Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #9)

Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #9)

by J. R. Ward
4.4 2061

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Lover Unleashed 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2061 reviews.
MeganLee More than 1 year ago
I was very disappointed by this book. I hate that I had to write those words. I'm such a huge fan and have been so for many many years. This book should be retitled to Lover Unbound PART 2. Payne and Manny were definitely the back story in this installment, which is very misleading because you'd expect it to be the focus. They had such good chemistry and Manny is such an great character, you want to hear more about them. However, this book predominately focused on Vischous freaking out and the repercussions on his mating with Jane. SO many things were left unfinished and even untouched in this book. Muhrder was never brought up again, neither the Omega or the Scribe Virgins current issues. Quinn's storyline has no resolution and the book never truly has a climax. When you finally think the story has reached its peak, it is very quickly deflated and you're left thinking: "That's it? What just happened?" Overall, I'm left very unenthused and sad after I finished it. And considering I waited an entire year for this installment and will wait ANOTHER year for next, I'm for the first time in my life unhappy with a book from the Warden. :/ It nearly pains me to write this, but it's the truth. I'm really hoping the next makes up for the lack of which this book contained.
Ozzy12 More than 1 year ago
Great! As usual a very entertaining read. Can't wait to read more.
DavinciKittie More than 1 year ago
The title of this book is a little misleading, assuming it is supposed to describe the featured couple or "warrior". Payne is more "unleashed" in her sparring sessions with Wrath in the previous books than she is throughout this entire novel. "Lover unleashed" is more more applicable to V, as he learns to relinquish his vicious self-control... literally, un-leashed from the "predilections" that trapped him in his previous destructive BDSM spiral. Payne's personality is nearly unrecognizable compared to the tenacious & serious, almost savage, amazon she was introduced as in a previous novel. Some of this is understandable, considering how crushing it would be to be faced with permanent paralysis as a warrior, but far too much time is spent on this period of weakness and inactivity for Payne to really grow as a character. Then, when she does finally become mobile and has a chance to be "normal" again, she acts more like a giddy young girl than a 300-year old fighter. Too much of this book feels transitory for it to be strong enough to stand on its own. For a reader new to the series, I would say absolutely do NOT read this novel first! Obviously, starting at the beginning is best, but most of the other books are strong enough that a new reader could pick them up and enjoy the stories even with the multiple story arcs and ever-growing roster of characters. Lover Unleashed reads as if its the middle film in a trilogy (hello, The Two Towers and Empire Strikes Back!) - it's more a way to get there from here, and to wrap up plotlines while introducing yet another. I don't mind the sideline plots, because sometimes they turn into fantastic drama, but at least give us a little more of the one we all REALLY want to see: Blay & Quinn! How many books is she going to stretch that one out before it comes to some kind of conclusion (oh, and please be the outcome I think we all want!)? What about Muhrder from book 8 (Lover Mine)? A substantial amount of book-time went to setting up that whole "ghost" scenario at his mansion, then revealing who he is on TV, then there's not even a reference to it in this one. I think this is the first time a developing plotline like that has been dropped completely from one book to another. What about Lassiter? A couple things really bothered me about Payne's abduction toward the end... 1) Her abduction was fishy and too convenient (read: predictable). Considering how well previous story lines have worked out after some of the leading ladies were abducted, Ms. Ward could have made an abduction like this work, but this just had no heat to it... no drive. It felt flat-out unbelievable. 2) Payne was able to resolve the entire abduction situation by just standing there and talking. Really? The big bad glowy she-warrior doesn't even get to fight for herself? She just talks her captor out of something he's believed & fought for all of his life, after which he proceeds to protect her from his own men at his own peril? Uh... no. And B-O-R-I-N-G! This book is really more about V & Jane than it is about Payne & Manny. Payne & Manny almost feel more like side characters than the featured couple, to the point that this is easily Lover Unbound 2.0. Now I'm not complaining - V is one of my favorite characters in the series, so more face (and body!) time with him is A-okay with me. Read the full review at GraveTells on Wordpress.
DudeRanchWoman More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed Payne & Manny's story - it was sexy, romantic, exciting, nerve-wracking etc. I liked that V, Jane and Butch played such a large role in this book. I love how JR Ward sets up her next book(s) - and I'm very excited for Quinn & Blay's story. If you like this series - don't miss out on this installment!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was great. I read it straight through as I do with all of her BDB books. She is a great writer and takes you through all of the emotions expertly. The imagery is fantastic and you can really get into the heads of her characters. All that being said... Since I am a huge fan of JM and Xhex, I would have loved a quick snapshot into what their mated life is like now. Honestly, this could have easily been 700+ pages like Sherilyn Kenyon's "Acheron", and it still only might not have touched on all of the different storylines. Not much Qhuinn and Blay action, although it does leave you panting for their story. There was no follow up on No'One, so we really have no idea how she is doing or even how her relationship with Xhex is developing. Tohr is out fighting again but no real details on that. No Lassiter at all. A couple of characters make cameos..Rehevenge and Marissa for example. I expected Payne to dish out some more beatdowns but aside from one or two very short fight scenes..nothing. We saw Xhex doing her thing in other books, which is what made her a great warrior, so I was hoping for more action from Payne. Truthfully, we know that these are romance novels at the end of the day but, I, personally, love the action scenes. We know that Payne can hold her own but it still would have been great for all the Brothers to witness it firsthand. The one thing I kept waiting for throughout the whole book never happened..No Scribe all. Maybe this is only really an introduction to Payne/V/Scribe Virgin's relationship. If so, then I am totally onboard for the drama.
