2019
Pages: 290
Sales rank: 223,636
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

With strong, relatable heroines and heroes too lovable not to fall for, Cassidy Carter crafts sweet, fun, family-centered romances that will win readers' hearts. When she's not writing, Cassidy can be found digging in the garden or lost in a good book. Originally from the South, she now resides in the desert Southwest with her husband, two daughters, and a cattle dog that has never seen a lick of ranch work.

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Love On Location 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
RebeccaLily 6 months ago
Sometimes you just need a good, clean, feel-good romance and that is exactly what Love on Location by Cassidy Carter is. Hallmark has found a spectacular way of bringing their feel-good romances into a different medium. I love their movies but I often felt myself wishing I could find those same types of stories (without all of the extra, unnecessary stuff) in a text form. Like, say a book. So when I discovered they were printing their own books, I was ecstatic. Cassidy Carter’s beautiful story did not disappoint. First, let me just say that the characters were great. I loved how distinctive they all were. To me, none of them blended together until it was difficult to keep them straight. Each of them had clear, unique personalities and were developed well. It was surprisingly easy for me to sympathize with each of them throughout the story. I even found myself liking all the members of the TV crew. They were all perfect. Also, I loved the way Cassidy Carter wrote and developed her story. It flowed in such a beautiful and natural way that I scarcely noticed the time passing as I read. Never once did I feel lost or bored or distracted by some insignificant aspect. The tale was well crafted and wonderfully balanced between the lighter moments and the more serious. But the thing I loved most about this book was the strong bonds of friendship between Delaney and Wyatt as well as between the entire Cabins in the Pines crew. It is not usually something that is woven into many books very well and it is quite refreshing. I loved this book and will definitely be reading more by Cassidy Carter in the future.
AFerri 6 months ago
This book is a sweet romance that was a joy to read. I loved the setting and the way it was written I could picture the scenery in my mind. This book will lift your spirits and make you smile, and it's a Hallmark book so you know you are getting a good clean book. It has a pancake recipe at the end that sounds delicious. Thank you Hallmark Publishing via Netgalley for the ARC copy of this book. This is my honest opinion.
TracyFritts1974 6 months ago
I truly loved reading Love on Location. It was wonderful written and storyline. I enjoyed reading about Wyatt and Delaney. The story ran smoothly and I was hooked from the first chapter. Thank you Cassidy Carter, Hallmark and the Publisher for a advanced copy of these book in exchange for an honest review.
KIJERO 9 days ago
Best friends are falling in love with each other, while trying to save the campground they work at. Will they give into love? Can they save the campground they love so much? What happens when they must contend with a reality show shooting on location? Delaney has feelings for her best friend but doesn't know if Wyatt feels the same. As the campground manager and owner they're constantly together. Their lives have been intertwined since they were young children. She and her daughter move to her hometown after her divorce and Wyatt's family were her life line by giving her a job. Del as her friends call her is always pulling deals to keep the campground going but has come up with a plan that she needs to tell him about. Wyatt is worried about the future of the campground and goes to the local bank for a loan. When he returns to the campground she tells him of the application she's made to a reality show who revitalizes businesses. After considering it they go ahead with the idea. They spiff up the campground and the TV crew come. Delaney likes the host but soon has second thoughts when she and Wyatt seem to be getting close. She also doesn't like the things that have been done to add drama to the show. During filming some very personal questions are asked. Wyatt and Delaney become closer, but are reluctant to show each other their feelings because they want to keep the best friendship. They almost kiss when the gang at the campground take a break while the renovations are made. Wyatt is given an ultimatum about the business. He's torn and wants to talk to Delaney. A party is planned for revealing the changes. Delaney's daughter gets sick putting her going to the party, but she goes when the daughter is feeling better. Wyatt and Delaney get closer only to be torn apart when he must go talk to people connected to the show. Delaney's cell phone has her looking for a charger and she over hears part of the deal that is being made. It upsets her so much that she leaves the party. When Wyatt comes to explain, she's too anger and upset to listen. She reveals her feelings to him. He tries to reach her several time to talk but she has lost her phone. The TV host hands over the phone. Wyatt has suspicions about the host and her motives when she calls him late one night. A friend brings Delaney some information. They race to the campground trying to reach Wyatt to stop him with another idea to choose from. They make it in time and discuss their feelings and the new plan. A wedding takes place and the venture is a successful. If you like Hallmark movies you'll love their line of books that they've started to publish. This was my first of their books that I've read. Cassidy Carter writes a sweet and heart warming story of love that changes two people from best friend and take it to the next level. That your family can be who you want it to be. An adversary can become a friend. I'll come back again for a story of romance and love from the experts in the area Hallmark and Cassidy Carter.
Lynne Ernst 6 months ago
Fun mix of friends, romance and reality television. Good story line and very entertaining. I look forward to seeing Hallmark make this book into a movie.
Anonymous 6 months ago
The Cabins in the Pines resort is in trouble. Owner Wyatt has barely been able to make payroll ever since the interstate bypassed his family's rustic resort. Life-long friend Delaney thinks the solution might be a reality show make-over, but she doesn't count on watching the gorgeous show hostess flirt with Wyatt...or how jealous that makes her feel. With so much at stake and everything to lose, will Delaney and Wyatt risk their friendship for the chance at happily-ever-after? Loaded with quirky supporting characters and situated in a setting that will have readers recalling the best days of summer camp, Love On Location hooked me on the first page. I couldn't put it down until I devoured the final word, and I highly recommend this sweet romance! Many thanks to NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for providing an ARC of Love On Location. This is my honest opinion of the book. .
KaylaWilliams 6 months ago
Love on Location is another sweet Hallmark book! This story makes the perfect read for spring and summer with it's campground scenery. While Hallmark books can be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages, I think this particular book is better suited for more mature readers due to the ages of the main characters. However, I enjoyed reading about all of the different characters and loved how they felt like one big family. Overall, this was a sweet and enjoyable read about best friends finally realizing that they are in love with each other.