Mailbox Money Mindset: The secret motivations behind owning real estate with recurring revenue

Mailbox Money Mindset: The secret motivations behind owning real estate with recurring revenue

by Chris Hotze


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ISBN-13: 9781732634619
Publisher: Crescere Capital Management LLC
Publication date: 09/27/2018
Series: Mailbox Money Mindset , #1
Pages: 150
Sales rank: 493,413
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Chris Hotze is a successful real estate investor, developer, businessman, and author who believes that everyone should understand the importance of having recurring revenue or mailbox money. Chris grew up learning lessons in investing in real estate from his father, how overcame many difficulties to succeed at a very high level.

Table of Contents

Mailbox Money Mindset - Table of Contents

Introduction (by Paul Akers) .............................................ix

Prologue (by Chris Hotze)...........................................xii

Chapter 1 - Mailbox Money Mindset...................................1

Chapter 2 - Real Estate Provides Security...........................11

Chapter 3 - Everyone Needs Recurring Revenue......................21

Chapter 4 - Confidence in Your Investments.................31

Chapter 5 - Immigrant Mindset....................41

Chapter 6 - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone..............................49

Chapter 7 - Strategic Investment....................65

Chapter 8 - Sacrifice.............................73

Chapter 9 - Create a Culture of Ownership.......................................81