BekahSC More than 1 year ago
One of the criticisms of J.R. Ward is that her female characters pale in comparison to the men. It's easy to understand why considering the Brothers explode off the page and are written larger than life in all their swaggering, slang-talking, Alpha male-ness. To date, the heroines have seemed kind of blah. But then came Payne, and right from the beginning, she was different. Every scene with her crackled with tension, and you (or, at least, I) couldn't wait to read more scenes with her. She quickly became my favorite character, especially after "Lover Mine" and her sparring sessions with Wrath. Finally a female who could more than hold her own with a Brother (I don't really consider Xhex in the same category. Yeah, she's tough, but I'm pretty sure a Brother like Rhage or V could easily handle her), and I was SO excited when her book was next. With one major reservation. Manny. He literally never made an impression on me in V and Jane's book so to find out he was The One for Payne was a huge disappointment (I was thinking Tohrment or Qhuinn or, heck, even Lassiter for Payne). But I was willing to set aside my reader's sense of ownership over a favorite character and let the author do her thing. Except Manny and Payne's part of the book was the weak link with virtually every other storyline being way more fascinating... Qhuinn's pitiful attempt to get over Blay, V's complete and total meltdown and subsequent redemption and the introduction of another band of not-so-merry men. My big gripe about Lover Unleashed is that we FINALLY have a herone who could kick some serious butt, and she's paralyzed for at least half the book! I wanted to see the collective dropped jaws of the Brothers watching what she was capable of. I wanted to see her working out in their sacred space- the gym- with maybe Rihanna blasting and just blowing through a hard-core workout like the Brothers normally do. I wanted to see her fight for her freedom after Xcor abducts her even though I was totally rolling my eyes at yet ANOTHER female abduction. I wanted her to be the complete bad*** she was in the last couple books. At long last here was a female character who wasn't a weakling or paled in comparison to the men (again, not really counting Xhex), and Ward STILL found a way to make her boring. And I was really surprised that the Scribe Virgin was a complete no-show even though her only daughter is literally dying. Given how fiercely she tried to protect Payne, it just doesn't add up. Which is why I (generously) give this book 3 stars.
Kacey262 More than 1 year ago
I love the BDB series. Its just starting to get predictable. Every story follows the same basic storyline. Boy meets girl, falls in love, list of reasons not to be together, something bad happens to girl or boy, then Poof! they can be together forever. Lover Unleashed is a good story I like how it wasn't only about Payne. I love V and Jane so it was good to have their story continue. A good addition to the series but not as good as some of the other books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I ran out to get this book the day it came out and anticipated being done reading the next day. It took me 3 days to be able to get past the first 3 chapters. This book had so much potential, but just failed in the end. Not enough Payne and Manny and the storylines are becoming predictable and repetitive. I will continue to read, but I am hoping for something better.
Lovez_Fantasy More than 1 year ago
For starters there are several reasons why I love this series. The author's ability to keep you on edge, the romance and passion that's passed through the main characters, and the action!..just to name a few. I have read and re-read all the books on this series. I will not be re-reading this one. While it was overall a decent book it lacked the same thrill as the others. I waited a year and counted down the days and was sorely dissapointed:( The story continues from where the last one left off, with Payne's back injury and a doctor being called in to help. aside from the results of the surgery nothng else of importance happened. While I loved Payne and Manny the book focused more on previous characters. V&J's book was one of my favorites that does not mean I wanted this to be all about them again. As for Blake and Quin, that "affair" or whatever it is needs to come to some sort of conclusion or stay in the background until they have their own book. It was boring, the love scenes were great, but even those lacked Ward's ussual spark. As for the action the human police saw more then the brotherhood. My rating would be 3 stars if this was a stand alone book, but its not. Compared to the rest of the series along with my need to stay interested it only gets 2. I will be alot more patient for the next...
PoesRaven More than 1 year ago
I completely flipped out in the store when I saw Lover Unleashed on the shelf! So, of course, it came home with me! I tried to read it slowly so I wouldn't miss any details but still read it in a day or two. I really enjoyed the many stories involved in the book but was hoping for a stronger Payne. She was so completely badass in the previous books and I was hoping for more of the same here, but didn't quite get it. Don't get me wrong, I was happy she found her mate and glad we get to see more of Manny, but she talked her way out of her abduction? Really? This is definitely a transitional book. We got more movement on some of the main characters, and a surprise or two. But there was no mention of some of the other characters (Mhruder, Lassiter). I know you can't fit everyone into one book but they were just not there at all. Hopefully we'll see them in the next book...
