by Jane Dawkins
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Lulie 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Noted: There are no dibs, first come, first serve. (That means say who you are rping.) ~~~~~ MAP ~~~~~ 1.Map, Characters 2.Camp 3.Bios +4.Free Results ~~~~~ RULES ~~~~~ 1.NO Oc's, sorry. Nothing against oc's! It just gets out of hand! 2.No godmodding. 3.No being desperate! 4.No cyberbullying! 5.Show respect. 6.Cursing is allowed, but don't over do it. 7.Good grammar and punctuation! Please! ~~~~~ CHARACTERS ~~~~~ Ayden:12, Lively and obnoxious, shaggy brown hair ans deep green eyes. Ability: Able to control the ground. (Dirt, trees, water, ect.) Adalaide:15, Sarcastic and smart, long golden blonde hair and golden brown eyes. Abilities: Weather, so rain and shine, clouds, you get the jist. Emma:16, Naive and optimistic, The sister of Jasper, Curly brown hair and bright green eyes. Abilities: Seduction and can force others to feel certain ways. (Only happy, sad, angry, tired, hungry. CANNOT force to make them fall in love.) Caspian:16, Flirtatious and Dumb, but powerful, Short black hair and gray eyes. Abilities: Can bend light and control shadows. Courtney:17, Cheery and bright, Straight brown hair and ocean blue eyes. Abilities: Talented cook and singer. Annabelle: 17, Quiet and an introvert, Slick black hair and smokey-blue eyes. Abilities: Talented hunter, and stealthy. Jasper:18, Serious and caring, The brother of Emma, Deep brown hair and matching brown eyes, face usually covered in soot. Abilities: Talented at smithing and using a forge. (Me!~)