Mark: The Callahan Brothers (Brazos Bend, #3)

Mark: The Callahan Brothers (Brazos Bend, #3)

by Emily March

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BN ID: 2940046315257
Publisher: Emily March
Publication date: 10/17/2014
Series: Brazos Bend Series , #3
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 38,005
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MARK--THE CALLAHAN BROTHERS (Brazos Bend, #3) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
RonnaL More than 1 year ago
Mark is part of the CALLAHAN family of strong, intelligent, and hard headed men from the small town of Brazos Bend, Texas.  All the brothers are connected to intelligence agencies and/or military services, and go all over the world getting into trouble and/or getting others out of trouble.  But now his old team of "The Fixers" are being target for death.  To find the culprit, Mark finds himself reluctantly teaming up with his old teammate and ex wife, Annabelle.   When Mark and Annabelle were together passion was terrific, but commitment came hard for Mark.  Protecting the remaining team members and their families is proving difficult for many reasons, not the least of which is keeping their hands off each other with emotions running high from both families as the try to find out the who and why of these murders.  Mark's brothers happy family lives causes Mark to reevaluate his feelings, but his part relationship issues with his father must be dealt with too.  Will Mark be able to reconcile his past to find a better future? This is a very compelling and suspenseful story following books about Mark's brothers, Luke and Matt.  Once you start reading about this family, you just have to know more and more!  These are the prequel stories to Emily March's Eternity Springs novels.  WARNING--there are a few very graphic sex scenes, which I am not really into, but the thrills and family connections and issues override my objections to these.  The redemption and forgiveness between family members is intriguing, and the suspenseful action drives this book into more than just a typical romance novel.  I'm definitely enjoying the journey through these books!
Carpetshark More than 1 year ago
Emily March does it again. I have to be honest...after the 1st chapter I was disappointed. Was this written by the same person who created Eternity Springs and the wonderful people living there? The characters in Mark were not real to me. I couldn't identify with them..they were all beautiful, handsome, and rich and had exciting, dangerous backgrounds. The exact opposite of me, but the people of Eternity Springs were real, had become my friends. It was what I expected from this book, too. But, as I continued to read, the fears and failings of the characters began to immerge, making them more human, more real, making them come alive. The story line is intriging and keeps your interest. The plot had enought curves and sharp turns to hold your attention. If you have read the Eternity Springs books, you will thrill to the ending. A MUST read for Emily March fans. Want to know the surprise ending? I'm not telling, read the book, you won't be sorry. PMosley
Cynthia181 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this novel. I did a lot of crying and a lot of being just a little scared. I loved how the whole family unit worked together to save a daughter of someone who worked for them. And to have a couple who belonged together get back together after thinking that he didn't want to be a parent again and she did. And to make sure that his sister-in-law makes it to the hospital. And having son and father make amends after many years. I would recommend this series to all of my friends. I want to read the rest of them.
DimplesDA More than 1 year ago
Picking up a title by Emily March is an escape not to be missed! Of course, it does help to have handsome brothers thrown into the mix! A non-stop fun and adventurous read from the moment is is picked up until the very last page. Do not miss this title and or any of the others in the Brazos Bend Series!
Anonymous 10 months ago
I am enjoying Emily Marchs books and the transitions in to her next series connecting the characters. Enjoy the Texas she weaves in
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
I have loved the previous audiobooks in this series and this one did not disappoint. A series, based on the Callahan brothers. Brothers that not only have a strong bond , but they also share their dislike of their Father. Now each of them has served their country and are respectable men. This is Mark’s story . He was in the military and when a member of his unit dies, the surviving ones attend the funeral. That includes Annabelle who has a history with Mark. At the funeral they realize that the death might not have been accidental and they are determined to find the killer. While the plot is complex , filled with suspense, secrets kept from family and friends, intrigue, romance and dangerous situations, the underlying plot is even more complex. The author shows us that the actions of a parent will affect the individual as an adult. That the death of a loved one can affect someone so deeply, that they avoid loving anyone for fear of losing that person. But also, that love and trust can and does conquer all. I am sorry to see the series end, and in my mind have a book dedicated to John, the brother these men lost . Only a talented and gifted author can have a reader, in this case me, having those thoughts.. I was gifted this audiobook. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written, l have read three of the books and was sad to be aat the end of this story lf you enjoyed these books make sure you read the author,s note.
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
What a story!  Dawson took me on an adventure alongside her characters.  The suspense shone through while the love between the characters was impossible to miss.  Dawson’s writing throws you right into the fray with her characters, giving you the full impact of this fast paced, suspenseful, yet overwhelmingly emotional tale.  It’s definitely a fantastic addition to an already great series. The dynamic between Mark and Annabelle was unforgettable.  I love how easily they fit together even if they wanted to deny it.  Mark’s vulnerability was a direct counterpoint to his strength of character and oh-so-alpha-maleness.  It made him so very real.  It took me a while to figure Annabelle out.  She was a walking contradiction from the start.  A very intriguing individual and quite likeable once you get to know her.  The supporting cast in this novel was one of my favourites to date.  Everyone was so well developed and you really get up close and personal with them.  On top of that, they were quite likeable.  I loved the fact that no one was perfect but that they were willing to try. This novel was fully, suspenseful, and packed with heat & chemistry.  Dawson has definitely created another winner for her boys from Brazos Bend.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I did not like any of this series