Chapter 10 - Live Within Your Means............................95

Chapter 11 - Get Your Family on Board.........................103

Chapter 12 - Create Processes and Routines........................109

Chapter 13 - Bang for Your Buck....................115

Chapter 14 - Find Your Financial Freedom.............................121

Chapter 15 - Conclusion - Take Action.....................127

Epilouge ........................129

Appendex A - Author Social Media Pages ......................135

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Mailbox Money Mindset: The secret motivations behind owning real estate with recurring revenue 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I read Chris Hotze’s “Mailbox Money Mindset” knowing very little about real estate investing and came away feeling like I have a pretty decent grasp on the subject. Unlike many similar financial advice books I’ve encountered, this one was not full of specialized jargon and hard-to-understand graphics. The book does one thing and does it very well: it introduces readers to a simple way of building a real estate portfolio during their working years and using the returns to add security and comfort to their financial situation. At first, after seeing the title, I feared the book might be one of those “get rich tonight with no money” schemes that seem to be all over the Internet and late night TV. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to discover, after finishing the first page, that “Mailbox Money Mindset” was actually a very solid, conservative-minded plan of action for people who want to put more security in their lives. Hotze uses several interesting, real-life stories from his father’s career that work as building blocks for his investment strategy. There are complete discussions about why real estate is, in many ways, a more secure investment than what most U.S. consumers rely on for their retirement. In other words, all those stock market-based 401k plans, low interest savings accounts, Roth and non-Roth IRAs full of equity stocks, and other common long-term savings vehicles don’t match the monetary power of real assets like land and buildings. Hotze goes into detail about why real estate offers better returns and is actually a smarter way to build retirement security than common retirement strategies that are eroded by inflation, tied to the fortunes of a single corporation, or have no hard asset backing. For readers who want to learn about real estate investing from a person who truly understands how it works and knows that it’s not a get-rich-quick game, Chris Hotze’s “Mailbox Money Mindset” is a great place to start. For clarity, interesting stories, and sound advice, I’m rating this book five stars.
Lenora Murdock 8 months ago
The inspiration I needed! Thank you, Chris Hotze. There are plenty of how-to investment books lining my shelves. No matter how much I read, or how much I learn, the information is useless unless I can put it to work for me. Mailbox Money Mindset provided a solid dose of encouragement, inspiration, and practical application. Written from personal experience, integrated with life lessons taught by his father, Chris Hotze provides a much-needed spark to get moving toward a "mailbox money mindset" through real estate investing. Those new to real estate, veterans who find themselves sluggish in achieving their goals, or anyone who needs a word of encouragement to set and meet investment goals in real estate will benefit from this book. It helped shif my mindset; I feel sure it will do the same for you. There is no magic formula, no more than there is anyone who is doomed to remain poor. It's all about shifting your though paradigm and geting things in order to hange your life. The following are a few meaningful taekaways for me: *WHY I need to begin NOW to invest in a recurring revenue stream. *Why possessing a mailbox money mindset creates lifestyle changes that include learningn to live within your means, and building a legacy. *Why I should invest and move forward in life with clarity, conviction, industry, and purpose. There is untapped potential within all of us. Hotze's insights will help you find the moxie to get moving in the right direction. Overall, this is an inspiring, challenging, and insightful read.
katrinagaines More than 1 year ago
Very informational and relatable, I was taken back to school! This is one of the best “How To” books that I have read in a long time. Chris Hotze really is transparent about his life lessons from his on past, present and future. He explains throughout every part of his life, from watching his dad and other mentors has helped to be successful in the real estate arena. I love the way that he talks about his dad in the reading; he makes him the foundation and narrative of the book. By doing this, it allows readers to trust and relate to him because a lot of people are experiencing the “starting from nothing” beginnings and are not sure how to succeed. There have been a lot of books that I have read on this subject, where the authors either has inherited the money to start investing or they were given a loan from a parent/family/friend or they made a ton of money and used their own money to invest. Those readings are not relevant for those of us regular people, who are lost and have nothing and are confused on where to start. I really enjoyed how Chris comes back to his humble roots and teaches us “regular” people how to start with nothing and still be successful because he has seen it happen for him and many of his mentors. Chris takes the time to teach us about having a Scarcity vs. Abundant mindset when wanting invest in real estate. He tells us that having an Abundant mindset only last for the present while having a Scarcity mindset will last for generations. He has life lessons throughout the book such as, how your income from a job is not your wealth but wealth comes from other sources of income that you create. He explains how the income that can be made while you sleep can be the wealth that you can fall back on and still maintain your living even if your main source of income is taken away from you. He encourages readers to surround themselves around people that are like minded and are already where they hope to be. Not only does he give us life lessons and valuable take-aways throughout the book, but he also pairs in it with interactive lessons at the end of each chapter. It is like being in a classroom, reading your text book and having the professor expand upon and explain further what you just read. I think that is the main thing that sets this book apart from others, not only do you get valuable information when reading but you get personal training in the process. This book is an easy quick read as it is very engaging because he uses stories from real life experiences and humble beginnings. This book is also a great teaching and reference tool for someone who wants to teach others or even their children about saving money and getting into the real estate business. I know that I will use this resource to help educate my "abundant minded" 13 yr. old very soon!
