M-Day (M-Day #1)

M-Day (M-Day #1)

by D.T. Dyllin

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BN ID: 2940149545964
Publisher: Tik Tok Press
Publication date: 04/12/2014
Series: M-Day , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
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M-Day: (M-Day #1) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
AVoraciousReadr More than 1 year ago
A different post-apocalyptic tale 3.5 *Book source ~ Kindle Lending Library. On December 21st men the world over woke up changed by a virus. Ice blue eyes and a primal savage personality were the norm for them and women everywhere were being brutalized, enslaved or outright killed. Maxine woke up to a completely different Ricki, one who raped and bit her. When he left her alone, she ran from her husband and no matter where she went he seemed to find her though she managed to stay just out of his reach. Hooking up with other women they find moderate safety in numbers, but it’s a temporary fix. Ricki will never stop until he has her in his control. It’s kill or be killed and Max isn’t sure she can lop off the head of the man she loved. When she meets Zee, a man who is only partially infected, the last thing she’s looking for is hot sex with a stranger, but it’s all she can think about when she’s around him. Or even when he’s not there. She has enough on her plate already without getting it on with one of the few men who doesn’t appear to be infected, but how do you say no to raging hormones? This is an interesting twist on the zombie apocalypse in that instead of mindless brain eating zombies of both sexes this virus only affects men who act as if they’ve gotten amped up on steroids or something. They heal quick, have super strength, senses and speed and most have been reduced to mere primal instinct with little logical thinking or planning. When Max and her friends find out there are actually men who aren’t infected they can’t believe it. A scientist in a military compound with the other non-infected is trying desperately to find a cure, but before he can do that the compound is attacked and they must flee. It’s a great concept and this story would have been wonderful if it wasn’t so choppily written. It also needs further editing. Trim a bit here, shade some there, embellish a bit and fix some errors and you’ve got a top notch hot paranormal read. The sexy steaminess is wonderful though. I could really feel the heat between Zee and Max. Woo doggie! *fans self* Beware though, there is some brutality in this and some readers may find it to be too much. In addition there is some gruesome head lopping. It didn’t bother me, but I’m just sayin’. All-in-all I enjoyed this tale and would definitely read more about this strange new world.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book to give an honest review. Does contain a SPOILER Hot damn D.T. is one bad a.. writer. She has up and done it again only this time she has you captured with men who have a virus that changes them for the worse and lots of sex.  The only problem I truly had with the story was when Maxine was kidnapped and her friends came and got her out. How were they able to do that? It just seem to jump from her going through hell, being humiliated to bam! Being rescued, I would have loved to have read how her friends and Zee did it.  I was in awe of Maxine and her friends they have dodged danger on all accounts and have survived from M-day. But when Maxine meets Zee well sparks fly, danger comes near to not only her but her friends. Can Max be rid of her husband forever, what exactly is this virus and why does it only affect men?  I have to say my favorite character was Evo! She was a tell it like it is, all up in your face, jump right into the mix type of female and it was awesome. I do wonder if D.T. will add more to this book as give us more of the other characters. Each character within the book will have you like them. Izzy is more of a romance girl, Zee is our knight in shining armor. Bradon is will a nerdy scientist.  Overall a damn good book and one that I would recommend to all my friends who want to sink their teeth into a different kind of zombie book with a bit of sex that is GRAPHIC! Bad ass main characters, a story line that will keep you hooked. 
Kellee926 More than 1 year ago
So D.T. Dyllin sent me this book last night to beta. I started it a few hours ago, and I'm already sitting here writing my review. You know how everyone always asks, "Who is the one author that no matter what you are doing you will drop everything to read their book?" Yeah, thats D.T. Dyllin for me. I was literally in the middle of another book and I put it on hold to read M-Day, which is something I never do. I never start a book when I haven't finished the one I'm on, but when D.T. Dyllin sends me a book I don't really have a choice do I? ;] And like every D.T. Dyllin book that has come before, M-Day was amazing. I already figured that, but you have no idea just how nice it is to sink your teeth into a truly gripping story every single time you pick up a certain author's book. She has never failed me and I'm pretty positive she never will. M-Day is a nail-biting, heart-thumping, self-fanning, thrilling story of a girl trying to survive in a messed-up world and finding a savior in the one man who may not be the same as all the rest. The story grips you from the very first page. Set in a world where a virus has changed only the men, M-Day tells the story of Max and her two friends, Evo and Izzy, on the run for their lives, literally. A virus has infected all of the men and turned them into terrifying, more-than human, women-raping monsters. Or so they thought. Max and her friends run into one man, Zee, that may just prove them wrong and change their lives forever. I loved Max for her snarky attitude. Shes tough as nails and I admired that she could still laugh and joke and care about normal things through all they have been through and are still going