Makers and Takers: How Conservatives Do All the Work While Liberals Whine and Complain

Makers and Takers: How Conservatives Do All the Work While Liberals Whine and Complain

by Peter Schweizer
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Makers and Takers: How Conservatives Do All the Work While Liberals Whine and Complain by Peter Schweizer

In Makers and Takers you will discover why:

* Seventy-one percent of conservatives say you have an obligation to care for a seriously injured spouse or parent versus less than half (46 percent) of liberals.

* Conservatives have a better work ethic and are much less likely to call in sick than their liberal counterparts.

* Liberals are 2½ times more likely to be resentful of others’ success and 50 percent more likely to be jealous of other people’s good luck.

* Liberals are 2 times more likely to say it is okay to cheat the government out of welfare money you don’t deserve.

* Conservatives are more likely than liberals to hug their children and “significantly more likely” to display positive nurturing emotions.

* Liberals are less trusting of family members and much less likely to stay in touch with their parents.

* Do you get satisfaction from putting someone else’s happiness ahead of your own? Fifty-five percent of conservatives said yes versus only 20 percent of liberals.

* Rush Limbaugh, Ronald Reagan, Bill O’Reilly and Dick Cheney have given large sums of money to people in need, while Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, and Al Gore have not.

* Those who are “very liberal” are 3 times more likely than conservatives to throw things when they get angry.

The American left prides itself on being superior to conservatives: more generous, less materialistic, more tolerant, more intellectual, and more selfless. For years scholars have constructed—and the media has pushed—elaborate theories designed to demonstrate that conservatives suffer from a host of personality defects and character flaws. According to these supposedly unbiased studies, conservatives are mean-spirited, greedy, selfish malcontents with authoritarian tendencies. Far from the belief of a few cranks, prominent liberals from John Kenneth Galbraith to Hillary Clinton have succumbed to these prejudices. But what do the facts show?

Peter Schweizer has dug deep—through tax documents, scholarly data, primary opinion research surveys, and private records—and has discovered that these claims are a myth. Indeed, he shows that many of these claims actually apply more to liberals than conservatives. Much as he did in his bestseller Do as I Say (Not as I Do), he brings to light never-before-revealed facts that will upset conventional wisdom.

Conservatives such as Ronald Reagan and Robert Bork have long argued that liberal policies promote social decay. Schweizer, using the latest data and research, exposes how, in general:

* Liberals are more self-centered than conservatives.
* Conservatives are more generous and charitable than liberals.
* Liberals are more envious and less hardworking than conservatives.
* Conservatives value truth more than liberals, and are less prone to cheating and lying.
* Liberals are more angry than conservatives.
* Conservatives are actually more knowledgeable than liberals.
* Liberals are more dissatisfied and unhappy than conservatives.

Schweizer argues that the failure lies in modern liberal ideas, which foster a self-centered, “if it feels good do it” attitude that leads liberals to outsource their responsibilities to the government and focus instead on themselves and their own desires.

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Publication date: 06/03/2008
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About the Author

Peter Schweizer is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and is the author of numerous books, including the New York Times bestseller Do as I Say (Not as I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy. He lives in Florida with his wife and sons.

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Makers and Takers: How Conservatives Do All the Work While Liberals Whine and Complain 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The author hits it out of the park when breaking down the differences in liberals and conservatives. In my dealings with other libs including relatives of mine. I have found them to be very jealous of others success and usualy say and do the opposite of what they espouse. Which is exactly what the author shows in this book. Liberals always try to come off as being more, tolerant,compassionate, and generous. When the exact opposite is usualy the case.
manatwork More than 1 year ago
While I don't disagree with the concept of "makers and takers", I don't understand why so many on the right don't get the percentages right. The "makers" consist of the 85% of the adult population that actually produce needed goods and services required (or desired)  by the majority of this country. The "takers" on the other hand consist of the 6% or so that reap the benefits. The upper class who believe because they hold 90%  of the nations wealth, they are entitled to the other 10%. If, by some miracle, the top 500 businesses in the country were to disappear, (and I don't mean inversions to defraud taxes), there would be 10000 more to take their place within 5 years. That can't happen now because the biggest roadblock to small business is big business. if, on the other hand, half of the 65% of working Americans who make less than $50.000 were to quit their jobs, most of the wealthy would shrivel and die for lack of ability to perform the simplest of chores.
Guest More than 1 year ago
...should always be remembered in that way when assessing their 'opinion' on conservative thought. The complaint is that the book doesn't deal 'with the current campaign.' Of course it doesn't! It is a book that looks at the nature of the people who lie behind the espoused philosophies that do not change from campaign to campaign and why, clearly, statistically and every other way, it shows why liberals are, frankly, as you've probably suspected, a bit more schizoid, inconsistent, self obsessed and hypocritical. I didn't make up the facts but I sure know them when referenced. This thing called FACT is something a liberal has no conception, and, in their lives, over time, it SHOWS.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
GREAT BOOK! A very quick read and does an awesome job of documenting case after case of hypocracy on the left while demonstrating 'again with clear evidence' of how conservatives are actually far more productive, giving and compassionate citizens than their liberal counterparts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't know who Schweizer thinks he's kidding, nor where he gets his "statistics" from. Anyone can manipulate "statistics" and turn them into "facts" and present a seemingly convincing argument about anything, but it's most diifficult to take any of his claims seriously. A total wast of time and an insult to the intelligence.