Anonymous 3 days ago
Chris Hotze shares stories of his father and things he learned from him and shares them with the world to help others. This book gives really great tips for how to invest in real estate, but these tips can also translate into everyday life and are not limited to the scope of real estate. They translate into how to properly use your money to make better decisions for the future. Especially as someone who is still young, I have gained so much knowledge as to how to think of my money and truly understand the value of every cent I make. I will keep this book handy for when I need to remind myself of making the right money choices and deciding where to invest to allow my income to grow and learn more from it. I made a lot of notes in the notebook I always carry around and will share them with friends who are also into self-help books and learning how to better yourself. I am glad I found this book. It is unlike those other books on real estate to the point where I was able to understand everything and didn’t feel intimidated reading it. I will use these tips for the rest of my life and will definitely be rereading this again and again. I have made a great deal of markups to share with my dad as he is trying to grow his investments in real estate and will make sure he reads this book as well to help him expand his own knowledge and share ideas with him. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about how to manage their money and invest in real estate.
sabisla 22 days ago
For many individuals who do not have much knowledge or experience in any form of investments, investing in the future can be a daunting task. As a recent college graduate, I myself have only just started to look into ways to financially secure my future. However, nothing I've come across regarding stocks, investment, and real estate was as easy and comforting to read as Chris Hotze's Mailbox Money Mindset. I found his work to be an incredibly valuable read that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Most notably, Hotze speaks in a conversational tone throughout his book. This is especially comforting to those like myself who have previously been been swayed away from real estate investment. I never found myself worrying about trying to understand difficult investment terms or risks as Hotze gives a personal look into his experience with real estate investment. I previously never would have considered "mailbox money" to have roots in the social spheres people have, but it is clear that Hotze's relationship with his father and even his wife proves otherwise. This alternative perspective sheds a truly wholesome and humanistic light on the real estate investment world. Mailbox Money Mindset has certainly changed my own mindset about how I should approach investments. I admire Chris Hotze's work and will continue to be inspired by his achievements as I build my own financial portfolio.
Katey-Nicola 26 days ago
Honestly, I'd never heard the term "mailbox money" before reading this book, so when I say that Hotze breaks down this concept well and makes it easily accessible for all readers, believe me. I've often wondered about real estate investing and how to intelligently enter into this world, this book answered a lot of my questions and provided a great launching point for me to begin pursuing this option. I'm so glad that I took the time to read through this source and will use it again and again. Hotze offers fantastic references and encourages people to continue expanding their knowledge with more books and mentors, and provides helpful suggestions within each avenue. The end of every chapter features QR codes to immediately give more information in a multifaceted manner. I enjoyed reading the stories and examples that saturate every chapter, they're informative and purposeful. They champion the importance of a strong work ethic and frugal living mentality that have become rare, but still form the foundation that wealth is built upon. Hotze follows these with the breakdown if principles and steps used and necessary in each scenario. This book is helpful, well-written, and a pleasure to read!
Mitchell Roshannon 26 days ago
Considering I’m only a college student, I usually try to avoid books that focus heavily on real estate and property ownership since my ability to invest in them seems so far ahead of me, but I have to say that Mailbox Money Mindset was an enjoyable read and I’m glad I took the time to read it, even with where I am in my life journey currently. This book isn’t just a book about why you should create recurring revenue, it is also a story filled with lessons told to a son by his father, Chris Hotze having learned much of what he did from his father. This makes the book super easy to read and be drawn into on a subject that threatens to be boring as can be. To top off my list of reasons to give this book a read is the fact that many of the lessons learned through this book don’t have to be used directly on real estate, but is simply good advice for any aspiring entrepreneur regardless of the business you are looking to enter. The immediate one that comes to mind is the chapter on the immigrant mindset. The idea of having an immigrant mindset is absolutely new to me, but is genius and very clearly helpful in any business venture for seeing opportunities that might otherwise be missed or possibilities that are easily overlooked if focused too heavily on the conventional way things have been done in an industry. I myself am specializing in the publishing industry, and though this book wasn’t necessarily meant for me, I think it has given me a lot of good advice and new ways of thinking that I can use moving forward both in my future business ventures and on a simpler note, my own financial stability.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Mailbox Money Mindset instantly drew me in because the title implies passive income. The book was not exactly what I expected. However, it does contain good content. I liked how the author's father taught the issue of inflation and how that affects assets and what type of assets are better to hold on to. I also like how he helped Robert discover another income generating source by his recommendation to lease the extra space that basically just stored stuff that was not being used. I agree with the Japanese concept of waste. I also really like some of Kelley's solid advice to the author. He had good quality advice that would work well. The author also brings up a good point about reaching out for help if needed. There is nothing wrong with that. Plus, it is financially wise to ask people that might know more about a certain topic than you do. Overall, this book is well written and offers a personal perspective to help a reader on their own mailbox mindset. I liked hearing about Jared's real estate investments as well. This book make you think and makes you want to dive deeper in smart investment options. The price of the book is fair to me considering how I saved myself some time learning a few new things.