Kris_Kringle More than 1 year ago
I had the pleasure of reading "Mark: The Callahan Brothers". This is an excellent book filled with Romance, Humor, Mystery and Happily-Ever-After! It will keep you reading far into the night!! And wanting more!  This is the 3rd Book of 4 in the Callahan Series - I highly recommend all of the Callahan Brothers!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From the moment it begins this book is action-packed and emotion filled. The Callahan brothers made me fall in love with Emily March's writings. I am a huge fan of her eternity springs novels but this is where it all started. The family dynamics are warm and inviting and the tension between Mark and his dad is excellently written. Annabelle and Mark's romance is passionate and troubled and I love the added suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Annabelle is a strong feminine heroine and I love her spunk and her patience. Loved this book!!
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
Mark, by Emily March is the story of Mark Callahan, the third Callahan brother (Luke & Matt are the other two). This story is re-release and re-titled from its original publication that Emily March wrote as Geralyn Dawson and titled Always Look Twice.  The story opens with Mark & his two brothers on a mission to rescue a local girl, from Brazos Bend, who is the girlfriend of a major pornographer.  While on this mission, Mark encounters Annabelle Monroe, a former team member who is on her own mission and a nemesis, Radovanovic, part of the group who killed the Callahan’s youngest brother John.  In this story we discover that Mark has secretly married Annabelle, though the two live separate lives in separate places.   Mark discovers that members of his old military unit are being murdered.  In order to discover who is responsible and why the killings, he must partner up with Annabelle Monroe, now his ex-wife.  As the two follow the trail of a killer they find that it is impossible to deny the passion & chemistry that still exists between them.  This journey takes them to Annabelle’s home in Kansas as her family is targeted by the killer and then on to Brazos Bend, Texas affecting Mark’s family. This journey with all its obstacles and opportunities to rediscover each other allows Mark & Annabelle to decide what the future might hold for them;  together or apart.  I really enjoyed this story with all its twists & turns.  It is a wonderful prequel to the Eternity Springs series.  If you have read at least the first book in the series you will understand and know what happened to brother, John who was thought to have been previously killed. I highly recommend this book along with the two others in this series, Luke & Matt.  Ms. March once again demonstrated her expertise in keeping the reader engaged and unable to put the book down.
emilyk52281 More than 1 year ago
'Mark: The Callahan Brothers' (Brazos Bend Book 3) by Emily March is a fantastic story! This is the story of Mark Callahan and Annabelle Monroe. This book is a page turner and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! This story is full of romance, action, drama, suspense, passion, twists and turns! Wow! Parts of this story will make you laugh, parts will make you teary and parts will make you sigh! I absolutely loved this story! I can not wait to read 'A Callahan Carol' to see what happens next. And I'm anxiously awaiting 'A Callahan Reunion'. I highly recommend all of Emily March's work!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! This is the third book in this series and is actually the jumping off point for Emily March's Eternity Springs series.I loved the family dynamics between the Callahan brothers and their family. In this story Mark Callahan and his estranged wife Annabelle find themselves fighting to protect members from their former unit and their families who are getting caught in the crossfire from an unknown threat bent on revenge. Even though they both don't want to team up they don't have a choice and now all of the tension and passion that they both are trying to avoid flares just when the suspense and danger heats up. I received an ARC for an honest review. Any and all conclusions are mine and mine alone. Lori P
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
Loved loved loved this book! I didn't know that Emily could write suspense but oh boy can she! Built up slowly and the chemistry between Mark and his ex-wife Annabelle was amazing and kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning. Good to read as a stand alone or with the series, I loved the interactions with all the characters. Well done! Now I have to buy the other books. :)
lsmSeattle More than 1 year ago
 This was such a great read. The Callahan Brothers from Brazos Bend,Texas are a lively bunch. This edition to the series reunites the reader with Mark It is full of adventure, suspense, romance.and interaction with families. I was so enamored with the story, I could not put it down. I read the entire book in one day because I just had to know what the outcome would be. I can hardly wait to see what adventures are ahead for the Callahan family.
jdh2690 More than 1 year ago
This author writes romantic suspense just right!  Instead of a short tale told too quickly, the suspense built at a steady pace as the romance between Mark and Annabelle was rekindled and blossomed…with plenty of heat.  I was kept on my toes as the suspense built and the Callahans worked as Fixers to protect all of their family members from a devious killer.  The twists and turns and surprises kept me flicking the pages as fast as possible from beginning to end…while love worked its wiles toward a happy ending.  I do love the way Ms. March writes!   
jeyere More than 1 year ago
Welcome back to the world of Brazos Bend, Texas. Meet the next of the Callahan Brothers, Mark. Wonderfully written and I love the interaction between Mark and Annabelle. On the edge of my seat book and was trying so hard to figure out who the killer was. I received this book as an ARC and I was never more happy to read such a wonderful story. Can't wait to continue to read Emily's books and find out what other stories might come out of Brazos Bend.