Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved

Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved

by Steve Copland


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Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved by Steve Copland

Mary Magdalene was a woman whose life circumstances led her from demonic possession and prostitution to being the first witness of the greatest event in world history. In an attempt to reconstruct her life, this book demonstrates her struggle as she confronts the patriarchal traditions embedded in first century culture, the hypocritical practice of condemning only one gender in adultery, her transformation as she finds grace, freedom and real love in her encounter with Christ, and her being chosen as 'the apostle to the apostles'.

This novel takes the reader into the first century. It delves into the personal lives of lepers, cripples and the sight impaired; it goes on a journey from the battlefields of ancient Germania to Jerusalem with two Roman soldiers who end up initiated into the cult of Mithraism; it explores the fears, prejudices and arrogance of the religious rulers of Israel, and the ambitions of Judas Iscariot; it portrays the everyday struggles of first century people in an occupied land; it looks behind the scenes at a woman who is seduced into committing adultery and used to test Jesus, and brings them all together beneath the cross of Jesus Christ.

Mary Magdalene also answers a question which is so important to the church today: 'Why would Christ choose this woman to be the first witness of the resurrection in a culture that considered a woman's testimony all but useless?' The answer lies in the parable Jesus told to Simon when a sinful woman was kissing His feet. The depth of her love was measured by her gratitude. In her incredible humility, she entered her enemy's home and in front of hundreds who despised her, she sought be made clean, to receive forgiveness and to know holy love.

This book seeks to entertain, enlighten and encourage Christians of all denominations, and to call them to the kind of love that Mary had for Christ. It is powerfully emotional, deeply theological, and highly entertaining.

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ISBN-13: 9781494706227
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/12/2011
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)

About the Author

Steve Copland is a self-supported missionary from New Zealand, serving The Lord in Ukraine since 2003 and a member of the pastoral team at New Life evangelical church in Kiev. He is a former lecturer in Systematic Theology and Church History at the Ukraine Evangelical Seminary, and also Biblical Studies, Apologetics and Church History at the International Christian University in Kiev.