Lori Butler 4 months ago
When I first started reading this book, I was worried it was going to be a “get rich quick” kind of book, that seems to be plaguing the internet and info commercials these days. But pleasantly to my surprise that was not the case. But after reading the first couple of pages, I realized that “Mailbox Mindset” was a great idea for a plan to action and to make a solid plan to make an investment and have a better security of passive income for the future. This book is interesting to anyone who is interested in real estate investing. The Author Chris Hotze in “Mailbox Money Mindset” is an easy read. Chris lays out the chapters and a outline for people who want to create passive income in real estate for themselves, or getting started at a young age for future investments (which I would recommend). While reading this book, it feel like I was having a one-on-one with Christ Hotze. Having someone personally share information and guide you on what to do, sharing information that he learned from his father, (which didn’t start to investment till later in his life). This book was nicely written, very personable with sharing family information. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in real estate, but I’d definitely tell people in their early 20s this is something that they should really consider. I hope that my children, learn to invest in something for the future long term, to help make sure they are successful in life.
spostu 4 months ago
My aspirations to be a real estate investor and entrepreneur are vast. This book is for people, like me, that have a drive and determination to invest in real estate. I currently have three properties. I am always looking for a way to make money and continue to build my property assets. Chris Hotze not only shows why to do it, but real life examples of what was done by others. Mailbox Money Mindset is a must read for anyone that is contemplating going into the real estate business. Everyone has a goal of making money on a continuous basis and Mailbox Money Mindset set’s out showing you what it is to create streams of revenues that make your money work for you. I am a corporate person. In one way, I feel like I live below my means, but in another way I definitely do not. I have been hit with disability and a pending divorce. All of my financial security is now in flux. It is important to realize that it isn’t about how hard you work. You can be the hardest worker in the room, but still end up broke. This book is a great reminder of who I am. I did not grow up in abundance. I know how to live below my means and how to have a financially secure mindset. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone that is looking to branch out into real estate or just get into a new mindset of managing their business and personal assets.
GailRivera 4 months ago
I’ve already started my journey in real estate investing but this book was an eye opener for me. I’ve attended several workshops and bought a few training courses which have helped, but they only addressed the mechanics. This book digs much deeper and lays out the best foundation for success - having the right mindset. Anyone can tell you how to think but this author also tells you why. And he does it with real life stories that capture your attention. I especially loved the engaging and impactful anecdotes that the author shares about his father and the mentors in his life. They really helped me connect with the author and his message. The author reveals several mindsets that are vital for successful real estate investing. Confidence, hunger and sacrifice, just to name a few. He details why they are so important and how to instill them in your own life. For example the author talks about the mindset of sacrifice this way: “Whenever you feel tempted by a frivolous purchase remember that your working for yourself and your loved ones for the long-term. Your pursuit of financial freedom and security is not about your ego. If you let your ego run the show, you won’t accomplish much of anything.” This is one of those special books that you keep going back to along the way just to make sure your staying on the right track. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants more than living from paycheck to paycheck or even the emptiness of a wealthy but frivolous lifestyle.
Gina Kristie 4 months ago
Hotze includes tips from a lifetime of experience with mail box money that works. He uses every day language to explain the process of investing that brings reoccuring income to you. He explains that the money you bring in should work for you, that every dollar will go somewhere and deciding that somewhere is important in securing available income into the future. Real estate is a good and wise investment for the future, as land never moves or decreases in size. You can spend your money or invest your money, the trick is to invest to ensure the money creates more money. Once your money is spent, it is gone, unless you invest it. I thought this was a wonderful piece of information that I will use in my financial planning. It was very easy to follow and understand and I recommend this book to anyone that is searching for where to start in learning investment planning and security. Hotze lays our the foundation of his experience from his childhood and brings out relevant and useful information and why some things don't work, and why others do. The economic history behind financial failure or success is a great added element to his book and supports his advice to the reader and gives this a five star effort in presenting financial advice that is easily grasped. I was pleasantly suprised at the quality and wealth of information that this book gave as well as the ease at which it is presented. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in this book and consider it an asset to my own collection.