IheartRomanceBooks More than 1 year ago
I LOVE the BDB series! And I had such HUGE expectations for this installment - maybe too big. In my mind, Payne was the perfect character to blend female and warrior. I thought she would be an absolute killer, but still emotionally "there". AND then I read the book... Payne was a little sappy! Not the strong amazon I had come to love in previous books! Not that BADA@# who took on the King because she was "bored"! What happened?!?! This book was more about Vishous' past and his marriage to Jane than anything else - don't get me wrong, I loved that part, but where was Payne and Manny's story!? I will still continue to wait patiently for the next installments in the series - won't give up my Cellie card ;) BUT this was definitely NOT my favorite story. I LOVE how the series started out - with each book focused on the main characters. I'm still with you WARDen! But not as happy as I was hoping.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
They can't all be excellent and jam packed with everything we want, but I think what we were givin was exactly what was needed. Payne and Manny's book, in my opinion, was so much more than just your regular love story. We got so much more out of this book then we usually ever do. So many characters are growing within the series and those developments are really shown and brought out in this book. Yes, Payne and Manny a ment to be together and we get to see their love but we also get to see how hard this new relationship between Payne and Viscious is. Not to mention what Viscious is going thru being forced to deal with a lot of his past that he has never dealt with. He and Jane grow even closer, as well as he and Butch. Qhuinn is also growing and changing and realizing who he is and isn't. I'm personally really glad nothing on the Qhuinn/Blay issue is being rushed. He needs time to realize who is and what he really wants. Not rushed into a relationship that neither one is really ready for. I was really pleased with the direction Ward took this book in. It was a little slow in parts but overall she is making the series better. Looking forward to the next installment!!
bukadikt More than 1 year ago
I absolutely couldnt wait to download this book! it was amazing like all the other BDB books. one thing i love about Ward is that she constantly brings new light to our favorite old characters while developing new ones. cant wait to learn more about Xcor. missed john in this one. blay and qhuinn still break my dying for their story. these books are just awesome and have enough meat to go on for a long time. that makes me a VERY happy reader!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series is the best I have every read and this book does not disappoint. You can't help to be sucked into the BDB's world. Payne is a very strong character with a soft, playful side. It's a great story about how she rediscovers a world she thought she would never see again and finds a love she never dreamed of. Manny is easy to love as well. Smart, funny, strong, sarcastic and 100% in love with Payne. I loved hearing so much about Butch & V in this book too. Just like all the books in the series before this one, it is a MUST READ.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I started this series and immediately fell in love with the characters and the stories. Such lovable characters, and the stories so well told. I couldn't wait to finish one to start on the next... loving this fix of hot, exciting, well-written romantic fantasy. And then around book 7 Ward must have gotten off her meds or something. All my great big, strong, powerful hunks are slowly being reduced to whining, self-hating, sexually confused nut jobs. What happened? And now a male-on-male bdsm scene? Seriously?? What a disappointment.
Candace_23 More than 1 year ago
Book was awesome I just wish Blay and Qhuinn come to a common ground with their relationship
CeCeSG More than 1 year ago
Uncle!! I call uncle!!! I can't read anymore.  I used to love this series, couldn't wait for the newest additions to be released. However, overall as a series, it's been hit or miss.  Some of the books have been great, some have been really disappointing.   This book so far was the biggest disappointment of them all for me. As usual there is multiple story lines going on, lots of slang, but there wasn't a lot of fighting.  While this story was supposed to focus on Manny and Payne, they're story seemed more of a filler between Vishous and Jane's story.  I don't really know what Ward was doing here.  It's like she said, "oh wait, Jane and Vishous' HEA wasn't quite so happy after all... I've made up some problems for them to keep you reading." What really ticked me off about the whole thing is that their problems seem author driven rather than character driven.   Over the main story lines were Payne and Manny, and Jane and Vishious.  Then there was the introduction of the Band of Bastards, the police working a serial killer case (which is a set up for her Fallen series), Blay and Quinn.  Each of the story lines had moments that peaked my interest, but none of them managed to keep my interest.  The whole Jane and V storyline just ticked me off right from the get go After reading several reviews and more than half the book I thought I would put it down for a bit read a different story and come back later.  But who am I kidding.  If I'm putting it down to find something, anything better to read, then I'm not coming back to finish it.     So this one remains unfinished.  I gave it two stars because 1 star seemed unfair since I did not read to the end.  That said, I disliked this enough that I may not come back to read any of the rest in the series.  Quite frankly, I'm tired of the hit or miss quality of the stories.  Nook Pages:476
Shannita More than 1 year ago
This series just keeps me reading!! Great read and I can't put the books down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent continuation!
Thonis-FL More than 1 year ago
I loved this series......I want more as I was disappointed with book 11 Lovers at Last.  Must Read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an awesome series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one long series of FANTASTIC Vampire books that will leave you wanting for more. Love, Action, and Heart ache......Each book is about one or two characters that JR Ward adds to this series and they are a GREAT read! Or should I say a MUST READ! Have fun!
NY96789 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoy reading this series. J.R. Ward, kudos to you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved it manny is so damn cute
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cant wait for the next one