Media Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media

Media Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media

by Shirley Biagi


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Providing a thorough overview of each major medium, this text's discussion is enhanced by three integrated themes: media as business; media and technological change; and media and political, social, and cultural institutions. It includes a focused examination of the history, ethics, regulation and technology that surrounds and controls the media. It explores and concludes with critical arguments about the overall effects of media today as well as economic, social, cultural, and political consequences of the media on society.

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ISBN-13: 9780534575113
Publisher: Thomson Wadsworth
Publication date: 07/01/2000
Pages: 425

About the Author

Shirley Biagi is Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at California State University, Sacramento. Her bestselling text, MEDIA/IMPACT: AN INTRODUCTION TO MASS MEDIA, is also published in Canadian, Greek, Spanish, and Korean editions. Biagi has authored several other Wadsworth Communication texts, including MEDIA/READER: PERSPECTIVES ON MASS MEDIA INDUSTRIES, EFFECTS AND ISSUES and INTERVIEWS THAT WORK: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR JOURNALISTS. She is co-author, with Marilyn Kern-Foxworth, of FACING DIFFERENCE: RACE, GENDER AND MASS MEDIA.

Table of Contents

Preface. 1. You in the New Information Age. 2. Newspapers. 3. Magazines. 4. Books. 5. Radio. 6. Recordings. 7. Television. 8. Movies. 9. New Media, On-line Media and the Web. 10. Advertising. 11. Public Relations. 12. Mass Media and Social Issues. 13. Media Ownership and Press Performance. 14. Law and Regulation. 15. Ethics. 16. A Global Media Marketplace. Student Resource Guide: Glossary of Media Terms. Media Research Directory. End Notes. Index.

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