Market Research Best Practice: 30 Visions for the Future

Market Research Best Practice: 30 Visions for the Future

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Market Research Best Practice: 30 Visions for the Future by ESOMAR

Market Research Best Practice is a compilation of the best discussion papers, case studies and methodologies from the ESOMAR publishing and event programme over the last decade and more. Market research is adapting to an increasingly competitive, demanding and globalised business world and, as the world's leading market research organisation, ESOMAR is providing the platform to showcase latest advances and best practice.

In the pursuit to define and illustrate 'new' market research, this book provides a unique source of ideas and practical examples of what research has to offer business and how research can influence the way results are tracked, insights are generated and ultimately decisions are made. Market Research Best Practice draws on recent successes to explore how research is evolving to meet market needs and how good research practice fits into modern business.

More than 50 authors have contributed their work to this collection - all papers were first presented at ESOMAR events and many contributions have been past ESOMAR award winners. To find out more about the ESOMAR Membership, the worldwide code of practice and the range of events and publications, visit

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ISBN-13: 9780470687574
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/27/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 720
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About the Author

With 4,500 members in 100 countries, ESOMAR’s aim is to promote the value of market and opinion research in illuminating real issues and bringing about effective decision-making.

To facilitate this ongoing dialogue, ESOMAR creates and manages a comprehensive programme of industry-specific and thematic conferences, publications and communications as well as actively advocating self-regulation and the worldwide code of practice.

All ESOMAR members, as well as their company contact details, are listed in the ESOMAR Directory of members. Members agree to abide by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice, which has been jointly drafted by ESOMAR and the International Chamber of Commerce and is endorsed by the major national professional bodies around the world.

ESOMAR was founded in 1948.

Table of Contents






1 Creating Maximum Value for the Client: Developing a New Strategic Role for Market Researchers (V.L. Smith).

2 The Heart Transplant: Making a Difference to Organizations by Putting the Consumers at the Heart of your Business (Kristin Hickey, Derek Leddie and David Jenkinson).

3 The Holistic Approach: Emphasizing the Importance of the Whole and the Interdependence of its Parts (Christine Blache and Karen Hofman).

4 Integrating Decision-Making and Marketing Intelligence: The Roadmap to the Boardroom (Selim Oktar and Emre Erdoğan).

5 Market Research: A New Generation on the Go (Corinne Rosinski).

6. The Operation was Successful but the Patient Died: Why Research on Innovation is Successful yet Innovations Fail (Omar Mahmoud).

7 When Good Researchers go Bad: Cautionary Tales from the Front Lines (Stephen Needel).


8 Striking Gold in the Qualitative Mine: A New Approach to Build Vision and Generate Insight to Impact Business (Jem Wallis and Vanessa Briese).

9 Improving Honeywell’s Market Research: Combining Online Surveys, Traditional Interviewing Techniques and Web-based Reporting (Karl G. Feld and William K. Stone).

10 Creating Competitive Intellectual Capital: The Henkel Case (Hans-Willi Schroiff).

11 Getting Research Noticed at the Corporate Top Table (Ioannis (John) Dimopoulos, Jonathan Rabson and Daryl Maloney McCall).

12 How to Ensure One Worldwide Heineken Brand Dashboard (Sjoerd Koornstra and Gert Jan de Nooij).


13 Possibilities for Ethnographic Research: How to Raise the Validity of Findings and to Facilitate a Better and Deeper Understanding of your Products and Customers (Ji-Seun You and Edeltraud). Kaltenbach

14 Video Ergo Agnosco: From Observation to Insight (Nic Hall).

15 Build Strong Brands and Develop Communications: An Argument for Using Consumer Need States over Values (Michael O’Donohue and Tamsin Addison).

16 Cross Media Measurement: The New Medium Necessitates a New Approach to Marketing Mix Measurement (Rex Briggs).


17 A New Generation of Brand Controlling: Evaluating the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Complete Marketing Mix (Siegfried Högl and Oliver Hupp).

18 The Impact of Consumers’ Commitment to Existing Brands on New Product Launch Strategies (Jan Hofmeyr and John Rice).

19 Predicting the Unpredictable: Agent-based Models for Marketing Research (David G. Bakken and Roger A. Parker).


20 Managing Global Brands to Meet Consumer Expectations (Malcolm Baker, Greet Sterenberg and Earl Taylor).

21 Audience Measurement in the ‘Dual Economies’ of Poor Countries: A Case Study from Pakistan (Ijaz Shafi Gilani and Mansoor Khan).

22 Jambo Africa: A Discussion on the Challenges and Diversity of Third World Research (Jill Barnes and Solveig Shapiro).


23 Retail Innovation Learnings from a Segmented Shop Formula: Sunka (Lluis Martinez-Ribes and Xavier Roure).

24 How to Make Good Dough: Revitalising your Product Portfolio by Understanding Consumer Needs (Pia de Wit and Sinéad Twomey).

25 Hide ‘n’ Seek: Driving Disruption in Skincare (Lyn McGregor and James Potocki).

26 Jack in the Tiffin Box: Unconventional Paths to New Product Idea Development (Sangeeta Gupta, Subhransu Rout and Farheen Romani).

27 Becoming Cultural Architects: How to Drive the Influence of Research on Company Culture (Paul Buckley and Hilary Perkins).

28 Show Me Your Home and I Will Tell You Who You Are, or Building Homes Based on Consumers’ Values and Lifestyles (Lena Gilchrist, Britt-Marie Eriksson and Olof Eriksson).

29 Market Research, Accountability, Outcome-focus and Service Standards in the Australian Government Public Sector: How Market Research has Significantly Improved the Reformation of the Australian Government Public Sector (Peter Bycroft, Catherine Argall and Natalie Wearne).

30 Research for Innovation: Fitting the Design Process at Phillips Design (Monica Bueno and Lucile Rameckers).


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