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Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 292 reviews.
Professor-Strang More than 1 year ago
After reading this beautiful novel and one particularly slanderous review (Lovestoreadbooks) I felt compelled to write my own. As a professor of history I can assure readers that the author has taken great pains to be historically accurate, albeit, he has chosen the genre of 'fiction' as some of his characters are not real. Synagogues were littered all over Judea in Jesus' time (he preached in them regularly), Pontius Pilate is called "prefect" by at least one Roman historian, and Israel existed 750 BC as a nation, albeit a split one. The charge of plagiarism is slanderous in the extreme and absolutely untrue. Just read the canonical gospels and you'll find the story. If you are seeking a deeply emotional novel that opens the gospels and the 1st century in a way that responsibly reflects the biblical account, then this book is for you. This is the best account of Mary Magdalene I have ever read, and although it doesn't claim to be absolute fact, it touches the heart in such a way that one can easily believe it is inspired. Highly recommended!!
Cltreader More than 1 year ago
You don't have to be a religious person to love this book. If you remember any bible stories, a lot of this will seem familiar. It's told in a novel style based on the life of Mary Magdalene whom we meet as a prostitute who is angry and sometimes demon possessed. She is not allowed in the temple, though the men that use her services are. Jesus is treated exactly as I expect he would be treated if he lived today. Parts of the story are inspiring, other parts are sad, some are actually heartbreaking. My favorite parts were Jesus forgiving Mary Magadelene and her going home to take her braids out and the makeup off, her spreading the gospel and decided to follow Jesus with his disiciples, Lazarus being raised, the religious politicians who are out to get Jesus, the Roman soldiers who participate, Pontius Pilate, and the crucifixtion scene. I didn't want this book to end even though I knew how it ended. I would read other books by this auther in a minute. I also recommend this to any book club as I think the discussions would be great.
diaduit08 More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book. I appreciated reading the Jesus story from others' perspectives. Thanks for a great read Steve Copland!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First, if the reader is Catholic I think he/she will enjoy it more than others. It is a story that many of us already know, but so much of the "missing" information has been added that it is fascinating and even educational. I know that the stuff that has been added is based on Mr. Copland's imagination, the way he tells it you don't even realize it has been added to what you already know. I really enjoyed the book and honestly feel that I have read an eyewitness account of what happened so long ago.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fantastic book, really brings to life the people during the time of Christ and the issues that they faced, although so many centuries ago one can still relate to the pain and loss and rejection experienced by women then and now and the healing power that Christ brought to their lives. The conflicted Mary still exemplifies conflict experienced by women today. The character of Raisa looking for love and being conflicted as a Jewish woman and a woman wanting to experience love. The forgiving Christ heals and forgives all. This is a book of hope for our times and a reminder to all of us that Jesus is the one and only source of healing, love and forgiveness in a world where people are still seeking truth. Should be a mandatory read for teens at school for comparative religion or social studies.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the best books Iv'e read yet. Nice in depth details of the times before and up to the resurrection , OK it's fiction but who knows? It could very well have been each individuals accounting of the way we know it to be.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Brilliant. A beautiful portrayl of 1st century Palestine. Well written and inspiring.
KimOinSoCo More than 1 year ago
Overall I am enjoying reading this book. I like how it brings me back to the time of Jesus and the way people lived during these times. However, the title is a little misleading, it's not a story about Mary's life. It's more about the events happening around her during her life, but not necessarily (always) specific to her life. The book goes back and forth from her story, to several other characters in the book and their lives. A little confusing to follow sometimes, but still a good read.
deathrises1982 More than 1 year ago
I liked this book a lot. i couldn't put it down once i started reading.
Denneen Smith More than 1 year ago
this book was an amazing read from start to finish
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Simply Brilliant This book is not for the intellectually impaired as witnessed by some of the sillier reviews. It does have many characters, but isn't difficult to follow unless one has a premediated idea of the figure of Mary Magdalene. It is written totally within a Christian context and keeps to good biblical theology throughout. For Christians seeking to be inspired by the life of the biblical Mary Magdalene, and to simply be blessed to bits, this novel is nothing short of brilliant. Yes, it needed a better proof reader, but hey, it cost less than a cup of coffee and had me feeling as though Jesus Christ was in my living room. Few books have ever done that for me, so a huge 'thank you' to Steve Copland for having the passion to write a novel which brings my bible to life. I will certainly be recommending it to members of the Church I attend and if I could have given it 10 stars I would have.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not many books move me as this one did...the depth of emotion Steve Copland portrays in this beautifully crafted novel is exceptional; it was like watching a biblical movie. I will definately be looking for the next novel in the series. A great read.
daughteroftheKing777 More than 1 year ago
This book started out rather ploddingly, but as the story progressed, it became richer in detail and in substance. The reader is led through many of the travels and situations that Jesus, the Christ, encountered that we read of in the synoptic gospels. This book helps to flesh out the journeys of Jesus with His first-century disciples, including Mary Magdalene, recounting many of His parables, His healings and other miracles, and makes the reader to feel transported into that time and place. I was especially intriqued by some of the historical detail concerning pagan religions that were thriving during that time in the Roman Empire, particularly the description of Mithraism that was evoked through the portrayal of the lives of several characters who figure prominently in this story. My only criticism is the too-frequent occurrence of grammatical and spelling errors that should have been expunged before the publication of the book. (Could this be due to it having been but into e-reader form without, perhaps, as many editorial checks in place as there were for a book in physical printed form?)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a different perspective that i enjoyed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Even though you already know the plot and ending, this is one of the most moving books I have ever read. It brings the events to life and into your heart.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome in everyway. It feels like you are there in the book. A book has never touched me like this one. I recommend it to anyone.
Mary Sharp More than 1 year ago
As others have stated needs a better proofreader. Also, more charcter development on Artrillius and the other soldiers why write about Mithras without any conclusion? The ending seemed hurried as if the author was writing an assighnment for class got to the required length and ended it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was hoping this book would read like the RedTent. Boy was I mistaken. Some of the dialogue was indicative of ghetto english than anything resembaling dialogue of the time of Christ. Also, since when did Jews pray on there knees and much less bring their hands together for prayer. That is a Chritian custom. For the record I am Catholic. I love to read books where I learn something. With this book there were too many inaccuracies. Writer is definitely not a historian! This is probably the first book I could not finish. Too bad because the life of Mary Magdalene is inspiring.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like watching a beautiful. No other book has ever touched my heart as this. Thanks Steve Copland for an inspirational read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the best books ever! Great account with biblical accuracies but with a really fantastic back story. The author creates a great visual too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Interesting book but I felt cheated in the end. While i know the stories, there didn't seem to be a point some of the plot lines. What did Mithraism have to do with the tale of Mary Magdalene's life?? What did it even have to do with the rest of the stories and plot lines. It seemed like the author was weaving story lines without a purpose and never concluded any fo them or explained what his intended purpose was. It semed lke he got bored with the whole thing and jst walked away from it without concluding anything. Very disappoiting to spend my time reading it. Don't waste your time or money, there are better booksut there.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Incredible historical content, deep insight into what characters are thinking and feeling, very well written. This book blew me away!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book!!!! It's one of my favorites and I have recommeded it to everyone. So touching and opened my eyes to a new story and different views.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Although I found the book to be more about Jesus in his last year, than about Mary of Magdala, I thought is was a good read. It was a coincidence that I happen to read the book during Holy Week, which made it even more significant to me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has it all! Copland's style is clear, and engaging. The plot is full of internal debates, and one woman's road to redemption. This is truly a book you won't want to put down! I cannot recommend it highly enough because of the ingenious character development, pacing, and overall beauty of Copland's writing.