through. Possibly even tougher than Max, Evo was a total joy to read about even though she was a no-nonsense, strictly in the business of staying alive, no time for romance kind of girl. She loved Max and Izzy like sisters and would do anything to protect them. Izzy on the other hand was the full of hope romantic, and I loved her because she lived her life by romance novels. And then there was Zee. Perfectly amazing, handsome and caring Zee who is all about his mission of protecting Max from her infected husband Ricki, who is hell-bent on getting "what is his" back. As you can imagine, its a game of cat and mouse, mixed with a million shocking twists and turns, and possibly a way to save whats left of the world. There is hope and fear and laughter and mystery, along with some truly gut-wrenching moments, and of course it wouldnt be a D.T. Dyllin novel without a scorching hot romance!! M-Day kept me on the edge of my seat hoping for an answer to all the madness, and for the characters to come out of it alive!! And as always, I've written a book on how much I loved another of D.T. Dyllin's novels. M-Day is an engaging story that will have you angry and happy, scared and sad, hopeful and hopeless, and blushing the whole way though ;] It's hot and heavy on the sexy and thrilling, and you will definitely not be disappointed!! Thank you D.T. Dyllin for allowing me to be a beta once again!! You know you never have to ask, just keep sending them my way!!
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Imagine a post apocalyptic world where instead of reanimated flesh eating corpses there are crazed men. Men who’s not only senses are amped up but have just their basic primal urges. This isn’t your normal zombie story, this is M-day. I must admit that I’m not a huge reader of dystopian novels. Especially when it comes to zombies. So when I saw that D.T. was writing a post apocalyptic novel I thought “zombie?! Esh!”. Yeah, they really freak me out. However, I was glad that the book has nothing to do with flesh eating zombies. Instead we get a bunch of steroid idiots running around causing havoc. Okay, so maybe they aren’t on steroids but sometimes they reminded me of someone with roid rage. So I was quite happy that there weren’t any real zombies walking around in this book. D.T. took your typical “military looking for suped up soldiers” story and turned it into an erotic tale. The men who are infected not only have heightened senses but they have an incredibly high libido with no morals to balance it out. So yeah, just let that stew for a minute and you will get the picture. It was definitely a new and refreshing take on a popular theme. But this isn’t just a dystopian erotic romance… there is a lot of grit to it. I found myself on more than one occasion cringing on behalf of Max. I mean, this world that she lives in is messed up and there isn’t really any hope of things going back to normal. If you’re looking for something dark with an erotic twist that this would be right up your alley. This definitely isn’t a feel-good romance. You well be horrified and disgusted at some point, I can almost guarantee it. If you weren’t than the author wasn’t doing her job because post apocalyptic (in my mind) is supposed to be horrifying and she hit the nail on the head.
beanieboo78 More than 1 year ago
A year ago if you would have asked me who my favourite author was I would have said I didn't have one. There are too many awesome authors writing work that I love to be able to pick one. But my 10 year old daughter asked me this very question yesterday and my immediate reaction was D.T Dyllin. Sorting through my top books from this last year and it's easy to see why. Every single book that I have read that this woman has written I have loved. While I may be patiently awaiting the newest book in one of my favourite series to be released I am literally sat waiting for the next book that Dyllin has penned, whether its the latest in an existing series, or the first book in a new series of books like this one. So when she asked for people to Beta read this I of course jumped at the chance.. Like i'm gonna pass up that opportunity... Slipping into Dyllin's books is like comfort food or a conversation with an old friend. It's something you look forward to. And M-Day was no different.  From the very first page I was pulled into Max's world with ease. A world where women live in fear of the men, both the men of their past and the men they are yet to meet, thanks to the virus that has turned the men into monsters. I think only Dyllin would be able to write a world where the men terrorize the women and yet still be able to give us a smoking hot romance. From the very first scene together there is something explosive between Max and Zee that has you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the next interaction. Max is the kind of woman I would want to be friends with, she has that kick ass attitude but she is also protective of her friends, putting her life on the line to help keep them safe, but she also has a vulnerable side. A side that needs rescuing from the man that used to be her husband... until she realizes that she can rescue herself. Usually when we get a really strong female lead in a book the other women are usually portrayed as weaker versions who need protecting just to balance it out, but not in this case. Max has found herself some 'sisters' who are just as ballsy as she is, especially Evo who doesn't have a problem telling it like it is, and able to hand you your ass on a plate if need be. One thing is for sure, Dyllin has given us not just a great new book to sink our teeth into, but a whole new series set after M-Day that will focus on other characters. While we get to meet Izzy and her new man Brandon in this book, I'm really hoping we get to see some more of Evo.. I have a feeling this chick needs to get laid ;-) Either way, it promises to be amazing and I cant wait to get my grubby little hands on it.