Mholttt 5 months ago
Mailbox Money Mindset is a book that teaches you the lessons for why you should set aside money and invest in real-estate. The Book offers many scenarios and different perspectives in being able to set aside money, live responsibly, and invest your money into more money. The author, Chris Hotze, goes in depth with experiences to help you better understand and connect your financial status to his. With empathy and understanding, he can connect to the reader and offer some good advice towards him. The book is repetitive and tends to say the same thing again and again. But you have to get through chapter one to be able to continue to focus on the important lesson. It's almost as if the author builds up the tension of what you should do, almost gives it to you, and then says, 'but wait' and leads you to another path. Kind of like a dog with a treat. But eventually you start to gain some great insight into what to do to build a secure future. It's true what the author says, it's not like any other book. And while there are some good ideas on HOW to do it, the book certainly focuses more on WHY to do it. Connecting the experiences with a Depression Era father and mindset, gives newer generations a better mindset on what to do. Even I have considered now looking into investing after reading this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new perspective in investing.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Mailbox Money Mindset is an excellent book regarding real estate investment from author Chris Hotze that explains why everyone should have some investment in real estate, whether commercial or residential. He even recommends that some people even invest completely in real estate properties, because their value and monetary return is hard to match. Chris brings a valuable perspective to the discussion of real estate investment and makes a very valid point that anyone can have at least one or two properties that they own and rent out to tenants, providing an income that Chris terms “Mailbox Money.” This concept, explained in the book, is basically an income that you receive as a result of the things you own, rather than as a result of the work you do, which is how most people operate. This book has much to recommend it; it is written in a very clear, professional style; and has multiple stories and anecdotes contained within, (the foreword is by a man who spent much of his life investing in real estate, who also recommends this book) making for an engaging and easy read. A worthwhile read for anyone who trying to decide whether to invest in real estate, or as a gift for someone similar. Chris Hotze is a wise voice in the field of real estate, because not only has he invested in several rental properties himself, but also had the sense to get out of real estate completely in 2007, and put everything into gold shortly thereafter, which was the sharpest decision anyone could make.
Destiny Bermudez 6 months ago
Mailbox Money Mindset is a great book that incorporates lessons from the authors father into a platform for earning recurring income through real estate. This book is meant to pump you up, and get you out of the drudgery of the 9-5 mindset. This book was not a step-by-step guide on how to buy real estate. This is for the people that feel like they're on a plateau in life. Whether you already own property, or are living paycheck-to-paycheck (I'm in the latter), this book is insightful. This book does have steps and techniques, and the most pertinent to me was the lesson to have an "immigrant mindset." This book is great because he doesn't convince you with promises, he uses success stories of people he knows, including interactive stories you can see with your smart phone. The biggest lesson I learned from that section is that no one is going to give you something for free. You reap what you sow, and a 2nd or 3rd job is not only necessary, but essential to get to that next level in life you're looking for. Additional research is necessary to get into real estate. But this book is a handy tool to make sure you're on the right track. There is wisdom for every person looking to have a secure and prosperous life for their retirement and for their children.
Robe33 6 months ago
After reading this book, I now have a very good idea of how I want to start investing in real estate; and more importantly, the confidence to do so. This is a very well thought out and well written guide on how create recurring passive income through real estate investing. Investors at every level can grasp and potentially use the investment strategies used in this book. I have read several other books and articles on investing, many of the authors speak on how they started investing young, in t heir early twenties. The author’s father in this book only began his lucrative investing career when he was fifty years old. That gave me actual hope that it could indeed be working for me as well. The author mentions early on that one needs to think with thoughts of abundance, devise a plan and stick to it. He also reviews the seven tenets that are critical to successful investing. The book tells of the author’s father and how he made careful decisions on what to invest in and how. Another point the author drove was that as the generations go by, all of us will be living longer in general. It would be a tragedy to outlive your savings. 401k accounts provide a finite dollar amount to live on and could prove very stressful in older age. Creating recurring payments alleviate the pressure of trying to do the math on what’s left every week or month. All investing involves risk, but careful planning and a proven method mitigates that risk significantly.
Scoobydu2u 7 months ago
