Man Crush Monday

Man Crush Monday

by Kirsty Moseley

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Perma-single Amy Clarke prides herself on three things: her pink hair, her Converse collection, and her ability to drink copious amounts of margarita without puking. She isn’t looking for love. She’s perfectly content with her simultaneous love affairs with Netflix and both Ben and Jerry. The trouble is, sometimes, love finds you.

Five months ago, he climbed aboard her train, and nothing has been the same since. Fast-forward to now, she still doesn’t know his name, but she knows she wants his babies.

Her crush—this tall, dark, and handsome dork who gets on her train every other Monday—has no idea he brightens her day with his panty-wetting smile and laugh that makes her pulse quicken.

When a chance encounter outside of work forces them to have their first proper conversation, things quickly go from loving him from afar to up close and very personal. With a string of disastrous exes in her past, has Amy finally found her Mr Perfect? Or does fate have other plans?

A new stand-alone romcom from Kirsty Moseley, best-selling author of The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window and Nothing Left to Lose.

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BN ID: 2940163392469
Publisher: Kirsty Moseley
Publication date: 02/03/2020
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 61,608
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Kirsty Moseley has always been a passionate reader since she was a little girl, devouring books overnight, barely sleeping and paying for it at school the next day. Writing has come similarly to her and once she discovered Wattpad, she finally plucked up the courage to post one of her stories. Seven million reads later, she self-published her debut novel THE BOY WHO SNEAKS IN MY BEDROOM WINDOW, which later became one of 10 Finalists for the 2012 Goodreads' Choice Awards, Best YA Fiction. Shocked and overwhelmed by the response, she published her second novel a few months later and hasn't looked back. If she had to sum herself up in one word, it would probably be 'daydreamer' - but unlike most of her school teachers, she doesn't necessarily view that as a bad thing. After all, she read somewhere once that books are like waking dreams.... She lives in Norfolk, England with her husband and son. Visit her website at for more!

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Man Crush Monday 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Miranda Hohn 15 days ago
She made me fall in love with another fictional character!! I'm happily married, but Kirsty has such a way of creating these guys that make you feel like to leaving your husband! Kidding (kind of). Man Crush Monday has it all for lovers of RomComs. You get so excited for Amy when she finally gets the chance with her crush of months! I don't know how she waiting that long, but he was so worth the wait. Its been a week and I've already read this book twice (it would be more if I didn't have to work) and I've recommended it to so many others already!
AliCrean 17 days ago
#GirlCrushAmys I thought Amy Summers from Lauren Blakely's Asking for a Friend was my ultimate book girl crush, but now I need to start a collection of Amys because Amy Clarke is as delightfully precious as my other Amy. #CollectionofAmys Life is desperate when the highlight of your week is Monday morning--that's my opinion anyway. But for Amy Clarke, she lives for those days when her nerdy train obsession boards the train to London. If only this cute guy she adores, like-a-creeper, noticed her, the world would be perfect. She's barely said a word to him, yet she knows she's in love. Years ago, I read Kirsty Moseley's The Boy who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window and loved it. I admit that the writing is rough; the story dramatics are dramatic--but it has a loveliness in that it fearlessly takes on the uncomfortable topic of child abuse, and the desperation survivors face daily. I loved the friendship between FC's brother and his best friend; Liam and Jake's interactions are one of my favorite things about the book. Kirsty Moseley brings the same camaraderie to this book with her hero Jared and his brother Theo. For some reason that I won't search out therapy to examine, I love the portrayal of these relationships. They work for me, and it helps me enjoy the heroes more for it. A brief coffeetrastophe, a well known but heartwrenching event no coffee drinker ever wants to see or experience, leads to Amy's wildest imaginings coming to be. Fate is blessing her. A would-be Godmother, in the shape of an adorable dog needing an ear scratch, makes it possible for her obsession bumping into her, literally. Now amongst unfortunate coffeetrastrophe carnage comes her crush's name, a date, and a tingle of chemistry destined for fulfillment. While Amy is my favorite character in Man Crush Monday, Jared and Amy together are more magic than readers deserve. We deserve a lot, but this is some diety level stuff that most people are only lucky enough to get in the afterlife. They are perfect together. I didn't want to put this book down. The only detractor was that the surprise is predictable, and the reveals lead to some of the most frustrating character panicking in need of a firm smacking. It never once made me want to skip a page, though, so let's say that it wasn't a real problem for me. Is there someone who can make this a streaming series? I would tune in weekly for more Amy Clarke. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.
Joyffree 25 days ago
I laughed I loved I OMG'd I wondered I cried I fell in love all over again "Being with you is like falling down a rabbit hole. It's disorienting and scary but exhilarating. " Amy is such a ditz! I mean that in the best way possible! I adored her character. Her zest for life. Her unflinching honesty. Her over-analyzing. Her ability to trip over her own feet. Everything about her made me smile. Jared was her complete opposite. Like two opposing forces those two. He folded his boxers she tossed hers. She tossed it in the sink he washed and put it away. It worked. Bloody he ll they were perfect! Then reality switched the tracks on them. Can Amy figure it out before she loses her Man Crush Monday? This had a couple of serious twists in the story that I didn't see coming until right before impact. It was too late to change directions Impact was inevitable Can Amy and Jared survive?
CarrieEllen 25 days ago
Have you ever ridden a roller coaster that spikes your adrenaline up and down so much that you can't tell if you're screaming or giggling, you just know you are having a great time? That's how I felt reading "Man Crush Monday" and I loved every crazy minute of it. Amy Clarke may now be my favorite heroine of all time. A pink-haired, British cross between Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick and a teacup poodle, she is just adorably weird and hilariously quirky. And her "man-crush" is definitely book-boyfriend material. From laughter to tears to holy-shit-that-was-hot, this side-splitting romantic comedy is also a surprisingly emotional story about what it means to be 'in-love.' Trust me, this book is one thrill ride that you don't want to miss!
LilleyLoohLah 25 days ago
I have been impatiently waiting for Kirsty’s next book, and I’m so happy to say I was not disappointed (for the record, I didn’t think I would be). I adored Amy and Jared, loved them so very very much, they were cute, loving, fun, sexy and the ultimate couple. I loved their story. Crushing on the train, the accidental meeting, the instant attraction. So many funny moments, sexy times and such a sweet story, I was in bliss, and then, BAM, curveball. What’s a story without a little drama? Just wonderful and so funny with characters that I could truly relate to. Amy especially, she was just the right amount of quirky, I loved that she wasn’t size 4 super model material, she was a real life girl with real life insecurities. Oh, and let’s not forget her mum and grandma, I loved them. Then we’ve got sexy as sin Jared, I fell in love instantly. Fun, flirty and a little emotional, Kirsty really nailed it. I loved it, I was addicted from the first page. I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest review.