In his book "Mailbox Money Mindset", successful real estate investor Chris Hotze shares practical advice about how to become independent entrepreneurs. While his book focuses on real estate the tools he shares apply in many other areas of entrepreneurship. He begins by saying that "this book isn't about HOW to invest, it's about WHY you should invest". Hotze grew up watching his father work a full-time job and on weekends he spent most of his time as a landlord/handyman looking after his investment properties. During those days he cultivated relationships with his tenants, learned more about the surrounding areas, and kept an eye on other investment possibilities. Having spent much of his early years watching and at times working alongside his father, the author learned very important values that would help him succeed in his own pursuit of investment real estate. He makes a strong emphasis on first learning to live within your means regardless of your income. Purchasing only the things you need and much less of what you want. Next he tells readers that the "Mailbox Money Mindset" is a certain frame of mind, a mentality, and a dedicated lifestyle that keeps you focused on your goal of maintaining recurring income. This being the monies you use to invest in your next property or business. With that said, he encourages readers to to learn all you can about real estate investing or your intended business and seek a successful mentor to gain guidance along the way. Lastly, don't quit your day job until you are financially set to do so. Hotze's father didn't turn to full-time real estate investment until he retired at age 50. While much of the aforementioned advice requires discipline and sacrifice, Hotze speaks from the example of his father who along with his mother raised eight children and was able to leave his wife financially secure in her later years by maintaining a modest lifestyle. This book also consists of stories from others who were successful when they set their sights on real estate investments with recurring revenue. It tells readers that with discipline, determination, and focus that while it may not be easy at first, it is possible for anyone to achieve similar goals. I recommend this book to anyone who has a dream or vision of owning a business and reaching even higher in the future.
Ezela Salazar 8 months ago
Well-Structured guide to create passive income! The Mailbox Money Mindset is a well-structured guide for how to assess whether or not you are ready to make “mailbox money”. The author defines “mailbox money” as money that passively flows to you, like rental income. He does a good job of combining practical advice with real life situations from his personal history to provide examples. Although he doesn’t provide technical advice, the book is a great way to gauge whether or not his practices are right for you. He also gives other options to certain things, for example when he asks the reader if being a landlord is right for them, he doesn’t just say landlord and leave it at that. He describes a range of hands on, minimal, and totally hands off landlords. He wants to give his readers options so that if something he says isn’t completely in line with your goals, you can still apply some of his advice to your world. Something he does focus on in his stories is saving – most of his advice is based on the fact that he (or the other people he uses as examples) saved to be able to buy their first investment property. If you are not at that stage where you have enough saved, you can still read the book for motivation, but he does not go into as much detail about how he saved his money. He gives stories about buying the cheaper house and fixing it up, not buying flashy cars, etc, but there is not a sufficient enough base to call this a book about how to save money. This is a book of how to use that money wisely once you have saved it.
LachelleReneReads 9 months ago
Inspiring, Motivating and Realistically Written Let me start by saying that before I read this book I would have said that I could not be a real estate investor. I never thought that it would be possible for me to obtain recurring revenue by investing in real estate. That was BEFORE I read this book. The way this book is written, I not only believe it’s possible for me, but I actually WANT to do it. I liked the real life examples used in the book. It gave me hope that I too could achieve financial security with my modest salary while using the suggestions provided. The fact that the author’s father truly started purchasing multiple properties in his fifties, wow, that made it all seem so attainable. This book can be used as a guide, not only for real estate purchasing, but for life in general. 1 – Live below your means 2- Build up your confidence 3- Have an immigrant mindset. Those are just three of the many lessons and suggestions that can be applied to anyone and their current situations. I highlighted passages in the book quite a bit and the QR codes and the videos made the book that much better. I truly enjoyed it. This book made me feel that I, a single woman in her 50’s that has had many challenges in life, can and will purchase a rental property in the near future. Who knows what will happen after that, but for now, I know that I CAN and that it is achievable. Soooo thanks Chris! Well done!
JanelleFila 9 months ago
Mailbox Money Mindset by Chris Hotze is part nonfiction, part memoir, and part self-help book. Inspired by the lessons Hotze learned from his dad, it is reminiscent of Rich Dad, Poor Dad (a book that is on Hotze’s recommended reading list). Mailbox Money is the term Hotze uses to describe passive income, or money that comes to you regardless of how many hours you worked. You aren’t trading hours for dollars. This is money that you can earn while you sleep, play, eat, or are on vacation. Specifically, Hotze is talking about rental income, or money earned from owning and renting real estate. The mindset part of the book is interesting. Hotze talks a lot about the way you must think in order to achieve this level of financial success, and it is different from the consumerism mindset that you might be used to. Expect to hear things like: live within your means or know the difference between a need and a want. Some of this information is pretty standard and you may have heard it before, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of it again, especially if you are not in the financial situation that you want to be at yet. This book is not specific in how to invest in real estate. It is more of the idea behind why you should invest in real estate. Therefore, I would recommend it more for beginners or people just starting to think about passive income opportunities. If you are already investing in real estate or other investments, you might find the story repeats information and strategies you are already implementing.
HConlin 9 months ago
“Mailbox Money Mindset” by Chris Hotze is a great book for anybody who needs the motivation to start investing in their future. While the book focuses primarily on real estate investment and rental houses, the concepts could apply to anything that would provide recurring revenue. This book contains many anecdotes and stories from Chris’s and his father’s life experiences. His father taught him early on the value of working hard…and making your money work hard for you. While I feel like the concepts in this book aren’t new or earth shattering, this book was written in a way that is very motivational. The book is laid out in a manner that is very easy to understand and read. Each chapter contains a concept to help you get started with your investing, and mixes concrete advice with anecdotes to make the material easy to read and easy to relate to. Each chapter ends with a QR code that you can scan with your phone to watch videos and view additional content. While I’m not a real estate investor myself, I have thought about it off and on over the years. Reading this book may actually be the push I needed to go out and get started!
Ange_Insome 9 months ago
I like the authors father. Our parents get us to understand what life is and when we get our spouses and do work together, we perfectly bond and make things happen. The two lessons the author learnt from his father were the best I have ever came across. My dad hasn’t given me his piece yet. We should make sure we get our money to work for us, have things that gives you money every minute and appreciate it’s value, that’s nothing else apart from real estate. The second important lesson we should take into practice is to live lower than our standards. It is normal and usual for people to try to live to standards that are not theirs. It is very normal for people to try to be what they are not, now for success you be lower than you are: save more, try to earn more and be yourself. The author doesn’t just give advises given to him by his dad but equip you with the tools necessary for success and that’s all we want. His should we save our wealth, when should we deal with bills, like, when should we pay our mortgage?? What are investment that are money achieving, what are our goals. The author dreamt of being a millionaire by 30years of age, what about me! I want to have more than a million by the age of 28, that’s some 6 years, I have to work on that. I want real estate I want to read more and understand more. Will follow you on social media for more tips.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Throughout my lifetime, I have read many books about how to set up residual income sources, but in almost every instance I found nuances of the advice that were not possible for me. I finished this book with a big smile, because Chris Hotze nails it – a plan for virtually anyone with determination and discipline to achieve financial freedom by creating consistent recurring revenue. By living below your means, eliminating waste and maintaining a scarcity mindset, one only needs to be willing to work hard, build a foundation of confidence, adopt and maintain a culture of ownership – and do what many of us fail to do: see money as a resource & respect it. The advice in this book reminds me of the most solid of advice we may have gotten from our parents or grandparents who knew the value of a dollar, who were very discriminating about how they managed their money and who, by the way, lived quite nicely. The core of this plan is self-discipline and hard work. Those elements don't cost anything but can quite believably end up providing you with a comfortable life – making personal concessions you make now worth 100x more for the future. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has always wanted financial freedom but never thought they could achieve it – many thanks to the author for the straight forward advice. The book is well organized with several real life examples of what works and what doesn't work for having a Mailbox Money Mindset. A++
Anonymous 9 months ago
This book is worth reading. I’ve read a lot of books on abundance and financial planning and they usually start out optimistic and enthusiastic, but when they get to the author’s plan for making me wealthy it doesn’t seem to fit my life situation. Mailbox Money Mindset is different because it doesn’t try to teach us how to make money, it tells us why we should invest in real estate to find freedom in our lives. Chris Hotze believes that freedom comes from recurring revenue and that real estate is the best way to create it. This book is about Hotze’s dad’s life and how his choices created financial freedom for his family. Hotze tells stories about ways his father lived within his means, bought only what he could afford, didn’t try to keep up with the Joneses and saved aggressively so he could start investing in real estate. He started with one rental house, then more, then commercial property. Hotze even includes QR Codes that link to YouTube videos where he tells stories of his dad and shows their real estate investments. The book is more than encouraging stories though. Chapter 4 discusses types of real estate to invest in. Chapter 6 helps the reader explore what type of investor or landlord they would be. It’s full of advice from successful business owners who used mailbox money mindset to invest strategically, have an entrepreneurial attitude, understand the local real estate market and find mentors. I underlined so many passages in this book, and I plan to read it again to make sure I didn’t miss any valuable information.
misty thomas 9 months ago
After reading this book, it is clearer to me that our mindset has a lot to do with how we look at money, how we spend money, and how we save money. There are some people who are worried about the future and save as much as they can each month. There are also people who think that they have and will always have an abundance of money, and spend it haphazardly. This is what separates people and the idea of what this book is all about. The author takes investing lessons that he learned from his father and uses them to educate the reader and convince them that investing in real estate is a great way to save money and be prepared in hard times. He points out that his father began to invest later in life, but helped him to learn how to follow the path he is on now. There are many valuable lessons in this book that the author wants to share. He wants the reader to be aware that it is not to late to have a Mailbox Money Mindset and the ways that they can do so. These lessons vary, but they do give some great advice for those who are looking to invest in real estate and to try and get in a new mindset when it comes to making money and saving money. These lessons give great advice in areas such as recurring revenue, having confidence in your investments, having an immigrant mindset, and making every investment count. When it comes down to it, this book is a great guide to having a new mindset when it comes to money and what you want to do with yours.